On the roads, it is mandatory for every driver to observe the speed limit. However, it is not uncommon for the driver to gape, put too much pressure on the gas and exceed the maximum allowable speed. This is fraught with penalties, and up to the deprivation of a driver’s license. To prevent this from happening, they often use special devices — radar detectors. They inform the motorist with a sound signal if he has exceeded the maximum speed limit on a particular section of the road.

Today on sale you can find combined devices that combine in their functionality not only the timely detection of traffic cameras, but also allow you to determine the location of the vehicle, pave the best path to the destination. In the past few years, the range of these gadgets on store shelves has increased significantly. Buyers are often lost in the diversity presented, so we decided to rank the best DVRs with a radar detector. In this article, we will not only talk in detail about the useful qualities of the most popular devices among users, but also give our readers some useful tips that will definitely help when buying these devices.

How to choose the right DVR with a radar detector?

One of the most important parameters of these devices is video quality. Experienced drivers recommend purchasing devices with a resolution of at least 1920×1080 pixels. This factor allows you to get a fairly clear picture, which will be able to clearly see the make and number of other cars. Another key property is the diaphragm aperture — it indicates the amount of light that enters the photosensitive element. Accordingly, this quality will directly affect the clarity of the image in low light conditions. It must be remembered that the lower this parameter is, the better. It is denoted by the Latin letter F.

The hardware part will also affect the quality of the picture. The most modern processors are able to automatically improve the image — get rid of glare, increase contrast, which is also very important in poor lighting. It is worth noting that the product software will have to be updated with enviable regularity — at least once a month. This will allow timely detection of new cameras.

Navigation systems are not the last thing to consider when choosing a product like this. Most modern devices support both GPS and GLONASS. This solution helps to navigate even off-road. When we chose products to be included in our rating of the best video recorders with a radar detector, we relied mainly on all the points that we talked about earlier. In addition, user reviews and product value for money were taken into account. We tried to include in our review not the most expensive devices, so that each of the readers could choose the best gadget for himself and his car.

The best budget DVRs with radar detectors in 2022

2. Playme P200 TETRA

Playme P200 TETRA photo

Despite the quite affordable cost, this device is in no way inferior to more expensive devices from its price category. The functionality here is average. The recording quality is 1280×720 pixels. The device is characterized by a viewing angle of 120 degrees — this is often not enough for a traffic situation, although the product captures road signs and cars traveling towards it perfectly. Such parameters may not be enough if you have to move along the autobahn or just along a wide highway. The operating temperature range is from -10 to +45 degrees. Such a moment can greatly complicate the operation of the product in cold winter conditions.

The built-in memory is not enough, but there is a slot for an external microSD drive, the maximum volume of which can reach 32 GB. The navigation system is decent — it includes GLONASS and GPS modules, databases on the Internet are freely available and are updated regularly.


  • Inexpensive, but quite functional device;
  • Decent recording quality at night;
  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • Long service life;
  • Stable operation of navigation modules.


  • Insignificant amount of built-in memory;
  • Works in a limited temperature range;
  • When driving on wide roads, the viewing angles may not be enough.

Playme P200

1. SHO-ME Combo N3 iCatch

SHO-ME Combo N3 iCatch photo

This device was developed by South Korean engineers, although it is produced in Chinese factories. In terms of its useful properties, this gadget is largely superior to the products of past generations from this company. The DVR is based on the updated iCatch V35 processor, which provides excellent performance and excellent picture quality. The radar part functions stably, there were no complaints from users about it. The videos are of decent quality. To update, the device will have to be connected to a personal computer or laptop with Internet access. The update process does not take too long. The software allows you to support work with memory cards, the volume of which can reach 256 GB.

The radar detector easily detects absolutely all cameras, including laser meters of LISD and AMATA formats. There is also a «City / Highway» mode, with which you can minimize the number of false positives. The driver can adjust the volume of alerts, change the brightness of the display.


  • Instantly detects all cameras;
  • A small number of false positives;
  • The ability to customize the device to suit your needs;
  • Can work with memory cards of large volumes;
  • Able to notify even about laser meters.


  • Decent overall dimensions;
  • Not all users trust the Chinese assembly.

SHO-ME Combo N3 iCatch

Average price category

2. Neoline X-COP 9700

Neoline X-COP 9700 photo

Another product that was developed by Korean engineers is also manufactured at the enterprises of this country. The device is characterized by an attractive appearance, high-quality assembly and a rubberized body. It is equipped with a touch screen, there is a site where they post all the firmware and updates. The video recording resolution is 1920×1080 pixels.

Manufacturers have equipped the device with a motion detector in the frame, all extraordinary events are recorded in a separate folder. There is a slot for a memory card, the maximum amount of which is 64 GB. However, this device often has false positives. The database is updated steadily, no complaints in this regard were found.


  • Stylish appearance;
  • Decent camera resolution;
  • Touchscreen;
  • Service centers are in all major cities.


  • There are false positives.

Neoline X-COP 9700

1. Roadgid X9 Hybrid GT

Roadgid X9 photo

The novelty of 2022, which has already managed to win the recognition of car owners. Roadgid X9 Hybrid GT is a combination of a modern DVR, a signature radar detector and a GPS informant. The model will help protect the interests of the driver in a variety of traffic situations. The use of the latest technologies and components allows you to achieve a high level of shooting in any lighting conditions. The Sony IMX 307 sensor provides excellent detail, clarity and brightness of the image day and night. The CPL filter effectively suppresses unwanted reflections and glare.

The radar part is able to detect even quiet cameras and radars aimed at the back at a long distance. The built-in signature module will protect against false alarms at railway crossings, at automatic doors of shops and gas stations, as well as when crossing with other signal sources.

The DVR is equipped with a powerful Mstar 8339 processor, thanks to which all functions work stably, video recording is carried out without gaps and freezes. For convenient management, Wi-Fi and a mobile application are provided — through it you can change device settings, copy or delete files, update camera databases. The Roadgid X9 Hybrid GT also has a second trim level with a second waterproof Full HD camera and parking assistant. This model will give even more opportunities for comfortable and safe driving.


  • Excellent shooting in night mode on the Sony IMX 307 sensor;
  • High detection range of radars and cameras;
  • The ability to connect from a smartphone via Wi-Fi to quickly update the camera bases;
  • Reliable quality assembly;
  • Stable operation of all functions.


  • There is no memory card included.

Roadgid X9

Premium Radar DVRs

3.Street Storm STR-9970BT

Street Storm STR-9970BT photo

This is another product of the South Korean company, which has a very high-quality camera capable of shooting videos with a resolution of 2304×1296 pixels. In addition, the updated Ambarella A7LA50D processor is installed here, the OmniVision OV4689 microchip is responsible for the quality of the sensor. With this device, you can shoot in a variety of formats — FullHD, Super HD 1296p, Wide Full HD, and there is also a special mode with increased image detail.

The registrar has an expanded set of the most modern functions: it has a shock sensor, the date, time and coordinates of the car’s location are stamped on the videos. The lens has six layers of glass and wide viewing angles of 170 degrees. All radar and laser systems determines from a considerable distance, the «Route» and «City» modes are provided, which minimizes the number of false positives.


  • Good detail;
  • Extended viewing angles;
  • Detects absolutely all cameras, regardless of their principle of operation;
  • There are urban and highway modes.


  • Decent overall dimensions — some drivers say that the device blocks the view.

Street Storm STR-9970BT


PLAYME P600SG photo

The gadget is able to determine the location of the police radar from a considerable distance — about 500 meters, the same applies to cameras responsible for observing the speed limit. All received data is displayed on a large informative touch-type display. The registrar contains an expanded location database for stationary cameras, and it also allows you to timely calculate the location of devices such as tripods. The device works on the basis of the SAPF filtering system, which filters out foreign products operating at approximately the same frequency as police radars.

Users note a well-thought-out system of voice prompts, if necessary, their volume can be adjusted. The display diagonal is 2.3 inches, the viewing angle here is 170 degrees. The picture has excellent detail, the license plates are visible perfectly even from a distance of about 20 meters.


  • Identifies police radar from a considerable distance;
  • Filters out foreign devices well;
  • Extended viewing angles;
  • Car numbers are visible from a considerable distance.


  • Decent dimensions;
  • Some users feel that the display is too small.


1 Roadgid Premier 3

  Roadgid Premier 3 photo

Among the premium DVRs, the Roadgid Premier 3 became the leader. The model has collected the top technical stuffing for its price. This is the first combo with the state-of-the-art SONY IMX 327 sensor for flawless night photography, plus a signature radar detector, Wi-Fi, detailed camera voice notifications and other features for a comfortable and safe ride. The recorder can be purchased in an expanded configuration with a second Full HD camera.

The premium quality of the device is noticeable at first sight thanks to the stylish design in the carbon fiber style. With the help of the Roadgid Cord mini/micro/type-c USB 12-24V hidden connection adapter, the recorder can be installed compactly and neatly, without mess and unnecessary wires obstructing the view.


  • Excellent shooting quality in any lighting conditions;
  • WDR anti-glare function;
  • CPL filter;
  • Carbon body;
  • Works without false positives;
  • Modern Type-C power connector;
  • Wi-Fi and application for control from a smartphone;
  • Heat-resistant supercapacitors;
  • Magnetic quick release mount.


Roadgid Premier 3

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, we have finished considering the qualities of the best DVRs with a radar detector on the Russian market. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments to this article. Nevertheless, I would like to express the hope that you managed to choose the most suitable product for yourself and your car in all respects.


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