Almost every car enthusiast is jealous of the condition of his vehicle, trying to keep the car as attractive as possible for as long as possible. This is especially true of the car interior, as it can be found in a huge number of corners in which small debris accumulates. This becomes especially noticeable in the spring and autumn months, when various small debris, dirt, sand, slush and so on are brought into the salon along with shoes and clothes. You can cope with this problem with the help of special equipment — a car vacuum cleaner. It will easily remove even fairly large dirt, allowing you to keep the car interior in its original form.

In specialized stores you can find a fairly large range of these products, and the models differ significantly from each other in a number of important parameters. Unfortunately, not every user has experience in purchasing such devices, so they are not aware of what factors should be paid attention to when buying a model they like.

How to choose the right car vacuum cleaner in 2022?

It is far from being as simple as it might seem at first glance to effectively clean the interior of all kinds of contaminants that have got into it, since the interior space of the car is largely limited. To choose the best vacuum cleaner model for the machine, first of all, you should decide on the power source. As experienced car owners note, it is best to give preference to models that run on batteries. These devices are not connected by wires and their length, so if necessary, you can reach the most inaccessible places, for example, vacuum the trunk space, rid the engine of accumulated dust, and so on.

On sale you can also find designs powered by a car battery and connected through the cigarette lighter socket. They will cost much less, besides, they do not weigh too much, however, these designs discharge the battery of the car very actively. If the owner of the car has a personal garage or easy access to a household electrical outlet, then you can incline your choice in the area of ​​u200bu200bchoosing a traditional car vacuum cleaner, powered either by a DC generator or through an ordinary outlet.

Car vacuum cleaner - choose the best

The next very important factor that directly affects the choice of this product is the power of the device. All models can be divided into two large groups: 40-74 and 75-180 W. The first type allows you to quickly remove crumbs, dust and small debris, but the second type provides a deeper cleaning. However, it must be remembered that the most powerful products must either be equipped with a reliable battery or run on a standard power supply, since even the most powerful car battery will not be able to withstand such a load.

All other points related to a machine vacuum cleaner are practically no different from those related to household products. It is desirable that the device be equipped with a HEPA filter, as it retains almost all particles of contaminants, providing the maximum frequency of air within the cabin. More expensive models are equipped with a water filter, with which you can also wet the seats.

When choosing models for inclusion in our ranking of the best car vacuum cleaners of the year, we were mainly guided by all of the above points, and also took into account the price-quality ratio of products and user reviews. For each model, we tried to collect as much information as possible so that each reader can decide on the choice of the optimal model.

Inexpensive car vacuum cleaners

4 Daewoo DAVC

Daewoo DAVC photo

The model has a decent power for its cost — 150 W, so it copes well with fairly large contaminants, for example, crumbs, sand particles. The dust does not absorb very well, you have to go through the same place several times. The suction power is 150 W, which is a decent figure even for more expensive devices. The case of the model is made of reliable plastic, the assembly is characterized by a fairly acceptable quality, in any case, no extraneous squeaks or backlashes were found during operation. Connects directly to the cigarette lighter socket, has a long power cable. This makes this vacuum cleaner very convenient to use even when used in a car with a very spacious interior.

The appearance of the vacuum cleaner is stylish and attractive, it has a cyclone filter, which greatly facilitates the use of products. The filter itself is removed if necessary, it can be cleaned of accumulated contaminants if necessary. The model is characterized by low weight and compact dimensions, perfect for daily use. If necessary, even a decent amount of spilled liquid can be removed from the inner lining of the car. The ergonomics are very interesting: the vacuum cleaner is comfortable to hold in your hands, your fingers do not get tired even after prolonged use of the tool.


  • Low cost;
  • Relatively good build quality;
  • Decent length of the power cord;
  • Operates directly from the cigarette lighter;
  • The filter can be easily removed and cleaned if desired.


  • The average suction power does not allow you to remove dust in full.

Daewoo DAVC

3. VITEK VT-1840

VITEK VT-1840 photo

Compact design, characterized by small overall dimensions and low weight, which allows you to operate this device for quite a long time. All the necessary functions that provide high-quality dry cleaning of the car interior are present in this device. The tool is powered from the electrical network of the vehicle. The suction power is 90 W, the device also has a power cord, whose length reaches 3.6 meters. A plastic container acts as a dust collector here — its volume is one and a half liters.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fine filter, which allows you to reliably trap even minor dust particles. During cleaning, dusty air passes through three stages of cleaning at once, in addition, the developers equipped this device with a convenient noise protection, thanks to which the volume of work was reduced to 85 dB. The device comes with a fabric case, in which it is very convenient to store the product and transport it permanently in the trunk. It also comes with two nozzles — a slotted type and a special nozzle that allows you to remove dust from the dashboard.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Sufficiently long power cable;
  • Good manufacturing and assembly quality;
  • Quite acceptable power;
  • Comes with a fabric bag for storage and transport.


  • It works exclusively from the cigarette lighter — the developer did not provide other options.


2. Airline CYCLONE-3

Airline CYCLONE-3 photo

Despite the not too high cost, this vacuum cleaner is characterized by decent power indicators and a long period of operation. The complete set of the model is very wide: there is a crevice nozzle for working in hard-to-reach places, a nozzle with a brush that provides reliable cleaning of fabric surfaces from dust and other contaminants, a corrugated hose, an adapter are provided, and there is also a storage case. All nozzles are cast, made of reliable plastic, retain their original shape throughout the entire period of operation. The brush attachment is a composite structure that can rotate as needed. The case is also made of plastic with a matte finish, which reliably protects products from slipping out of your hands. The manufacturer does not recommend connecting the product to the car’s on-board network with the engine running, as the model is not equipped with a fuse.

The length of the power cable is about 4 meters, so you can even reach the trunk with it. If necessary, the products can be easily disassembled, the debris compartment can be rid of accumulated dirt and the HEPA mesh filter can be cleaned. The latter clogs rather quickly, so it will have to be cleaned quite often. The dust collector also has a check valve that prevents debris from spilling back. It is made on the basis of a silicone membrane. The handle fits very comfortably in the hand, does not slip out of it, the vacuum cleaner itself does not make too much noise, it can be used to clean even the most inaccessible places in the cabin.


  • Rich equipment;
  • The device is not too loud;
  • It can cope not only with dust, but also with accumulated dirt and even with small pebbles;
  • Sufficiently long power cable;
  • There is a nozzle that allows you to get into the most inaccessible areas.


  • Due to the low power, cleaning takes a lot of time.

Airline CYCLONE-3

1. Aggressor AGR 170

Aggressor AGR 170 photo

In its price category, the products of this company are very popular and quite deservedly occupy the highest places in various ratings. This model successfully combines power, excellent quality and quite reasonable cost. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an excellent cyclonic filter, in which the centrifugal force will throw dust, dirt and other debris into the collection container, so that the filter itself can remain clean for a long time. The case is made of high-quality high-strength plastic, which is additionally equipped with stiffeners, which significantly increase its reliability and service life. In addition, the case here is lightweight, and the vacuum cleaner itself looks quite strict. The handle is ergonomic, palms and fingers do not get tired at all even after prolonged use of the device.

The product works from the cigarette lighter, connection to the household power supply is not provided. The kit comes with three nozzles and two extensions. The motor power is 150W. There is no dust collection bag, instead there is a container made of transparent plastic. In addition, the device is equipped with a special indicator that will promptly inform the user that the container has already been filled with garbage. The weight of the device is 1.5 kg, and the warranty period is three years.


  • High level of suction power;
  • A significant selection of nozzles;
  • The presence of a fine filter;
  • Ease of operation and maintenance;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Not very functional cover.

Aggressor AGR 170

Average price range

3. Berkut SVC-800

Berkut SVC-800 photo

Another model of domestic production in our ranking of the best car vacuum cleaners. This product compares favorably among other similar devices with high workmanship and fairly wide possibilities, and the price is not so high. Comes with a fabric bag. The vacuum cleaner placed in it takes up a minimum amount of free space. The vacuum cleaner also comes with three nozzles at once — a wide one, designed to work with significant areas of the cabin, one more for narrow places and a brush that connects to the first nozzle. In the tube of the vacuum cleaner there is an LED switchable flashlight, which allows you to immediately fully evaluate the quality of cleaning. It runs on batteries, consumes a minimum amount of electricity, so even from one set it will work for quite a long time.

It will be possible to easily cope with the interior cleaning even without turning on the engine. The products are perfect for maintaining cleanliness in the car. The vacuum cleaner can suck even relatively large pebbles that accumulate on the rugs. You can get rid of the debris collected in the dust collector using a special button that will flip open the plug that closes the dirt compartment. In this case, the product can be placed above the trash can and shake out the garbage right there.


  • Very high power ratings;
  • Availability of LED flashlight;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Pretty reliable electric motor.


  • Decent overall dimensions;
  • Not the lowest cost.

Berkut SVC-800

2. Philips FC 6141

Philips FC 6141 photo

This product looks quite stylish, it is equipped with a special reservoir for pollution, which is made of dark gray translucent plastic. The vacuum cleaner looks very original, has an interesting handle, which has an ergonomic shape that does not allow the device to slip out of your hands. The body plastic has a glossy finish, so you need to be prepared for the fact that after a while the product will be covered with a network of small scratches and scuffs. The product operates on the basis of a cyclone system, and the kit comes with five accessories at once. Connects to the car’s electrical network through a standard cigarette lighter socket. As users note, the main distinguishing feature of this device is the presence of a two-level cyclone filter. This factor allows you to ensure high-quality collection of dust and debris.

In addition, there is a nozzle with high aerodynamic characteristics, which allows you to easily penetrate even the most difficult to access places and thoroughly clean the interior of the car from dirt. The handle here is curved, has a rubberized coating, it does not slip in the hands.


  • Small overall dimensions of the device;
  • Excellent product assembly quality, even though the case is made of plastic;
  • Carefully thought out product ergonomics;
  • The kit comes with five nozzles at once;
  • Very attractive product appearance;
  • Reliability and duration of operation.


  • Pretty high cost.

Philips FC6141



Despite the low suction power of this device, it is characterized by a fairly high efficiency. In addition, this model has small overall dimensions, so it will occupy a minimum amount of free space in the trunk. The weight of the product is only 1.5 kg, so it can be held in the hands for quite a long time. The nozzle of the suction hose is hinged, so it can be opened to almost any angle. This model also comes with a flexible hose, at one end of which a brush attachment is attached. The length of the power cable is about 5 meters, so you can quickly and easily reach absolutely all corners of the car. It is worth noting that there is also a small folding brush on the spout, with which it will be possible to deep clean the interior, for example, the seats and the ceiling, even from the most corrosive dirt.

If necessary, the vacuum cleaner is disassembled almost completely, making it very easy and simple to clean from any contaminants. The capacity of the compartment for the accumulation of debris and dust is 440 ml — a decent enough figure for a device of such small size. You can clean the tank using a special door through which the garbage is simply poured into the bucket. On the back of the housing there is a door that opens access to the fine filter, and the latter can be replaced if necessary. The kit comes with a very convenient mesh bag, where the vacuum cleaner is placed along with all the attachments.


  • High degree of reliability of the device;
  • Excellent surface cleaning efficiency;
  • Well-thought-out ergonomics of the product;
  • The device turned out to be quite maneuverable;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Extended equipment.


  • High price.


The best battery vacuum cleaner models in 2022

3. Bomann AKS 713CB

Bomann AKS 713 CB photo

The device has a nickel-metal hydrite battery with a capacity of 1400 Ah, which allows the equipment to operate without interruption for half an hour. This time will be quite enough to cope with even the most persistent pollution of the vehicle interior. If this time is not enough, then the kit includes a special cable that allows you to connect it to the car battery. In this case, not only the battery of the vacuum cleaner will be charged, but it will also be able to work in this format. The products are characterized by compact overall dimensions, weighing only 1.7 kg. Two nozzles are supplied with this device — long and short. In addition to them, there is a brush for high-quality cleaning of the upholstery of the car interior and a special device that allows wet cleaning in the car. There is an LED indicator that will inform the user in a timely manner that the battery is close to full discharge.

Users note that the vacuum cleaner is quite well assembled, it has a small compartment where you can easily remove the power cord. Many talk about the insignificant mass of equipment and a decent set of brushes. The presence of a fine filter allows you to keep the brushes of the electric motor in working condition throughout the life of the product. The shape of the body is streamlined, has an attractive appearance. The case itself is made of reliable plastic, no gaps between its elements were found.


  • Ability to use products offline;
  • Compact overall dimensions and well thought-out ergonomics;
  • The presence of a power cable that folds into a special compartment;
  • Insignificant weight of the device;
  • A decent selection of different kinds of nozzles;
  • Wet function included.


  • No extension hose provided.

Bomann AKS 713CB

2. VITEK VT-1811

VITEK VT-1811 photo

A very convenient and very functional car vacuum cleaner, which allows you to make the procedure for cleaning the interior of the vehicle simpler, easier and faster. At the same time, with the help of this device, it will be possible to reach even the most inaccessible places. The dust container is made of special plastic, and its shape is such that it does not start to form a dust cloud during the cleaning process. Due to this factor, all dust accumulates exclusively on one side of it. This model can work both from a car battery and from a built-in battery. In the kit, you can find a special nozzle that will provide a convenient window cleaning — there are two special nozzles for this. In general, the cleaning itself is dry here, but the function of collecting liquid is provided. The suction power is 60 W — not too much, but for not very deep dirt it will be enough.

There is no dust bag in the dust collector, the volume of the dust collector is 0.5L. Power adjustment is not provided here, the length of the supply cable is 3.5 m. It is not forbidden to use a vacuum cleaner while charging the battery. In standalone mode, products can work for about half an hour. There are special nozzles that allow you to thoroughly clean the seats and penetrate into the joints of the interior trim, where a large amount of dirt usually accumulates.


  • There are special nozzles that allow you to clean the mirrors and glass of the car from dirt;
  • High capacity built-in battery;
  • If necessary, it will be possible to collect even spilled liquid;
  • Insignificant cost;
  • Very wide functionality of the device.


  • A decent weight of 2.6 kg.


1. MR3936w Morphy Richards 2in1 handheld vacuum cleaner with air ionizer function

MR3936w Morphy Richards photo

The Morphy Richards Portable 2in1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is useful at home or outside. In cases where it is impossible to limit yourself to washing the floor and getting rid of dust from surfaces in order to return freshness and comfort to the space, this lightweight portable gadget will come to the rescue. Vacuuming upholstered furniture, refreshing textiles and children’s toys or ridding the space of an unpleasant smell — now you can have a lightweight device with a pleasant interface in your hands. Simple operation — a one-button switch switches the device from a vacuum cleaner function to an air ionization function, which will prove effective even against the corrosive smell of hookah.

The time for a full charge from any USB device is 2.5 hours. After that, the vacuum cleaner can work continuously for 13 minutes with suction power sufficient to suck in coins or even confetti. The kit includes three basic nozzles for deep express cleaning of the space: a universal conical nozzle, a brush and a crevice nozzle. Also, the handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter, which will trap all harmful bacteria that have settled on the surface after ionization.


  • Compact and portable;
  • Simple control;
  • USB charging;
  • Full charge — 2.5 hours;
  • Continuous work — 13 min;
  • 3 nozzles;
  • HEPA filter.


  • Suitable for dry cleaning only.

MR3936w Morphy Richards 2in1 handheld vacuum cleaner with air ionizer function

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best car vacuum cleaners has come to an end. For each of the presented models, we tried to collect the maximum amount of information so that you can choose the best product for yourself. If you still have any questions about the models you like, or if you are going to share with us and our readers your experience in purchasing a car vacuum cleaner, then comments on this article are at your disposal.


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