Today, more and more people pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, one of the key elements of which is the use of a large number of various natural juices. They contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which are almost completely absorbed by the human body. Of course, freshly squeezed juices have an advantage here, which are consumed within about 10-15 minutes after their preparation.

How to choose a good juicer in 2022?

It is very problematic to choose a suitable juicer for the home, since there are quite a lot of models on the market, buyers are often lost in such a variety.

Choosing the best auger juicer

When choosing, you should rely on a number of important points:

  • Trademark — it is best if the products are manufactured by a well-known manufacturer whose name is well-known. Such models will serve for a long time, as well-known companies are trying to keep their brand at a high level;
  • The material from which the main structural elements are made. The case can be made of plastic or metal, a plastic product will last much less compared to a metal one. It is desirable that all internal parts are made of metal;
  • The number of speeds of work — there must be at least two of them. One will be used on relatively soft vegetables, fruits and berries, the other on hard ones;
  • Power is one of the most important indicators. Usually it is chosen in the range of 400-600 W, which is quite enough for the hardest vegetables such as carrots;
  • Ergonomic design — the presence of additional details that facilitate the convenience of using the juicer.

When compiling our top 10 rating, we took into account all these points and tried to include in it the best juicers, which differ not only in durability, but also in ease of use. We also selected the best devices depending on customer reviews, in terms of price and quality. We hope that after studying the rating you will be able to choose the most suitable product for yourself.

List of the best juicer models in 2022

Good choice — Atvel PowerTwist J3

Atvel PowerTwist J3 photo

The horizontal auger juicer of the American brand Atvel deserves special attention. The PowerTwist J3 model will surely please its owner with the highest efficiency: it squeezes all the juice from fruits, vegetables, herbs and even grass, literally to the last drop, leaving a completely dry cake. At the same time, the quality of the juice is excellent: it does not delaminate, it does not form foam, and all useful substances are preserved due to the cold pressing function and minimal juice oxidation.

In addition, PowerTwist J3 is very easy to use and assemble, it is easy to clean (it even comes with a special brush); it is light, compact and consumes little electricity (150 W), which, however, does not affect the performance that we mentioned above.

This juicer is suitable for those who have very young children: you can juice at any time without fear of waking the baby, because the PowerTwist J3 works with a volume of less than 60 dB.

There are also a couple of additional nozzles for this device — a meat grinder nozzle and a grater nozzle. Swap out your juicer attachment for one of these for another complete, high-quality kitchen gadget at a much lower price.


  • More juice is obtained, and it is much better thanks to the seven-section auger;
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Consumes little electricity;
  • Easy to use, carry, store and wash.


  • Not detected.

Atvel PowerTwist J3

9. Scarlett SC-JE50S43

Scarlett SC-JE50S43 photo

Auger-type juicer, it operates on the basis of the original low-speed extraction technology. Due to this approach, you can get juice from absolutely any fruit and vegetable. The efficiency of the machine is very high, but the juice will contain a decent amount of pulp. The power of the electric motor is 200W. The case is made of reliable high-strength plastic, which is not afraid of even serious physical impact. It will not show any kind of pollution. It is characterized by compact dimensions, so the device is easy to store even in a cramped kitchen. The engine speed is constant regardless of the applied loads.

The volume of the tank for ready juice is 1 liter, the volume for pulp is 800 ml. It is possible to get a drink completely cleared of pulp. The width of the neck is 44×35 mm. The juicer has a loading tray, and there is also protection against accidental activation. If necessary, the engine can be started in the opposite direction — the «Reverse» function allows you to instantly get rid of blockages and quickly get the required amount of juice. There is also a drip-stop system that prevents juice from spilling onto the tablecloth. To separate the juice from the pulp, a special mesh made of stainless steel is used. It has no off-flavours that could be transferred to the drink. The juicer comes with a special cleaning brush.


  • Original and stylish appearance;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Reliable system of protection against accidental start;
  • You can get juice both with pulp and without it;
  • Ability to work for a long time without interruption.


  • The metal mesh for discarding the pulp is clogged almost instantly — it has to be cleaned all the time.

Scarlett SC-JE50S43

8. Bosch MES25A0/25C0/25G0

Bosch ME S25G0

The device operates on a centrifugal principle — fruits and vegetables enter the centrifuge after passing through a special grinder, which allows you to almost completely extract the juice from the products. The juicer is equipped with a large loading opening, where even a whole apple will fit, it will not need to be cut into pieces. A glass for juice is not provided, but there is a special tube through which it will come out.

The design is made using DripStop technology — it does not allow juice to escape after the spin is completed. It has two speed settings and a stainless steel strainer that allows you to remove all the pulp from the squeezed juice. The motor is reliable and absolutely safe, its power is 700 W, it turns on after the device is correctly assembled and the lid is in place.


  • Attractive appearance;
  • Safe operation;
  • Good stability;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Reliable plastic;
  • There is a convenient storage compartment for the power cord.


  • When disassembling the case, it can be difficult to get a strainer;
  • Works quite loudly;
  • The centrifuge sometimes does a poor job of handling hard fruits and vegetables, simply cutting them into chunks instead of squeezing out the juice.

Bosch MES25A0/25C0/25G0

7 Braun MPZ9

Braun MPZ9

This is a very handy and small-sized design, which is well suited for squeezing juice from any citrus fruit. There are no sharp parts on the body of the juicer, so it is absolutely safe in terms of operation. The bowl for collecting the finished juice is made of reliable and safe for health plastic, its volume is 1 liter.

Housing, filter, press and all major moving parts are also made of plastic. Due to the fact that this device is designed to work only with soft citrus fruits, it has a minimum power of only 20 watts at a maximum of 60 revolutions per minute. The juicer has a pulp controller that allows you to get both pure juice and small pieces. It is equipped with reliable protection against accidental activation, there is a convenient cable storage compartment.


  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Extracts juice well
  • Works very quietly;
  • It is allowed to wash in the dishwasher;
  • The presence of an automatic start system.


  • Works only with citrus fruits;
  • Weak reverse mode;
  • A large amount of waste;
  • The pulp filter has to be cleaned constantly.

Braun MPZ9

6. Panasonic MJ-DJ31

Panasonic MJ-DJ31

Versatile product, one of the best auger juicers in our ranking of models of the year. It can also be used as a blender. It can make almost any amount of juice. The product first passes through a special S-shaped chopping knife, after which it is immediately sent to the filter system. They extract juice from it.

The device can be fixed in one place due to the presence of special suction cups that prevent it from sliding on the surface. It functions very well, and it takes a minimum amount of time to make juice. All the pulp is quickly removed from the juice. The set comes with a chopper and a blender, due to which the design can be used as a full-fledged food processor. The body is made of stainless steel, the juice container is made of food-grade plastic.


  • High-quality spin;
  • Easy to wash;
  • The cake is almost dry;
  • Thick-walled plastic that can be washed in a dishwasher;
  • Wide mouth for loading products.


  • The assembly is of average quality, after prolonged operation small backlashes appear;
  • High price;
  • Fine strainer for separating the foam, it is difficult to wash it.

Panasonic MJ-DJ31

Oursson JM7002

It is a fairly good cold-pressed auger juicer, it is distinguished by the presence of a sufficiently large loading hole, the diameter of which is as much as 75 mm, so even a whole apple can be placed there. The device is equipped with a self-cleaning system that functions right during the squeezing of juice. In order for the final product to turn out without pulp and peel residues, the design has a three-level mesh-type filter.

The juicer has an original extraction system, thanks to which you can freely work with all products. The auger mechanism, even when working at low speed, will squeeze out the juice with high quality even from those vegetables or fruits where there are bones. Like other juicers, it has a drip-stop system. The maximum number of revolutions is 65 per minute, one speed is provided, there is a reverse. The device is equipped with a reliable security system that ensures the safety of its use. It has small dimensions and beautiful appearance.


  • Very easy to disassemble and assemble;
  • It squeezes juice well even from the hardest products;
  • The output of the cake is almost completely dry;
  • There is a convenient carrying handle and a compartment for storing the power cord;
  • Good power 240W;
  • Works quite quietly;
  • Large loading opening.


  • High price;
  • It does not pass through soft fruits and vegetables very well — the pulp still seeps into the container for the finished juice.

Oursson JM7002

4. Polaris PEA 0829

Polaris PEA 0829 photo

Centrifugal design, which is additionally equipped with a so-called foam separator, which prevents the formation of sediment in the finished drink. This juicer has a maximum rotation speed of 21,000 revolutions, which allows you to extract juice from even the hardest fruits and vegetables very quickly. The loading neck has a decent volume, which allows you to lay a lot of initial products at a time. The juicer is capable of operating at two speeds — they are chosen depending on the density of the ingredients used. In particular, juicy apples are easier to cut through the blades at the highest speeds, while hard and crunchy carrots are best handled at lower speeds.

The capacity of the juice tank is about 300 ml, about 1 kg of cake will fit in the waste container. The so-called anti-drip system is provided here, which will keep all surfaces of the kitchen from dripping juice while the user empties the filled container. The security system is carefully thought out: the device will not turn on if the lid is not completely closed, there are rubberized legs on the bottom that will be securely fixed on the table surface. The case is made of high-quality steel, has multi-colored and very bright prints.


  • Relatively compact product;
  • The cake at the exit is almost dry;
  • Convenient to wash;
  • There is a reliable protection against accidental activation;
  • Wide opening for the original product.


  • The metal case is a little easily soiled — you have to constantly clean it from fingerprints.

Polaris PEA 0829

3. KITFORT KT-1104


This is a universal juicer, which has a strict appearance, but stylish, the body of the part with the motor is made of high-quality stainless steel, has an excellent assembly, due to which there will be no backlash, extraneous squeaks even after long-term operation. The motor power is small — only 240 W, the maximum number of revolutions is 70 per minute, but this does not affect the efficiency of the device.

Nevertheless, the mass is quite serious — more than 5 kg. On the bottom side, the device has rubberized legs and a fan outlet that prevents the engine from overheating. The bowl, pusher and lid are made of thick-walled food-grade plastic that can be washed in a dishwasher. A filter made of stainless steel is provided, it is additionally equipped with a plastic silicone cleaner. The set includes nozzles for making smoothies, as well as for working with frozen products.


  • Quietly works;
  • Perfectly squeezes juice even from hard vegetables and fruits;
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble;
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • Low turnover.


  • Hand washing is very problematic;
  • The case is easily soiled — it shows handprints and other dirt.


2. Oberhof Drucken Q-12

Oberhof Drucken Q-12 photo

This model of the European brand is a real leader among auger juicers with vertical loading of products. It is equipped with a powerful 400 W motor, while the shaft rotation speed is only 48 revolutions per minute. This provides conditions for cold pressing of juice with the preservation of all useful substances, vitamins and microelements. Low speed operation is ideal for hard vegetables, root vegetables and even nuts.

The body is made of stainless steel and plastic, and the auger is made of reinforced Ultem plastic with high levels of protection against mechanical damage. The juicer allows you to get 35% more raw materials than the average device from other brands. Even from beets or carrots you can squeeze up to 47% of juice! The pulp is almost dry and folds out automatically.

The juicer has a convenient loading opening with a diameter of 75 mm. Anti-slip feet securely fix the device on the table. During operation, the unit practically does not make noise — the sound of its motor is comparable in volume to a normal conversation. The kit includes two containers and transparent plastic for juice and pulp.

Buy a good Oberhof Drucken Q-12 juicer at best price available here!


  • Productive engine;
  • Work at low speeds;
  • Innovative screw design;
  • Safe design;
  • Stylish design.


Oberhof Drucken Q-12

1. Garlyn J-600 Max

Garlyn J-600 Max photo

The leader of the rating was another auger-type juicer — Garlyn J-600 Max. This juicer can rightly be called universal. Additional attachments for shredding and grater, as well as a filter for making sorbet, provide it with 3-in-1 functionality: juicer + vegetable cutter + sorbet box.

Performing additional functions is a rare advantage among such devices. The replaceable block and knives for chopping and rubbing will be to the taste of housewives, as they automate and speed up the preparation of preparations and salads. Thanks to the presence of 8 modes, optimally matched to certain fruits, the juicer achieves greater productivity and benefits for the user.

The maximum rotation speed of the auger is only 55 revolutions per minute, which means that you don’t have to worry about the preservation of the beneficial qualities of the juice. In terms of performance, this juicer is in the first positions among modern models. The cake that comes out of it during the spinning process is extremely dense and dry.

The manufacturer was able to speed up and simplify the process of making juice by using a wide neck (75 mm). Small vegetables and fruits can easily fit into such a hole. Saving time is a significant plus, especially when it comes to processing large crops.


  • The presence of several speeds for spinning;
  • Convenient touch control panel;
  • Extended equipment (shredder, grater, nozzle for sorbet);
  • Dry cake;
  • Wide mouth for loading;
  • Quick cleaning function;
  • Preservation of vitamins in the composition of the juice;


  • The price is above average;
  • Mark Corps.

Garlyn J-600 Max

In conclusion, an interesting video

We hope that our review will help you choose the best juicer for your home, and continue to delight your household with vitamin cocktails and simply delicious and healthy juices. And about whether you liked our review or not, as well as about the models presented here, you can comment in the comments.


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