For lovers of fishing, the warm months are the most fertile time. During this period, you can use almost all existing fishing techniques, try new gear and catch trophy fish. Spinning fishing is the most popular. If you have not had experience in fishing with spinning before, then for the purchase and preliminary test, you should take with you an angler who regularly uses such tackle.

Before directly buying a product, you should decide on a number of important points — the maximum amount that a person is going to spend on buying this gear, the largest amount of fish that is planned to be caught, fish species, the conditions in which fishing will be carried out, the size and type of bait, casting distance and so on.

Specialized stores today offer a huge selection of similar gear, which may differ from each other in a number of parameters, so choosing the most optimal design for yourself is not too easy, especially if it is not done by a very experienced person. In this regard, before moving on to a direct review of budget spinning rods, we decided to first give a few basic recommendations regarding the purchase of this gear.

Based on what parameters should you choose inexpensive spinning in 2022?

Many fishermen with significant experience recommend that beginner fishing enthusiasts purchase a universal model, the length of which is within 2-3 meters, and the lure test is designed for 5-25 grams. However, the universal design is, of course, good, but over time, everyone comes to the conclusion that there should be several rods in the arsenal, designed for certain fishing conditions.

The versatile design is perfect for both shore fishing and boat fishing. However, it will not be very comfortable to fish in open water, since tackles with a length of about 1.8 — 2 meters are considered the most suitable for this. Spinning rods designed for coastal fishing are usually a little longer — 2.7 — 3 meters.

Choosing inexpensive spinning

The test based on 5 — 25 grams allows you to use almost all types of baits — wobblers, turntables, oscillators and so on. However, light models will not fly too far, especially if they are used by a person who is just starting to master such tackle and does not own the appropriate casting technique.

It is very important to look at the type of the rod itself — whether it will be plug-in or telescopic. The first is suitable for fishermen who live near the reservoir, since it is not too easy to fold and transport it. The telescopic rod when folded takes up a minimum amount of free space.

Another of the key points regarding the choice of spinning is the material from which this tackle is made. Most often they are made of fiberglass — the material is not too expensive, does not require special care, but such rods weigh quite a lot. Active use will lead to the fact that the hands will quickly get tired.

Composite rods are characterized by an average level of rigidity, are among the cheapest, and are well suited for most fishing techniques and lures used. The lightest models are considered to be structures made of carbon fiber.

When compiling our rating of the best inexpensive rods, we took into account all the points discussed above, and also took into account user reviews, both amateur and fairly experienced anglers. We also did not ignore the value for money, so the most expensive models were not included in the rating of the best budget spinning rods. So, now let’s look at the models we have selected in more detail.

The cheapest

3. Maximus Work Horse SWH21M

Maximus Work Horse SWH21M photo

This is one of the cheapest models, and this design is characterized by a universal action, which allows the rod to be used both during coastal fishing and when fishing from a boat. The handle is ergonomic, made of cork materials that do not begin to slip even when wet, it holds well in the hand. The balance of the gear is perfect — you can hold it in your hands for almost the whole day without feeling the slightest fatigue. Refers to plug-in structures, that is, it is a composite structure that is disassembled into two parts. The holder for the coil is also universal, it can be attributed to the classic. The blank is made of graphite, the rings are lightweight, which allows you to increase the range of maneuverability of the bait.

This rod comes with a two-section case, which is very convenient to store and transport this tackle. If necessary, it can replace the tube, but it is quite flexible, so the rod, even placed in a case, should be handled as carefully as possible. The inner inserts of the rings are made of silicon carbide, a material that provides minimal friction. It is allowed to use both fishing line and special braided cords that can withstand a significant mass. The rings are of high quality, do not fail during the entire period of operation of the model.


  • Superior quality;
  • Sufficiently reliable design;
  • Well withstands shock and other loads;
  • High sensitivity — you can almost instantly feel the bite of the fish.


  • Not suitable for oversized individuals.

Maximus Work Horse SWH21M

2. Sniper ULTRA SPIN 25

Sniper ULTRA SPIN 25 photo

The model is equipped with a lightweight handle made of cork, which does not absorb moisture and practically does not conduct heat. This allows you to comfortably fish at night and in the morning. The material will not dampen even in the case of prolonged exposure to water, it fits quite tightly to the palm. Compared to the handle, which is covered with a layer of foam rubber, the model weighs much less — this will be important at the moment when you need to hook the fish. Similar foam products are less durable due to their low strength. The cork handle is easy to manufacture, practically does not affect the cost of production. The blank itself is made of durable carbon fiber. It is quite rigid in the bend, with its help you can easily get a large or even a trophy specimen without damaging the rod.

Carbon easily withstands even significant physical exertion, including temperature changes, it behaves stably in strong gusts of wind. The spinning design is plug-in, so the casting accuracy is very high. Unlike analogs, the bait with this model can be cast over a considerable distance. Products are perfect for demi-season or summer fishing. It is characterized by versatility: such a spinning rod can be caught in running or stagnant water, on a lure, a wobbler, or on the most ordinary float.


  • The cork handle fits well in the palm of your hand;
  • A rigid rod helps to cope even with very large and strong fish;
  • Good resistance to moisture, wind and temperature changes;
  • Universal products;
  • Provides high bait casting accuracy.


  • It quickly loses its original appearance, but retains useful characteristics.

Sniper ULTRA SPIN 25



This model is rightfully considered one of the best among the cheapest models that are only presented on the market today. In the unfolded state, it has a length of 240 cm, when folded — only 123 cm, so it is quite convenient to transport it even in public transport. Despite so many decent overall dimensions, the weight of the tackle is only 148 grams, it is designed to use baits weighing from 3 to 15 grams. The rod is made of composite materials of medium hardness, but very resistant to fracture loads. The appearance does not cause much enthusiasm — the rod is painted in gray and black, which looks rather dull, but this is even for the better, since it will not be too striking to the fish.

The handle is made of cork mixed with foam rubber. It is quite large, but it is characterized by high ergonomic properties — it fits easily and comfortably in the hand, does not slip out even when playing a large individual. The reel seat is classic, very reliable. On the model, you can count 9 rings. Even at first glance it is clear that they are budget, but made of high-quality material with minimal friction.


  • Good value for money;
  • Increased blank power;
  • Perfectly shows itself both during coastal fishing and when fishing from a boat.


  • The average figures in terms of the maximum mass of the bait used are only about 15 grams.


Good inexpensive ultra-light spinning rods in 2022

3.Innova Ultralight 562XUL

Innova Ultralight 562XUL photo

Fishing using the ultralight method is becoming more and more popular today — it is based on the fact that the fisherman feels the bait passing through all parts of the reservoir, instantly feels the bite of even a not too large fish. This is the original series of rods in this class, which are characterized by a minimum weight, and the products are characterized by a high level of strength. The rod is equipped with modern rings and a nest for installing a reel. All of them are very reliable, matched and placed just perfect. Such a spinning rod is perfect for fishing in both stagnant and flowing waters. Anglers say that pond trout is best caught with such tackle, and besides, it will be very useful during paid fishing, when the fish behaves as calmly as possible.

The rod is quite flexible, but the level of strength is very high. In particular, it can be practically folded in half and not broken at the same time. Cork handle. The device has a neutral color so that the fish in the pond could not notice it above the surface. Spinning works well even with light lures: it can cast them to the chosen place even at a considerable distance. With the right selection of the reel, all the advantages of this gear will be fully revealed.


  • Excellent rod flexibility;
  • The neutral color of the spinning rod makes it invisible to fish, and it remains throughout the life of the device;
  • Cork handle;
  • High-quality reel socket and rings that allow line to pass through;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • On flowing reservoirs, you will have to constantly keep your hands in tension so that the bait follows the chosen trajectory.

Innova Ultralight 562XUL

2. Silver Creek (SC6102ULFS-AD)

Silver Creek (SC6102ULFS-AD) photo

Such products were developed for hunting such cautious fish as trout, however, when catching other breeds, this spinning rod proved to be a very effective tackle. The test range allows you to work with baits, the mass of which is in the range from 3 to 14 grams. The fishing rod is characterized by a very high sensitivity, so it can be used to carry out wiring even lures that weigh almost nothing. The blank is made of carbon materials, transmits even the slightest fluctuations of the bait to the fisherman. With the help of this effect, the angler will always feel even the slightest bite. In this case, it is necessary to catch the exact moment in order to hook the fish.

The rod is over two meters long and weighs only 98 grams. The handle of the design is spaced, covered with a special combined material, including natural cork and EVA. This substance turned out to be even lighter and stronger than just cork. To equip the blank, special KR-SiC rings are used. They have a minimum coefficient of friction, as well as low resistance to the passage of fishing line. Largely thanks to them, it was possible to significantly increase the throwing characteristics of products. The products were originally created for beginner fishermen, but they are often preferred by experienced anglers. The kit also comes with a fabric case, where it is very convenient to store the rod, for example, in winter.


  • The rod is able to work with a group of the lightest lures;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Suitable for both beginners and very experienced anglers;
  • Long service life;
  • Equipped with a spaced handle with an original coating based on cork;
  • Rings with minimal friction.


  • Tackle is sensitive to the headwind — it is not always possible to feel the bite.

Silver Creek (SC6102ULFS-AD)

1. Norstream Rebel RBS-662ML

Norstream Rebel RBS-662ML

Our leader was a unique model, which was created specifically for twitching fishing using wobblers. The size here is short, the handle has a small size, it is separated by one grip. Such solutions allow the most convenient manipulation of this spinning rod both during jerky wiring and in the process of fishing. The products are very convenient to use from the coastline, you can cast bait using a variety of methods. The base is quite strong, it is made of high-quality carbon fiber — it is a rather elastic and flexible material, it is able to bring out even a large individual. The casting distance can reach twenty to thirty meters, and the accuracy is very high. The rigidity of the blank will be quite enough to provide spectacular jerky wiring, to prevent failures, which, in the end, will lead to effective hooking.

The sensitivity of spinning is very high — the fisherman will be able to track the state of the bait from the moment of casting to the occurrence of a bite, respectively, he will respond in a timely manner even to light touches of a predatory fish. Spinning is assembled from two knees, which are fixed on the plug. Even with a strong overload, the probability of elements undocking is zero. In operation, spinning creates the feeling of a solid tackle. The design is strict — the tackle is made in black with small metallic inserts. The coil on the mount is held as confidently as possible — the manufacturer managed to achieve this due to a convenient and reliable holder equipped with an upper nut. The installation of a light holder is carefully calculated, so it will not upset the balance, allowing you to provide the possibility of long fishing using jerking.


  • The optimal ratio of price and quality of products;
  • Increased blank power;
  • Ability to use jerk wiring for a long time;
  • Spinning showed itself perfectly in conditions of both coastal fishing and fishing from a boat.


  • Not detected.

Spinning Norstream Rebel RBS-662ML

The best cheap jig rods

3. Elite JIG N’ TWICH 25 223 (4171-223)

Elite JIG N' TWICH 25 223 (4171-223) photo

This is one of the most modern models, which is used for fishing not only with jig, but also with twitching. The rod has a split handle made of EVA material. It has a top nut that is built into the forgrip. The ergonomics of the handle are carefully thought out, so there is practically no load on the hands during wiring, and when fishing fish, you do not have to make too much effort. Forgrip has an original shape, which allows you to place your index finger on the tackle blank itself. Due to this, the angler can almost immediately feel the bite and hook the fish in a timely manner. The tackle is equipped with anti-tangle rings, which are made in South Korea. They allow you not to be afraid of overlaps even when using soft braided cords instead of fishing line. The performance is very high.

The blank is made of ultra-light carbon fiber, is a plug-in design, which is almost in no way inferior to telescopic tackle in its qualities. A holder for a screw-type reel is installed here, so the angler does not have to worry that it will loosen with the active use of the unit.


  • Lightweight carbon fiber tackle;
  • During the entire service life, it retains its original appearance;
  • Can be used for different types of postings and baits;
  • Installed anti-tangle rings;
  • Screw holder for coil.


  • The cost is slightly more expensive than the average models on the market.

Elite JIG N’ TWICH 25 223 (4171-223)

2. Maximus Wild Power-X SWPX27H

Maximus Wild Power-X SWPX27H photo

With its quite reasonable cost, this model is characterized by excellent quality. Products are made on the basis of high-modulus graphite, so their weight is not too large, they also have a high level of strength and flexibility. The rings are arranged according to the classical technology, due to which the load is distributed evenly throughout the rod. The spinning action is quite fast, thanks to which it is possible to provide the farthest casting of the bait. At the top there is a corresponding tulip, made according to the most modern technology. With its help, it is possible to prevent the possible overlap of the fishing line in a timely manner.

The design is perfect for a range of baits and for almost all waters and fishing conditions. The handle is made of finely porous neoprene, dyed in various colors. The shape is anatomical, the grip is very strong and confident, even a novice angler will hold the model in his hand when a fairly large fish bites and starts to pull and go to the depth. Tackle can be called practically insensitive to various kinds of aggressive influences. The material has high elasticity, thanks to which all the declared characteristics will last as long as possible, it adds additional comfort during fishing.


  • Quite affordable cost;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Durable and abrasion resistant rings.


Maximus Wild Power-X SWPX27H

1. Vanrex Jig 21 LJVJ-882MLF

Vanrex Jig 21 LJVJ-882MLF photo

The developers created this rod specifically for jigging. The tackle has the most sensitive tip, due to which it was possible to achieve the highest possible tactility, which is necessary for jigging. Such products are perfect not only for classic jig, but also for all kinds of underwater rigs. The build is fast, due to it you can ensure the correct and easiest operation of the gear, regardless of the fishing phase. The general appearance of the gear can immediately indicate a high class of products, although the product is not too expensive. The length of the unit is 2.65 m with a weight of only 136 grams. When disassembled, the tackle is a two-knee model, its transport length is 135 cm, so it can be carried not only in a car, but also in public transport.

The blank is made from the latest carbon fiber, which is characterized by increased strength and good flexibility. Rings have special polymeric inserts. They not only reduce friction, but also prevent twisting or tangling of the line. The reel seat of the tackle is a screw-type design, so the reel is securely attached to the rod, without creating any discomfort when fishing even the largest fish. The manufacturer recommends using baits weighing 9 grams or more — in this case, you can achieve not only high casting accuracy, but also a good range.


  • Lightweight and very reliable tackle;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • The rings are equipped with polymer inserts that increase the casting distance and prevent line tangling;
  • When folded, it occupies a minimum of free space;
  • The polymer outer coating makes the rod completely invisible to fish.


  • The handle is not very comfortable — the bite is not felt immediately, but after about 0.5 seconds, because of which the fisherman may be late with hooking.

Vanrex Jig 21 LJVJ-882MLF

In conclusion, an interesting video

Well, here we have reviewed the most popular designs of the best budget spinning rods in 2022. We hope that you were able to find a product to your liking. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments to this article.


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