The cat helps to add comfort, warmth and tranquility to the house. It is for this reason that many animal lovers have these pets in their apartments. There are a lot of breeds today — small and large, fluffy and smooth-haired. Some of them are well suited for keeping in a confined space, while others will not feel too comfortable. If you want the animals to have all the conditions for a good life, it will not be superfluous to read specialized literature, communicate with experienced felinologists who will help you choose the best breed. To make it easier for you to choose a pet, we decided to rank cat breeds. When writing the article, we relied on the feedback from users and competent felinologists.

The 10 Best Cat Breeds for an Apartment in 2022

10. Burmese breed

Burmese breed photo

The cat differs in the average size of the body, but largely due to the fluffy coat, it seems massive and majestic. The animal is built proportionally, it is a physically strong animal. The breed is characterized by a calm and balanced character, but at the same time, the pet cannot be called overly passive or overly active. The cat is playful, treats people well and affectionately, and these qualities are most pronounced in cats. Relations with other pets, including dogs and cats of other breeds, develop calmly — the Burma is able to easily find a common language with them all, but some feeling of jealousy towards the owner may still manifest itself. The cat instantly finds contact with small children, quickly becomes attached to them, communicates a lot and plays with the kids. The animal shows curiosity very much — sticks its nose literally everywhere, is characterized by extreme perseverance, which borders on obsession. Easily achieves what is desired from the owners. Burma is a self-sufficient animal with a very strong energy, showing excellent hunting qualities. Indifference to oneself and loneliness endures quite hard. With the passage of age, animals can change their color. At a younger age, kittens have white hair, as they grow older, color points begin to appear, the final color is formed by about one and a half years.

The head of the breed is proportional, has an almost round shape. The forehead against the background of a rounded skull turns out to be somewhat convex. The muzzle is wide, full, strongly prominent cheeks and protruding cheekbones are visible. The nose is of medium length, its transition from the forehead to the muzzle is well defined. The eyes are large and expressive, set wide. The color varies from light blue to dark blue. The ears are slightly tilted forward, medium in size and rounded at the tips. The tail is fluffy, of medium length and has a uniform dark color, the tip is fluffy, usually raised.


  • Calm and balanced animal;
  • Differs in a complaisant and curious character;
  • Quickly get along with children, pets;
  • Looks attractive.


  • It does not tolerate neglect and loneliness very well — if you are not at home for a long time, the cat will become very bored.

Burmese breed

9. Maine Coon

Maine Coon photo

Cats are characterized by fairly large sizes, have heavy clawed paws, and there are lynx tassels on the tips of the ears. The general stern expression of the muzzle of the animal gives the impression that the cat has a heavy character with a tendency to unkindness and wildness. However, in reality, such an impressive appearance hides a very docile disposition and good character, which makes the animals even more attractive. The character of the Maine Coon was formed during many years of breeding work. In the selection process, it was possible to fix both the external signs of the breed and its psychological characteristics. The behavior of an animal depends not only on the conditions in which it was raised and raised, but also largely on heredity, and therefore aggressive, reserved and nervous animals are excluded from the breeding process. Often they say about this breed that they are the most atypical feline representatives, meaning mainly behavioral features.

Cats are not closed, do not differ in selfishness, although they feel absolutely comfortable alone. They also walk on their own without much pleasure, as they prefer a pleasant company. The breed is sociable, focused specifically on humans, although cats do not avoid other animals. Maine Coons get along well with children, become attached to them. One of the main distinguishing features that clearly distinguishes these pets from other felines is the love of water. Animals love to swim. With its front paws it often wields like a dog — it rakes the ground or foliage. They are not too prone to kitchen theft; they climb onto the dining table solely for the sake of curiosity in order to sit higher and have a greater view.


  • A large beautiful breed with an accommodating character;
  • Gets along well with small children and pets;
  • Very soft wool;
  • You can easily teach any tricks.


  • Quite expensive;
  • Might start chewing on wires.

Maine Coon

8. Ragdoll

Ragdoll photo

Another rather large cat in our review, and males are much larger than females, since the latter are distinguished by their slenderness and grace. The breed is characterized by low muscle tone, which determines the relaxed state of the pet, it can literally go limp in the hands of a person. The cat is quite gentle, affectionate, peaceful and kind. Animals immediately become attached to one of the family members, and in the future they cannot do without his attention. The breed gets along well with all family members, is very sociable. Small children are very fond of playing with these cats, and you can not be afraid that the animal will injure the child, since the nature of the pet is absolutely not aggressive. Cats are very vulnerable and sensitive — screams and scandals can cause depression, so this breed is not suitable for overly emotional people. In the event of conflict situations, the ragdoll will hide, as he is not able to repulse his offender. Loneliness has a depressing effect on animals — if there are no people or animals nearby, then they fall into melancholy, their appetite worsens, they can even get sick.

An adult cat can reach a meter in length, especially large individuals weigh up to 12 kg, cats are much smaller — no more than 70 cm and weigh up to 7 kg. Ragdolls are often mistaken for Burmese, as these breeds are very similar in color. The body is long, rather muscular and massive. The animal has a powerful chest, significantly protruding forward, the neck is short but strong, the bones are very wide. The abdomen may sag, especially if the cat is 8 years of age or older. The head is proportional, the chin is well developed, the cheeks are plump, the muzzle is slightly pointed, the nose is of medium length. The eyes are set moderately wide, have an oval shape, slightly slanting towards the bridge of the nose, which gives the expression of the muzzle a playful and slightly surprised look. The ears are medium, very wide at the base, rounded at the tips, tassels can be observed. The tail of the animal is long, covered with thick hair. The undercoat is minimal, so the coat will not fall into tangles.


  • Very loyal animals;
  • They are distinguished by a developed intellect, they love to play;
  • Low muscle tone allows you to literally spread over the hands of the owner.


  • Wool flies all over the apartment;
  • Cannot tolerate excessively loud sounds.


7. British cat

british cat photo

The breed is perfect for home keeping, largely due to good health and calm nature. The physiology and appearance of animals was formed in conditions of high humidity and a fairly cool climate, so pets have dense, dense and short vegetation, which can reliably protect from cold and moisture. These cats are excellent hunters, they are hardy, strong and unpretentious in food. The head is distinguished by a broad skull and a round shape, the cheeks are developed, with wide cheekbones. The nose is also quite straight, wide and short. The ears are small, slightly rounded, set wide and low. The eyes are round and are at a considerable distance from each other. The body is massive, it has a developed chest, the muscles are highly developed. The limbs are short but powerful. The tail is thick, the mass of cats can reach about 14 kg, cats are much lighter — a maximum of 9 kg. Wool protects the animal from the cold largely due to the developed undercoat. It does not adhere directly to the skin, it feels plush.

Sometimes you can meet a long-haired British. A special recessive gene is responsible for this feature, so such kittens cannot appear in short-haired parents. Cats are independent and tolerate loneliness well. They usually don’t ask for hands, but the owners are treated with respect and love, they rarely show their feelings. They just won’t approach strangers just like that — at first they will watch them from the side. The British breed is not aggressive, claws and teeth are used in the most exceptional cases, therefore they are absolutely not dangerous for children. Despite the fact that the British are distinguished by good natural health, they need special care — it is necessary to choose the right food, it is advisable to do this together with a veterinarian, and regular examination by a specialist is also recommended. Hair care is also simple: the animal is combed twice a week with a slicker brush, bathed a couple of times a year or as needed.


  • Very calm and intelligent animal;
  • Plush to the touch wool that does not need special care;
  • High natural immunity;
  • Respectfully treats household members, does not harm animals.


  • He sits on his hands only of his own accord.

British cat

6. Manx

Manx photo

Very peaceful and sociable cats that feel great in a large family, they get along well with small children, get along with other cats and even large dogs. Animals also have character — if necessary, during the struggle for their territory, they can give a serious rebuff. The breed is quite calm and obedient, normally tolerates even significant changes in its own life. Manx loves his masters very much, is devoted to them, he is not afraid of people at all. Cats of this breed feel like part of the family, require a lot of attention, but if it is not enough, they can be offended by the owners. They love to look at the flowing water — rain, a stream from a tap, a river. Cats are pretty smart — they can even learn to flush the toilet to admire their sweat. The physique is somewhat overweight, but the pets are always energetic and mobile, they love active games. If they live in a private house, they help to fight mice and even rats,

Manx cats are very clean cats, but they also need some care. They need to be bathed once a week, the wool is combed out with a brush with increased rigidity, which is important in conditions of seasonal molting. The claws are very sharp, so they also need special care. This is the first tailless breed in our review, however, the taillessness gene can cause bowel and bladder dysfunction and cause walking difficulties. A similar syndrome usually appears during the first year of a kitten’s life. Coloring can be any except for color-point, chocolate and lilac. The coat is thick and smooth with a well-defined undercoat. The eyes of cats are large, very large, set obliquely. The back of the body is somewhat heavy, and the front legs are shorter than the hind legs.


  • A fairly independent cat, but she loves society very much;
  • Clean creation;
  • Does not need special care;
  • Loves water, so bathing is easy.


  • Due to the tailless gene, certain health problems can be observed.


5. Abyssinian breed

Abyssinian breed photo

One of the oldest cat breeds that can only be found on sale today. Their majesty and grace are combined here with a very kind and affectionate character. The animal gets along well with other pets, does not mind playing with young children. Unusual and very beautiful color, distinguished by ticking — characteristic overflows of wool. Cats are a little shy, afraid of sharp and loud sounds. Quite mobile animals often flirt and thereby cause harm to themselves, for example, they fall out of the window. Representatives of this breed are very fond of sitting at a height, climbing shelves and walking through cabinets. They prefer the company of people, they do not tolerate prolonged loneliness. It is easy for a cat to be accustomed to a tray and a scratching post, so it will not spoil the furniture at all. The rules established at home are respected, easy to train. The animal is very clean, practically does not shed, bathing is either neutral or positive. Health is very strong, the pet is unpretentious in nutrition and care.

Cats are flexible and strong, body size is medium. The muscles of the legs and back are strongly developed, the legs are very long, thanks to them the cat can jump over a considerable distance — about six times their body length. Cats are somewhat larger than cats, but sexual demorphism is not as pronounced as in many other breeds. As a rule, body weight is in the range from 3 to 4.5 kg. The silhouette is chiseled, the physique of cats is harmonious, they move very gracefully, in the manner of movement they resemble miniature cougars. The eyes of the cat are quite large, have an almond-shaped incision. Their color can vary from amber to green. The neck of the cat is long and very graceful. The body is moderately elongated, has harmonious proportions. The paws are strong, long and thin.


  • Energetic and mobile animals;
  • Developed intellect, cunning predominates in the character;
  • Faithful and devoted pets;
  • affectionate animals;
  • They don’t need much maintenance.


  • It is advisable to start in a large apartment, as they love to run everywhere and explore everything.

Abyssinian breed

4. Burma

Burmese photo

The most devoted animal in a cat’s body. It is not for nothing that she is called a dog in a cat’s body — she does not have a soul in her owners, she is ready to follow them literally on their heels. With all this, the representatives of this breed are very graceful, which does not fit very well with an impressive mass. Today there are two versions of this breed — American and European — they differ from each other in appearance, but not in habits. Burma retains its vigorous activity and playfulness throughout life. She will not give up chasing a thrown ball even in her old age. These animals always subtly feel the mood of the owner, so they will never bother with excessive attention and importunity, or they will do everything possible to amuse their loved one. This breed does not require special conditions of detention, so it will suit even those people who for the first time in their lives decided to have a cat.

Burma gets along very easily with any pets, especially if they do not show excessive hostility towards them. The breed is an excellent option for families with small children. Animals are very condescending with kids, so they take all possible part in their games. They have high intelligence, so they are very easy to train. Although pets are characterized by excellent grace and grace, they are quite heavy for their size — cats can weigh up to 5.5 kg, cats are lighter — about 3.5-4 kg. The breed is short-haired, the American version is more stocky compared to European representatives. The head is wedge-shaped, the cheekbones are well defined, the chin protrudes forward in line with the nose. The ears are far apart, slightly tilted forward. The eyes are wide set, large and expressive. The neck is rather long, thin and strong. The tail is not too long, straight.


  • Compliant and active character;
  • They love their owners very much and are devoted to them;
  • Easy to teach different commands;
  • Suitable for people who are going to have a cat at home for the first time;
  • Good health and unpretentiousness to food and living conditions.


  • It is a very heavy animal for its size.


3. American Shorthair

american shorthair photo

The nature of the pet is balanced — cats are quite restrained, but they also love to play actively. They are reluctant to sit on their hands, so at every opportunity they will leave a person’s knees and go in search of a more comfortable place. They practically do not meow or purr, they prefer to communicate with the owner, mainly due to pronounced facial expressions. They withstand prolonged loneliness well, but too long absence of the owner and household members is undesirable. Cats love to hunt, and not necessarily mice. Flies and mosquitoes often become their prey. This breed can be trained only if the owner does it in a playful way, and the animal has established a trusting relationship with him. They are unpretentious in care, but the diet must be kept under strict control, as the animal is prone to overeating, which will ultimately cause obesity.

The appearance of the pet seems somewhat rude to some owners, although a certain grace is still present. For the breed, sexual dimorphism is pronounced — cats are much larger than cats: in the first, the maximum weight is 8 kg, in females — no more than 5 kg. Individuals grow slowly, acquiring the final proportions of their body by about four years. The muzzle has a square shape, some angularity is observed, but the cheekbones are rounded. The ears are smoothly rounded, covered with short hair. The neck is medium, but strong and muscular.


  • It is unpretentious to food, but you need to watch that the animal does not overeat;
  • Can be trained, but under certain conditions;
  • They practically don’t meow.


  • Doesn’t like to sit on a person’s lap;
  • Grow slowly.

american shorthair

2. Siamese cats

Siamese cats photo

This breed is very easy to recognize due to the original appearance, contrasting coloration, expressive turquoise eyes. Although cats have a rather complex character, however, according to experts, such pets are among the most optimal in apartment conditions. Another distinguishing feature is a fairly loud voice, characterized by unusual intonations, the breed has a craving for verbal communication with the owners. Cats have a strong attachment to the owner, they endure loneliness rather badly. However, most representatives are too jealous of other household members and other pets kept in the house. Caring for Siamese cats is very simple: just follow the basic recommendations, carefully monitor the diet, and visit the veterinarian for a preventive examination.

The health of pets is generally good, with the exception of a few diseases that this particular breed is prone to, the average life expectancy of an animal is about 15 years. Some pets may experience slight strabismus. The Siamese cat is slender, with a muscular body with elongated lines, the size and weight are small — a maximum of 6 kg, but such indicators are extremely rare. Paws have an elegant shape, long and thin, the hind legs are longer than the front ones. The tail is long and thin, tapering towards the tip.


  • Pretty attractive appearance;
  • Differs in excellent health;
  • Attached to the owner.


  • Very jealous of the owner to other household members and pets;
  • An evil animal.

Siamese cats

1. Persian cat

Persian cat photo

This is the best cat breed for an apartment, besides, Persians are an exclusively domestic breed. They have already lost the ability to hunt, run rather slowly, and cannot jump high either. Cats love to lie down for a long time. A similar moment of character for all representatives of the breed is completely normal, and is not the cause of malaise. Persians are calm and inactive, so they do not need much space, which makes it possible to keep these cats even in small apartments. Animals will never bother their owners with their excessive activity, get under their feet, you can not think about the safety of curtains, upholstery of upholstered furniture. Despite little physical activity, loneliness is not tolerated well. Even these animals prefer to sleep in the same bed with their owners — it will be almost impossible to wean them from this habit. The character is kind and docile, so the animal can be left even with a very small child.

Most owners note the high intelligence of the Persians. They are easy to train, they quickly learn elementary commands and get used to the tray. A cat will almost never draw attention to itself by meowing — rather, it will simply come to the owner and begin to look into his eyes for a long time and intently. Due to their balanced nature, cats easily find a common language with other pets, easily share living space with them. The cat shows some alertness to strangers, but this does not last too long. It is necessary to accustom the animal to a specific feeding schedule, as this breed is prone to overeating and obesity.


  • Very calm animals;
  • Developed intellect;
  • Easily get along with other pets, and with all household members;
  • Not a very active breed;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Unpretentiousness in food.


  • When they molt, there is a lot of wool.

Persian cat

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best cat breeds for the home has ended. For each species, we tried to collect as much information as possible so that you can quickly understand the nature of the animal, learn about its appearance, culinary preferences and immunity. We hope you were able to choose for yourself the most suitable breed in all respects, which will become your faithful and indispensable friend for many years to come. If you already have a pet, tell other readers about it in the comments, share the secrets of caring for it.




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