The fact that you need to brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening is known to every child. Strong teeth and healthy gums are an indicator of good health. In order to best protect your teeth from caries, and your gums from diseases, you should choose the right toothbrush. In the past few years, electric toothbrushes have become increasingly popular. Studies, as well as the opinion of experienced dentists, suggest that they are more effective than manual cleaning of the oral cavity. However, many consumers still have a stereotype that due to their regular use, tooth enamel is destroyed.

SM-6000 toothbrush set

What are electric toothbrushes?

Let’s talk about three types of electric toothbrushes that exist today and differ from each other both in the technology of impact on the teeth themselves and in the method of application.

Rotary brushes, with which, as they say, it all began, have a cylindrical head. Compared to ordinary brushes, they have a smaller cleaning surface, each tooth is treated separately. The bristles clean the teeth from all sides, penetrate into the interdental space, remove microparticles of food from the periodontal pockets.

Revyline Electric Toothbrushes

sonic toothbrushes. Many people think that they clean with sound, but in fact, such brushes work with bristles in much the same way as classic manual products. This technology got its name due to the very fast movements: the bristles make them from 31,000 to 62,000 per minute, carrying out sweeping movements from the gum to the edge of the tooth.

Due to the high speed, a stream of microscopic bubbles is created, in which water and toothpaste are mixed. This stream moves deep into the interdental space, washing away food debris and plaque from places where a standard toothbrush cannot reach. Cleaning is carried out in a complex way: firstly, due to the direct contact of the bristles with the enamel, and secondly, by exposure to high-frequency vibrations on plaque, which begins to break down from this.

It has been experimentally proven that such devices are absolutely safe for tooth enamel. They are allowed to be used daily, they effectively remove plaque, provide gum care.

Good onrb for Revyline teeth

Ultrasonic electrical structures also have oscillating heads, but instead of the usual electromagnet, they have a piezocrystal. Its oscillation frequency is at least 1 MHz. As a result of vibrations, ultrasonic waves are generated, which contribute to high-quality cleaning of the teeth.

It is easy to use this product, its effectiveness is palpable. However, due to the fact that many models operate especially quietly, with almost no vibration, some users mistakenly consider them inefficient.

Electric toothbrushes created for both children and adults. As a rule, everyone in the family can use the same brush, but everyone should have their own head, which will need to be changed every three months. It is most convenient to purchase devices with a changing frequency of oscillations, since the sensitivity of tooth enamel and gums is different for each person, and at first, uncomfortable or even painful sensations may occur.

Revyline RL-040

Today, we received two electric toothbrushes from Revyline — RL 050 and RL 040, as well as a set of four classic manual brushes SM6000. We have been analyzing their capabilities and functionality for several days and now we are ready to tell our readers more about them.

Revyline Toothbrushes

Revyline RL 050 — functionality and user experience

Revyline RL-050 photo

The device operates in two modes — Soft and Clean. The vibration frequency of the bristles is 18,000 and 20,000 per minute, respectively. The brush has a 2-minute timer: this time is enough for high-quality cleaning of the entire oral cavity. The power button is protected from accidental pressing. The battery is charged through the Type-C connector, which is used in most digital gadgets today.

The brush is also suitable for cleaning veneers and is recommended by experienced dentists. They explain this by the fact that such a toothbrush provides good care for the gum line, and also qualitatively removes plaque from non-removable orthodontic structures.

Revyline RL-050 loose

The body of the brush is made of high-strength ABS plastic that is pleasant to the touch. The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 350 mAh and can be fully charged in just 3 hours. The size of the cleaning surface is 19x8x9–11.5 mm. The diameter of one bristle is 0.152 mm. The manufacturer gives a two-year warranty with an average stated period of operation of five years.

We received these products in an attractive cardboard package, inside there was a working unit with an electric motor and a battery, a base with contact charging, a charging cable and instructions with a warranty card. The charging time is fully consistent with what the manufacturer claims. The control button is protected from accidental pressing. The body is pleasant to the touch, has an anti-slip coating, so the brush will not slip even from wet hands. The operating modes are switched according to an intuitive system that can be understood even without instructions. It cleans well, it is not required to use a large amount of toothpaste, the gums do not hurt, treat them as carefully as possible. The stand is comfortable and stable, the brush does not fit tightly into it, but it keeps well in it, does not fall out. One battery charge is enough for a long period of time. In general, we really liked this product, we recommend it for purchase to our readers.

Revyline RL 050

What can Revyline RL 040 do?

Revyline RL 040 packaging

This product successfully combines the highest performance, stylish design and the latest technological advances. The device has four modes of operation, among which there is a special one — Deep Clean. It provides a thorough cleaning of the teeth and massage of the gums for three minutes, which ensures excellent oral hygiene. The brush is available in several colors — you can choose the most suitable for your bathroom. This model does an excellent job of cleaning veneers.

The battery charge is enough for a long time, the overall dimensions are compact — 223x26x24 mm, so you can take the brush with you on business trips, tourist trips and hikes. The vibration frequency of the bristles is in the range from 33,000 to 42,000 per minute, depending on the selected operating mode. The model is powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery — 800 mAh, which distinguishes it from designs of this type. The only drawback is that the battery takes as long as 7 hours to charge. But on a single charge, the brush can work for a month.

Revyline RL 040 bristle photo

The bristles of the brush are of medium hardness, the size of the cleaning surface is 18×8.5×10–11 mm. The diameter of each bristle is 0.152 mm, the body is made of durable ABS plastic, moisture protection complies with the international standard — IPX7. The warranty period is 2 years, the declared average service life is 5 years.

This toothbrush came to us in a beautiful cardboard box with the logo of the manufacturer, the name and photo of the model, and a description of the main functions in Russian and English. Inside, everything is packed tightly, does not hang out, so the likelihood of damage during transportation is minimal. The box contained a motor unit, one nozzle, a wire for charging the battery, instructions and a warranty card. The model works quietly, with a slight buzz. On the case there is one button and several windows with LED indicators that allow you to configure the operating modes. It should be noted that even when choosing an intensive mode, the brush does not damage the enamel and gums, the consumption of toothpaste is small. I liked a large number of modes and respect for the teeth and gums. Some users will probably be confused by the rather high cost of the brush, but it is fully justified. We could not find any other shortcomings, so we will recommend it for purchase.

Revyline RL 040

Why is the Revyline SM6000 toothbrush set good?

Revyline SM6000 Toothbrushes

These premium quality manual toothbrushes with compact heads clean your teeth well even in hard to reach places.

The handle of the brush is ergonomically shaped, so the cleaning process itself is comfortable — fingers and brush do not get tired.

Premium nylon bristles of medium hardness do not injure the gums and tooth enamel. The set contains four toothbrushes of different colors, they are easy to distinguish from each other — no one in the family will confuse their brush with another. The packaging looks attractive, it is a transparent blister, the brushes are in insulated compartments.

Description brushes Revyline SM6000

The brush has 6,000 bristles, each of which is rounded so as not to damage the enamel of the teeth or lead to bleeding gums. The handle is made of high-quality propylene, its ergonomics allow you to clean at the right angle.

One person will have enough of this set for a whole year. The size of the cleaning surface is 25x11x11 mm, the diameter of one bristle is 0.1 mm.

Compared to other manual toothbrushes, this model works more gently with enamel, does not damage it, does not allow the occurrence of microcracks, which cause caries and other dental diseases.

The cost is slightly higher compared to the average for the Russian market, but the quality of cleaning is also superior to that of other models. Accordingly, we can recommend this product for purchase.

Revyline SM6000


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