Toilets, like any other plumbing equipment, are purchased for a fairly long time, so its choice and purchase should be approached thoughtfully. If a quality product is purchased, it will be durable and will retain its original appearance for a long time and please the eye. Before proceeding to a direct consideration of the models of our rating of the best toilet bowls, we decided to give the key parameters of these products and tell you exactly how they affect the ease of use of plumbing.

What do you pay attention to when buying a toilet bowl in 2022?

According to the installation technology, all models are divided into three large groups — floor, hinged and mortise structures. Most often, it is the first type that is encountered, and modern products are quite simple in terms of installation, almost anyone can perform installation work. According to the dimensions of the design are standard or compact. The last type of toilets is best suited for rooms that do not have a large area.

If we consider products in terms of fixing the tank, then they are separate or monolithic, when the tank and the toilet itself are a single unit, however, such models weigh quite a lot, which makes their installation difficult. Designs with a separate tank are the most popular, in addition, the tank can be placed both on a special shelf of the toilet itself, and be in a suspended state — depending on the model.

Choosing the right toilet - the best!

The shape of the bowl also plays an important role in terms of choosing a toilet bowl. The classic form is the dish-shaped one — the design has a horizontal platform, however, it is problematic to find such models for sale today, since they are practically not produced. Much more structures are equipped with a funnel shape, where the walls are almost sheer. An intermediate product is a visor design, where the slope is not sharp, but rather smooth — this allows for maximum hygiene.

Toilet bowls can be made from various materials. One of the most versatile is sanitary faience. Such models are distinguished by good hygiene and a long service life — about 30-40 years. However, earthenware is porous and will absorb dirt, bacteria and odors. Recently, it has been replaced by porcelain. With all other similar characteristics, it has less porosity, due to which the service life is increased to 50-60 years. On sale you can find metal toilet bowls made of cast iron or stainless steel, plastic structures, natural or artificial stone.

When compiling our ranking of the best toilet bowls, we considered not only the above parameters, but also the price-quality ratio of the model, reviews from users and professional plumbers, and so on. We hope that the information we have collected will help you choose the most suitable design.

The best floor models of toilet bowls

6. Ido Seven D 36214

Ido Seven D 36214 photo

This is a model of Finnish production, characterized by high quality workmanship. In addition to holes for fixing to the floor, it is possible to mount to the wall. The design looks very modern and attractive, thanks to which this toilet will organically fit into the interior of the bathroom, regardless of the style of its design. The product has a system called «anti-splash», which prevents splashing. In addition, there is a function that prevents condensation on the outer walls of the toilet, so that moisture does not begin to accumulate on the body.

Universal outlet — suitable for any sewer system, because it can be installed in a horizontal or inclined position. Inside the tank there is a special compartment where you can put a special freshener tablet that has a disinfecting and softening effect, so limescale will not appear on the surface of the toilet bowl. The toilet is made of porcelain, the drain system can operate in two modes. All surfaces are coated with a special antibacterial composition.


  • Small overall dimensions;
  • The seat is equipped with a microlift;
  • All fittings are reliable and durable.


  • High price.

Ido Seven D 36214

5. Gustavberg Nordic 2310

Gustavberg Nordic 2310 photo

Another imported model included in our review of the best toilets. This toilet is made in Sweden, it has a beautiful appearance, the drain button is quite comfortable, it does not start to loosen during operation. The model is very comfortable, perfect for people of any size, the seat is equipped with a microlift, it descends smoothly and very quietly, in addition, this system allows you to protect the toilet from all kinds of damage. The drain button is double, the maximum volume of water drawn into the tank is 7 liters. Water drains almost silently.

Installation does not take much time, besides it is very simple. The product comes with everything you need not only for assembly, but also for installation. The water outlet is horizontal, the toilet bowl is made of high-quality sanitary ware, the surface does not absorb pollution.


  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Convenient two-button flush;
  • Easy to install;
  • Acceptable cost of equipment.


  • The drain system becomes unusable over time.

Gustavberg Nordic 2310

4. Ideal Standard CONNECT

Ideal Standard CONNECT photo

Belgian model, which is made exclusively from environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and safe for human health materials. The design is reliable and practical, the appearance is characterized by clear shapes and streamlined lines. The toilet is perfect for installation not only at home, but also for office and public spaces. The overall dimensions are small, the toilet bowl makes the bathroom stylish, gives it originality, and to a large extent allows you to save useful space in the room. The model is equipped with a special anti-dirt coating, which keeps the product in its original form during the entire period of operation.

There are several design options — they differ from each other in the maximum volume of the drain tank, the material from which the seat is made, the presence or absence of a microlift. The flush is ring, dirt will not accumulate under the rim thanks to this technology.


  • The highest quality of workmanship and materials from which the toilet bowl is made;
  • There is an anti-splash system;
  • Release horizontal;
  • Acceptable price.


  • The surface where the toilet will be located must first be perfectly aligned.

Ideal Standard CONNECT

3. Toilet bowl AM.PM Inspire C508607WH

AM.PM Isnpire C508607WH photo

In third place in our review of the best floor-standing toilets is a product from a German manufacturer. Many users note a rather original shape with streamlined lines and a complete absence of sharp corners. This allows you to protect the model from the accumulation of dirt in hard-to-reach places and facilitate the cleaning process. The outlet is horizontal, the tank fits as tightly as possible to the toilet itself — during operation there will be no leakage of any kind.

The model is designed for domestic use, but it can also be installed in public places. Seats are not included and will need to be purchased separately. Many users note another important point regarding this toilet — the manufacturer gives a fairly long warranty of as much as 25 years. Overall dimensions are not too large — the product is 37 cm wide, 66.5 cm deep, 86 cm high. The toilet bowl does not need a significant amount of free space, so it is well suited even for a compact toilet or a combined bathroom. The water supply is carried out from the bottom of the tank, so the water pipe or flexible hose will not rush into the eyes.


  • Long period of warranty service;
  • Ease of care;
  • Execution quality.


Toilet AM.PM Inspire C508607WH

2. Duravit D-Code

Duravit D-Code photo

One of the most budget models presented in our review, despite the fact that this toilet is made in Germany. The quality of production, like that of most German products, is at the highest level, however, almost all owners of such toilets speak of a unique design, although at first glance it may seem that it is simply impossible to introduce something new into such classic equipment. First of all, the model is distinguished by the most reliable fittings that do not fail during the entire period of operation of this equipment.

The toilet bowl is made of durable porcelain, which, if necessary, is able to withstand significant physical exertion, including shock. Users note the high value for money design. The cistern has a double flush system, thanks to which it is possible to provide significant water savings. The toilet bowl is compact, has a classic shape and small overall dimensions — well suited for small bathrooms.


  • High level of strength;
  • Acceptable dimensions;
  • If necessary, you can install a seat with a microlift;
  • The fittings provide a double drain.


  • The water from the bowl does not drain as quickly as it is supplied from the tank.

Duravit D Code

1. JIKA Lyra 8.2423.4

JIKA Lyra 8.2423.4 photo

It is a very convenient and inexpensive model, which deservedly enjoys such wide popularity and rightfully took the lead in our ranking of the best toilet bowls among free-standing floor structures. The geometry of the model is excellent, there are no bevels, which indicates that the casting technology and subsequent drying of the product are followed. The water outlet from the bowl is horizontal, the water seal is quite high, so the design perfectly protects the bathroom or toilet from the penetration of an unpleasant odor from the sewer. The dimensions are small, so the model will fit perfectly even in a cramped room. Seat not included, must be purchased separately. All forms are rounded, the lines are smooth, there are no sharply protruding corners. The traditional color is white. The average service life is very long — about 35-45 years.


  • One of the most compact models in our ranking;
  • Reliable and durable design that can withstand significant loads;
  • The design is traditional;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • The presence of an antibacterial coating on all surfaces;
  • Dual flush system.


  • Not detected.

JIKA Lyra 8.2423.4

The best wall hung toilets in 2022

3. JIKA Mio 2571.6

Jika Mio 2571.6 photo

Another toilet bowl from this manufacturer, but differing in a fundamentally different system of installation and connection to all communications. In principle, the appearance is almost no different from the classic. The kit comes with a special installation frame, thanks to which you can place all the fittings inside the wall and thereby seriously save free space in the room. According to the manufacturer, this model is able to withstand significant physical exertion — up to 500 kg. The warranty period of the product is 7 years.

The toilet bowl is made of porcelain with an antibacterial coating. A tank and a seat are not supplied with it, the water outlet is horizontal, the diameter of the outlet is quite large, due to which the water flow will go into the sewer almost instantly, taking all the pollution with it. The design provides only smooth lines, there are no sharp corners, which gives the model an even more attractive appearance.


  • Porcelain has high strength, coated with special antibacterial compounds that repel dirt;
  • Universal seat, which fits any cover, including those with a microlift;
  • The forms are quite soft, streamlined, the toilet bowl will look good in any interior.


  • You will have to buy an extra tank.

Jika Mio 2571.6

2. Cersanit New Clean On 548

Cersanit New Clean On 548 photos

This model has a very original appearance, does not require a significant amount of free space in the room, is able to give the interior an even more attractive appearance, it will best fit into a room decorated in the most modern style. The shape of the bowl is designed in such a way that it is completely cleaned with a small amount of water, so you should not buy an overly capacious tank (especially since it is not included in the kit) — a 6-liter design is quite enough.

Together with the toilet, a seat is supplied, equipped with a microlift and all fittings necessary for installation. In addition, the kit comes with a reinforcing frame, with which the toilet is able to withstand significant physical exertion. The design occupies a minimum of free space. An anti-splash system is provided to prevent splashing. The water is released in a circular mode, so the bowl will be cleaned evenly. The toilet bowl does not weigh too much, so if you have certain skills in plumbing work, you can do the installation on your own. The water outlet is horizontal, a volumetric water seal is provided.


  • Elementary care;
  • Quite an interesting shape of the toilet;
  • Comes with a handy lid.
  • Good quality and long service life.


  • The drain will have to be adjusted as carefully as possible.

Cersanit New Clean On 548

1. Cersanit Delfi S-Set-DELFI/Leon/Cg-w

Cersanit Delfi S-Set-DELFI/Leon/Cg-w photo

This model is one of the most popular among suspended structures, which is why it was in first place in our ranking of the best toilet bowls. Only the toilet itself is visible, all other fittings are hidden from view, thanks to which the product makes the room even more attractive. The kit, in addition to the toilet itself, comes with everything you need for installation, drain fittings and a tank. The drain button is made of chrome-plated steel, but it is quite easily soiled — various kinds of dirt and fingerprints remain on it, so it will have to be wiped regularly so that the eye retains its original appearance for as long as possible.

The installation instructions are quite detailed, so the installation can be done on your own. The main thing in this matter is to correctly set the guides so that they are exactly at the same level. The height of the tank can be installed in the range from 1100 to 1200 mm, its width is only 350 mm, so it does not require the manufacture of a large niche in the wall. According to the manufacturer, the toilet is able to withstand a maximum load of 120 kg. When fully assembled, the design looks quite stylish, the lid is equipped with a microlift, it works quite smoothly and absolutely silently. The warranty period for the frame and tank is 10 years, for drain fittings — 3 years, for the toilet bowl itself — 15 years, which is a rather long time period.


  • Easy to assemble;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • High quality workmanship.


  • Not detected.

Cersanit Delfi S-Set-DELFI/Leon/Cg-w

At the end of the video

Our review has come to an end, we hope that you have no questions left in terms of choosing a toilet. If this is not the case, or if you want to share your experience in installing and using such equipment, then welcome to comment on our article.


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