Practically no one likes to do cleaning, but willy-nilly, you have to do it. To facilitate this process, manufacturers of household appliances release devices to facilitate this process almost every month. Almost every home today has a vacuum cleaner — they can be expensive or quite cheap, with or without a wet cleaning function. Inexpensive products usually do not have advanced functionality and well-thought-out ergonomics. However, there is an excellent exception to this rule — Redkey F10. The products were developed by Chinese specialists, they were able to equip this device with a removable battery, a kink bar, in addition, the model has a telescopic crevice nozzle. The electric motor allows you to achieve a suction force of 23,000 Pa. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner is not too expensive — only 15,000 rubles.

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Completeness of delivery

Redkey F10 delivery set

The device is packaged in a stylish cardboard box. Inside, everything is packed quite compactly, so that the likelihood of damage to the elements during transportation is minimized. Together with the vacuum cleaner unit, where a powerful electric motor is located, a spare battery, a spare HEPA filter element, an extension rod, and several nozzles are supplied. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a docking station with fasteners, an adapter and instructions.

Design decoration

Redkey F10 engine

The engineers who developed this device, especially worked on the ergonomics of the vacuum cleaner. First of all, they managed to ensure that the design turned out to be the perfect balance. Directly above the pistol grip is the electric motor, and below it is the battery pack. The location of the dust collector is chosen ideally — it is installed vertically, due to which even very heavy debris will not clog the grid. In addition, you can clean the dust container even without removing it from the vacuum cleaner body. Its volume is 600 ml.

Specifications Redkey F10

The engineers did a good job on the filtration system, which received two fine filters at once. Directly in the dust collector itself there is a special mesh, which, if necessary, can simply be washed under running water. However, it must be remembered that before returning a part of the structure to its place, it should be thoroughly dried. The HEPA filter element is located in a special compartment above the dust collector, the second one is installed in the end part of the motor block.

Redkey F10 features

To fully use the vacuum cleaner, you will need to use one more hand. There are three buttons on the top of the motor unit — increase or decrease speed, as well as automatic mode, when the device independently selects suction power depending on the amount of debris. The main nozzle has a number of important characteristics: it can be used to clean both smooth and piled surfaces. It has large wheels at the base, which allow you to achieve excellent patency on the surface of the carpets. There is an LED light in front of the nozzle itself, thanks to which it is very convenient to clean under furniture.

Nozzle Redkey F10

Two more nozzles that come with this vacuum cleaner also have their own specification. Slotted, if necessary, moves apart so that you can thoroughly clean the surface under the sideboard, cabinet and other pieces of furniture. The other nozzle has a soft fabric lining, with which it will be possible to collect dust even from a perfectly smooth surface.


Removable battery Redkey F10

When choosing the maximum speed of this device, the battery capacity is enough for only 7 minutes, but if you set it to the minimum mode, the vacuum cleaner will work for about an hour. The noise level is no more than 84 dB. For its power, the device allows you to achieve a very decent cleaning efficiency. High suction power helps to clean any surfaces from large and small debris, however, the nozzle must first be carried along the walls, because with ordinary wiring, the bumper can prevent dirt from collecting. The automatic mode works perfectly — the vacuum cleaner picks up speed on its own when it runs into piles of debris.

Automatic suction power Redkey F10

Carpet cleaning is of a high quality and takes exactly the same amount of time as cleaning smooth floor coverings. It is desirable to work with a pile base with a universal brush, which will not only remove motes, but also completely remove hair and animal hair. It is worth noting that the hair will practically not be wound on the brush itself — the vast majority of them end up in the dust collector.

The two-in-one nozzle turned out to be very convenient in terms of operation. It is perfect for cleaning cabinets or car interiors. Its design includes a fabric nozzle that perfectly removes dust from the surface of upholstered furniture. The crevice nozzle due to the presence of a telescopic tube allows you to get rid of dust even in the most inaccessible places.

Redkey F10 in action

The model is equipped with a folding function, so when cleaning under pieces of furniture you will not need to bend over — very convenient, for example, for the elderly or pregnant women. The device folds up to 90 degrees by lightly pressing the corresponding button, which allows it to clean even under low furniture, such as a sofa or beds.

The rollers on the brush are large enough, which is why carpet cleaning takes a minimum amount of time, in particular, you don’t have to make an effort to brush it over the surface of the pile. The floor brush head has a universal rotation function. If necessary, you can clean even very narrow spaces, remove dirt and dust in the corners of the room.

Redkey F10 engine

The lithium-ion type rechargeable battery can work offline for up to 60 minutes, so you can clean up to 200 square meters. m area. The filter is made of stainless steel, it can be washed under water and not changed during the entire period of operation. It is able to retain almost all the dust in the air of the room.

Advantages, disadvantages and conclusions

Redkey F10 operation

Like any other technique, this vacuum cleaner has both positive and negative sides. During testing, we have identified the following advantages of this device:

  • The presence of a charging station that can be hung on the wall, thereby saving free space in the room;
  • Very high build quality — the body elements fit snugly together, no backlash and extraneous squeaks were detected;
  • A very effective double filtration system allows to trap most of the dust particles, which is very important for people suffering from allergic reactions;
  • A very convenient automatic mode is provided, when the suction power of the vacuum cleaner changes depending on the degree of contamination of the surface;
  • The rechargeable battery is removable — you can immediately purchase an additional unit and double the battery life;
  • Decent suction power for the cost of a vacuum cleaner;
  • Perfectly removes any coating — both smooth and fleecy;
  • The bar can be bent at an angle of up to 90 degrees — it is convenient to clean even under low pieces of furniture;
  • The main nozzle is equipped with LED lighting.

nozzle Redkey F10

The disadvantages of the device, in general, are not too many, besides, they are not very significant:

  • Switching modes with one hand will not work;
  • The manufacturer did not include a separate brush for cleaning upholstered furniture.

The vacuum cleaner, in general, fully corresponds to its price range, but at the same time it surpasses the vast majority of similar devices from other manufacturers in terms of power. The model has well thought out ergonomics, there are a number of additional features, there are practically no shortcomings, so we definitely recommend purchasing such a device.

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