Many people prefer to start their day with a cup of aromatic freshly brewed coffee. Some brew it the old way in a Turk, others purchase special machines for this purpose. However, in any case, it is necessary to competently approach the choice of raw materials for the drink, in other words, the purchase of coffee beans. The stores offer a very wide range of these products, so it is quite easy to purchase an unsuitable variety that will not be to your liking. We decided to help you with this difficult problem and rank the best coffee beans so that you can fully enjoy this great drink that will give you energy, good mood and energize you for the whole day. I would like to start the review with a number of useful tips on how to choose coffee beans.

How to choose the right type of coffee?

Each person has their own taste preferences and habits in everything, and the choice of coffee will not be an exception. For some, the strength of the drink is important, for some, light varieties with honey notes are more suitable, and others prefer a balanced creamy taste. When choosing products, it is very important to pay attention to every nuance, since there are no and cannot be trifles in this matter — the variety itself, the origin of the grains, the composition, the degree of roasting, freshness, and so on. If you are well versed in these matters, you can always choose the most suitable drink not only for yourself, but also for your friends and relatives.

Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the packaging. Manufacturers usually use various materials for packaging the drink — fabric, foil, paper or plastic bags, sealed packages equipped with a valve, aluminum cans. It is worth noting that coffee cannot be stored for a long time in a paper bag. This is a breathable material, so the grains will be in constant contact with air, which will have a detrimental effect on taste and aroma.

Choosing the best coffee bean flavor

It is also not necessary to store the drink in polyethylene. Coffee after roasting releases gas, if it cannot get out, this will also lead to its spoilage. It is most convenient to purchase products in sealed bags with a valve. Such packaging reliably protects the products during transportation, preventing air and light from penetrating the grains, and excess gases are removed through the valve. Only exclusive varieties are produced in aluminum containers, so such products will be quite expensive.

Each product has its own expiration date. In coffee, it usually ranges from 12 to 24 months. During this time, the drink will retain its original taste and aroma. The two most popular varieties are Arabica and Rousta. The first type of drink is characterized by bright taste and aromatic characteristics. Arabica has much less caffeine, and depending on where the beans were grown, the drink can have floral or honey notes, caramel or vanilla flavors are found.

Robusta is grown in smaller volumes, but it is less whimsical to cultivation conditions, so it will cost much less. The caffeine content is about three times higher than in Arabica. The finished drink has a dense texture, good strength, it can catch notes of nuts, dried fruits, dark chocolate or tobacco. When we selected products to include in our best coffee bean review, all of the above points were taken into account, we also took into account user reviews and product value for money. We hope that after carefully studying the rating, you will be able to choose the most suitable drink for yourself.

10 + coffee beans

10+. Paulig Classic

Paulig Classic photo

Today it is one of the most widespread brands of grain coffee in the domestic market. The packaging is made of foil materials, which do not allow the loss of aroma and taste of the drink throughout the entire shelf life — it is one and a half years. The bag of grains is equipped with an aroma valve, so you can smell it before purchasing it and decide if it is right for you. It is made from Arabica beans, which are grown in South America. The coffee blend is characterized by a rich and fairly long aftertaste. The aroma is rich, enveloping, includes nutty notes. Raw materials are only certified. The quality of products is confirmed by Russian and international certificates. The degree of roasting of the grains is average, which does not prevent the drink from turning out to be quite strong. Available in three versions — 250, 500 and 1000 g.

They are easily ground, suitable for both brewing in a Turk and in a coffee machine, however, already at this stage, a pleasant aroma of natural coffee begins to spread around the kitchen. The package contains only coffee, no foreign inclusions were found, all grains are approximately the same in size, which also facilitates grinding.


  • Very convenient and attractive packaging;
  • There is an aroma valve that allows you to smell this excellent coffee even before purchase;
  • Insignificant cost;
  • Already during grinding, the corresponding aroma is felt;
  • On the palate there are nutty notes that give it additional originality;
  • Well invigorates;
  • Produced from the highest quality South American coffee beans.


  • Some users find that the taste is bitter, although the degree of roast is medium.

Coffee Paulig Classic

10. Lavazza Tierra Selection

Lavazza Tierra Selection photo

This variety is perfect for making the real Italian espresso, as well as other similar coffee-based drinks. Grains are grown on plantations in Honduras, Colombia and Peru, they have a slight, barely perceptible sourness and pronounced floral notes. Lovers of quality coffee will be able to appreciate the pleasant and refreshing aroma and taste of the drink, which will not only invigorate you in the morning, but also allow you to stay active throughout the day. The coffee blend consists exclusively of Arabica, which is grown and harvested by hand in strictly limited quantities. All farms that are suppliers of raw materials undergo mandatory certification and fully comply with international environmental standards.

Grains are characterized by an average degree of roasting. The result is a drink with a pronounced taste, it has a high density, rich aroma, and is also characterized by a long aftertaste. Grains are suitable for the daily preparation of such a type of drink as ristretto. Roasting is carried out according to a special technology, thanks to which it is possible to prevent the appearance of excessive bitterness or acidity in the taste. The drink will go well with cream, milk and sugar.


  • Sufficiently dense consistency of the drink;
  • Gives vivacity for a long time;
  • Rich and bright taste with a pronounced aftertaste;
  • The average degree of roasting does not allow the occurrence of bitterness or acidity;
  • Certified products.


  • Quite expensive;
  • The packaging is poorly thought out, you have to figure out how to protect the drink from exposure to light and air.

Bean coffee Lavazza Tierra Selection

9. Bushido Red Katana Bean Coffee

Bushido Red Katana photo

It is an absolutely safe drink in absolutely all physical and chemical parameters. The content of potentially harmful substances does not exceed the maximum permissible concentrations, toxic substances and pesticides are completely absent. Produced exclusively on the basis of natural Arabica, no additional inclusions have been found. The packaging is made in the traditional Japanese style, there are hieroglyphs on it, there is not a word in Russian. However, on the corresponding sticker, which describes the characteristics of the product in Russian, it is indicated that the drink is produced in Switzerland.

In the production process, slow, uniform manual roasting is involved, and the finished beans are cooled by the purest alpine air. The grains are exported from East Africa, where they grow under the hot sun. This allows you to make the taste quite strong and a little tart. It also has slight wine notes. The smell is very rich, and the aftertaste is long. The grains are evenly matched, have a light chocolate hue, some have a golden groove running down the very center. They are very easy to grind — a coffee lover can choose any degree of grinding.


  • Very pleasant taste and aroma;
  • The packaging has an original Japanese-style design, although the coffee itself is produced in Switzerland;
  • During cooking, chocolate foam is formed;
  • Long aftertaste of the drink;
  • Excellent with cream and milk;
  • Can be used to make espresso or latte.


  • Sufficiently high cost of production;
  • The package contains less than 250 grams.

coffee beans Bushido Red Katana

8. Julius Meinl Espresso Premium Collection

Julius Meinl Espresso Premium Collection photo

It is an original blend, the composition of which was developed specifically for making espresso. These are natural products, placed in beautiful vacuum packaging, the inside of which is covered with thick foil, which does not allow air and sunlight to penetrate there. Looks very presentable. Produced by the world famous Italian brand. Thanks to a balanced composition and thorough roasting, you can always get an espresso with a beautiful thick cream that has a light hazel color. The aroma of the drink is attractive, very rich, there is no feeling of burnt grains. Produced in kilogram packages, it contains only 100% Arabica without the addition of other varieties.

The taste is classic, has a slight bitterness with the addition of a small amount of sour notes. Some users use this variety to make cappuccino. The raw material for this coffee is grown in Brazilian and Central American plantations. The grains contain a large amount of essential oils, which give off their aroma to the fullest during grinding and cooking. There is a special degassing valve on the packaging.


  • Perfect for making espresso and cappuccino;
  • Gentle and pleasant aroma;
  • Convenient packaging of large sizes, having a valve for the release of gases formed;
  • Made from medium roast Arabica beans;
  • Excellent drink quality
  • The taste is quite soft, has a persistent aftertaste, which is felt for a long time.


  • If you do not buy on sale, then this coffee will be quite expensive;
  • It is on sale only in kilogram packages, a smaller volume cannot be found.

Espresso coffee beans Julius Meinl Espresso Premium Collection

7 Movenpick Caffe Crema

Movenpick Caffe Crema photo

Versatile and multifaceted product, which is a unique blend consisting only of Arabica, which is grown only in mountainous regions. This allows you to guarantee a velvety cream of golden color. Due to this, you can get a very tasty drink with an expanded bouquet of aromas and a pleasant aftertaste. The composition of the grains does not contain too much caffeine, so you can drink a drink based on them several times a day. This coffee can be used as an optimal base for espresso-based soft drinks. It is allowed to be used in coffee machines, but the drink needs a high brewing temperature. Otherwise, a pronounced sourness is felt, which negatively affects the taste of coffee.

Like most of the coffee varieties presented in our review, the packaging with this drink is also equipped with a special valve. It is used not only to release the resulting gases, but also so that the buyer can immediately feel the full aroma of this drink. The shape of the valve is original — it is not a detachable petal, but a washer made of plastic. Its interior is filled with porous foam. The degree of roasting is closer to strong — level 4. The aroma is very strong. During cooking, a thick milk chocolate-colored foam is formed. The shelf life of grains is 15 months.


  • High-quality products of German production;
  • Made from 100% Arabica coffee grown in the highlands;
  • The packaging has the original degassing valve;
  • When cooking, a fairly thick foam is formed;
  • The aroma is soft, though very intense;
  • Has a slight bitterness;
  • Often found in chain stores, and at a very reasonable price.


  • The date of manufacture of coffee is not given on the packaging (for true connoisseurs of the drink, this moment is very important);
  • The exact growing region of Arabica is not specified.

Movenpick Caffe Crema grain coffee

Kimbo Extra Cream photo

Despite the fact that this brand appeared on the shelves of Russian stores relatively recently, it has already gained popularity among connoisseurs of this strong hot drink. The products are of excellent quality and noble taste. The variety is perfect for people who prefer a medium, even closer to a soft, bean roast. This is the first combined coffee of the highest quality, which consists of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta. The drink turns out soft and tender, not a single note of astringency was found in it. A cappuccino prepared on the basis of this variety is very tasty and fragrant. There is absolutely no sourness here, although a barely perceptible bitterness is still present.

Italian-made coffee, information in Russian is present only on the sticker. The grains are carefully selected — they are almost the same in size, have a chocolate color, while they are quite soft, which allows them to be ground to the desired fraction within a few seconds. Coffee is suitable for both Turks and coffee machines. Literally immediately after the start of cooking, a beautiful and thick foam becomes noticeable, colored in the color of cocoa with milk. The drink is not too strong, but it contains a decent amount of caffeine. The aroma is simply gorgeous, even when you just open the package.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Very tasty drink;
  • A decent fortress;
  • During cooking, a persistent foam appears;
  • There is no sourness;
  • Strong and long lasting fragrance.


  • The aftertaste is just coffee, there are no additional notes here.

coffee beans Kimbo Extra Cream

5. Lavazza Caffe Espresso

Lavazza Caffe Espresso photo

This is one of the most expensive mixtures produced by this Italian manufacturer. Raw materials for the drink are purchased from farms in Central America and Africa. The grains are roasted exclusively by hand and as evenly as possible, which has a positive effect on obtaining an unsurpassed delicate aroma and carefully balanced harmonious taste. The drink is delivered in a reliable vacuum package, equipped with a special hermetic valve. The pack is quite hard and tough, and the coffee itself can be used to make a wide variety of varieties. All grains are well matched, have the same size and color. The fragrance is rather faint right out of the box, but still noticeable. The smell is fully revealed during the preparation of the drink. The foam during cooking is not too high, but very resistant. The color saturation of the coffee itself is quite dark.

The variety is produced exclusively from Arabica, there is a slight sourness, but the taste is quite mild. The aftertaste is felt for a long time, but it is not very pronounced. It contains little caffeine, so you can enjoy the drink several times a day. The grade is suitable for any devices intended for preparation of coffee — a geyser coffee maker, coffee machines, Turks.


  • Produced from carefully selected and hand-roasted grains;
  • Can be used to prepare various drinks in many ways;
  • Much tastier compared to other drinks of this brand;
  • A pronounced aroma appears during cooking;
  • Long aftertaste.


  • Quite expensive;
  • Not all coffee lovers will like the sourness present in the taste of the drink.

grain coffee Lavazza Caffe Espresso

4. Jardin Crema

Jardin Crema photo

In fourth place in our review of the best coffee beans is domestic production. Here, in addition to the products themselves, nitrogen is also contained, which is used as the so-called packaging gas. It binds the gas molecules released by the grains. They are neat, matched literally one to one, they are distinguished by a not too high degree of roasting, so they have a slight brownish tint. The taste is very pleasant, there is no pronounced sourness, there is no bitterness at all. The aroma is bright, you can feel it literally through the packaging. Coffee is produced exclusively from Arabica, the taste has pronounced creamy notes. During cooking, a foam is formed, which in its consistency resembles a cream.

The raw material for this coffee comes from the plantations of Uganda, Indonesia and Ethiopia. The aftertaste is rich and long. No additional additives, flavorings and flavor enhancers are provided here. The manufacturer nevertheless decided to make a gas outlet valve, although it is used for the most part so that buyers can appreciate the aroma of products before buying. The beans are soft, grind with ease, they can be cooked in a cezve, a coffee machine, a French press, and even in a filter coffee maker. Not suitable for making espresso and cappuccino, as this composition does not have enough strength.


  • Completely natural product, prepared from Asian and African raw materials;
  • Not too high a degree of roasting ensures the absence of bitterness and sourness;
  • Acceptable cost of production;
  • The coffee bag contains nitrogen packaging gas;
  • The high quality of the grains themselves — they are matched literally one to one.


  • It will not work to prepare espresso and cappuccino.

Roasted coffee beans Jardin Crema

3. Egoiste Noir coffee beans

Egoiste Noir photo

Despite the not too high cost, these German-made products belong to premium coffee varieties. The brand itself appeared on the market not too long ago, but today the manufacturer’s assortment includes several varieties of freeze-dried coffee in granules, instant and grain drinks. The quality of the products is very high, as each stage of production is under very strict control. Roasting is carried out directly at the factories. Arabica coffee beans from Kenya and South America are used as raw materials here. Robusta, produced on Indonesian and Brazilian plantations, is also added to some varieties. Initially, coffee was designed for the Japanese consumer, but in the future, the products quickly spread around the world. This variety is made only from Kenyan Arabica.

It is characterized by a medium roast, which results in a drink with a very mild taste, which also has strong chocolate notes. Of the entire range, it is considered to be the best independent coffee, which is comfortable to use without the addition of other ingredients. With it, you can cheer up for a long time. Coffee is produced in foil bags weighing 250 and 1000 g.


  • The manufacturer strictly monitors the quality of products;
  • Stylish and original packaging with a traditional valve in the form of a sticker;
  • The grains are completely roasted, but the level of roasting is medium;
  • Pleasant aroma and taste, as well as an interesting aftertaste with noticeable notes of chocolate.


  • The selection of grains is not very good — they are different in shape and size, sometimes there are fragments.

bean coffee Egoiste Noir

2. Dallmayr Crema d’Oro

Dallmayr Crema d'Oro photo

One of the leaders in our review was products belonging to the middle price segment. Coffee is packaged in a durable material, it is completely sealed, there is a valve to ensure gas exchange. The packaging is quite informative, and there is information even in Russian, although coffee is produced in German factories. Composed of 100% Arabica coffee, coffee is suitable not only for manual brewing, but also for automatic coffee makers. The grains are grown on high-altitude plantations, they have a delicate aroma, and when cooked, a delicate foam appears. They can even be used to make coffee cream in a coffee machine. The degree of roasting is medium, the same can be said about acidity and bitterness.

At the same time, the taste is very deep and rich, the drink turns out to be quite dense, invigorates well, and will not let you fall asleep at night if necessary. The first impression is formed immediately after opening the package. All grains are carefully selected and well roasted. They have a chocolate color, small or broken grains are completely absent. Roasting is uniform, although there are still slightly roasted grains. This coffee can be used to prepare cappuccino, espresso and latte.


  • A dense and very tasty foam is formed during cooking;
  • Perfectly balanced taste, has some creamy notes;
  • Grains are carefully selected, not overcooked;
  • Very convenient packaging made of multilayer foil;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • There are often low-quality fakes on the market, so you need to buy only in specialized stores.

coffee beans Dallmayr Crema d’Oro

1. Tasty Coffee Ethiopia Irgacheff Nath

Tasty Coffee Ethiopia Irgacheff Nat photo

This coffee from Africa from the Russian roaster Tasty Coffee will not leave anyone indifferent. The most important thing is that the manufacturer will roast coffee to order, which means you will get the freshest beans, and therefore, a fragrant and rich-tasting drink.

Ethiopia Irgacheff Nath is a bright bouquet of flavors: you can clearly feel dark berries and milk chocolate in the bouquet. And the cappuccino will turn out very tender and berry, like blueberry ice cream.

The grain can be traced back to the processing station, where it has been processed in a natural way.

Roast — medium, composition — Arabica from the Irgacheff region, Ethiopia. The company carefully monitors the stability and quality of roasting, each pack has a unique QR code, by which you can find out all the information about roasting. We recommend using this grain in automatic coffee machines, geyser coffee makers, Turks and carob coffee makers.


  • affordable price;
  • only fresh roasted;
  • bright and rich taste;
  • universal coffee: good both in black form and with milk;
  • medium roast;
  • grain traceability, Arabica;
  • stable quality;
  • comfortable pack.


bean coffee Tasty Coffee Ethiopia Irgacheff Nat

In conclusion, a useful video

So we have finished our story about this tasty and invigorating drink, which, with the right preparation and choice of variety, allows you to get maximum pleasure in 2022. If you have a desire, tell us and our readers in the comments what kind of coffee do you prefer and how do you approach the choice of this product — what is decisive for you and what is secondary.


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