Literally in every kitchen, one of the main items that are used most often is a frying pan. Every hostess uses it with enviable regularity. Often in the kitchen you can find two or even more pans, but most women prefer to choose for themselves a universal model that is suitable for cooking any type of fried food.

basic information of Starwind pans

Today on sale you can find a large assortment of similar products, in which it is very easy to get lost. One of the most popular brands today is the Russian company Starwind, which produces models characterized by decent quality and quite affordable cost. We received several models from the Chef collection for testing. Let’s try to figure out if they are as good as the manufacturer praises them.

Frying pans Starwind

Design decoration

Frying pan crepe maker

We received all the pans without any packaging, only at the bottom in the central part there is a shuber — a small cardboard circle on which the main information regarding the product is printed. The printing is stylish, and there are a number of informative and intelligent pictograms denoting key features. This cardboard peels off instantly, the non-stick coating is not damaged, and there are no traces of glue on the pan after it either.

pancake pan

On the reverse side of the shuber, the main operational characteristics are indicated in a more detailed form, instructions for use and other very important information are provided. The data is presented in simple Russian, before the first use, you must carefully study everything.

Frying pan 24 cm Starwind

Possibilities of frying pans

There are no inscriptions or engravings on the pans themselves. All of them have a perfectly round shape, painted black, there are dotted white blotches. They are made of cast aluminum alloy, so the models, although quite large, do not weigh too much. The wall thickness is 2.5 mm, thanks to this moment, the same high temperature will be maintained inside the pan for a long time. The food will be evenly fried or baked on all sides.

  Starwind 26 cm

The non-stick coating is made from the unique Quantum 2 material and has two layers. Its thickness reaches 1 mm. It withstands physical impact well, perfectly resists all sorts of scratches and possible other defects. However, the manufacturer recommends using wooden, silicone or plastic spatulas for work. In principle, it is possible to use iron shovels, but anyway, the coating will sooner or later become unusable because of them.

  Starwind 24 cm frying pan

The pans themselves are quite deep, with the exception of the pancake pan, in shape they seem to expand towards the top, which allows them to be used as a stewpan, for example, for stewing vegetables, meat, and so on. The bottom of the product is quite thick — 3.5 mm, if you do not take into account the coating. This allows it to retain heat well for a long time. The manufacturer warns that such frying pans are absolutely suitable for all types of stoves — gas, ceramic, electric, etc., however, it is not recommended to put them on induction cookers.

Outer side of Starwind pans

On the outer side of the bottom there is also a sticker with data on the model of the pans, it is also easy to remove if necessary. After it, there are no traces of paper, no traces of glue. The handles of the products are fixed, have a stylish black color. They are made of good heat-resistant Bakelite, which does not heat up at all during use. Manufacturers have taken great care of the ergonomics of the handles — they can be easily taken even with wet hands, without fear that the pan will slip out of your fingers along with hot food.

Starwind pan handle

There are holes on the handles with which the pans can be hung on the wall for easy storage. However, it must be remembered that these pans should not be placed in the oven, in addition, when cooking, the handle should not be placed over the heating element.

Starwind Chef Pans

A lid is not included with any of the pans, although they can be purchased separately. We did not do this and used the glass lids that we had left from old frying pans — they fit well for these models.

How to take care of the products?

  Starwind wok pan 28 cm

The manufacturer recommends washing the products under warm water with liquid detergent and a soft sponge before the first use. It is worth noting that the cooking models do not get too dirty, because no food will stick to them, including minced meat when frying cutlets.

  Starwind 28 cm with lid

During the entire testing process, at no time did product residues need to be subjected to harsh treatment to remove them. All of them are easily cleaned with ordinary dishwashing gel and a soft sponge. By the way, the manufacturer allows you to wash the pans of this series in the dishwasher, but you will only need to use a gentle mode.


  Starwind 28 cm

In these pans it is very convenient to cook, in principle, absolutely any dishes. They differ from each other only in diameter. The only exception is a pancake pan, the shape and height of the walls of which are designed specifically for making pancakes, pancakes and pancakes. The non-stick coating just showed itself perfectly during operation — due to the fact that the food does not burn, you can add a minimum amount of oil. The result is healthier, lower calorie meals without any loss of oil flavor.

Frying pans Starwind

The dimensions of the pans allow you to cook food for a large number of people in one go. Fried potatoes, for example, come out just perfect. The height of the walls is optimal. Products are convenient to turn over or mix, they will not fall out on the stove and stick to it.


Frying pan 28 cm WOK

We liked the frying pans, first of all, thanks to the attractive design. They will look great in any kitchen, no matter what style it is designed in. You can cook anything on them, without fear that the food will start to burn. The cost is also quite acceptable, so every housewife will be able to afford such products. The only drawback was that you can not use such pans on an induction stove. We definitely recommend these models for purchase.


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