We live far from the most peaceful time — on the street they can easily attack, rob, beat and even take their lives. Therefore, each person thinks about how to protect himself. If there are no skills in various martial arts, then this is quite problematic. Carrying a weapon without a permit is prohibited by law, and obtaining such a document is not so easy, and you will have to pay decent money.

However, there is a way out of this situation — you can buy pepper spray. You can always carry it with you without fear of persecution by law enforcement agencies, it is not capable of causing serious harm to the health of an opponent, but it can easily disable him for a while. There are a great many such devices on sale, they differ in their purpose, principle of operation and many other factors.

If you have no experience in using such a self-defense tool, then this article will be very useful to you. It is a ranking of the best pepper sprays of the year. In addition to analyzing the qualities of the most popular products, we will give a number of useful tips that will help you buy the most suitable product. With him, you can not be afraid to walk even through the darkest doorways.

How to choose the right pepper spray in 2022?

This device is a container of compact dimensions, which, under pressure, contains the active substance in a significant concentration. When released, it causes very strong irritation of the skin and mucous membranes of the larynx, eyes and mouth. As a result, the opponent begins to profuse lacrimation, the nasopharynx burns, and the eyes swell. All this makes him incompetent for about half an hour — during this time you can hide from the ill-wisher.

When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the range of the active substance. Usually it fluctuates between 1-4 meters, so there is no need to approach the opponent at a dangerous distance. Such a device allows you to neutralize even an aggressive animal, such as a dog.

There are several varieties of such products — aerosol, jet-aerosol, jet, gel, and so on. The most popular are aerosol devices. They are most convenient to use at a short distance from the enemy. When you press the valve, they shoot a gas cloud about 1-1.5 meters. This allows just one release of the active substance to hit several aggressors at once. Such products cause a strong respiratory effect and create a veil between you and the enemy.

When we selected products to be included in the ranking of the best pepper sprays, we paid attention to the factors listed above. However, a number of other important points were taken into account — value for money, as well as user reviews. We tried to compile a review of not very expensive models so that each of our readers can choose a device for themselves according to their financial capabilities.

Aerosol options

4. Hot pepper 65 ml

Hot pepper 65 ml photo

This is the cheapest model in this review. It is one of the very first developments of the domestic enterprise Tekhkrim, which is engaged in the manufacture of self-defense equipment. For the first time, this can appeared on store shelves more than 10 years ago and immediately became very popular with buyers. A few years later, the company’s engineers made some upgrades to some of the components, the appearance of the product changed slightly, as well as the recipe for the aerosol itself. The active ingredient here is capsaicin. The gas cloud emerging from the nozzle has a rather bright color, so it will be possible to notice in time where it is located and leave the affected area.

The spray can has a rather large contact patch — it reaches 60 cm if sprayed from a distance of two meters. The valve button must be pressed with considerable force. This was specifically done to prevent accidental pressing, for example, in public transport.


  • Sold in two versions — 25 ml and 65 ml;
  • Carefully thought-out body shape — the thumb literally rests on the valve itself;
  • Side spray is not provided;
  • The atomizer itself is quite thin;
  • Decent shelf life — as much as 36 months;
  • There are no fakes.


  • Not suitable for fighting dogs.

Gas spray Hot pepper 65 ml

3. Shock (65 ml)

Shock (65 ml) photo

Fully justifies its name — the use of this spray will not leave the opponent the slightest chance. Hot pepper extract is used here as an active substance. When it comes into contact with the mucous membrane of the respiratory and visual organs, this compound causes an unbearable burning sensation of high intensity. As a result, the attacker himself turns into a real victim. He can lose orientation in space, often comes a strong state of shock. Many users note a similar effect in their reviews.

This model is produced in the form of an ordinary metal cylinder, which is no larger than a deodorant. Thoughtful and ergonomic shape. The button is pressed with medium force, the aerosol comes out in large quantities over a considerable distance, so with its help it will be possible to neutralize two or three people.


  • Starts to act instantly;
  • Prolonged exposure — the skin and mucous membrane are irritated for about 40 minutes;
  • The increased dispersion spot allows you to deal with several attackers.


  • Expensive products.

Gas spray Shock (65 ml)

2. Pepper 11-A (65 ml)

Pepper 11-A (65 ml) photo

It is a very powerful remedy with an extremely caustic and active substance. If it comes into contact with the skin, it can lead to a chemical burn — the skin becomes blistered, very red. This makes this unit very effective if you need to defend against several people at once.

According to representatives of the company that produces this device, the effect of the mixture contained in this can is equivalent in its activity to the simultaneous consumption of 300-400 chili peppers. User reviews also emphasize that this tool is very effective. It is universal, since with its help you can cope not only with people, but also with aggressive animals. Compact and rather stylish packaging, the cylinder is made of stainless steel, is not afraid of water, but it is better not to leave it under direct sunlight.


  • Causes very strong irritation of the mucous membranes;
  • Can be used to fight people and aggressive animals;
  • Ergonomic shape;
  • Convenient location of the valve with a button.


  • It must be used carefully — if it gets into the eyes, the product can cause serious damage to a person’s eyesight, and this is already a criminal liability.

Gas cartridge Pepper 11-A (65 ml)

1. Torch 2 (75 ml)

Torch 2 (75 ml) photo

This model works on the basis of a very powerful mixture of tear gas and hot pepper, taken in an amount of 5 and 95%, respectively. Despite the fact that this is an aerosol can, it is characterized by a decent range of damage, which is as much as three meters. This indicator puts the device on a par with jet and gel products. The manufacturers managed to achieve this effect thanks to the special design of the product: it has increased throughput and installed a redesigned feeder.

The spray spot, even from such a large distance, is large enough, so it will be possible to neutralize several attackers at the same time. This allows us to hope not only for the effective impact of damaging elements, but also for the cloud of suspension that forms in the future, which is capable of knocking down even a very hardy enemy.


  • Due to the increased spray range, such a can can be used even against the wind, since air flows will not knock down the jet;
  • Very high efficiency — the attacker feels a strong burning sensation, the gas causes profuse lacrimation;
  • One can will be enough to spray with maximum intensity for 3 seconds.


Gas cartridge Torch 2 (75 ml)

Gel products

2. Fighter inkjet gel

Fighter inkjet gel photo

It does not create an aerosol cloud, therefore it has shown itself well in terms of ensuring self-defense in enclosed spaces. The consistency of the active substance is thick and very viscous. It doesn’t spray at all. A jet of gel with active substances dissolved in it hits the enemy’s skin and sticks to it firmly. Immediately after this, the active compounds begin to act — they evaporate and lead to severe irritation of the mucous membranes.

Pepper capsaicin is used here as an active substance, which allows you to quickly neutralize the attacker for quite a long time. This will allow you to either defeat him, or simply hide. The bottle is small, but it lasts for a long time. The range can be up to 3m.


  • Normally works regardless of the angle of inclination;
  • Functions stably at any ambient temperature;
  • Hit accuracy is maintained even with intense side wind;
  • The range is as much as 3 meters — the attacker can not be allowed close;
  • Has all necessary certificates.


  • Not suitable for several opponents at once;
  • Many recommend using it as an additional means of self-defense.

Gas spray Fighter jet gel

1. C360 (100 ml)

С360 (100 ml) photo

The gel that this can is filled with is made on the basis of a highly concentrated hot pepper extract. The gel base, when it hits the surface of the skin, adheres tightly to it and spreads over its surface. It starts working almost instantly. Under the main impact fall mainly on the skin and mucous membranes.

It will be very problematic to remove the gel even after the action of the remedy has ended, so the likelihood of further prosecution or resumption of aggressive actions is negligible. Despite such a high efficiency of products, it is characterized by an acceptable cost.


  • A very high concentration of hot pepper allows for a very long effect;
  • Actively acts regardless of the angle of inclination;
  • The gel itself is very sticky — it will be quite difficult to clean it from the skin;
  • Affordable prices — the products will be affordable for any person.


  • Not detected.

Gas cartridge С360 (100 ml)

The best ink jets in 2022

4. Atomizer Anti-Beast 650 ml

Atomizer Anti-Beast 650 ml photo

This model is designed not so much for people as for animals, both domestic and wild. In this regard, the manufacturer recommends buying it to tourists, hunters, fishermen, as well as people who are forced to live in remote areas, where it is not uncommon for wild animals to enter the village directly. This is a gas cylinder with jet spray technology.

The active substances here are special liquids that are saturated with concentrated plant extracts, whose smell has an unpleasant effect on animals, so they tend to get away from such an irritant as soon as possible. The volume of the spray can is enough for about 40 short-term clicks. This is not a one-time model, so after a single use you will not have to buy new products. In its shape, the product resembles a small fire extinguisher — it is convenient to hold it in the hands of both girls and men. Dimensions and weight are decent.


  • Well repels small and medium-sized animals — wolves, dogs, foxes;
  • Not capable of causing serious harm to the health of the animal;
  • The jet is resistant to strong winds, the range is about 5 m.


  • There is no exact data on the impact of these products on wild boars, elks and bears;
  • Not suitable for dealing with human aggression.

Gas can Atomizer Anti-Beast 650 ml

3. Pfeffer Ko Jet

Pfeffer Ko Jet photo

Initially, this model was developed specifically for the needs of law enforcement agencies, so it has quite serious operational characteristics, largely exceeding those of civilian self-defense equipment. The main advantage of such a device is a decent range — the jet can fly to the target up to 6 m.

Compared to aerosol devices, this model does not have a respiratory effect, which allows it to be used even in unventilated rooms. The jet is stable even in relation to a hurricane wind — it will not be blown away, since it is very intense. The device can be used even in heavy rain.


  • Upon contact with the skin or tissue, it begins to evaporate instantly and affects the mucous membranes of the eyes and membranes;
  • The volume is quite enough for several applications;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • There is a clip for fastening on a belt;
  • The reliable valve is well protected from casual pressing.


  • Not too convenient for the fairer sex;
  • It is difficult to find on the shelves of Russian stores.

Gas cartridge Pfeffer Ko Jet

2. Black (65 ml)

Black (65 ml) photo

It is a combined aerosol-jet version. The effect of use is very decent. According to users, it is good to use such a product both at a considerable distance and at close range, against one or more people.

Here, concentrated pepper extract and tear gas are mixed in certain proportions. The duration of the effect is approximately half an hour. During this time, the attacker will be absolutely helpless, he can, as they say, be taken with bare hands. The key is equipped with a fuse — you can not be afraid of accidental pressing.


  • The range reaches three meters;
  • If necessary, you can isolate yourself from the attackers with a poisonous curtain;
  • Combined device.


  • There is always the possibility of being exposed to active substances.

Gas cartridge Black (65 ml)

1. Sword (65 ml)

Sword (65 ml) photo

This product is capable of causing serious damage to an attacking person. Despite the fact that it belongs to the jet type cans, when spraying, there is a slight dispersion of the volley, called the «wide jet». This allows even at a great distance to cope with several enemies.

The composition contains capsaicin and a special combat irritant «Lilac». The concentration of the latter is insignificant — it is only 0.38%, however, even such an amount of this substance is quite enough to neutralize the opponent and incapacitate him for about an hour. The canister is capable of throwing a jet of about three meters, it is insensitive to strong wind and rain.


  • The composition contains an army damaging agent;
  • Decent range of the jet;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Effective impact on the enemy, regardless of weather conditions.


  • At high concentrations, there is a risk of serious harm to health.

Gas cartridge Sword (65 ml)

In conclusion, a useful video

We hope that with our help you have figured out the possibilities of the best pepper sprays in 2022. If there are still unclear points, and you want to clarify them, then you can always tell us about it in the comments to this article.


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