Hairdressing salons have existed for a very long time — even in ancient Egypt there were similar establishments, but the standard range of their services has recently ceased to satisfy modern men, especially if they pay much attention to their appearance. In this regard, the so-called barbershops are becoming widespread — specialists working here will help take care of the condition of the hairstyle, as well as the mustache and beard.

Choosing the most suitable barbershop is not too easy — there are many criteria that you should pay attention to. So that you can choose the perfect place for yourself, we decided to rank the best barbershops in Moscow. Here we will not only give a detailed description of each of these salons, but also tell you what factors should give preference to one or another institution. Let’s start with this.

How to choose the right barbershop in 2022?

Today, these salons offer their customers a fairly wide range of services. In particular, despite the ever-increasing popularity of long hair, clipper haircuts continue to be in demand. This hairstyle does not need special care, it is well suited for business people and ordinary workers. In addition, stylists working in a barbershop are able to perform a professional haircut and work well on the image, to choose the most suitable image for a person.

Before all sorts of business receptions and solemn events, you can style your hair, mustache and beard. Many establishments offer the so-called royal shave — it is carried out with a dangerous razor, not everyone knows this technique, however, each barber has his own exclusive technique. Often children are brought to barbershops.

How to get a haircut in barbershops and how to choose the best one

The highest quality and qualified salon offers the widest range of services. When choosing an institution, you should get acquainted with the specialists working there in advance — there must be at least three of them, each with three years of work experience or more. It would not be superfluous to ask what cosmetics the master uses — it is necessary to give preference to barbers who use world-famous brands in their work. Often the client is offered a free bar with a wide selection of drinks, as well as tea and coffee.

In most cases, people prefer salons that are within walking distance. However, it is far from a fact that truly qualified craftsmen will work there, so it is advisable to go to a salon located closer to the center or at least to the metro station. In such barbershops, the probability of being in the hands of a truly experienced barber is much higher. An important role is played by the external and internal decoration of the room. If the institution is decent, then the owner certainly does not skimp on good advertising.

An important role is played by the price of specialist services. You must immediately be prepared for the fact that the cost of a haircut will be much higher than in a standard hairdresser. This is connected not only and not so much with a service that is more focused on the comfort of the client, but with an expanded range of services and the skill level of the master. For example, a stylish haircut and shaping of facial hair can cost about one and a half thousand. Having laid out such money, you can be absolutely sure that your appearance will be perfect.

When choosing salons to be included in the rating of the best barbershops in Moscow, we were mainly guided by all the above points. However, user reviews and value for money were taken into account. We tried to include not too expensive places in the review so that all our readers can afford a visit to such a salon.

Top 5 best barbershops in Moscow in 2022



International network of men’s hairdressers, which originates in Moscow. The first salon was opened in 2010, since then establishments have appeared not only in the capital itself and other Russian cities, but also in neighboring countries, for example, in Ukraine. The style of the premises is designed in the strict style of the company, which cannot be confused with anything else. The whole room is divided into several zones, slightly different from each other in terms of decoration. In the lighter part of the hall there are client chairs and, accordingly, the workplaces of specialists. The walls of the barbershop are finished with white ceramic tiles, which are combined with gray-blue wood elements. The waiting and resting areas are characterized by subdued lighting, with rough brick and dark wood on the walls. The rooms are additionally decorated with stuffed animals, real bikes with chrome elements. For those waiting, men’s magazines, tea, coffee, whiskey or beer are provided.

The range of services here is quite standard — any kind of haircuts and types of hair care, shaving, both regular and royal, the «Father and Son» service. The specialists work professionally with rich experience. If necessary, they can choose a haircut that is ideal for each client. With each master, you can just have a heart-to-heart talk, for example, discuss political and sports events, share your problems. At the disposal of specialists is only the highest quality cosmetics, perfumes and skin care products.


  • Acceptable prices;
  • You can make an appointment with the chosen specialist by phone, through the form on the website or through a special mobile application for iOS and Android;
  • Cozy and stylish establishment;
  • International network;
  • Large range of services.


  • A straight razor is only for a royal shave.



FRANT logo

Another actively developing network of men’s hairdressers, which is characterized by a special character and style. The company’s arsenal includes a very wide range of services — men’s haircuts, beard and mustache care. Shaving and so on. Today, salons are represented in 10 cities, there is its own academy for training specialists. Among the clients there are many famous personalities — politicians, actors, athletes, show business stars. The craftsmen work with both professional machines and straight razors and scissors. One of the most popular today is the Fade haircut, which uses several attachments at once. In second place is the classic men’s haircut of a universal type, which is produced with just one nozzle, and it takes only 15 minutes to work.

The barbershop also has services for young gentlemen. Services using straight razors are carried out according to world standards. All masters regularly improve their skills in modeling hairstyles, beards and mustaches. Professional care for facial hair is done with scissors and a trimmer — it takes a minimum of time, but the quality is noticeable to the naked eye. Dangerous shaving, care and haircuts are offered to customers both in a complex and separately. The head can be perfectly shaved with a dangerous razor, and then the skin is treated with special products for cleanliness and smoothness. Masters can even delicately camouflage gray hair if there is no more than 50% gray hair.


  • The highest quality beard and mustache care;
  • Own school of barbers;
  • Shaving with a dangerous razor fully complies with all standards;
  • A wide network of barbershops throughout the country;
  • Services are also provided for children.


  • Not the lowest prices.



BOY CUT photo

Also well known to Russian consumers since 2013. The services of this salon are used by many famous people, including most of the Comedy Club residents. The stylish format in which the premises of this institution are made is very attractive for both young people and representatives of the creative professions of middle age. The concept of a barbershop allows you to turn a barbershop in its traditional sense into a full-fledged men’s club. Here you can not only get a haircut and shave, but also order beard modeling, toning and hair coloring. The company is also engaged in the production of certified men’s cosmetics and perfumes of the highest quality.

For the convenience of customers waiting in line, there is free Wi-Fi. Of the services, the “Father + Son” haircut is the most popular, when the same hairstyle is created for both an adult and a child. It is hardly worth saying that all the craftsmen working here are professionals of the highest class, who also constantly improve their skills. In the barbershop, you can either tone gray hair or make it an integral part of the style.


  • Widely known brand;
  • All services are at a high level;
  • We have our own line of high quality cosmetics;
  • A wide variety of services of any direction;
  • There is a favorable system of discounts;
  • Relaxed atmosphere in the salon.


  • The mobile app crashes intermittently.


2. 13 Barbershop

13 barbershop logo

One of the key features of this salon is the possibility of tattooing. At the same time, the masters are able to choose a sketch that will reliably mask any scars. This procedure is absolutely harmless to the human body, unlike, for example, surgical removal of scars and scars. The only requirement that salon specialists make is that the scar must completely heal and heal: the tattoo should be applied about a year after its appearance, and possibly more. In this case, you will need an individual approach, which is provided by this institution in relation to any client, regardless of what service he came for. The pricing policy is quite reasonable, so not only famous and wealthy people come here, but also ordinary students. In general, this barbershop is a unique phenomenon. It is not a network — it is a single salon, which was opened by the famous rapper Timati.

Each specialist is distinguished by an individual creative approach to his work. Craftsmen can bring even the most daring ideas to life, as above all, the salon values ​​the individuality and high professionalism of employees. They also did a very good job on the musical arrangement of the institution. The owner included in the sound range not only tracks from his own work, but also works by other Russian-speaking rap artists. The salon is stylishly decorated, designed in the spirit of a loft, being in it, you can completely relax and forget about existing problems.


  • Superior quality;
  • Professional cosmetics are used;
  • Comfortable to be in the cabin;
  • The opportunity to get an exclusive haircut, a unique shape of mustache and beard.


  • Only one institution in the entire capital.

13 Barbershop

1. Men’s barbershop ALASKA

Men's barbershop ALASKA photo

The first barbershop opened in the spring of 2014. Today, this company is already a whole network of full-fledged barbershops, which are located not only in the capital, but also in Yekaterinburg. Hairdressing salon Alaska is designed for the mass consumer, for whom the possibilities of standard salons are no longer of any interest. The institution was created not for those who consider themselves to be hipsters or a fashionable party, but for the most ordinary people who simply want to look attractive and stylish.

It all started with a standard set of services — a haircut, beard and mustache care, shaving with a straight razor, but in the future the possibilities became much wider. Today, a hairdressing salon can offer its clients a number of additional services, such as a black mask, wax hair removal. In terms of pricing, everything is also quite loyal — the owners set the cost of services in the middle price range, which ensured a large flow of customers and the opportunity to receive quality services at an affordable price. Cosmetics are represented by well-known American brands — LockStock&Barrel, Proraso, Reuzel.


  • Several hairdressers in Moscow;
  • Only experienced craftsmen work;
  • In close proximity to the metro station;
  • Near each hairdresser there are parking lots;
  • Affordable cost of services;
  • A flexible bonus system is provided.


  • Due to the considerable employment of the masters, it is far from always possible to make an appointment with the specialist you like on the day.

Men’s barbershop ALASKA

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best barbershops in Moscow has come to an end. In conclusion, I would like to express the hope that after studying the rating, you have managed to choose the most suitable institution for yourself, where all your desires will be fulfilled and they will do it at a qualitatively high level. If you still have any questions, or if you want to share your impressions of visiting one or more of the salons reviewed here, then comments on this article are at your complete disposal.


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