It is quite difficult to find a person who would like to do cleaning, because after it terrible fatigue always piles up. Nevertheless, there is nowhere to go from it — in winter, snow is brought into the apartment on the soles of the apartment with various kinds of reagents that are sprinkled on the road from ice, in the summer months an unimaginable amount of dust flies through the windows, and in spring and autumn there is always a lot of dirt. If you clean it manually, then it requires a huge amount of effort and time — you have to spend more than one hour on such a process. It is good that the technological process has stepped far forward, and various companies have begun to release the most diverse cleaning equipment on the market — on the shelves of the respective stores today you can find both quite familiar vacuum cleaners and quite technological devices capable of cleaning an apartment without any human intervention.

Starwind SSV9550 box

For example, we received a Starwind SSV9550 steam cleaner for testing. This model combines the functionality of a steam mop, washing and classic vacuum cleaner. Let’s take a closer look at all its capabilities, subject it to a series of serious experiments and find out exactly what this equipment is and whether it is worth buying it for your home.

Main performance characteristics

What does the Starwind SSV9550 vacuum cleaner consist of?

The device combines the functions of a steam cleaner and a handheld steam cleaner. It was developed by Starwind specialists, they give it a year of warranty service. The device is capable of carrying out three types of cleaning — dry, wet and steam, and the latter provides excellent disinfection of any surfaces, killing most pathogenic microbes. The power of the electric motor is 1,800 W, while the suction power is 120 W.

Specifications Starwind SSV9550

The capacity of its dust collector is 0.5 liters, the design includes a water tank with a capacity of 0.35 liters. The steam generator is capable of producing up to 30 grams of steam per minute. The product works not too noisy — up to 80 dB in the most intensive mode. The device is powered by the network, the length of its network cable is 5 m. The power indicator is regulated by electronic technology. The mass of the product is 7.7 kg with overall dimensions of 260x1250x245 mm.

What comes in the kit?

Unboxing Starwind SSV9550

This device came to us for testing in a beautiful box made of thick cardboard with a glossy sheen. It is quite natural that on the front side there was a print of the vacuum cleaner itself, the manufacturer’s logo and its main features. On one of the sides one could see its characteristics in a more detailed format. Opening the package, we saw the vacuum cleaner itself, which was already connected to a steam generator and a garbage container. The box contained all the nozzles — for the floor, for hard-to-reach areas, and so on. I liked that the manufacturer put a hook for wall mounting to the vacuum cleaner. In principle, one cannot say that the device has too rich equipment, but for its price it turned out to be quite decent.

What's in the Vacuum Cleaner


Appearance Starwind SSV9550

The device looks quite stylish — it has a steel-gray body with attractive turquoise decorative inserts. They go well with the background color of the vacuum cleaner. The case is made of durable plastic, which can withstand physical impact well. Its elements are tightly fitted to each other, there are practically no gaps between them. We did not find any squeaks or other extraneous sounds when pressing on the case, there are no backlashes either.

Vacuum cleaner parts

The design of the vacuum cleaner is quite familiar — the block itself, an extension handle is attached to it (it has a number of buttons that duplicate the key controls of the device). Special hooks are provided on the case for winding and storing the power cord, so it will not interfere.

How to operate the device?

Vacuum cleaner control Starwind SSV9550

In this regard, there is nothing particularly complicated. It is enough to fill the steam cleaner tank with water, insert the plug into the socket and press the corresponding button located on the side of the product case. First, the green LED will start flashing — this indicates that the vacuum cleaner is preparing for operation, after about 30 seconds it will begin to glow with a steady green light, therefore, you can start cleaning.

Starwind SSV9550 photo

If classic dry cleaning is planned, then you just need to lower the slider on the handle and start vacuuming. If you want to use the steam mop function, you will first need to select the intensity of the steam supply — weak, medium or strong.

Power increase Starwind SSV9550

It should be said right away that one should not expect too much suction power from this unit. However, it is able to handle dust and small debris. It has a very reliable filtration system, represented by dual air and cyclone filters. They are able to retain almost all the dust passing through the vacuum cleaner.

Dust container Starwind SSV9550

The capacity of the dust collector is small — only 0.5 liters, it was quite enough for us to clean a three-room apartment. It is very easy to empty the dust container — just press the two buttons that fix it in the vacuum cleaner itself and remove it. It should be noted that if necessary, the dust collector can be washed under running water.

Nozzle Starwind SSV9550

In order to turn the vacuum cleaner into a steam mop, you will have to put on a pad with a cloth that comes with the kit. The process itself is quite easy — you just need to press the steam supply button and drive the device over the surface. It will immediately be noticeable that the floor becomes slightly damp and perfectly clean. The steam mop proved to be excellent in the kitchen — with its help we managed to get rid of old stains of grease near the stove, remove other contaminants. It also disinfects surfaces, which will be very useful in case someone in the household suffers from allergies.

Starwind SSV9550 photo

Starwind SSV9550 photo

We decided to test it on the carpet in the room and in the hallway. The color of the flooring became much brighter and richer, the pile rose after steam treatment, but the stains could not be removed from it.

Carpet nozzle Starwind SSV9550

Water container Starwind SSV9550

The manufacturer in the instructions advises using only distilled water to fill the tank in order to prevent scale formation. We filled it with ordinary drinking water, passed through a filter. In order to clean the water tank, it must be removed from the handheld steam cleaner by pressing the side release buttons and pulling it out. The tank can be rinsed with water and completely dry, put back. The manufacturer also recommends changing the filter once a year.

Manual steam generator

Very handy steam generator. In order to remove it from the case, you need to press the button located above the display and slightly pull it towards you, for this you will need to apply a little physical effort. After that, they put on the required nozzle, plug the device into an outlet, wait about 30 seconds, and then start cleaning. With this device, we easily removed grease stains from the kitchen apron, dirt from the tiles in the bathroom.

Nozzles for Starwind SSV9550 handheld steam cleaner


Before Starting Starwind SSV9550

This device is a rather interesting device to facilitate homework. With it, you can clean and completely disinfect surfaces, and there will be no need to resort to the use of chemicals. I was very pleased with the versatility of this vacuum cleaner.

The result of the work

The results of the Starwind SSV9550 vacuum cleaner

What is the result after tidying


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