In modern companies, the problem often arises of destroying various documentation so that it does not fall into the eyes of competitors. To do this, you can use the services of special enterprises, hand over unnecessary papers to waste paper, but all these methods are not absolutely reliable. It is much easier to purchase a device such as a shredder.

He shreds documents to such a state that it is not possible to restore what is written in them. Office equipment stores offer a large number of similar products. To make it easier for company owners to deal with the choice of this equipment, we decided to rank the best office shredders. However, before we start looking at specific models, let’s look at the key parameters of shredders. With this we will begin today’s review.

How to choose a good shredder in 2022?

The main function of the shredder is to shred paper into small pieces, but there are products that can shred bank cards, cardboard, computer disks and other similar products. All models presented on the Russian market can be divided into several groups. Personal shredders are designed for occasional use by one or two people, in other words, they are great for a small office. On average, they can handle about a hundred sheets of paper per day. Designs designed for a small office can process up to 300 sheets of paper per day, they are designed for three to four people.

Shredder mechanism

About twenty people can use a shredder for an average office. This design is capable of passing over a thousand sheets through itself. The large-scale design handles thousands of sheets with ease and doesn’t overheat with frequent use.

When purchasing a shredder, pay attention to how exactly it will cut the paper — longitudinal or longitudinal-cross cutting. The first type of design is the simplest, it differs in the elementary design of knives and a decent width of the strips, these models work relatively quickly. The second type is somewhat slower, but the result is very small pieces of paper. It is worth noting that there are products on sale today that not only cut, but also twist sheets of paper, thanks to which it is possible to ensure the highest level of secrecy of destroyed documents.

Degrees of shredding paper in shredders

Depending on the degree of secrecy, there are six types of shredders. The first cuts paper into strips, the width of which is about 10-12 mm. The initial or second level of secrecy allows cutting sheets into strips no more than 6 mm wide. At the third level, the width of the strips does not exceed 2 mm, here transverse cutting is already beginning to be used — the length of each segment will be about 60 mm. At the fourth, fifth and sixth degrees, the pieces are even smaller: at the highest level, the dimensions of the elements are about 0.8×1 mm.

On sale today you can find the so-called portable shredders. They have small dimensions and weight, so if necessary, they can be rearranged from one place to another. Such products make quite a lot of noise, so the volume during operation will also become one of the determining parameters.

When choosing models to include in our rating, we paid attention to all the factors discussed in this section of the article, and also took into account the price-quality ratio of products and user reviews. We have tried to include only the most affordable designs so that most of our readers will find these products affordable.

Best Office Paper Shredders in 2022



One of the most budgetary models, which allows you to provide the third class of secrecy of destroyed documents. Despite the quite reasonable cost, this device has quite decent performance characteristics. The capacity of the basket is 26 liters. You can feed a pack of 16 sheets of paper at once to the blades. The design provides a special connector through which you can destroy discs, bank cards and similar products. Before loading, it is absolutely not necessary to remove staples from paper or remove staples from the stapler. The knives move in such a way that the output is pieces, the size of which is approximately 4×35 mm. The motor is powerful enough, but it does not have a forced cooling system. In this regard, in order to prevent overheating of the equipment, it is necessary to give it a 15-minute rest every 15-20 minutes of continuous operation.

The case is made of high-quality plastic, has a black color, so it will easily fit into the interior of any office. You don’t have to wait for something original from the functional part, but this is not required — there is an automatic start, an indicator that reports an overheated engine and a reverse mode. The standard warranty period for office equipment is one year from the date of purchase. The only thing that users complain about is that the work is too noisy, this figure is in the region of 68 dB.


  • Extremely compact design for its type;
  • If necessary, destroys disks, business cards, plastic cards of various kinds;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Cuts documents quite small.


  • It makes a lot of noise;
  • There is no cooling system, due to which there is a need for interruptions in work.


9. HSM 80.2 (5.8 mm)

HSM 80.2 (5.8 mm) photo

This product was developed by German engineers and is characterized by a quite acceptable noise level. If necessary, it is able to cope even with paper clips, staples and so on. Knives are made of special hardened steel. They do not dull over time and with intensive use. Products fully comply with all applicable Russian standards and other regulatory documents. Designed to shred small amounts of paper. The product has an automatic start function — the shredder automatically turns on immediately after the documents are placed in a special tray. It also turns off without user intervention — the engine stops immediately after the paper is ground.

The product has a special security system that prevents inadvertent entry of hair, cuffs, ties and other items into the shredder. It has a three-position switch on the body that starts, stops the power, or activates the reverse. The volume of the basket is 17 liters with an engine power of 120 watts. There are no slots for disks, business cards or plastic cards. The level of product secrecy is not too high — only the second.


  • The design does not weigh too much — only about 4 kg;
  • There is a reliable protection of the electric motor from overheating;
  • There is also a front glass so that you can visually observe how full the basket is;
  • Relatively quiet operation;
  • Long term warranty service — as much as 3 years.


  • Minor level of secrecy;
  • Small capacity basket for regrind paper.

HSM 80.2 (5.8 mm)

8. Profi Office Alligator 707CC+

Profi Office Alligator 707CC+ photo

The device is able to reliably shred documents in accordance with the increased degree of secrecy (4th level). The dimensions of the elements are 2×5 mm, so it is almost impossible to restore the original document. The equipment itself is characterized by small overall dimensions, but the waste basket has a decent capacity — its volume is 26 liters. Despite the low power level of the product, it is able to cope with paper clips, staples from a stapler, plastic cards and discs. Compared to other models, this shredder can be said to be relatively quiet. The noise level emitted by it does not exceed 58 dB. Up to 7 sheets of paper can be loaded at the same time.

According to users, this is one of the best tools for destroying documents that are trade secrets. The device itself looks quite stylish. In particular, during operation, it turns on a light blue LED backlight that imitates a neon glow. Engine start and stop are automatic. In addition, the engine automatically stops when the basket is full. Bearings are located on the shafts of the cutting element. In standby mode, it consumes no power at all.


  • Quiet enough;
  • Provides a high level of secrecy;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Great for working with small amounts of documentation.


  • Only 7 sheets can be stacked at a time.

Profi Office Alligator 707CC+

7. BULROS 5840C

BULROS 5840C photo

Among the devices that provide the third degree of secrecy, this equipment is considered the most powerful. First of all, users like the fact that up to 40 sheets of paper can be loaded into its work tray at a time. As with other models, there is no need to release paper clips or staples. plastic cards and discs also grinds pretty well. The capacity of the basket is 130 liters, which is why the equipment turned out to be quite overall, but at the same time it will not need to be emptied very often. All standard functions are also implemented here — automatic start, automatic shutdown, reverse. The engine power is 1200 W, which is one of the highest rates in our entire rating. Control of the device is electronic, touch type.

The operating panel provides a special indication that displays the most important processes — a jam or paper jam, an open door, too high a degree of heating of the electric motor, an overfilled basket, and so on. The owners of the device also talk about the stylish appearance of products, high quality workmanship and assembly design. All parts are fitted to each other as tightly as possible, the gaps between them are minimal, therefore, there are no backlashes and extraneous squeaks. This shredder will be an excellent option for large offices, where you regularly have to cope with the destruction of a significant amount of documents.


  • High level of engine power;
  • Decent waste basket volume;
  • Convenient and intuitive control of the device;
  • All necessary indicators are on the panel.


  • Quite expensive for the third level of privacy.



JINPEX JP-870C photo

This is another fairly powerful model that can handle the sheer amount of documentation that needs to be shredded. The shredder is able to provide the fourth degree of secrecy: the paper is cut into small elements, the dimensions of which do not exceed 2×10 mm. The knives move in a cross way, so it is not possible to restore what was previously written there. A special slot is provided, designed to place credit or bank cards, computer disks there. It is covered with a special curtain. Up to 15 sheets of paper can be placed in the shredder at a time. I would like to note that the products are quite heavy and massive. The device itself weighs about 25 kg, but moving it from one place to another is quite convenient thanks to special wheels.

Shredder has a very attractive appearance, will fit well into the interior of any modern office. The functionality is very wide. If suddenly the course of the knives is jammed with something, the engine will immediately stop. The equipment has reliable overload protection, LED type indicator lights, automatic start and stop. The basket has a capacity of 34 liters, so you won’t have to throw waste out of it too often. Access to the basket opens with a special door. The body of the model is plastic, has a matte finish, painted black.


  • Great for destroying even the most sensitive information;
  • Differs in the high power of the engine and long service life;
  • Decent waste basket volume;
  • Carefully thought-out security system that protects the user from injury, and the device from damage;
  • Stylish and modern look.


  • As the blades become blunt, they begin to jam much more often.




Compact and not too expensive products, designed specifically for medium-sized jobs. It does not make too much noise during paper shredding, so it should not interfere with business communication in the office. There is a mechanism for shredding discs and cards, which consists of two pairs of blades made of high-alloy steel. For one loading it is possible to lay about 10 sheets in the device. The third level of secrecy — the dimensions of the crushed elements are approximately 4×45 mm. The volume of the basket is not too large: only 17 liters, so you will have to clean it of accumulated debris quite often. The device automatically turns off exactly two minutes after being idle. The blades cut paper reliably without worrying about staples or paper clips.

The model is characterized by a long service life and absolute safety for the operator. The overall dimensions of the equipment are 348x386x232 mm — not very large parameters, so if necessary, the shredder can be installed even in a compact office. When the instrument is turned on, vertical feed is used. Accordingly, the mechanism for capturing the sheets is useless here, since they are fed to the knives under their own weight.


  • Inexpensive, but quite functional products that provide the third degree of secrecy;
  • Reliable and durable engine does not overheat for a long time;
  • Very stylish and attractive appearance, which will be maintained throughout the entire service life.


  • Insignificant amount of wastebasket;
  • You can load a relatively small amount of paper.



KOBRA +1CC4 photo

This shredder is part of the latest line of paper shredders, which differ from each other in different types of cutting. All of them were created specifically for use in small offices. The design of the device is interesting and attractive. The company’s engineers have used all the latest developments in this area. The tool basket does not need the use of garbage bags — through a special window it will be very easy to see how full the basket is. The latest Energy Smart system is also involved here, which allows significant savings on electricity. Thanks to it, the shredder does not consume electricity at all in standby mode. There is also a special forced cooling system that does not allow the engine to overheat. Due to this feature, the device can work around the clock.

The reverse here is automatic, so at the slightest hint of a possible paper jam, the engine will stop, return the material back a little and start cutting it again from the place where it stopped. The level of secrecy here is the third — the dimensions of the elements that fall into the trash are about 3.5×4 mm. About 15 sheets can be loaded into the input tray. Immediately after this, the device turns on, develops the laid paper, and then turns off after two minutes without user intervention. The noise figure here is average — 55 dB.


  • Minimal power consumption both during operation and while waiting;
  • No need to use garbage bags;
  • There is a special viewing window on the body;
  • Pretty finely shreds the documentation.


  • Not suitable for large volume work.




In third place in the review of the best office shredders is a relatively compact model, which in its overall dimensions is no different from a small bedside table — 31x40x63 cm. The model weighs a little, but the manufacturer equipped it with wheels for more convenient movement around the room. There is a retractable basket for shredded paper, the volume of which is 32 liters. The machine works automatically — it starts when paper is loaded and stops when it is finished. At the same time, 14 sheets can be placed in it, paper clips and staples can not be removed. The panel has a button to manually start the reverse. There is a slot for working with plastic and CDs. The drawer has a viewing window through which you can see how full it is. In addition, there is an LED indication that indicates that the basket should be emptied.

When the tank is full, the engine stops automatically, it will not be possible to start it even if the basket was not installed correctly. During prolonged operation, the shredder motor may heat up — a special system is provided to protect it from combustion. Despite the fact that the product is quite powerful, it works relatively quietly due to the noise reduction system available here. The cutting unit is removable here, so if necessary, it can be removed and cleaned from the remnants of documents. The knives are automatically locked when the basket is open, which eliminates the possibility of injury when emptying it. In addition, there is a start sensor, which is a photocell.


  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Convenient location of the basket;
  • High-quality protection against engine overheating;
  • Knives are made in the form of solid strips of high-alloy steel, sharpened using laser technology;
  • Safety of use.


  • Large paper clips are still better to remove.




Very easy to use and quite economical model, which is characterized by a low price and decent performance. The basket is spacious and can be removed without any effort. The appearance is attractive and stylish, so the design will look organically in the interior of the office along with other office equipment. The reverse here is automatic, it turns on immediately, as soon as paper gets stuck in the knives. With the help of this shredder, it will be possible to achieve the fourth degree of secrecy of the destroyed documents. The power of the electric motor is designed for medium volumes of work. In one approach, you can shred no more than ten sheets of paper. The device is perfect not only for office use, but also for home use, in particular, it can be used to dispose of various kinds of paper or cardboard waste.

The functionality of the model is quite modest, but at the same time, all the tasks assigned to the device are performed in full. The wastebasket has a volume of 24 liters and can be easily pulled out. There are no slots for bookmarking CDs, credit and bank cards. Another point is that paper clips and staples will have to be removed from the paper. The basket is not equipped with a viewing window, but there is an indication of its fullness on the body. The minimum size of crushed fragments is 3×32 mm.


  • Relatively low price of equipment;
  • Decent engine power;
  • Availability of automatic and manual reverse;
  • Reliable engine protection system against overheating.


  • You have to remove the staples and paper clips;
  • There is no possibility to destroy CDs and bank cards.


1. FELLOWES PowerShred 8CD

FELLOWES PowerShred 8CD photo

Well, we got to the leader of our rating of the best shredders for the office. In the first place in the review, we decided to place this convenient, stylish and absolutely safe design, characterized by decent performance and stable duty cycle. There is a Safety Lock function that completely deactivates the device while it is idle. In this case, the device will not consume electricity at all. Documents here are shredded in accordance with the fourth degree of secrecy. The design is equipped with a relatively powerful electric motor of 240 watts. Handles up to eight sheets of paper in one load. Up to 5 people can use it. The type of cutting is cross, the maximum size of the crushed elements is 4×35 mm. Staples and paper clips do not need to be removed.

Despite the fairly reasonable cost, the shredder is equipped with a slot for disks and cards. Using the equipment is quite simple — just put the sheets into the paper slot, the device will do the rest on its own. There is a reverse that prevents paper jams and will automatically clean the knives from the remnants of sheets. The appearance is quite stylish, the case is made of reliable plastic, all its elements are tightly fitted to each other, users have no complaints about the assembly. The weight is also acceptable — only 5 kg, so the device can be easily moved from one end of the office to the other. The manufacturer gives a fairly long warranty on the device — as much as 2 years.


  • High degree of secrecy;
  • Small weight of the device;
  • It is possible to work with sheets connected with staples or paper clips, as well as with CDs and bank cards;
  • Reliability and high quality workmanship;
  • Fully automatic control.


  • The volume of the basket is only 14 liters.


In conclusion, a useful video

The review of the best shredders for the office is over — it’s time to take stock. We tried to collect the maximum amount of information for each of the models, including the functional part. I would like to believe that after a careful study of our article, you will be able to choose the optimal model for yourself, which is ideal for the conditions of your office. If you suddenly have some questions about a particular shredder — ask us in the comments to the article. We will try to respond quickly to your message and provide all the information of interest.


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