The well-known brand Starwind has existed since 2008. Today, under this brand in Russian stores, you can find all sorts of household appliances, climate products, products for cars, TVs, and so on. In total, over a hundred items are manufactured under this brand, including kitchen products, special equipment designed for maintenance and care of split systems.

In the past few months, the range of products presented has expanded significantly, in particular, the company has introduced four lines of tableware. They are characterized by very high quality, reliability, unique design. Products are made of sheet or cast aluminum alloy. This allows the pans to heat up very quickly and hold the heat for a long time without being deformed. They have a two-layer non-stick coating based on a PTFE compound. It withstands high temperatures well and does not fade. In particular, one frying pan is designed for 3,000 cooking cycles.

Overview of the Starwind pan series

Users in their reviews claim that such products are an excellent choice for daily cooking. They are very easy to care for, for example, such pans can be washed in the dishwasher.

Optimum Series

Overview of the Starwind pan series

One of the highest quality is the Optimum series. It is versatile and includes a pancake pan as well as four other products ranging in diameter from 22 to 28 cm. The series is made of extruded aluminum, and the non-stick coating is made of Scandia PPG’s unique material, which easily withstands exposure to high temperatures. temperatures for an extended period of time.

Frying pan Starwind Optimum

Optimum Induction Series

Overview of the Starwind pan series

The products have been further developed in the Optimum Induction series, these products have been coated with Whitford Scandia X-treme. It perfectly protects pans from mechanical damage and stains, besides it is completely insensitive to sticking, because it is made on a water basis. The series includes four frying pans, whose diameter is from 22 to 28 cm, they can even cook on an induction stove.

Frying pan Starwind Optimum Induction

Serie Chef

Overview of the Starwind pan series

The Chef series has a very stylish appearance, excellent quality and a long service life. In the line you can find four frying pans with a diameter of 22 to 28 cm, there is also a grill pan, which comes with a lid. The body is made of cast aluminum, it has slightly beveled, but very high walls. This solution facilitates the mixing of products, prevents splashes of oil on the stove. The non-stick coating here is two-layer — Quantum2, which is provided with a reinforced reinforced base. This allows the product to withstand very high levels of heat and has a life expectancy of 8,000 to 15,000 cooking cycles.

Frying pan Starwind Chef

Chef Induction

Overview of the Starwind pan series

Another series is called Chef Induction, with which you can really become a professional chef in an ordinary home kitchen. The line includes a pancake pan, as well as three standard models, whose diameter ranges from 24 to 28 cm. You can also find a saucepan equipped with a lid, as well as with a removable handle and lid, making it convenient to use even in a small kitchen. The PFLUON NON-STICK universal coating has a micro-embossed surface, which greatly increases the non-stick characteristics. It is multi-layered, so the service life becomes much longer compared to other similar products.

Frying pan Starwind Chef Induction

In general, Starwind pans are a great solution for home use, besides they are not too expensive, many of them are suitable for cooking on induction stoves. As a result, the quality of prepared dishes will be brought to a whole new level.


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