Often in the bathroom and in the kitchen there is a lack of free space. Many housewives face this on a regular basis. Due to such an organization of the premises, it is far from always possible to install full-sized household appliances there — a gas stove, an oven, a washing machine, and so on. Many people are accustomed to the fact that such devices are quite large, but for a long time narrow products have been on sale, which are very compact in size. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to choose the right narrow washing machine, especially if it will be installed in very cramped conditions.

It is for these people that our today’s rating of the best narrow washing machines is designed. However, before proceeding to a direct analysis of the specific performance of each model included in the review, let’s first understand what you should pay attention to when buying this equipment.

What points are important when choosing a narrow washing machine in 2022?

First of all, let’s turn to the method of loading laundry into the drum. According to this parameter, all devices can be divided into two large groups — front-loading and vertical loading. The latest models will have to be placed separately from other equipment, and they cannot be placed, for example, under the sink. Up to 10 kg of dry laundry can be placed in such a device. Front-loading designs are smaller in capacity — depending on the modification, about 5-6 kg of laundry can be placed in them.

They also look directly at the capacity itself — the larger the family, the larger the drum should be. If two or three people live in an apartment or house, then they will have enough products with a volume of about 3-4 kg, for a family of 5-6 people they will have to purchase a more spacious machine. It is worth noting that the size of the drum directly affects the total consumption of detergents — fabric softener, washing powder, and so on.

How to choose a narrow washing machine

Be sure to pay attention to the class of washing, so it will affect the final look of things. The higher it is, the less electricity will be consumed per cycle. The number of revolutions per minute is also very important — this parameter affects the quality of the spin. Look at the material from which the drum is made. On sale you can find products with plastic, ceramic or stainless elements. Plastic drums are installed in fairly cheap cars, but they do not differ in durability. Ceramic devices resist the formation of scale well, do not damage linen, last a long time, but at the same time they will be very expensive. The best choice is a drum made of stainless steel with a special coating. In terms of durability, it is practically not inferior to ceramics, but it will cost much less. The number of modes will allow the machine to work with a variety of types of fabrics, including such delicate ones as silk or chintz. The right washing mode will help keep things in their original shape for a long time.

When choosing models to include in our ranking of the best narrow washing machines, we, first of all, were guided by all the above principles. However, user reviews were also taken into account, as well as the value for money of products. We hope that after a careful study of all the characteristics of the presented products, you will be able to choose the best products for yourself that will serve you for many years.

Top loading machines

3. Gorenje WT 62093

Gorenje WT 62093 photo

Our rating is opened by an ergonomic Italian-made model, which has a drum that can easily fit up to 6 kg of dry things. The overall dimensions are as follows — height 85 cm, width 60 cm and depth 40 cm. The products are characterized by the highest washing class, they have 12 automatic work programs at once. Among them, the most outstanding are: the hand wash, designed specifically for delicate garments, as well as the quick cycle, which lasts only 32 minutes. In addition, a special program for silk items has been developed. The “Mix&Wash” mode is original, by choosing which you can no longer think about sorting laundry: the machine will carefully clean things from dirt, regardless of their color, and they will not be dyed. The maximum spin speed of this machine is 1000 rpm. As a result, the linen turns out to be almost dry — it can be ironed literally an hour after the end of the wash. If necessary, the spin function can be turned off.

The control system of the device is electronic. There is an LED display on the front panel, which displays the time until the end of the wash, the selected mode of operation, and data regarding errors will also be displayed here. There is a delayed start timer for a maximum of 23 hours. The design is quite attractive, the body is made of steel, the top cover is made of durable plastic with a matte finish, it will practically not show any kind of pollution. Partial protection against leaks is provided. It is connected only to cold water, if necessary, you can load the laundry after starting the wash itself.


  • Quite loyal cost;
  • Durability and reliability;
  • There is a very informative display;
  • Large drum volume;
  • Works almost silently.


  • There is no protection from children;
  • Protection against leaks is available, but partial.

Gorenje WT 62093

2. Ariston MVTF 601HC CIS

Ariston MVTF 601 HC CIS photo

Another fairly compact model, which is very convenient to use. Top loading allows you to add laundry even when the engine is running. The products operate quite quietly even at the maximum drum rotation speed, vibration during operation is also minimal, so you can use it even at night. The washing class is the highest, it does not consume much electricity, water and detergents — the high efficiency of the device. There are a large number of operating modes designed for different types of fabrics. In particular, there are functions for washing synthetic linen, things made of wool, cotton, delicate fabrics. It is connected directly to cold water, itself warms it up to the required temperature. Things are washed with water from 30 to 90 degrees, depending on the selected mode. The spin function can be turned off if necessary, but it works very efficiently. The linen at the exit turns out to be semi-moist, it is enough to dry it for an hour, after which it can already be ironed.

There is an original function called easy ironing. When activated, the water before spinning will be drained while the drum is rotating. This allows you to prevent the occurrence of strong creases or kinks in the linen, which are very problematic to smooth out in the future. The drum always returns to its original position, so it is very easy to get things out of it. There is no sound signal about the end of the wash, there is only an LED indication on the body. The front panel has a digital timer that shows how much time is left before the end of the wash cycle.


  • The capacity of the drum is quite enough for a family of three to four people;
  • Works almost silently;
  • It is very convenient to take things out;
  • Can be installed even in a rather cramped bathroom.


  • There is no sound signal for the end of the wash.

Ariston MVTF 601HC CIS

1. Bosch WOT 24255OE

Bosch WOT24255OE photo

The best model among compact top-loading washing machines is the products of a German company. Despite the small overall dimensions (only 40 cm wide, 90 cm high and 62 cm deep), about 5 kg of dry laundry is placed in it in one cycle. This allows you to save a lot of time and get thoroughly washed clothes. The tank is reliable, the linen does not spoil even at the highest speed that the machine develops during the spin cycle. The machine is equipped with a very thorough protection against leaks, so it can be installed even in a secluded place without fear that the case will start to leak water at the most inopportune moment. In general, the protection system includes several stages at once: the inlet hose is able to withstand a sevenfold increase in pressure in the water supply system compared to the working one. Special sensors monitor the water level in the tank and prevent it from being exceeded. The water circulation system in the workspace itself is reliable and carefully insulated. The door lock is equipped with an electric blocking lock, which is activated immediately when the program starts. Because of this, it will not work to report things to the machine during the washing process.

Additional rinsing and original function «easy ironing» are provided. It works a little differently compared to the previous model. When it is selected, the so-called interval spin is launched, in the intervals between rotations of the drum, the laundry will be slightly stretched, which protects it well from jamming. Spinning is carried out at a fairly high speed — 1200 per minute. After the wash cycle is completed, the drum does not have to be scrolled by hand, so it is very easy to get the laundry out of it. The washing process itself is fully controlled by electronics. A display is provided, there is also a delayed start timer, which allows you to postpone the start of washing for a maximum of 24 hours. All structural elements are carefully protected from leakage and overheating. The product looks stylish and elegant.


  • Low consumption of water and electricity;
  • Ease of use;
  • Long delay timer;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Excellent value for money and quality;
  • Electronic control system for all processes of the washing cycle.


  • It was not found during testing.

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Bosch WOT 24255OE

5. AEG L 85470 SL

AEG L 85470 SL photo

In this model, a huge number of the latest technologies have been implemented. The appearance is very attractive, and at first glance it may seem that this is the most ordinary design, but on the panel you can find only one single button — turning on the power supply. All programs and additional features are selected using special rotary programmers. The maximum capacity of the drum is 6.5 kg — a pretty good indicator for a front-loading machine. There are a wide variety of programs available here. Many housewives praise this device for the original implementation of the quick wash option: the machine can wash up to 3 kg of laundry in just 20 minutes. There are also various kinds of steam cycles and the function of removing even fairly stubborn stains. The user is able to select the required number of rinses, the water temperature during the washing process, and all automation will independently adjust to the parameters selected by the person. Thanks to the Advanced Washing Technology, the laundry is wetted with water very quickly and from all sides. The machine, regardless of the mode of operation, operates quietly thanks to the built-in inverter motor and the system of additional soundproofing of the body. The side panels are reinforced with special elements.

There is a special mode called «silent wash». It eliminates intermediate spin cycles, which greatly reduces the vibration level of the device. In this machine, water is supplied to the drum from above under a fairly strong pressure, and fresh water is injected during the entire wash cycle. This allows you to improve the quality of washing. There is a special program that is suitable for even the thinnest laundry that requires the most careful attitude. There is a time saving function, when using it, you can almost halve all cycles. The maximum spin speed is 1400 rpm, but this figure can be reduced to 400. In order to reduce vibration, the machine automatically adjusts the balance of the drum and distributes the laundry evenly over it. The product has an excellent leakage protection system. The control here is electronic, menu navigation is carried out due to a sufficiently large liquid crystal display, which informs the user about all events, including giving error codes.


  • Wide range of functionality;
  • You can almost halve the duration of almost all washing programs;
  • Very convenient to manage;;
  • The leak protection system includes several steps at once;
  • Works almost silently.


  • Quite a loud lock latching the door.

AEG L 85470 SL

4. Indesit IWUB 4105

Indesit IWUB 4105 photo

This is one of the narrowest washing machines among the models included in our review. Its dimensions are 60x33x85 cm, it is quite natural that its capacity is not very large — you can put no more than 4 kg of laundry into it, if you mean cotton fabric. If you want to wash silk things, then they should be no more than 2 kg. All available modes can be divided into three types — standard, sports and special. The standard includes six washing modes for cotton and synthetic items, and the intensity of work and water temperature will be different (if necessary, the user can change these parameters manually). Special programs include programs designed to work with fabrics like wool, jeans, silk, things with minor contamination, and this also includes an accelerated mode. An important distinctive quality that favorably distinguishes this product is the ability to wash sportswear and shoes. In this case, things are first soaked at a low water temperature, which completely eliminates possible deformation. There is no separate mode for working with children’s things.

The highest spin speed reaches 1000 rpm — enough for any type of fabric and a variety of contaminants. The residual humidity of the laundry is in the range from 54 to 62%, which means that things will have to be dried for another couple of hours. In addition to the available options, you can soak laundry in the machine for a period of not more than 2 hours using detergents. The product has an original feature called EcoTime, due to which you can save enough water and electricity even when choosing a long cycle of work. Electronic control is carried out by two rotary controls, there are a number of buttons to activate additional features of the device.


  • A very narrow body saves a decent amount of free space;
  • A wide range of both basic modes and additional features;
  • The programmable modes can be changed if necessary;
  • There is a carefully thought-out protection against children.


  • There is no washing mode for children’s things;
  • No display provided.

Indesit IWUB 4105

3. Ariston AQ105D 49D B

Ariston AQ105D 49D B photo

The product is characterized by high efficiency of operation — this machine consumes only 0.19 kW / h per 1 kg of laundry. During one washing cycle, it consumes about 60-65 liters of water, which allows you to completely remove even the most persistent, old or deeply ingrained stains. Due to the small overall dimensions, it will not be possible to put a lot of laundry in it — in total, a maximum of 3.5 kg of dry things is loaded there. There are many programs, and there are special cycles designed for washing bulky items: they include blankets, blankets, bedspreads, and so on. The drum handles fabrics with sufficient care, does not tear or rub them. In addition, a special program has been developed for working with shirts. It provides the most careful attitude to things, does not allow them to fade, and also protects against the occurrence of strong jams. For woolen and cashmere fabrics there is an original Woolmark Platinum Care function. When it is activated, the drum will rotate slowly, and the water flow is specially increased. This prevents the fibers from rolling, helps to maintain the softness of the clothes and its original shape. There is a program for daily washing, which is perfect for clothes that are not too heavily soiled. The duration of this cycle is only 30 minutes, but things are washed at a temperature of about 90 degrees.

The Super Silent function is activated on the latest three-phase electric motor that is not equipped with brushes, in addition, the housing has additional soundproofing inserts. All vibrating elements are located on a special suspension structure, which will absorb even a slight vibration. Due to this, it is possible to ensure an almost complete absence of noise, which is very important for using the machine in the evening or at night. The maximum drum rotation speed is 1000 rpm, however, when setting the cycle parameters, the spin cycle can be weakened or even turned off. There is an easy ironing mode. User control is carried out by a special liquid crystal display with support for the Russian language. It informs the user about all the operations performed, signals the completion of the washing cycle.


  • Decent washing quality;
  • Works almost silently;
  • A huge selection of programs, the shortest of which is 15 minutes — express washing;
  • You can change the water temperature, the speed of rotation of the drum during the spin cycle and some other parameters.


  • The housing must be grounded when connected;
  • The display will take some time to figure out.

Ariston AQ105D 49D B

2. Atlant 40M102

Atlant 40M102 photo

In second place in our ranking of the best narrow front-loading washing machines is a domestic-made model. The drum capacity is designed for 3.5 kg of laundry made from cotton or synthetic fabrics, which can be washed at temperatures from 30 to 90 degrees. Cotton mode is designed for most things — bed linen, tablecloths, shirts, t-shirts, denim and many other fabrics. The express wash program involves loading clothes that are not too dirty, in this case the water will heat up quite weakly — no higher than 30 degrees. A special filter is installed at the inlet of the machine, which prevents contaminants contained in tap water from entering the machine. This allows you to significantly extend the life of this device. Water heating is carried out using a special heating element with a highly alloyed coating. The drum is made from polypropylene materials, which handle any kind of fabric very carefully. The loading hatch has a special glass insert through which you can observe what is happening in the drum, it can open up to 180 degrees. Manufacturers give a long warranty on their products — it is 2 years.

The control of the machine is electronic, carried out with the help of several rotary controls. There is a digital liquid crystal display on the panel, there are also several buttons, due to which it will be possible to adjust the temperature, spin speed, use the prewash function, and activate an additional rinse. Like most modern models, there is a delayed start function here, and you can transfer it for a maximum of a day. Protection against leaks is complete here, it includes several reliable steps at once. All electronic elements are well protected from the occurrence of voltage surges — from 170 to 255 V. The machine has an automatic self-diagnosis system, as a result of which a message will be displayed to the user about existing errors. The spin here is class C, produced at the highest number of revolutions of 1000 per minute, the average water consumption is 39 liters — an indicator below average.


  • Despite the huge number of various functions, even an elderly person can easily understand them;
  • Russified menu;
  • Informative display;
  • Economical consumption of water, electricity and detergents;
  • Relatively quiet operation of the device;
  • Pleasant to the ear signal of the end of the work.


  • The spin class could have been made higher.

Atlant 40M102

1. Samsung WW65K42E08W

Samsung WW65K42E08W photo

We think that you are hardly surprised to see products from this manufacturer at the top of the rating. This company has been manufacturing and selling sufficiently functional and reliable washing machines for many years, and almost all models have a touch panel that can greatly facilitate the management of the design. The capacity of the machine is decent — 6.5 kg of laundry, which is quite natural with overall dimensions of 60x85x45 cm. An Ecobuble generator is installed here, thanks to which ordinary dry washing powder will turn into active foam. It penetrates well into the very depths of the fabric fibers and removes the dirt accumulated there, so things are washed much better than any other detergent. The so-called inverter motor is installed in the machine, which is characterized by almost silent operation, besides, it vibrates slightly, is highly reliable and has a long service life. The original option is steam washing. It can easily remove any dirt even without the use of detergents, in some cases it successfully replaces dry cleaning. This treatment kills all known bacteria and allergens.

If necessary, you can download the official smartphone application developed specifically for this model. With it, you can independently find out the cause of the malfunction, its location, as well as get advice on how to eliminate it. The Eco Drum Clean function allows you to monitor the cleanliness of the drum: the machine will notify the user that it needs cleaning, and it will wash it on its own without the involvement of additional chemicals. An additional door can be found at the top of the hatch. With its help, forgotten things are reported to the drum so that the machine can also wash them, or powder is poured through it in case of shortage. It is quite natural that this miracle of technology has a large number of programs, there is a built-in memory that allows you to save parameters and write them to special cells. In the future, you will not have to fine-tune again — it will be enough to load the data from memory.


  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • Long service life;
  • Reliable electric motor and powerful heater;
  • It is possible to download things after starting the program;
  • User settings are saved.


  • Except for a very high price was not found.

Samsung WW65K42E08W

In conclusion, a useful video

So what — the review of the best narrow washing machines has come to an end. It’s time to sum up: we tried to collect for you as much information as possible on each model so that you can decide which of the designs is more suitable for your idea of ​​u200bu200bthe ideal unit in 2022. If you have any unresolved questions, you can always ask us in the comments to this article. We will try to get all the data you are interested in as soon as possible and provide you with a response so that you get a comprehensive idea of ​​the products you are interested in.


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