There is a misconception that getting a cat is a simple matter: buy food, toys, beautiful bowls and get all vaccinations from a veterinarian. But it is not so. We will not debunk the myths about keeping cats, but we will share information that is relevant for everyone who wants to create the right and comfortable conditions for a full and healthy life of a cat.

How to properly feed a cat?

It is undeniable that the first point in care is a healthy, suitable diet. If you have a kitten, then the first month of life, if possible, the kitten should eat mother’s milk. If this option is not possible, then it is best to buy a cat’s milk substitute, it is available in pet stores. It is important to feed your kitten often and in small portions.

After a month, kittens can be given special wet food for kittens, after two months — already food for grown-up cats, but with the appropriate recommendations from the manufacturer — this applies to both dry and wet diets.

How do you know what food is right for your cat?

After the first week of feeding the chosen diet, there are a few things to pay attention to:

  • shiny, thick coat (in cases where the breed does not suggest other options),
  • appetite — the cat eats food with pleasure. If there is no appetite, perhaps the food was chosen incorrectly or there were problems with the gastrointestinal tract,
  • stool: there should be no diarrhea and a sharp unpleasant odor,
  • general condition — reaction to games, mood of the pet — the cat behaves as always (everyone has their own temperament).

What is healthy food for cats in 2022?

The cat ate and is happy

A healthy cat diet is one that contains all the essential nutrients, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. It is advisable to consult with a veterinarian and read about the physiology of cats, about what they need for growth and harmonious development.

If in a pet store you consult with the seller about the choice of food, then tell everything about your pet — age, breed, whether there are any health problems, behavioral characteristics and other unique nuances.

Nature’s Table cat food

How to choose your own food?

History from the breeder Anastasia, Moscow:

If we talk about dry or wet food, then choose a balanced one. This means that its composition harmoniously combines all the trace elements that are required for the health of a cat. In most cases, the owners alternate dry and wet food in meals — the right tactic. For example, in the morning and in the evening you give your cat wet food, and during the day you leave it at home in a bowl of dry food. It is much better to buy dry and wet food from the same manufacturer, but if the brand has only one line, then choose both types of food in the same category — premium, holistic, and so on.

Pay attention to what is in the first place in the composition, since, according to the legislation, manufacturers always go first with the ingredient with the largest mass fraction — this ingredient is the most in the feed. Also be sure to buy an appropriate diet for sterilized pets — it will have a reduced calorie content so that the pet does not gain excess weight. I buy Nature’s Table Chicken Flavored Dry Cat Food. It is suitable for cats of all sizes and contains no artificial additives. Since I have three adult cats, which are very similar in terms of health and lifestyle, I have no problems with the choice of food — everyone eats the same.

cat after food

Before choosing Nature’s Table food, I read the forums, talked to friends who talked about this food, and also consulted with a veterinarian. I know that this food is also suitable for cats with sensitive digestion. Of course, it is better to clarify such details with specialists: what kind of food, with what problems it is indicated for the pet. Sometimes I buy a wet diet from Perfect Fit. I watch cats and see that it suits them too. According to important criteria for assessing health — wool, stool, appetite — everything is fine.

There are several situations when you simply have to change the diet, despite the fact that the previously chosen one fits perfectly. For example, when growing up, aging, pregnancy, castration, obesity, allergies. Be attentive to your pets: the nutrient requirements of the body vary greatly, which requires a different composition and most likely a diet.

I must also say here about nutrition: combining wet and dry food is very good, but specialized food and food for humans is better not worth it. Not all foods that are good for us are healthy and safe for cats.

Pet food manufacturers have made life easier for us by developing a variety of diets and flavors that will keep your pet healthy.

Nature’s Table

Customer reviews of Nature’s Table on the forums

Olga, owner of a 4-year-old cat

“…To be honest, I don’t change food, because I don’t see the need yet. Of course, we fed the kitten differently, and now we have been buying Nature’s Table for almost 1.5 years. The cat is healthy, eats with appetite, and we generally live without problems in terms of feeding the pet. The only thing that changes is tastes. Ours loves chicken and beef…”

Ekaterina, owner of an 8-year-old cat

“…We tried different foods, different flavors, but for now we settled on Nature’s Table. I like the composition of this feed, I trust the manufacturer. In addition, it is suitable for our cat, and he had problems with digestion. Its OK now. The coat looks healthy, the cat is calm and never refuses food, which means that everything is in order with appetite. In the case of animals, this is an important health criterion.”

Anastasia, veterinarian

“…I am not an ambassador for any brand, so the opinion is: choose cat food more carefully. Ask veterinarians for advice. It is important that cats do not develop allergies and food intolerances. It is not a very quick process to determine which food is appropriate, because the pets need to be observed for a while, then to change the food, remove the symptoms and rid the animal of the disease. If you have cats of different ages in your house, in different conditions, then try not to feed them the same way. In one case, there will be a shortage of nutrients, in the other, there will be a bust.”

Nature’s Table cat food


When choosing a food, consider its calorie content, the age of the cat, its activity and the presence of any diseases. Therapeutic food helps to cope with the consequences of the disease, and it is different in composition from the «regular» food. There are special additives in the feed for cases when a cat needs to cleanse the intestines of hair that gets there when washing. If you buy from offline stores, tell the consultant all your requirements for food. If you order online, read the product description carefully or ask questions in support.


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