Winter tourism is a difficult but interesting activity. People, going on an overnight camping trip in the cold season, make sure that they can keep warm. A sleeping bag, an insulated tent and a special portable heater will help with this, with the help of which it will be possible to create optimal conditions and cook food. If you are going on a winter hike for the first time, then this article will be very useful for you. As part of the ranking of the best portable tent heaters, we will not only consider and analyze the key characteristics of the most popular models, but also tell you more about the heaters themselves, give a number of important tips that will definitely help when buying such products.

How to choose the right portable heater for a tent in 2022?

All similar devices are divided into three main groups — liquid, gas and catalytic. The first type uses alcohol or refined gasoline as fuel. Alcohol models look like small candles with a bright flame, from which quite a lot of heat emanates. However, the fire here is open, which is not entirely safe.

The petrol version is a cross between a kerosene lamp and a heater. This combination allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere in a matter of minutes, even in a spacious tent. Unfortunately, well-refined gasoline is not as easy to find as quality, and low-quality fuel will eventually lead to unstable operation of the structure. Great care must be taken when using this heater, as spilled fuel can also start a fire. The problem of an unpleasant smell has not gone away — even carefully cleaned fuel will still give it.

Gas heaters are powered by portable cylinders, are quite safe to use, do not require special maintenance. They consume fuel economically, so even one cylinder is more than enough for several overnight stays. These models emit a lot of heat, and combustion products should not be forgotten either. For this reason, the tent must be ventilated.

When choosing a heater, you need to correlate the power of the device with the internal volume of the tent. 1 kW will be quite enough to heat a three- and even four-person tent. Fuel consumption also plays an important role, since fuel will have to be carried for far more than one kilometer.

When we chose models to include in the rating of portable tent heaters, all of the above points were taken into account. Far from the last role we assigned to the ratio of price and quality of products: the most expensive options were not included in the review.

10 Best Portable Tent Heaters in 2022

10. Tramp TRG-036

Tramp TRG-036 photo

Equipped with a ceramic heating element and a grid on which you can put a pot or pan with food. The efficiency of the device is high, it is absolutely safe in terms of operation. It is often used not only for tents, but also for trailers, pavilions, tents, and even for small country houses. The design provides a special valve that allows you to adjust the gas pressure, it is possible to adjust the operation of the protective cartridge. The top has a handy handle. Comes with an adapter for large gas cylinders.

The device has an additional fuse that protects against unintentional or spontaneous supply of fuel. You don’t have to use matches for ignition — a piezoelectric element is installed here. Before switching on, the safety lever is removed by the ring, the fuel supply is started, and then this part is returned to its place. Use only in well ventilated areas.


  • There are built-in adapters for large cylinders;
  • Carefully thought out security system;
  • Can be used for heating and cooking.


  • Quite a large model;
  • There is no cylinder heating plate here.

Tramp TRG-036

9. Comfort Umnitsa GO-3.3 kW

Comfort Umnitsa GO-3.3 kW photo

The device is able to operate on liquefied or conventional gas, suitable for tents, various types of non-residential and residential premises, it is often used in open spaces and in warehouses. The heater is also good for cooking. A ceramic heating element is also installed in the design, the model itself has compact overall dimensions and operates almost silently. To work with liquefied gas, a special nozzle is located on the body, a cylinder with ordinary gas is connected through another.

The angle of inclination of the body of the product can change — such a solution allows you to optimize the direction of the flow of warm air. The power of the product is high — 3.3 kW, so a comfortable atmosphere in the tent will be created within a matter of minutes. The gas consumption is insignificant — only 240 grams per hour, the mass of the heater is 1.27 kg, so it is easy to carry it with you even over long distances.


  • Everything necessary for the correct operation of the product is supplied in the kit;
  • Infrared heating, so the air warms up much faster;
  • You can cook food on the device;
  • High power;
  • Compact dimensions and low weight;
  • Folding legs.


  • Poorly thought out defense system.

Comfort Umnitsa GO-3.3 kW

8. Aeroheat IG 2000

Aeroheat IG 2000 photo

As fuel for this heater the liquefied gas «Propane» or «Propane-butane» is used. The products are universal, they are often used for drying and heating during construction work, they are installed in greenhouses, on terraces, even indoors. Above the heating element there is a grill, so the device is suitable for cooking. The emitter is ceramic, manufactured by the German company Rauschert, it does not contain asbestos.

The principle of operation of the device is as follows: the liquefied gas coming from the cylinder is mixed with air and sent to the distribution chamber, filling its entire volume. A mixture of gas and air burns at the surface of the tile, heating it to a temperature of about 800 degrees. The heater can operate in two positions — in the horizontal position the radiating surface is directed strictly upwards, in the vertical position it can be tilted at an angle of no more than 60 degrees. The thermal power of the structure is 2.3 W, which allows you to warm up an area up to 18 square meters well. m. Dimensions — 241x188x140 with a mass of 1.8 kg: the device is easy to carry in your hands or in a backpack.


  • High work efficiency;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Two working positions;
  • Easy to understand connection.


  • There is no power regulator.

Aeroheat IG 2000

7 Tourist Mini Africa

Tourist Mini Africa photo

The product is able to effectively heat the air volume up to 12 cubic meters. If you turn on the economy mode, the device will work without interruption for 5-6 hours. During this time, he will use only 220 g of gas. The maximum consumption is 100 grams of fuel per hour. The thermal power of the product is 1.2 kW, overall dimensions are 260x300x130 mm, weight is 1.5 kg, a piezoelectric element is provided in the design. The manufacturer has taken good care of the safety of the model — there is a system of protection against incorrect installation of the gas cylinder, a system is also provided that prevents fuel leakage.

The design of the heater burner is such that the gas mixture burns out in full, there is no open flame here — this has a positive effect on safety (the fire will not be blown out by the wind) and reduces fuel consumption. The cylinder is securely fixed on the heater itself.


  • High efficiency;
  • Long operating time from one cylinder;
  • Carefully thought-out security system;
  • Reliable assembly and long service life.


  • Cannot be used as a gas stove;
  • Not capable of running on threaded cylinders.

Tourist Mini Africa

6. Elekon Power PG7B

ElekonPower PG7B photo

It does not need power supply, it is suitable for heating unheated stationary premises, for example, warehouses, truckers often buy such products for themselves. It is very easy to use the equipment, the heater consumes gas economically. The product works from standard gas cylinders with a capacity of 220 gr. The device is equipped with piezoelectric ignition. The emitter is ceramic microporous, due to it the fuel burns out in full, there is practically no foreign smell. The device works on the principle of infrared heating.

The product has a special plate on which a gas cylinder is placed. During operation, it warms up and heats the cylinder. This technology improves gas evaporation in low temperature conditions. The device runs on liquefied gas such as «Propane-butane». The maximum thermal power is 2 kW, there is an overpressure valve, it will not be possible to install a cylinder with the valve open. The device is capable of heating up to 8 square meters. m area. Dimensions — 376x189x377 mm, weight 3.1 kg.


  • Easy to use;
  • The product is safe to use;
  • There is a power adjustment;
  • No gas smell.


  • Might be a bit heavy for hiking.

Gas oven Elekon Power PG7B

5.Kovea Fireball KH-0710

Kovea Fire Ball KH-0710 photo

One of the most economical models on the Russian market — gas consumption per hour does not exceed 66 g, while the device is able to effectively heat the air in an area of ​​up to 10 square meters. m, it can also be heated and cooked. The heater is compact — 190x180x190 mm, its weight is 565 g, and the thermal power is 0.9 kW. A spare piezo ignition is supplied with the device. The heater is sold in a convenient plastic case. It can be used in a strictly horizontal position or at an angle of 45 degrees, for fixing there is a fixing bolt.

To regulate the heating, there is a special valve here, which is also suitable for other devices manufactured by this company. The device can easily work even on an inverted cylinder, which will be very helpful in the winter, as the fuel from the cylinder will come out completely.


  • You can cook food and hot drinks;
  • The reflector is fixed rather rigidly;
  • There is a system for heating the gas before it is fed to the burner.


  • Works quite loudly;
  • High price;
  • The efficiency of the device directly depends on the quality of the fuel.

Kovea Fireball KH-0710

4. Pathfinder Hearth

Pathfinder - Hearth photo

It is used as a heater and a stove, which, in principle, is evident from the name of the device, it works on cheap collet cylinders with liquefied gas of the Propane or Propane-butane format. Perfect for a comfortable stay at camping, fishing, in the country or just relaxing in nature. Ceramic heating element — quickly reaches the optimum temperature and maintains a comfortable microclimate.

There is no open flame here, so the device is wind-resistant, it has piezo ignition and power adjustment. Dimensions are small — 275x275x180 mm, weight is 1.8 kg. In one hour, on average, it consumes 108 grams of fuel. The maximum heated area is 15 sq. m. From one cylinder, the device can work up to 3 hours. The maximum power is 1.5 kW.


  • Large area of ​​the heating element;
  • Acceptable fuel consumption;
  • Portable dimensions;
  • There is a carrying handle.


  • The mass is too big;
  • At an ambient temperature below -10 degrees, the gas begins to flow worse;
  • There is a smell — be sure to provide ventilation.

Heater for the tent Pathfinder-Ochag

3. Savo Solarogaz GII-2.3

Savo Solarogaz GII-2,3 photo

Often used for drying paint during painting work, heating greenhouses, cooking in autonomous conditions. The power of the device is decent — 2.3 kW, it is designed for floor installation, the dimensions are not very large — 240x190x120 mm, weight — 1.2 kg. The device is able to heat the area up to 18 square meters. m. There is only one heating mode, however, it is quite enough.

The device is one of the cheapest on the Russian market today. A piezoelectric element is not provided here, the equipment is also minimal, but this does not in the least prevent the device from warming the tent well even on a very cold winter night. The heater works on liquefied gas «Propane-butane» or «Propane». One cylinder is enough for about 5-6 hours of work, although the manufacturer claims 10 hours. The air even in a spacious tent heats up after about 15 minutes.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Heats up space quickly
  • Ceramic burner infrared type;
  • There is no foreign smell.


  • Fuel consumption is higher than stated;
  • There is no power adjustment.

Savo Solarogaz GII-2,3

2. Kovea KH-0203 Little Sun

Kovea KH-0203 Little Sun photo

Suitable for heating tents, car interiors, small areas. The design of this model involves a number of modern technologies that contribute to increasing the comfort of operation and safety of the product. The emitter is ceramic, it is absolutely safe, there is no open flame, but a plate is provided for heating the cylinder. The design has an overpressure valve that will shut off the gas supply if the indicator in the cylinder exceeds the allowable threshold.

Piezo ignition heating is turned on, the device can heat up to 15 square meters. m area. The design has an economical mode — with its proper use, one collet cylinder will last for the whole night.


  • Very attractive external design of the device;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • Carefully thought out security system;
  • There is a carrying handle.


  • The case is made of easily soiled plastic, which is not very good in nature — various kinds of pollution and dust will accumulate on it;
  • Poor equipment — apart from the heater itself and instructions, there is nothing else.

Kovea KH-0203 Little Sun

1. Ballu BIGH-4

Ballu BIGH-4 photo

The leader of the review of the best portable tent heaters was the most powerful model on the domestic market. Despite the fact that the maximum heating power is 4.5 kW, therefore, an area of ​​​​up to 40 square meters can be heated. m. This allows the device to be used both for tourist purposes and in banquet, commercial premises, it is often installed in garages and on verandas.

The kit comes with a gas hose 1.5 m long, so the device can work even with standard cylinders. It is easy to operate the device, the design is elementary, which prolongs the service life of the product. Gas consumption directly depends on the chosen intensity of work.


  • Power is regulated smoothly;
  • Area 18 sq. m warms up in just half an hour;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • stable device;
  • The gas supply is blocked automatically.


  • When rolled over, it cannot turn itself off;
  • The ceramic element is very fragile;
  • The hose is hard.

Ballu BIGH-4

In conclusion, a useful video

Our roundup of the best portable tent heaters in 2022 is over. We have tried to provide as much detail as possible about each model in 2022. If you have experience using such devices, then tell us and other readers about it in the comments to this article.


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