Today, more and more people are addicted to air weapons — pistols, shotguns, rifles and so on. It is relatively safe, does not require a permit and does not have a very high lethal force. In specialized stores you can find a very large selection of similar products manufactured by various manufacturers — both domestic and foreign.

Many novice pneumatic lovers do not quite understand what criteria should be used to choose such products. Our article is specifically for them, however, more experienced users often get into trouble when buying similar products. In our ranking of the best air rifles in 2022, we will not only analyze in detail the performance of individual models, but also give the main factors that you should pay attention to when buying such units.

How to choose an air rifle or air rifle in 2022?

First of all, it should be said that the purchase of this device should be taken seriously and competently, so that the products bring real benefits and pleasure during use. There are models that still have to be registered with the relevant authorities — this rule applies to products whose power exceeds 3 Joules. All products with less power are not subject to registration: the main thing is that the buyer at the time of purchase should be at least 18 years old.

Be sure to pay attention to the caliber of the barrel — on sale you can find rifles with a caliber of 4.5, 5.5 and 6.35 mm. The first variety was developed specifically for training or shooting for fun. It is these products that are the most popular, besides, they are not too expensive. If the caliber of the rifle is 5.5 mm, then it will be suitable for hunting small game and birds. These models are designed for the production of hare, duck, squirrels or rabbits.

How to choose the right air rifle?

Giving preference to such products, users, as a rule, are guided by power, which should be quite large. The cartridge will have to penetrate not only a layer of wool or feathers, but also penetrate into the dense muscle mass of the animal. In the instructions for the weapon, the real power is far from always indicated, however, here you can find such a parameter as the initial speed of the bullet when it leaves the barrel.

Be sure to pay attention to the mass of weapons — the convenience of shooting and its final accuracy directly depend on this. The lighter the rifle, the more it will vibrate. At the same time, too much mass will tire the shooter if, together with the product, you have to travel considerable distances, as is regularly the case during hunting. In general, when determining the optimal mass of a weapon, the firing conditions should be taken into account. If the user plans to use the rifle exclusively in the shooting range, then the weight of the product will not play a special role.

Another key factor is the method of loading the weapon. For hunting, it is advisable to give preference to multiply charged devices — this allows you to spend a minimum amount of time reloading in case of a miss. For sports or recreational shooting, the simplest products are preferred, which are reloaded by breaking the barrel.

When choosing models to include in our ranking of the best air rifles and air rifles, we were guided by all the points indicated. However, we took into account several other important factors — the ratio of price and quality of products and user reviews. We hope that after a careful study of our article, you will be able to choose the best model for yourself, which is perfect for the chosen purpose. Now is the time to start a direct analysis of the useful qualities of each model.

Top 10 models of air rifles (air rifles)

10 Beeman Longhorn

beeman longhorn photo

This is a traditional model designed exclusively for recreational shooting. The barrel is breakable, and the fracture mechanism is quite simple and reliable, which ensures a fairly long period of operation of the product. The spring that sends the charge to the barrel has a decent amount of power. The barrel itself is made of high quality steel with increased strength. It is rifled, which greatly increases the range of the bullet. The rifle works with cartridges whose caliber is 4.5 mm, the maximum speed of the charge from the barrel is 330 meters per second. The barrel length is 468 mm — a very decent parameter for this product. The stock of the rifle is made of high-quality polymer materials, which are not at all afraid of changes in humidity and low temperatures.

Another advantage of the polymer stock is its low weight compared to wood. On the fore-end and the handle there are special notches that provide the most reliable and comfortable grip. The handles are ergonomically shaped and are very comfortable to hold. They are universal, so they will perfectly suit both right-handed and left-handed people. The trigger is adjustable, and this applies to both the length of the free stroke and the effort with which you have to press on it. The safety here is automatic, it will have to be removed before each shot. There are appropriate connectors for installing universal optics.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Decent workmanship and assembly quality;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Ideal for recreational shooting;
  • The optical sight is supplied in the kit, but it can be replaced with a better one.


  • The shutter is somewhat stiff.

Beeman Longhorn

9. Crosman F-4NP

Crosman F-4 NP photo

Nitro-piston model developed by American engineers. The piston immediately before the shot is filled with nitrogen, which, by the strength of its action, easily replaces the coiled spring. This rifle can be kept cocked for a long time, and there will be no damage to the speed of the bullet. The use of this technology can significantly reduce the recoil of the weapon and reduce the noise emitted by approximately 30%. The cocking system here is traditional — a breaking barrel. The stock and buttstock are made of reliable plastic, which can easily withstand both high and fairly low temperatures, moreover, it perfectly resists even serious physical impacts.

The optics are attached to the barrel using a classic dovetail mechanism. At the same time, the optical sight itself is supplied with the rifle directly. The mass of the product is 2.9 kg — for pneumatics, the indicator is more than significant, but this has a positive effect on the accuracy of shooting, since the vibration during the shot is minimal. The accuracy of shots for a single-shot fracture type model is simply excellent. Declared by the manufacturer, the speed of the bullet from the barrel is 365 meters per second.


  • The kit comes with a fairly high-quality optical sight;
  • The latest shooting system;
  • High strength;
  • Slight recoil and vibration during the shot;
  • Easy to operate and maintain.


  • A decent weight — it will be difficult to carry it on your shoulder all day.

Crosman F-4NP

8 Hatsan Striker Edge

Hatsan Striker Edge photo

This rifle was created by Turkish engineers, who managed to create a very high-quality high-power weapon at a very reasonable price. It uses the original manufacturing technology of the stock — it is made according to the skeletal method, which greatly reduces the weight of the product, but does not affect the level of strength of the rifle. Users who have used this product note a high level of shooting accuracy, good accuracy. The rifle can last for a long time, but periodically you will need to change the cuff and spring, because they can fail.

Before first use, thoroughly clean the barrel from the factory grease applied to it. The cuff is also treated with a special preservation oil, which causes the so-called diesel effect, but this disappears within a few days of intensive use. The assembly of the rifle is of very decent quality, so there are no complaints about it. The gaps between the prefabricated elements are minimal, there are no even the slightest backlashes, there are no squeaks even with strong physical impacts on the product. The trigger is quite tight, but it can be easily adjusted if necessary. The barrel is rifled, so there are no questions regarding the accuracy of shooting either.


  • High speed of bullet exit from the barrel;
  • Acceptable cost — one of the lowest on the market;
  • Very high quality manufacturing and assembly;
  • The rifle is a fully autonomous model;
  • A special bar is provided for fixing the optics;
  • The standard scope is equipped with a fiberglass thread.


  • From time to time, the screws will have to be tightened, as they will be affected accordingly by the recoil when fired.

Hatsan Striker Edge

7. Crosman Fury NP

Crosman Fury NP photo

At first glance, it may seem that this model is not something remarkable. However, the rifle has a rifled barrel designed for cartridges with a diameter of 4.5 mm; it functions according to the spring-piston type. Inside there is not a classic metal spring, but a gas one, which provides acceleration of bullets up to 365 meters per second — this parameter is even higher than that of the popular Makarov combat pistol. The handguard, buttstock and pistol grip are made of high quality rubberized plastic, which is excellent in resisting physical impact. It has a corrugated surface, so it will not slip in your hands. All other parts are made from reliable steel alloys. At the end of the barrel is a plastic muzzle, which provides increased accuracy.

The safety here is manual, made in the form of a flag, which gives it an additional resemblance to an additional descent hook. The latter can be adjusted if necessary. The gas spring is equipped with a special piston — these elements are produced using the original Nitro Piston technology. Devices designed for aiming are also made of plastic, characterized by a high level of contrast, so that they will be very clearly visible even with a lack of natural light.


  • Small weight, convenient stock for both right-handers and left-handers;
  • All internal parts are made of steel resistant to physical, thermal and other types of loads;
  • The gas spring provides negligible recoil, virtually silent;
  • Aiming devices have a high level of contrast;
  • It is very easy to disassemble if necessary.


  • Breaking to cock the hammer is not very easy;
  • Mounting bolts will need to be tightened periodically;
  • Difficult to find spare parts if needed.

Crosman Fury NP rifle

6 Hatsan 125 Magnum

Hatsan 125 Magnum photo

Another model created by Turkish engineers. This rifle is based on the use of spring-piston technology, which has recently been gaining more and more popularity among users. The device is characterized by a decent firing range, a long period of operation, and a beautiful appearance. This weapon is ideal for recreational purposes or for training purposes. If necessary, the scope supplied with the kit can be attached to the rifle. In addition, the mount for it is standard, so any other scope will work fine for this product. The range of hit immediately increases several times. Some users use this weapon for hunting small game. With it, you can hit a target located at a distance of 50 to 70 meters.

If necessary, the rifle is very easy to disassemble — for this you do not have to apply serious physical effort or use special tools. As in the case of the previous model from this manufacturer, the rifle should be thoroughly cleaned of canning grease before the immediate start of operation. If this is not done, then the spring and cuff will fail almost immediately. It is worth noting that the manufacturer has provided for the possibility of replacing the base spring with a gas one, and this modification will not affect the quality of the weapon at all.


  • The length of the stock is adjustable if necessary;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • High power level;
  • Beautiful appearance.


  • Pretty strong recoil;
  • The metal spring will have to be changed quite quickly;
  • Serious mass;
  • It’s hard to break the barrel to reload the rifle.

Rifle Chatsan 125 Magnum

5. Ekol Ultimate

Ekol Ultimate photo

The traditional spring-piston model, however, modifications can also be found on sale that have a gas spring. In the process of cocking the trigger, the barrel moves excellently in vertical planes. The rifle is designed for cartridges with a diameter of 4.5 mm. The bed has an ergonomic shape, is made on the basis of plastic with the addition of special polymeric materials. The butt pad is made of soft rubber, which can significantly reduce recoil. On the sides of the buttstock there are special cutouts that provide the most comfortable grip. In addition, due to them, the hands will not slip when shooting. Together with the muzzle, the length of this device is 1155 mm, weight — 2.63 kg. It is very convenient to carry it with you for quite a long time.

The maximum speed of the bullet is 380 meters per second. The trigger is cocked very easily, the return is almost not felt. Mount for installation of an optical sight is universal. The muzzle allows not only to increase the accuracy of shooting, but also to reduce the amount of noise emitted. The front sight, located directly on it, has a metal protection, so it will not stray to the side during operation. The safety is set to automatic, it is located in the immediate vicinity of the trigger, so you can remove it with the same finger as you press the trigger.


  • original shape;
  • Decent build quality;
  • Long service life;
  • rifled barrel;
  • Shoots almost silently.


  • The fuse is too close to the trigger — it is not very convenient to use it.

Rifle Ekol Ultimate

4. SPA PR900W

SPA PR900W photo

An original model that can fire both with a special 9-shot magazine and with a special single-shot shelf. It has a rifled barrel with an internal diameter of 4.5 mm. The rifle shoots air pre-pumped into the tank, and its volume is 100 cubic cm. It can withstand pressures up to 200 atmospheres. This allows for a high muzzle velocity of 275 meters per second during the first 30 shots. The kit comes with a tank fitting and a high pressure pump that pumps up the tank in the shortest possible time. The store is made of durable aluminum alloy, closed with a plastic lid. Sights are adjustable — the rear sight can be moved in two planes at once, the front sight is mounted on the muzzle, and the latter is equipped with a built-in sound moderator. It greatly reduces the amount of noise.

The optical sight is installed on one of three sites — above the bolt gate, in front of the store, or instead of the rear sight. Optics is not included, but the mount for its installation is universal. The fuse is a manual push-button type, located in such a way that it cannot be accidentally moved. The bed is made of German beech, has a special notch for a comfortable grip. It is carefully impregnated with varnish, so it perfectly withstands significant temperature changes, the gun can be used even in conditions of high humidity.


  • The barrel has 12 grooves at once, which is more typical for military weapons than for pneumatic ones;
  • High rate of accuracy of fire;
  • The muffler features simple structure but high working efficiency;
  • Can be fired using both magazine and single-shot method;
  • Excellent workmanship of the bed, which is distinguished by an attractive appearance.


  • A gearbox is not provided, due to which, with a drop in air pressure in the cylinder, the bullet’s departure speed will begin to decrease;
  • Fiber optics are not provided on sighting structures.

Rifle SPA PR900W

3. Magtech N2 Extreme 1300

Magtech N2 Extreme 1300 photo

Pneumatic products from this enterprise appeared in Russian stores not too long ago, but immediately began to be in great demand among consumers. However, the company manufacturing this model of pneumatic weapon has been on the world market for almost 200 years. The rifle has a spring-piston design, the barrel is loaded by breaking. The caliber is 4.5 mm. The bed here is semi-pistol, made of reliable plastic, which resists impacts, scratches and other physical influences well. The handle is almost straight, but it has three anatomically shaped finger grooves. In addition, there are three through cutouts at once, located along the butt from the butt plate to the handle. The butt pad itself is equipped with a shock-absorbing pad made of soft rubber that can resist high and low temperatures well.

The trigger mechanism is equipped with two sears, the trigger stroke cannot be adjusted. The fuse is manual, in the closed mode it almost completely blocks access to the trigger. The rear sight and front sight have fibeoptic filaments. The rear sight is adjustable vertically and horizontally. The front sight bracket is integral with the muzzle.


  • High power level;
  • The rifle has a special pre-installed gas spring;
  • A high-quality bed that can withstand absolutely any load;
  • There are anatomical recesses for the fingers, which facilitate the process of aiming.


  • Due to the high power of the spring, considerable effort will have to be applied to break the barrel.

Rifle Magtech N2 Extreme 1300

2 Hatsan Bullboss

Hatsan Bullboss photo

This model went on sale just a few months ago. It has a rather original design. Of the majority of rifles included in our review today, this device stands out due to the location of the cocking system closer to the butt, which greatly increases the rate of fire of products. The maximum bullet speed ranges from 295 to 326 meters per second, depending on the modification and caliber of the rifle, since it can be produced for cartridges with a diameter of 4.5, 5.5 and 6.35 mm. It uses the latest technology Quattro Trigger, which is characterized by the presence of a two-stage descent. To reduce the amount of noise, another latest QuietEnergy Technology system is used, due to which the sound of the shot becomes quieter by about two times.

The manufacturer also provides a universal Picatinny rail, thanks to which you can install absolutely any bracket and choose the most suitable optics. The forearm has a special section of the strap, where all sorts of accessories such as a bipod, a flashlight, and so on are placed. The rifle itself looks very solid and stylish. It well withstands absolutely any physical impact, does not need special care. Literally immediately after being taken out of the package, it is completely ready for use.


  • The latest technologies of various kinds are used in the production;
  • It is produced in various modifications, which relate, among other things, to the caliber of the barrel;
  • For manufacturing, only components of the highest quality are used;
  • Can be used for absolutely any purpose;
  • For cartridges, a special ten-round magazine is provided.


  • High price.

Rifle Hatsan Bullboss

1.Kral Al-145

Kral Al-145 photo

So we got to the leader of our review of the best air rifles. In the first place, we decided to place products from the world famous manufacturer of such weapons. The rifle has a rifled barrel, butt and stock made of high-strength plastic. The maximum muzzle velocity is 210 meters per second. The stock is equipped with a very comfortable pistol grip, it also has a non-adjustable cheek piece and a buttstock made of honeycomb rubber. This not only helps to reduce recoil to a large extent, but also to keep the pad in its original form throughout the life of the rifle. If necessary, the weapon can be fixed on a special holder — for this, a special insert is provided on the forearm.

All sights here are open, adjustable, have optical threads painted in contrasting colors. This moment facilitates aiming even at a moving target in conditions of lack of natural light. The front sight has a special corrugated type muzzle. It is also made of high-strength plastic, which makes cocking the trigger easier and more convenient. On the barrel there is a strap for mounting an optical sight. The fuse is installed manual, reliable, well protects against accidental firing.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Decent build quality and workmanship;
  • Very high bullet exit speed;
  • All spare parts for weapons are very easy to find;
  • Good accuracy and accuracy.


  • According to users, it is advisable to sort out the device and replace the cuff immediately after acquiring a rifle.

Rifle Kral Al-145

In conclusion, a useful video

We have come to the end of our ranking of the best air rifles in 2022. A sufficient amount of information was collected for each model. If you still have some questions, you can always ask us in the comments to this article. We will promptly respond to all your comments and provide additional information about the model you like.


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