The Linux-based Android operating system is by far the most popular operating system in mobile devices. Under it, there are a huge variety of paid and free programs and applications, both entertainment and work plan. Many people use these gadgets to listen to music, but the capabilities of the built-in player are often not enough to fully enjoy your favorite tracks. Let’s talk today about the best music players for the Android platform, understand their capabilities, analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

The best players for Android in 2022


jetaudio photo

Not too demanding, but quite functional application that can be used even on fairly weak devices. Users note the presence of a huge number of various settings, built-in effects are provided. I would like to pay special attention to the equalizer, which contains many positions. Equalizer settings can be saved if necessary — there are special slots for this. The search system is simple and understandable — this fact is true for tracks located both on the memory card and in the physical memory of the mobile device itself. The interface is discreet, the developers initially decided to make it so that, if possible, save the useful resources of the smartphone. The main menu is a complete list of track performers, but there are tabs with albums, compositions, sorting by genre is provided, and music can also be played from a specific folder.

There is also a paid version of this application — in it you can set a different color for the design of the program, change the way the menu is displayed. In addition, there is a search for tracks, certain objects can be selected if necessary. The paid version of the player has a twenty-band equalizer. If the free application provides only one widget, then 14 options become available immediately upon purchase, which differ from each other in size and design style. The track can be slowed down or speeded up, there is a function to rewind the track for a certain period of time (according to the standard — 10 seconds). The user can put on repeat a certain piece of a song or melody. To remove all these filters, just touch the middle of the screen. The application, if necessary, can be controlled through the headset.


  • It does not need a large amount of RAM and physical memory of a mobile device, so it can be installed even on weak smartphones;
  • A huge number of different settings and functions;
  • Various kinds of effects are provided;
  • The speed of playing the melody can be changed if necessary;
  • Very simple and clear interface;
  • Managing the application is also quite easy.


  • Doesn’t always display album art correctly.

jetaudio player


poweramp photo

The first version of this player was first released on PlayMarket almost 10 years ago, at the end of 2010. It contained a decent amount of flaws, problems and shortcomings. In general, this application is unique, as it is the first multifunctional audio player that was developed specifically for mobile phones and tablets. The program has an interesting interface, a graphic equalizer includes 10 bands, and has its own library of multimedia files. The initial version of the program was absolutely free for everyone who downloaded it, and updates for it were released about once every two weeks, all the shortcomings were gradually eliminated. During the first installation, the user is presented with a list of tips for working with the application.

Initially, the program will analyze the entire internal memory of the phone and the memory card, after which it will display a list of tracks, and each of them will have an artist, album and duration. If you lightly press the name of the melody, then it will immediately begin to play. If you press and hold, a context menu will appear that will allow you to include the track in a specific playlist, add it to the playback queue, delete it, display the most detailed information, set it to a call, transfer the selected song via Bluetooth. The main screen displays a fairly large amount of information, buttons and various functions. The cover of the album to which the track being played belongs is stretched to full screen, the name of the artist and the name of the song are indicated in its lower part. There is also a button to switch tracks. At the top of the display, you can find three bright buttons: with a treble clef icon (opens the main page of the player or library — depending on the settings selected), another one provides access to the equalizer, and the last one is responsible for adjusting additional effects, frequencies and balance.


  • Very handy program;
  • It has a very broad functionality;
  • Nice and clear interface;
  • It works stably, regardless of the power of the hardware of the smartphone.


  • Paid, but not too expensive.

Poweramp player

8.Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player photo

The software version is an original alternative to classic pre-installed players and other players, as it provides users with very wide possibilities for playing music. In this application, the directory from which files will be played can be set manually, or you can automatically search the entire memory of the device. A special function is responsible for this, however, when it is activated, it should be understood that the program will find absolutely all supported files, and for sure many of them will turn out to be system files or completely unwanted. The application shell looks very nice. In the background, the user will see the name of the track, its duration, the main control buttons and some other elements. The equalizer icon will be located at the top. In addition, there are a number of other useful functions, such as an alarm clock.

The application can work with almost all known and widely used formats. It also provides a crossfader function, you can adjust the tempo or use the preamp. In general, there are quite a lot of parameters here, with their help you can add clarity to music, add sound power. For each direction of music, you can set your own sound, amplifying the necessary parameters, and they can be set in automatic mode so that you do not have to climb through the settings every time. The interface can be customized by the user according to their own needs. It is fully Russified, which makes the application very convenient to use. One of the most original features is the ability to set up streaming audio that is played online. In the equalizer, you can adjust from four to thirty channels with a variety of presets.


  • Excellent sound quality of music, regardless of the genre;
  • Convenient and friendly interface, fully translated into Russian;
  • Advanced equalizer settings;
  • There are a decent amount of additional features.


  • It is unlikely that you will be able to quickly figure out a huge number of settings — you will have to spend a decent amount of time on this.

Neutron Music Player


black player photo

Users often prefer this player, as it has a large number of useful features. The developers were able to include good sound here, provided by a multi-band equalizer and the use of all modern techniques for working with music files. The interface is carefully thought out, well designed and implemented. Everything is logical and intuitive in it — you don’t have to delve into the settings for a long time. The application does not need a lot of RAM and does not require the latest generation graphics accelerator. The appearance is also quite pleasant, the user, if necessary, can adjust it to his needs — for this there are many design themes. The player has everything you need for a high-quality and functional player.

The outer shell is made in the spirit of Windows Phone, although it does not completely copy it, although the similarity is quite obvious. Transitions between tabs are quite smooth. No extra moments are provided here, everything is directed only to the functionality of the application. On the main screen, you can find quite a lot of free space — it is not loaded with unnecessary details. It contains only those elements that the owner uses most often. All controls for the playback process are arranged in a standard order: rewind or go to the previous track, play or pause, fast forward or switch to the next track. This panel is located at the bottom of the screen. It also has another button that allows you to play tracks in random order. The menu includes four tabs — track list, artist list, albums and genres. You can search the entire memory of your phone. The application is distinguished by the presence of two equalizers at once — stock and external. The stock one is built in by default, and the external one includes five bands that operate in the frequency range from 60 Hz to 14 kHz. It is possible to customize sound effects — further enhance the bass, adjust the right and left channels, activate the virtualizer.


  • Complete absence of annoying ads;
  • The interface is very simple, understandable and, at the same time, quite functional;
  • Very decent sound quality;
  • Can work with audiobooks and podcasts;
  • Works very fast;
  • Supports all existing formats.


  • The stock equalizer has almost no useful effect.


6.Media Monkey

mediamonkey photo

This program was developed specifically for collectors in the music field. Its functional area allows you to synchronize a mobile device on the Android platform and a personal computer or laptop running the Windows operating system. With the help of the application, you can download even a fairly large music collection to your gadget within a couple of minutes. The program will automatically sort the files into categories after downloading the music. If desired, this application can be used to search for high-quality music on the Internet. To do this, it is enough to connect to a mobile device or to a Wi-Fi network. The application has a convenient media player with which you can listen to music, adjust the sound quality, and it can work not only with audio files, but also with videos.

The program has a widget that will not only inform the user about the video being played, but will also constantly offer him the most suitable compositions, depending on taste preferences. The player allows you to manage podcasts and video books. If necessary, you can even search for lyrics. The search by performers and genres is advanced, in particular, it can be performed across several genres at once. You can manage one or more files at the same time. There is a volume equalization function.


  • The ability to wirelessly transfer playlists and the tracks themselves between a mobile device and a computer;
  • Advanced search capabilities;
  • You can work with several files at the same time;
  • Convenient widget;
  • Pleasant and understandable interface, translated into Russian;
  • You can work with podcasts, videos, audiobooks.


  • Relatively long out of sleep mode.

mediamonkey android player

5. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player photo

Today, this player is very popular for a number of reasons — it has an original and attractive interface, the buttons are quite large (you won’t have to look for them on the gadget’s display for a long time), if necessary, the appearance of the program can be changed. The design of the outer shell is made in black and green, but there are add-ons and extensions for this application in PlayMarket, which allows you to download additional themes and change the appearance of the program. In addition, the standard version of the player also has several standard shells that allow you to give the program additional originality. Music files are sorted by title or artist. The user can independently choose the layout by which he will view the available tracks, and they look either as icons or as a list.

The sound is very high quality, has an excellent frequency. In addition, there is a 10-band equalizer that will play melodies at a very high level even on the standard firmware of a mobile device. If necessary, the volume control can be placed on the main screen of the desktop and adjusted depending on your own preferences. Especially for the lock screen, there are five widgets to choose from at once. You can customize the background in them, add certain player controls. Everything here is carefully thought out so that the user can use the application as comfortably as possible. When the screen is locked, you can switch between tracks using the volume buttons. Each track is accompanied by brief information about the artist and the album, which includes this composition. There is an accelerometer: it will switch songs by simply shaking the phone.


  • Carefully thought-out design and functionality;
  • Ability to work with various formats of music files;
  • Decent sound quality;
  • Accelerated decoding;
  • Advanced personalization settings are provided.


  • Lots of annoying ads.

Popular PlayerPro Music Player

4. Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player photo

A completely free application, characterized by flexible interface settings and comfortable listening to music on a tablet or mobile phone. The program is equipped with a complete set of all necessary functions — tracks can be sorted by tracks, albums, genres, artists, you can create playlists yourself. For the convenience of working with sound, a special equalizer is provided, which you can either configure yourself, or use ready-made presets designed for each genre of music. There is a very interesting feature that allows you to skip duplicate songs within the same playlist. You can also activate the pause timer, which will be very useful for people who prefer to fall asleep to music. There is an original opportunity for users of the Last.fm service — scrobling is provided directly from the application. The player will install the covers of songs on its own or download them from the network if they are not embedded in the music track.

The developers paid a lot of attention to the appearance and settings of the program shell. There are only three basic themes here — light, dark and completely black. The colors of the interface elements can also be changed if necessary. It is adapted for mobile devices, including tablets, with different aspect ratios. There is a flexible widget setting here — you can adjust their size, position on the display, background color and displayed text, the cover can be turned off completely so that only the player controls are displayed on the screen. There is a paid version — it’s not too expensive, the owners of such an application get more themes, as well as the ability to stream music via ChromeCast, they also open the ability to edit tags.


  • Pretty attractive appearance;
  • Inexpensive cost of the premium version;
  • It can work both with files in the phone’s memory and with streaming music playback;
  • Low demands on resources.


  • Can connect to the Internet without the knowledge of the user.

player for smartphone Shuttle Music Player


Pulsar photo

In third place in our review of the best players running on the Android platform, there are absolutely free products. The main application window consists of a large number of tabs with standard content — artists, songs, genres, albums. There is also a tab called «folders» so that the user can see the downloaded music, search for it in the file manager mode. You can navigate between tabs both through the program menu and horizontal swipes. The menu is located under a special curtain located on the left side of the screen. As in most of the players included in our rating, a shutdown timer is provided here, and there is no minimum and maximum time threshold — the user can set the player to turn off even after 10 days.

The equalizer includes nine bands — quite enough to perform high-quality sound tuning. It is also equipped with a bass amplifier, voice reverb can be added. There are 15 color schemes at once. There is only one widget here, but it has everything you need to manage application data. Many users note that the program does not provide ads.


  • It weighs quite a bit and at the same time has a fairly wide functionality;
  • A large number of color schemes;
  • No ads.


  • The equalizer could have been made with more bands.

player for Android Pulsar

2. N7 player

N7player photo

With this software, you won’t have to search for a long time for music downloaded to your phone — it is available in a very clear interface. Sorting systems are traditional. You can improve the sound quality of compositions both in headphones and through the speaker of a mobile device using a ten-band equalizer, which is equipped with an extended range of settings, and the user can also create their own. The application works with all known music formats, including high quality .flac and .ogg. If desired, you can adjust the high and low frequencies, automatically normalize the volume, set the channel balance, mix down to the level of monophonic sound.

Playlists are designed in such a way that the user will have full control over their playlists. The player is supplemented with a tag editor. At first glance it may seem that this is a very simple tool, but it has great functionality. With it, you can correct the information contained in the music file, automatically get the album art. The playback order of songs is made with the support of the gapless function, which implies the absence of pauses between tracks. It is quite natural that there is a shutdown timer here. The next time the application is launched, it will start playing music from the point where the user left off the previous time. The application is designed uniquely, attractively and very functionally.


  • Playing tracks without pauses between them;
  • Unusual, but rather simple and understandable design of the program;
  • There are a large number of additional themes and skins;
  • All transitions are accompanied by unobtrusive and smooth animation.


  • Not all features will be useful to the average listener.

A player with a clear interface N7player for Android phones

1 Phonograph

Phonograph photo

In the first place of the review is the most widely used application for listening to music through devices running on the Android platform. According to the creators of the program, it is easy to use, does not weigh too much and is characterized by a very clear interface, which is made in the spirit of Material Design. According to users, it is not only very functional, but also has a beautiful appearance. The program is integrated with Last.fm, which allows you to listen to millions of available tracks in streaming format — all you need to do is connect your mobile device to the Internet.

Track information is displayed as standard. Playback can be controlled directly from the lock screen. There is also a handy equalizer, provided with reference data on which slider is responsible for which range. This information will be very useful to people who have not dealt with such software before.


  • Even the free version has no ads;
  • Standard, but very beautifully designed functionality of the application;
  • There is everything you need to change the sound quality of the track;
  • The settings are saved.


  • Not everyone will like the themes embedded in the application — you will have to download additional design options for the program.

player for smartphones and Android devices Phonograph

In conclusion, a useful video

The rating of the best players for Android has come to an end. We tried to consider each of the presented programs in as much detail as possible so that you can choose the best application for yourself. If, while reading the article, you have any wishes or have certain questions, then feel free to ask us in the comments. We will try to promptly respond to your comments and provide additional information about the program you are interested in.


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