Many people have encountered the fact that they have to lower and raise the curtains every day — this process is not too laborious and does not take much time, but it often causes certain inconveniences, since a person has to make his way to the window. Often this is not very convenient to do. The technology of curtains equipped with an electric drive that appeared a few years ago became very popular almost immediately. This product can not only make life easier, but also bring it to a new level of comfort.

It is worth noting that electric curtain rods, or, as they are also called, smart curtains, are a new product, the main characteristics of which are not too familiar to most people. In this article, we will try to enlighten you on this issue. Here it will be described in detail about the main characteristics of these products — their varieties, configurations, and so on.

Electrocornices – product definition in 2022

The electrocornice is an original design made on the basis of a special lightweight aluminum alloy. It includes a drive that controls the movement of the carriage, a cable and a belt. It is worth saying that such devices are suitable for any type of curtains (English, Japanese, French, Roman, and so on), blinds, pleated blinds.

Key selection criteria

Key criteria for choosing an electric eaves

Each smart curtain is selected depending on the specific curtain compositions and the size of the window opening. It will be necessary to take into account a number of points:

  • Functionality;
  • Design;
  • The material from which the carrier rails are made;
  • Control type.

Let’s look at each factor in more detail in order. In terms of functionality, it is very important to look at which curtains the drive will be used for — almost weightless tulle, heavy curtains, blinds, and so on. The mechanism can be lifting or sliding, however, combined products are also on sale, which are equipped with several rows for different canvases.

As for design, here it is necessary to remember the following: each element of the interior must be combined with others and cause a certain aesthetic pleasure. Electric curtain rods are available in different colors and are characterized by a discreet and elegant style. Such a solution allows them to be effectively combined with various interior solutions.

Cornices of this type can be made of aluminum, plastic, steel or stainless steel. Of course, the material affects the quality, service life and overall cost of the model. In particular, to work with tulle, you can also purchase plastic electric curtain rods, but for heavy curtains you will need more durable structures — made of steel or stainless steel.

The control system must also be taken into account. Today, there are options that allow you to integrate electric curtain rods into a smart home system that can be controlled directly from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. There are also devices equipped with wired control, where the process of opening or closing the curtains is done using a button that is built into the wall of the room. You can often find radio-controlled systems on sale — it is controlled via a remote control. So it is very convenient to work with electric curtain rods installed on panoramic or simply high windows, as well as in rooms where elderly people live.

Under what conditions are electric curtain rods used?

Under what conditions are electric curtain rods used?

The equipment of an electric curtain rod can make life much easier, although many people think that such a system can create even more inconvenience. As a source from Prokarniz, which has been manufacturing these products for several years, told us, such systems are able to move heavy curtains, including those with velvet and multilayer curtains. Often, curtains look pretty good in rooms, which, together with decorative design, will weigh several tens of kilograms.

Also, electric cornices are very well suited if the room has rather high ceilings of a stretch type — it is quite problematic for people to reach the ceiling and close the window with curtains. These devices are ideal for hotels, country houses, public buildings, restaurants and cafes.

Where are electric cornices inappropriate?

In general, no normative construction documentation says where and why it is impossible to install electric cornices. However, there are a number of actual situations in which placement should be approached as responsibly as possible. In particular, the cornice moves the curtains automatically along a predetermined path. If there is a possibility that the fabric of the tulle or curtain can catch on the table, battery and other obstacles, then the use of such a device should be discarded. The fact is that the drive will continue to move, despite the obstacle, because of which the fabric will quickly tear.

Often in private houses there are window openings of non-standard shapes — arched, round or made in the form of a bay window niche. Of course, electric cornices can also be installed in such openings, but they will cost much more, since additional materials for engineering calculations and consumables will be included here.

It is far from always advisable to install smart curtains in standard apartments with a Khrushchev or Brezhnevka layout. In such residential premises, the ceiling height is low, so the purchase of these products will simply be a waste of money.

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The function of an electric cornice as an interior detail

The function of an electric cornice as an interior detail

Regardless of the type of operation of the mechanism, the sliding electric cornice is able to optimally fit into the interior of the room. External design will directly depend on the wishes of the customer, so you can order it in a classic style, modern style, and so on. A very attractive cornice with an electric drive will look like a high-tech style, which is characterized by a minimum number of decorative elements, the most straight lines, fittings made of plastic and so on.


Device types

Depending on the purpose and a number of parameters (ceiling height, window opening size), there are three types of cornices for sale — traditional lifting, sliding, system for winter gardens.

The first type is used for Roman, Austrian or French type curtains. On sale you can find devices in which the lifting height is adjustable, which allows you to choose products for various window shapes. You can choose options with or without boxes. Sliding systems are suitable for Japanese curtains, and they can be equipped with manual or automatic control.

What comes in the kit?

A set of standard accessories for an electric eaves is a standard parts that are assembled into a common mechanism. The carrier rail is made of plastic, stainless steel or aluminium. The curtain rope is made from the same materials. The engine that drives the entire system is an ordinary electric motor, which is characterized by a certain power that allows you to move even the heaviest curtains.

Often the kit includes a remote control or a dashboard attached to the wall. On sale today you can find devices that are equipped with a number of original sensors — light, temperature, movement. They are usually built into the presented mechanism and do not need a separate installation. All accessories are supplied in the kit. The user only needs to fix the cornice in its place and connect it to the mains.

How are they connected and configured?

How are they connected and configured?

There are not so many mounting systems — the most popular are devices fixed on side hooks. In this case, special attention will need to be paid to the length of the product — because of this, it is often necessary to purchase a custom-made cornice so that it fully fits into the window opening.

The cornice, designed for Roman blinds, is equipped with a special cassette, which simultaneously performs the functions of fastening and decorative element. It is much easier to install, and in terms of maintenance and operation, it is very easy. On sale you can find devices that include not only side hooks, but also a cassette. Due to this, the most reliable design is obtained, which is able to withstand significant physical loads.

If the distance between the walls is large, then a decent amount of money will have to be spent on making a cornice. It is not so easy to find a ready-made product of non-standard sizes for sale. Because of this, it is much easier and cheaper to purchase a device with a ceiling mount. This mechanism is very reliable, but you need to hang heavy curtains with a high degree of caution.

How do we choose an electric drive?

The main part in the electric eaves is the drive, which will be responsible for moving the curtains. For its normal operation, the device is connected to an ordinary household power supply with a voltage of 220 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. Electricity consumption is negligible — approximately the same as that of an incandescent light bulb.

If necessary, the drive can be connected to several curtains, if it has enough power. According to all modern Russian and international standards, such devices are equipped with fire protection, a layer that prevents dust and moisture from entering the engine. Thanks to the use of this technology, motors can be placed in rooms with a high level of humidity without worrying that the liquid will penetrate to the conductive elements.

Electric cornice

Control types

Despite the fact that on the market today you can find a large number of very different models of both Russian and foreign manufacturers, all these devices in terms of control can be divided into two large groups — remote and stationary.

The first type is equipped with a classic remote control, which, as a rule, runs on AA batteries. The buttons available on it allow you to perform the following operations — open or draw the curtains, adjust their movement in time. Stationary buttons are located on the dashboard recessed into the wall. To do this, it will be necessary to lay a low voltage line from the panel to the drives — this is not always easy to do, especially if the repair in the room is already completed. If, however, it was possible to place the panel, then the possibilities of programming the system become much wider. On sale you can also find combined options that combine not only the remote control, but also the panel.

Advantages and disadvantages, conclusions

Electric curtains are versatile, but they also have a number of other positive qualities:

  • They are very easy to mount — no special skills or experience are required;
  • Reasonable cost — you can find products to your own taste and wallet;
  • The electric drive is characterized by absolutely silent operation — cornices can be installed in bedrooms, children’s rooms, private offices. Such curtains do not distract from work at all, they create soft lighting in the room;
  • As a rule, electric motors are equipped with a brushless motor, which can ensure a long service life. In the production of such products, the latest technologies, lightweight materials are used;
  • They do not need special care. Eaves are well protected from penetration of dust and moisture, they retain their original appearance for a long time.

Like any other product, smart curtains are not without some drawbacks:

  • They require electricity to operate. There is no need to lay a new line from the electrical panel, however, you will have to think over the connection even at the wiring installation stage;
  • The installation process will require the involvement of a certain tool.

We tried to tell you in this article about electric curtain rods in as much detail as possible. We hope that this article turned out to be useful, especially considering that this product is new in the domestic market. If some points seemed unclear to you, then you can always ask your questions in the comments to this article.

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