Store-bought ice cream is quite tasty, but home-made ice cream will be even tastier. Making it yourself is not too difficult, as it might seem at first glance, but you won’t be able to do without special equipment. With the help of such a device as an ice cream maker, you can prepare not only a tasty, but also a very useful product, since it will not contain various kinds of dyes and flavors. Homemade ice cream compares favorably with those sold in stores.

However, choosing the right ice cream maker is not as easy as it might seem. First of all, there are quite a lot of such equipment in household appliance stores, so it is quite easy to get confused in the available assortment. To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to dedicate our today’s review to the best ice cream makers. Before we begin to consider the performance characteristics of each model, let’s take a closer look at what you need to pay attention to when buying this equipment.

What factors are important when choosing an ice cream maker in 2022?

An ice cream maker, which is also called a freezer, is a fairly compact device that includes a bowl for products and a whorl that mixes them. The overall dimensions of the device are small, so it can easily fit even in a small kitchen. Recently, more and more people take such a product with them to the country. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get homemade ice cream.

There are several types of designs: ice cream makers are mechanical, electric compressor and semi-automatic. The principle of operation is that the whorl continuously and evenly mixes the products placed in the bowl, achieving the most homogeneous mass, in which there will be no ice and lumps. These products can also be used to prepare other dishes — yoghurts, smoothies, popsicles.

Choosing an ice cream maker

The bowls in which the products are mixed are made of stainless food steel or plastic. The first material is the most preferred, as it is absolutely hygienic and completely safe in terms of operation. The fact is that microcracks can form on the plastic bowl, where bacteria multiply. Nothing like this should be allowed, since this container is in direct contact with food, but plastic is much cheaper than steel.

A mechanical ice cream maker requires the direct participation of the user. First of all, you need to put the bowl to cool in the freezer — this will take at least 12 hours. After that, the products are put into it and mixed for 45-50 minutes, and once every two or three minutes it will be necessary to scroll the handle, performing the function of a mixer. This design is already outdated, and besides, it is not very convenient. The cooler here is ice mixed with coarse salt.

The bowl for the semi-automatic ice cream maker will always be in the freezer. It will fit only one serving of ice cream, which will be prepared for about a day. However, here the participation of the user is minimal: you only have to press a button, after which the portion will be prepared for about 30 minutes. The compressor model is the most modern, besides, the bowl will not need pre-cooling — the device itself will bring it to the required temperature.

When choosing a device, be sure to pay attention to the volume of the bowl — the larger the family, the larger this indicator should be. Today on sale you can find products with a volume of up to 15 liters. In terms of power, this equipment is not too expensive — semi-automatic products consume no more than 35 W of energy, and automatic ones up to 200 W, mechanical ones do not need electricity at all. Not too long ago, products appeared on sale that, due to their compact size, can also be powered by batteries.

When compiling our ranking of the best ice cream parlors of the year, we took into account all these points, and were also guided by user reviews, as well as value for money. We tried to collect as much information as possible on each of the models so that you can appreciate the pros and cons and decide whether it suits you or better to look for something else. Now let’s analyze the performance of each ice cream maker.

Budget segment

4. Scarlett SC-IM22255

Scarlett SC-IM22255 photo

A very budget product, which outwardly is somewhat similar to a thermos. Inside the device is hollow, liquid is poured in it — it will have to be frozen in the freezer. In the process of cooking, it will give the product cold. The case is made of high-quality matte plastic, which will not show any fingerprints, dirt, and so on. The bowl is small, made of high-quality plastic, which perfectly withstands significant temperature changes, does not begin to crack even after prolonged use. its volume is 0.7 liters — it is clearly not enough for a large family, but it is quite enough for two or three people.

The power of the device is small. It is only 10 W, the mass of the product is 2 kg, the compact overall dimensions are 18x18x21 cm. The ice cream turns out to be quite soft, no ice was noticed in it. The cooking process itself takes a little time — from 10 minutes. If you want to get a more solid ice cream, you can put the bowl with the finished product in the freezer for a while. It is recommended to store the container in the freezer so that you can prepare a treat at any convenient time.


  • High quality workmanship: plastic is of high quality both at the bowl and at the body;
  • Long service life;
  • Ice cream is prepared within minutes;
  • There are no ice cubes in the finished dish.


  • Small volume of the bowl;
  • One bowl freeze is enough to prepare just one serving.

Scarlett SC-IM22255

3. Steba IC 20

Steba IC 20 photo

This is the first model in our review that is equipped with a double-walled metal bowl, with a saline solution between the walls, which will keep the cold. It must be kept in the freezer for about 12 hours before laying the products. The body of the ice cream maker is made of glossy plastic, which will leave various kinds of dirt, fingerprints. It is slightly rounded at the top, which is also not very comfortable. When draining the condensate, it does not come out of the niche completely; you have to wipe it dry with a towel. An adapter is provided, which is also made of plastic. It is a handle, they will be put on the inner iron case. This helps protect your hands from frostbite.

On the top cover of the product is a motor with a timer. If necessary, the block can be pulled out of the cover, if you need to wash it yourself. The ice cream maker comes with a spatula made of silicone. It is very convenient for them to stir the prepared dish in order to give it greater uniformity. The whole structure is assembled and disassembled intuitively, with this, none of the users has any difficulties. It is worth noting an important feature — the products must be poured into the bowl when it is already installed in the ice cream maker. Otherwise, they will begin to seize with cold near the walls, and the motor may not have enough power to mix them thoroughly.


  • Quality assembly;
  • metal bowl;
  • Low power consumption.


  • For filling the mass, the hole is not very convenient;
  • Freezing the ice cream bowl is not recommended, as this may damage it.

Steba IC 20

2. ProfiCook PC-ICM 1140

ProfiCook PC-ICM 1140 photo

This household appliance can be used to make not only ice cream, but also yogurt or sorbet. The model is placed in a case made of stainless steel, which gives it not only additional attractiveness, but also a certain practicality. Fingerprints will not be visible on its surface, moreover, it will not frost over when a frozen bowl is placed in it. The device is equipped with a liquid crystal display, which will display all the necessary information. The technique has a digital timer with automatic shutdown, which works in the range from 5 to 45 minutes. The ice cream itself will cook within 20-45 minutes. The control panel is touch sensitive.

The lid has a hole through which food can be added. The total volume of finished ice cream can be 1800 ml. The thicket is made of high quality metal, has double walls, and is removable. Its dimensions are 14.5 cm high with a diameter of 19.2 cm. The engine runs almost silently. The device is equipped with rubberized feet, which protects it from slipping on the surface. The model is semi-automatic, consumes 12 W of energy. The power cable cord is short — only 0.8 meters. The device is equipped with reliable protection against overheating.


  • Very attractive appearance;
  • Metal case;
  • Sufficiently voluminous bowl;
  • Automatically turns off after the completion of the cooking process;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Works quite quietly;
  • Has a digital timer.


  • The most expensive in the budget segment.

ProfiCook PC-ICM 1140

1. Clatronic ICM 3581

Clatronic ICM 3581 photo

The best ice cream maker in its price range. The case is made of high-quality plastic, which has no foreign smell even during the first applications. The device is equipped with a bowl of medium capacity — 1.2 liters. For a semi-automatic model, the power is quite good — 12 watts. The product has compact overall dimensions of 21x21x23 cm and weighs less than 2.5 kg. In use, this technique is quite simple, in terms of assembly, there are no complaints from users. According to manufacturers, only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing process, which fully comply with international safety standards.

The bowl should be placed in the freezer about 10 hours before the start of ice cream preparation. The upper part includes a lid with a built-in motor, on which a plastic stirrer is mounted. If necessary, it can be easily disconnected from the motor and washed. The lid has a very convenient opening for loading additional products, such as chocolate, fruits or berries.


  • Very convenient to use;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • The result is a fairly tasty ice cream without much effort.


  • Not detected.

Clatronic ICM 3581

Ice cream makers with the best value for money

3. Rommelsbacher IM 12

Rommelsbacher IM 12 photos

The product is a versatile product that is suitable for making not only ice cream, but also other chilled products — fruit ice, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and so on. The design is equipped with a liquid crystal informative display with backlight. There is also a timer up to a maximum of 40 minutes. The plastic lid has a fairly convenient opening where additional ingredients are added. The bowl is removable, made of stainless steel, its volume is 1.5 liters. The stirring whisk is removable, made of food-grade plastic, and is very easy to clean. The ice cream maker has a reliable overheating protection that is activated when the engine temperature reaches certain limits. The motor power is 12W. The device itself is semi-automatic.

The bowl must be kept in the freezer for about 16-18 hours before preparing the product. The body of the equipment is made of stainless steel, resistant to damage, so this design will retain its original appearance for a long time. The control here is completely electronic, the overall dimensions are 201x201x235 mm — it does not take up too much free space in the kitchen. Products are manufactured in China under the guidance of German engineers.


  • Pretty roomy bowl;
  • Stylish metal case, without backlash and extraneous squeaks;
  • Long service life;
  • Fully electronic control;
  • Does not need special care;
  • Comes with a product for forming balls of ice cream;
  • There are all necessary protection systems.


  • When making ice cream that is too thick, the motor may overheat several times in a row.

Rommelsbacher IM 12

2. Nemox Dolce Vita

Nemox Dolce Vita photo

Another non-compressor household-type ice cream maker. It has a double bowl, the outer side of which is made of high-quality plastic, resistant to temperature changes, inside it is made of stainless steel, carefully polished to a mirror finish. The product has an attractive appearance, it is easy to clean, hygienic in terms of use. The bowl is not subject to scratches. The plastic transparent lid has a wide and rather convenient opening for adding the rest of the ingredients. As in other cases, the bowl is pre-placed in the freezer and kept for at least 8 hours at a temperature of -18 degrees and below.

It is worth noting that only a washed and thoroughly dried bowl should be placed in the freezer. If water remains on it, it will later turn into ice, which will prevent the lid from closing. As a result, this will lead to the fact that the engine start blocking cannot be removed. First, the ice cream maker is completely assembled, the motor is turned on, and everything you need is poured through the holes. The device has a very elegant design, and even the bowl itself. It can be placed on the table in the form of a container for cooling drinks or for ice. It is able to maintain a temperature of -10 degrees for 2 hours or even more.


  • Works absolutely silently;
  • Motor power is 15W;
  • The volume of the bowl is 1.5 liters;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • All surfaces are resistant to damage.


  • Not too long power cord.

Nemox Dolce Vita

1. BRAND 3811

BRAND 3811 photo

We present to your judgment the first compressor model in our review of the best ice cream makers of the year, which is able to prepare tender and soft ice cream with little or no human intervention. The user only needs to download all the products and click on the start button of the device. The maximum mass of ready-made ice cream is 1 kg — this amount is quite enough for a family of four to five people. The device has a very high power — it consumes as much as 220 watts. On the front panel of the equipment there is a liquid crystal display, which will display all the information necessary for the user, including error messages.

The freezer compartment here has double walls, the body is carefully insulated, so it will not be possible to freeze your fingers or palms when working with this equipment. The design is equipped with rubberized legs, the case is made of high-quality plastic, it looks very stylish. It is able to fit into the interior of any kitchen. In terms of overall dimensions, an ice cream maker is similar to a multicooker. The unit is quite heavy — its mass is as much as 11 kg.


  • There is no need to pre-freeze the bowl;
  • Long service life;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly;
  • Fully automatic mode for preparing ice cream and other dishes.


BRAND 3811

Premium Devices

3. Gemlux GL-ICM503

Gemlux GL-ICM503 photo

This is a fairly large freezer, which is characterized by fully automatic preparation of ice cream and other products. At the same time, it has a very high work efficiency — instead of the 60 minutes declared by the manufacturer, the ice cream is ready in just 40-45 minutes. The power of the product is quite high — 150 W, the engine is equipped with overheating protection, it freezes very well. The same can be said about the quality of product mixing. Despite the high level of product power, the unit operates quite quietly — about the same as a kitchen hood. There is a lot of ready-made ice cream.

The case is made of stainless steel, which will retain its original appearance for a long time, it does not leave fingerprints and does not accumulate various kinds of pollution. The power cord is long enough, so you can place the product at a decent distance from the outlet. The front panel has a touch-sensitive liquid crystal display, which is used not only to display the necessary information, but also to control the device. The bowl is made from food grade aluminium. In general, the design is of excellent build quality, easily withstands decent physical exertion, while the appearance does not deteriorate at all.


  • Very handy and light ice cream bowl;
  • You can cook a large amount at one time;
  • The minimum amount of time is spent on cooking one portion;
  • There is a touch screen;
  • High power product;
  • There is a timer;
  • Works almost silently.


  • Decent overall dimensions;
  • Quite expensive.

Gemlux GL-ICM503

2. Gemlux GL-ICM507

Gemlux GL-ICM507 photo

A very interesting design, in which everything is at a very high level, from design to functionality. There are three operating modes: ice cream preparation (products are mixed and frozen, this process takes about 60 minutes — during this time the ice cream is completely cooked and freezes well), only cooling and one mixing. This freezer can be used not only at home, but also in small cafes and restaurants with a small number of visitors. The device can be used to prepare soft and hard ice cream, sherbet, chilled and frozen yogurt and other similar desserts.

The control here is entirely electronic, carried out using a touch-sensitive liquid crystal display. A removable aluminum tank with a non-stick coating is supplied with the device. The stirrer is removable — it is very easy to wash it if necessary. In one working cycle, it is possible to prepare about 2 kg of ice cream — this amount will be quite enough for a large company. The temperature of the finished ice cream is about -10 degrees. If necessary, it can be kept in the freezer for a while. The freezer consumes little electricity, practically does not make noise. The case is made of high-quality stainless steel, which gives the product an additional style.


  • Works silently;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Electronic control;
  • You can cook a decent amount of ice cream at a time — enough for a large family or company;
  • High power equipment — 200 watts.


  • The device has a decent mass: it will be problematic to move it from one place to another;
  • It is expensive compared to devices without compressors.

Gemlux GL-ICM507

1. Nemox Talent Gelato&Sorbet

Nemox Talent Gelato&Sorbet photo

In terms of the functional part, this unit is really the best ice cream maker. Approximately the same can be said about the design and build quality of the device — all this fully justifies the very high cost of this Italian-made equipment. Everything is prepared quite quickly — in just half an hour of the model’s work, you can get from eight to ten servings, regardless of the type of product: ice cream or gelato, as well as yogurt. A removable bucket is supplied with the device, where you can prepare chilled desserts and store them in the refrigerator. In addition, the model is equipped with a capacious bowl, the volume of which is one and a half liters. It is made from food grade stainless steel.

The taste of the finished product is simply excellent. According to the manufacturer, this can be achieved thanks to an innovative and patented blade rotation system. It has a double rotational effect. Although the power of the freezer is far from the highest — 150 W, however, it is quite enough for the high-quality operation of the product. The design is original and bright, the device will best fit into the interior of the kitchen, made in the most modern spirit. It is quite easy to clean the device from food residues. The texture of the finished ice cream is creamy. The product is well suited for both home and professional use.


  • Amazing workmanship;
  • Extended functionality;
  • Convenient to use;
  • Good power level.


  • Expensive product.

Nemox Talent Gelato&Sorbet

In conclusion, a useful video

The review of the best ice cream makers has come to its logical conclusion. We have selected for you a lot of different devices in 2022, each of which has both its pluses and minuses. We tried to collect a lot of information, however, if you still have questions or unclear points on a particular model, then ask us in the comments to this article. We will try to respond to your messages as quickly as possible.


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