Nowadays, it is quite difficult to meet a hostess who does not have such a useful and convenient appliance in the kitchen as a blender. Unlike a standard mixer, a quality blender can do more than just whisk or mix food. He is able to grind them with high quality, with his help they prepare mashed soups, sauces — this is a rather useful function that can greatly facilitate the preparation of any dishes or drinks. Stand blenders are considered to be the most efficient household appliances in making delicious and nutritious smoothies, drinks for professional athletes, batters, purees for children, ice cream and so on. Today we want to talk about our impressions of the Silanga BL1500 PRO stationary blender.

Packaging Silanga BL1500 PRO

general information

The blender has a pretty decent power — 1200 watts, which allows it to work with fairly hard products, for example, crush ice and any nuts. The device is characterized by a fairly wide functionality. It has a Japanese-made electric motor. It has the unique D-Safe overheating protection. This allows you to significantly extend the period of its operation. The engine provides rotation up to 31,000 rpm.

General view of the blender Silanga BL1500 PRO

The blender is equipped with a high-quality six-blade knife block, it is made of unique Japanese steel using the patented X-blade 2.0 technology. Thanks to this approach, the grinding of any products to a homogeneous mass occurs in just some 30 seconds. The design is equipped with several pre-installed programs, with the help of one of them you can even cook hot soup-puree. The heating of the contents is carried out due to the speed of rotation of the knife block, in parallel with this, the products are crushed.

Silanga BL1500 PRO blender motor unit

In total, the blender has three pre-installed automatic programs, the rotation speed controller here is mechanical. It seemed to us very convenient, since the user can choose the operating mode of the device on his own, depending on what dish he decided to cook.

The device is equipped with protection against unintentional activation, so it is absolutely safe to work with such a blender. The bowl is made of special material TRITAN, which is imported by a manufacturer from the United States. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it does not absorb odors and colors, does not release harmful or toxic substances into food. The working volume of this part is 2 liters. The blender compares favorably with similar products from other manufacturers in that the latter had a maximum rotation speed of no more than 25,000 rpm, although the motor was much more powerful.

Blender Silanga BL1500 PRO

Basic rules of operation

Silanga BL1500 PRO blender unpacking

The body of the model is made of high-quality plastic with a matte finish. This gives the blender extra style and appeal. Nevertheless, the mass of the device turned out to be very serious — it weighs as much as 4 kg. In principle, this will not play a special role, since the design belongs to the group of stationary devices. The motor base is also very large — 20 cm high, 19 cm wide and 21 cm deep, when assembled, the height of the structure is 51 cm. It will not be too easy to find a place for such a model in a compact kitchen, but the blender will easily fit into any interior.

Silanga BL1500 PRO delivery set

As mentioned above, the blender has three modes of operation — we talked about puree soup in some detail, now let’s focus on the rest. The second program is designed specifically for grinding hard and soft products, and it is recommended to add liquid. Its duration is one minute. The third mode is pulse — the blades will rotate at the highest speeds while the activation button for this program is pressed. The speed control, as was also said, is mechanical. There is a special rotary control for this, so the change in rotation is smooth.

Silanga BL1500 PRO blender motor unit

Now let’s turn to the basic rules of operation. Before connecting the device to the mains, you must make sure that the equipment is turned off and the speed control is in the first position. After that, set the bowl in working position and lay all the necessary ingredients there, close the lid. Only after that you can turn on the device and start working.

Silanga BL1500 PRO bowl

It should be noted that the maximum duration of continuous operation of this technique should not exceed three minutes. After this time, the motor must be allowed to rest for one minute, after which work can be continued. It is forbidden to carry out more than 10 cycles in a row — this will negatively affect the life of the motor. When the product is working, it is strictly not allowed to remove the bowl from the mount.

Closed bowl Silanga BL1500 PRO

If there is a need to mix viscous or sticky foods, then fill the bowl with a maximum of a third of its volume. In the case when smoothies are prepared, ice, fruits and water are added in a ratio of 2: 3: 3, the glass can be filled completely.

How to clean and troubleshoot?

Blender Silanga BL1500 PRO

Before cleaning the blender, make sure that the appliance is unplugged from the mains. After each use it is necessary to wash the glass, knives and all other surfaces made of steel. Do not use flammable or volatile cleaning agents or solvents during this process. Do not clean under water — this will lead to failure of the electric motor and other electrical parts. For washing use water not hotter than 60 degrees. All parts must be thoroughly dried before subsequent use to avoid short circuits.

The key responsible for the safety shutdown of the device is located on the back of the case. In the event of a power surge, the device will turn off automatically, after which this toggle switch will need to be returned to its original position. The manufacturer advises: after the first occurrence of such a situation, load only half of the glass, upon completion of the work cycle, it will be possible to use the device in standard mode.

Blender Silanga BL1500 PRO

Test impressions

Silanga BL1500 PRO blender dimensions

When we received this blender to test, the first thing that struck us was its size. This is really a very dimensional device, finding a place for which can be quite problematic, especially in a small kitchen. We decided to place it on the dining table, fortunately, the power cord is long enough and easily reached the outlet, we didn’t have to use an extension cord. Outwardly, I really liked the technique — it looks stylish, the assembly is of high quality, all the elements are fitted tightly to each other, there are no gaps between them, there are no backlashes and extraneous sounds when pressing on their edges.

Milkshake in Silanga BL1500 PRO blender

It cuts just fine. First, we decided to test the device on ice. It took some 25 seconds for 18 ice cubes to crumble. At the next stage, we poured 200 grams of buckwheat into the bowl. The blender coped with this task just fine — in a minute all the cereals were ground into dust, which, in terms of particle size, looked more like flour or powdered sugar. The pulse mode does a good job of chopping any nuts and hard vegetables such as beets or carrots.

Next, we tried to make an apple smoothie. 200 grams of ice, 300 grams of coreless apples and 300 ml of water were put into the bowl. After 40 seconds, a delicious and fragrant drink was ready, which gave vigor and added a pleasant coolness to the body, which will not be superfluous in hot weather.

Milkshake in Silanga BL1500 PRO blender

I really liked the quality of the knife, especially since, according to the manufacturer, it is self-sharpening. The device automatically turns off after a minute, but this is not too big a problem — it can be restarted. The bowl, after being taken out of the package, has no foreign odors, it is very easy to wash it. However, the lid closes and opens with great difficulty — you have to put a lot of effort into this. It is possible that this shortcoming will go away with time.

Blender Silanga BL1500 PRO

Pros, cons and conclusions

Like any other technique, we were able to identify both positive and negative qualities in this blender. I would like to start with its advantages:

  • Very stylish appearance and high-quality assembly;
  • Well-thought-out user security system and device protection from various emergency situations;
  • Excellent knives that can handle products of any viscosity and hardness;
  • The bowl is made of safe for health material.

Self-sharpening knife Silanga BL1500 PRO

Now it’s time to turn to a number of negative, as it seemed to us, points:

  • We have already said that the device is too large and not suitable for the compact kitchen that most apartments are famous for;
  • Very tight top cover — difficult to remove and put back in place.

Summing up this review, I must say that we recommend this blender for purchase, provided that you have free space to place it.

Blender Silanga BL1500 PRO

Specifications Silanga BL1500 PRO

User manual Silanga BL1500 PRO

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