During rain or sleet, shoes, sneakers and other footwear get wet. Improper drying leads to the fact that the skin becomes coarse, the shoes are deformed. Wearing shoes becomes problematic. How to act in such a situation? Buy an electric shoe dryer. This device allows you to quickly and properly dry your sneakers or shoes. Stuffing shoes with newspaper and drying on a radiator will become a thing of the past. This rating will include the best, according to buyers, shoe drying devices.

What it is?

A dryer is a device that consists of two heating elements and a cord for connecting to the mains. Heating elements can be located under special mold holders that are inserted into boots or sneakers. They are made in the form of spirals inserted into shoes. Heating occurs slowly and evenly. Boots can be dried in a few hours. Winter shoes take longer.

The device consumes little electricity. Drying occurs gradually, so the shoes do not deform and do not stick. To use such a device, you need to connect it to the network and insert the holders into your shoes. The compact device can be taken with you to work and travel.

Types of shoe dryers

At the dryer for shoes, the price depends on the brand, characteristics and its type. Before you buy it, you need to decide which type to choose. Among the popular varieties of such devices there are:

  1. Children’s shoe dryer. It has bright and colorful shapes, can be made in the form of insects, cartoon characters. The price of such a device does not differ much from conventional devices for drying children’s shoes or sneakers.
  2. Electric ultraviolet shoe dryer. Such a device has a heating element and a UV emitter. To avoid harmful effects on humans, it only works inside the product. What gives such a device compared to a conventional device? UV drying for shoes is not only a method of quickly and accurately getting rid of dampness. With the help of UV radiation, the cavity is treated from fungi. An electric shoe dryer can be made with coil-shaped heating elements that are inserted into the shoes. There are models in which the heating element is enclosed in a housing.
  3. Mat for drying shoes. Infrared or electric mats allow you to dry several pairs of shoes at the same time. They sometimes dry clothes on them.
  4. If you need to dry a lot of clothes, boots, sneakers, shoes, a basket for drying shoes is suitable. On it you can place several pairs, clothes and dry them on different shelves.

The device is convenient to take with you on the road, on a trip, fishing or hunting. With electricity, you can quickly get rid of moisture in boots or boots. Drivers, fishermen or tourists can buy appliances designed just for them.

Rating of the nine best shoe dryers in 2022

The rating includes devices for drying different types of shoes. The information was compiled based on reviews and ratings of customers who have already used the device. The listed models have received a high rating according to customer ratings and their reviews.

9Evo Beauty

evo beauty photo

The device is designed for drying children’s, adult shoes from any materials. It runs on LEDs. Small dimensions allow you to store the device anywhere in the apartment. Bright colors will appeal to adults and children. The device not only dries boots, sneakers or shoes, but also relieves them of an unpleasant smell. For athletes, fishermen and active people, this is a suitable shoe dryer, its price is low.

The power consumption of the device is 10 W. With it, dry children’s shoes. The device heats up to 40 degrees, the length of the cord for connecting to the network is 1.2 m. In the dark, the operation of the dryer is shown by light indicators.


  • The device is inexpensive;
  • It is equipped with a long cord;
  • You can dry shoes made of leather, suede, different materials, children’s shoes.


  • At the moment, no significant deficiencies have been found.

shoe dryer Evo Beauty

8 Timson 2404

Timson 2404 photo

The compact device can be taken with you on a trip. It is useful at their summer cottage, fishing and on the road. Light weight allows you to carry the device in a backpack or pocket. According to reviews, the device does not burn the hand, overheating is excluded. It is powered by 220V, designed to dry shoes at home.

The device requires 5W of power to operate. The required temperature is set after 20 minutes. The minimum drying time for shoes is 3 hours. During drying, the air warms up to a temperature of 70 degrees. The product weighs 300 g, the length of the power cord is 1.27 m. The device is powered by a 220 V mains supply.


  • The device has a small mass;
  • It has a low cost;
  • Efficient power consumption;
  • Consumes little energy;
  • Small dimensions allow you to carry the device with you in any transport;
  • The device has a convenient plastic case.


  • Some users complain that the device is small.

shoe dryer Timson 2404

7. Dryer electric Top Trend

Electric dryer Top Trend photo

It is still remembered by the inhabitants of the USSR, since the technology was developed in those days. An electric shoe dryer is in demand even now. This speaks of its convenient design, efficiency and simplicity. Nothing more, you just need to insert the devices into the right and left shoes, then connect to the mains. The device will start working. After the time has passed, the device is turned off and removed from the shoes.

With the help of the device, you can dry children’s shoes. It is produced in Russia under the TopTrend trademark. The device requires 18 watts of power to operate. It has a 1 year warranty.


  • The device has a simple design;
  • According to user reviews, it dries shoes quickly;
  • Has high efficiency;
  • The optimal combination of cost and quality;
  • Good power indicator;
  • High quality power cord.


  • Short cord length for connecting to the network.

Electric dryer Top Trend

6. Timberk T-SD40001

Timberk T-SD40001 photo

A device with a good indicator of power, which evenly distributes heat over all shoes. This is due to the holes on its body. The electric shoe dryer does not deform shoes due to uniform heating. Small dimensions allow you to take it with you on a trip. The model is universal, fits in any shoes, quickly drying it.

The device allows you to dry any kind of shoes. It requires 20W of power to operate. The device has a mass of 265 g, dimensions 270x71x29 mm. It operates on 220 V electrical network. The color of the device is white.


  • The device has an attractive design;
  • It is easy to operate;
  • Heat is distributed evenly, which eliminates the deformation of shoes;
  • Heating is fast;
  • The device is safe to use;
  • With it, you can dry different types of shoes.


  • According to user reviews, the device does not have an automatic shutdown option.

shoe dryer Timberk T-SD40001

5. Mica factory ESO 9W/230V blue

Mica factory ESO 9W/230V blue photo

The device is suitable for drying shoes of adults and children. With it, dry all types of shoes. It is intended for domestic use. The dryer differs in high reliability, attractive design.

The device requires 9 watts of power to operate. During its operation, the elements heat up to 50-60 degrees. The dryer allows you to dry children’s shoes. Drying is carried out with a duration of 4 to 5 hours. The length of the power cord is 1.5 m. The device belongs to the II class of energy safety.


  • Effectively dries boots, sneakers, shoes;
  • The device is of high quality;
  • Good drying speed;
  • Plastic does not smell during operation.


  • According to buyers, the wire between the two dryers is short.

shoe dryer Mica Factory ESO 9W/230V blue

4. START SD03 yellow/black

START SD03 yellow/black photo

The electric shoe dryer is designed for home use. The device consists of two plastic dryers for the right and left running shoes and ceramic heating elements. With the help of the device, you can dry children’s shoes. The device dries gently without damaging the shoes.

The device requires 16W of power to operate. With it, you can dry children’s shoes. During operation, the device heats up to 70 degrees. The dryer is made of metal and plastic. The total time for which the shoes are dried reaches 4 hours.


  • According to buyers, the presence of a red indicator is an advantage of the device;
  • Effectively dries shoes;
  • Good drying speed
  • The optimal ratio of cost and quality of the device.


  • If the shoes are completely damp, they will take a long time to dry;
  • Dryers are large in size, which does not allow them to be used for some types of shoes.

shoe dryer START SD03 yellow/black

3 Timson Smart 2440

Timson Smart 2440 photo

The ultraviolet shoe dryer is designed to dry and kill bacteria. After drying, the device will automatically turn off, which makes its operation efficient and safe.

The device requires 9 watts of power to operate. It is equipped with ultraviolet radiation. The length of the power cord is 130 cm. The product has a weight of 300 g, protection class IP30.


  • The device has high reliability;
  • It dries shoes, kills bacteria and germs with UV radiation;
  • The device has a high level of security, there is an automatic shutdown function.


  • Insufficient length of the power cord;
  • According to some users, the device has a persistent smell of plastic, which does not disappear over time.

shoe dryer Timson Smart 2440

2 Timson Sport 2424

Timson Sport 2424 photo

When drying shoes, they are disinfected and deodorized. The device helps not only in drying shoes, but also disinfects them. With the help of such a device, you can remove the unpleasant odor from the shoes.

The device requires 9 watts of power to operate. It works from the mains with a voltage of 220V. The length of the power cord is 130 cm. It also has 0 moisture ingress protection.


  • The device consumes a small amount of electricity;
  • With the help of ultraviolet drying, shoes are disinfected;
  • The device has an attractive appearance.


  • According to user reviews, the device has low reliability;
  • Bad combination of value and quality.

shoe dryer Timson Sport 2424

1 Timson 2416

Timson 2416 photo

The ultraviolet shoe dryer is designed to dry shoes and eliminate unpleasant odors. It is used at home by athletes, active people. The device provides the sparing mode of drying of boots.

The power consumption indicator of the device is 9 watts. It is equipped with ultraviolet radiation. With it, you can dry women’s, children’s, men’s shoes. The device has a mass of 250 g, made of plastic.


  • With the help of the device, you can dry children’s shoes;
  • It has small dimensions, allowing you to carry it with you in transport, take it on a trip;
  • Has an attractive appearance.


  • The device has low reliability;
  • Some users note in the reviews the incorrect operation of ultraviolet radiation, and doubt its presence.

shoe dryer Timson 2416

How to choose?

When choosing, you can use the rating of the best devices presented below. It is based on customer reviews and ratings. You need to focus on your own needs. To get rid of the moisture of the shoes of the whole family, an electric standard device is suitable. Athletes will benefit from an ultraviolet antifungal shoe dryer. When choosing, pay attention to several criteria:

  1. Energy consumption. The process of getting rid of moisture from wet sneakers or shoes takes many hours. If the device has a large energy consumption, this will lead to additional financial costs.
  2. No defects. The housing must be free of scratches, cracks, dents or deformations. It is necessary to carefully inspect the case and the appearance of the device for the presence of such defects.
  3. Wire length. Sometimes a good dryer is inconvenient to use due to a short cord. You have to constantly connect the extension cord. It is better to immediately choose a model with a long cord.
  4. Device type. If you need antifungal drying for shoes, choose ultraviolet devices. They are used by people who play sports, experience prolonged physical exertion and sweat a lot. For a large family, a rug or basket is suitable. A couple or a family of 3-4 people can comfortably use a conventional electric model.
  5. The size. Compact devices are chosen for travel or use in the country. At home, you can give preference to stationary appliances.

Many people choose their equipment based on reviews. Be sure to check them out before buying. When choosing, pay attention to the cost of the device, which depends on the brand and all of the above criteria. The power of the device is also important. A more powerful appliance will dry your shoes faster, but it will use more energy. Pay attention to the configuration of the device. The shoe dryer comes with instructions and accessories. The complete set depends on the specific model, its purpose.

The heating time of home dryers is about the same, it is 10-20 minutes. It is important to choose appliances with good quality plastic, as they are subject to heat. You can check this quality by light pressure. Material that bends will quickly become unusable after heating. Knowing this, the user is unlikely to want to buy such a device.

Dryers will be useful for people who often get colds. They need to keep their feet warm and their shoes dry. After working or going to the store in wet weather, you can leave your boots to dry overnight. In the morning they will be dry. And if you buy a model with an automatic shutdown function, then excess electricity will not be wasted.

Some appliances are equipped with a timer. The drying time is specified in the documents for the device. You can set a timer for this time and the device will turn itself off. Devices are used not only for drying shoes. With their help, you can dry gloves, socks, sports equipment. Families with children and active people in autumn and spring cannot do without such a device.


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