Every person who has had to manually saw wood for several hours will be able to appreciate all the advantages of such a tool as a circular saw. With its help, you can cut any sheet materials, thick boards, logs, and so on as evenly as possible. This tool will be very useful not only for professional carpenters, but also at home. It is worth noting that such a tool is much safer than a circular saw.

Today we present you with an overview of the best circular saws, but before we begin to analyze the useful characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each individual model, we decided to tell you about the rules for choosing such a tool. This will help you quickly navigate the store and buy the best products with a set of necessary functions.

What do you pay attention to when choosing a circular saw in 2022?

First of all, you should pay attention to the engine power, since the efficiency of the tool will directly depend on this parameter. This indicator is most important if you have to work with dense materials. If the saw has an engine of low power, then it can jam when sawing a knot in solid wood. Experts recommend purchasing a tool with a certain power reserve — this will significantly extend the period of its operation. For domestic work, a motor with a power of up to 1 kW will be quite suitable; professional models are equipped with an engine whose power is higher than 1.2 kW.

If you plan to work with polymeric materials, then such a moment is not ruled out that the disk will heat up during operation, which will lead to melting of the edges. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to purchase a tool in which the idle speed will be regulated.

Choosing a circular plate

On sale today you can find rechargeable products, which are also equipped with a special battery. Such models are characterized by mobility, and in terms of power they are in no way inferior to their wired counterparts. Such saws can be safely used even in rooms with high humidity.

Plunge saws will be very convenient to use, which can not only cut from the edge, but also cut into wood or other material anywhere. The depth of cut is adjustable to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. Some of the safest are circular saws, which can work with fairly thick material.

When compiling our today’s rating, we took into account, first of all, the popularity of models, their value for money, as well as user reviews, both home craftsmen and professional carpenters. We hope that after reading the review, you will be able to choose the most suitable product for yourself. It’s time to start analyzing the models.

Top Battery Models

3. RYOBI R18CS-0

RYOBI R18CS-0 photo

This model is excellent for making long straight cuts, for cutting various types of sheets, for fine fitting decking, countertops, and so on. In addition, it will be very useful for fast and clean cutting of lumber. With a right angle set, the cutting depth can reach 52 mm — a very impressive figure, especially for battery products. At a 45 degree tilt, the maximum depth is 36mm. Due to these characteristics, you can easily perform almost any job. Adjust the cutting depth with the help of special levers, due to which the working settings of the equipment change almost instantly. The dust extraction socket can be rotated and its diameter allows the connection of a vacuum cleaner hose. The saw blade has a minimum thickness and a diameter of 165 mm and is equipped with 24 TCT teeth, which ensures excellent cutting quality.

The battery charges quickly enough — it takes only 2 hours. When fully charged, it can cut a 40m line on 13mm plywood, which is pretty decent performance. The battery capacity is 4 mAh. There is a reliable protection against accidental start, which ensures the absolute safety of the work.


  • Very low cost for battery products;
  • Good diameter standard disk;
  • The case is made of quality materials;
  • Long engine life.


  • Backlash appears on the spindle over time;
  • Under the disk there is a rather rare landing diameter.


2. Bosch GKS 10.8 V-LI 0

Bosch GKS 10,8 V-LI 0 photo

It has a fairly compact overall dimensions, such a tool is perfect for people who regularly have to deal with plywood, chipboard and other similar sheet materials, as well as boards of small and medium thickness. The equipment performs well when making short cuts. With it, you can work with material, the maximum thickness of which is 26.5 mm. With this product, you can easily lay a laminate, parquet or make a plank floor. The weight of the device is only 1.4 kg — it can be easily held even with one hand, which increases the comfort of operation.

There is a charge indicator on the surface of the case, which will tell you how long this equipment will last. There is LED lighting for the work area. An aluminum base plate is provided for high precision cuts. The case is made of reliable plastic, all elements are tightly fitted to each other, there is not the slightest hint of backlash. The saw has a keyless mechanism for changing the depth of cut and the angle at which the blade will enter the material. The handle has an ergonomic shape, there is also an anti-slip pad, so the tool will not slip during operation.


  • Perfectly combined with the entire line of tools from this manufacturer;
  • Extended equipment;
  • There are many useful additions that increase the comfort of work.


  • Both the tool itself and its accessories are quite expensive.

Bosch GKS 10.8 V-LI 0

1. AEG BKS 18

AEG BKS 18 photos

This is a fairly powerful tool, which, by the way, is far from the most expensive in its class. It will be an excellent addition to your home carpentry workshop. The quality of this equipment is at its best and fully meets the most modern international standards. This tool is able to almost completely replace network counterparts, even though it is equipped with far from the strongest battery. However, it allows the engine to accelerate up to 2500 rpm. Thanks to this indicator, it is possible to cut boards up to 50 mm thick both along and across without applying additional effort. However, this tool has one important problem: when using it in the warm season, the battery can overheat during prolonged use. Accordingly, this will trigger the overheating protection system.

For home crafters, this tool will prove to be ideal for a number of reasons. First of all, with the help of this unit you can get the most even cut. The equipment itself is equipped with a reliable protective casing that will prevent injury. The case is equipped with two handles with anti-slip pads, which are located very conveniently. The owners of this model also note the excellent balance.


  • For its characteristics, a very reasonable cost;
  • Excellent workmanship of the equipment;
  • Good tool performance.


  • In hot weather, the battery may overheat.


The best compact circular saws

3. Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit

Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit photo

The product has a durable housing made of rubberized plastic. This makes the design very easy to use. You have to hold the saw directly behind the engine, but this does not in the least create discomfort, largely due to the fact that such a model has a medium power motor with a low vibration level — this figure is 450 watts. The maximum disc diameter that can be mounted on such a saw is 85 mm. The maximum sawing depth here is 23 mm — quite enough for working with sheet materials or with not too thick boards.

There may be some issues regarding the need to replace the drive. In order to remove it, you must use two hexagons at once, one of which will hold the spindle in its place, and the second will unscrew the clamping screw. The moment of rotation on the disc shaft is transmitted from the gearbox using a special toothed belt, which after a certain period of time will need to be replaced. The design has an automatic engine blocking system, which is triggered if the engine overheats or encounters an excessive load. You can unlock it with a special button.


  • Very comfortable to hold in hand;
  • Reliable overload protection system.


  • Not very convenient to change discs.

Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit

2. Bosch PKS 16 Multi

Bosch PKS 16 Multi photo

The tool is well suited for making the most accurate cuts and cuts in materials such as wood, ceramic tiles, metal, plastic, and so on. It will be very useful at home. The equipment is delivered in a special plastic case with latches — this ensures easy storage and transportation. Inside it is the tool itself and three disks at once — one for wood, one for ceramic materials and one universal. In addition to them, there is a hex key and a special pipe through which the tool is connected to the vacuum cleaner. The body is made of durable high-strength plastic, the handle has an anti-slip rubberized pad. None of the users have any questions about the build quality — everything is done reliably and soundly.

The sole is made of carefully hardened steel. The supply cable is well protected against insulation failure at the tool inlet due to a rubber sleeve. The wire length is more than 2.5 meters — it is quite enough to work in a workshop or at home. The motor power of this tool is 400W. For such a saw, discs with a diameter of 65 mm are suitable, the idle speed is 6400 rpm. The mass of the device is almost 2 kg — the average, if necessary, you can even work with one hand. Not very noisy — about 97 dB.


  • Very ergonomic body;
  • Average indicators of noise and weight;
  • Carefully thought out system for adjusting the depth of cut.


  • The beginning of the wash down is not very well thought out, since the sawing edge is not visible at all;
  • The depth of cut is also limited.

Bosch PKS 16 Multi

1. DIOLD DP-0.55 MF

DIOLD DP-0,55 MF photo

Universal products of Russian-Chinese production. It is excellent for working with many materials: wood, chipboard, metal, natural and artificial stones. If you install a saw blade with special hard alloy plates, then this tool can be used to work with cement-bonded particle boards, phosphogypsum, gas-filled concrete. Work with materials containing asbestos is strictly prohibited. The manufacturer recommends using this tool in areas with a temperate climate, where the air temperature ranges from -15 to +35 degrees.

As a working surface, diamond-coated discs are used, discs with the inclusion of hard-alloy plates capable of withstanding up to 10 thousand revolutions per minute. The maximum continuous operation time of this equipment is 30 minutes. The motor power is 550 W, thanks to which it is possible to ensure a cutting depth of up to 25 mm. Speed ​​adjustment is not provided here, so it is advisable to immediately connect the device to a vacuum cleaner to minimize the amount of dust.


  • Very comfortable to hold in your hands;
  • Comes with a case.


  • There is no speed control.


The best saw blades up to 190 mm in 2022


STANLEY STSC1618 photo

This relatively inexpensive model in terms of engine power significantly outperforms even its eminent competitors. It has a 1.6 kW motor, the maximum saw blade diameter is 185 mm, so users never have any complaints about the performance of this equipment, and the maximum cutting depth is 62 mm. The platform of this product is stamped, so it should not be given a large load, as it can bend. Unfortunately, there is no anti-vibration pad, so your hands will get tired pretty quickly when working with this tool.

The saw is great for use in the home workshop, it is not enough for professional use. Despite the fact that the motor has a cooling system, after about 25-30 minutes of continuous operation, it still starts to overheat due to high power. The model has ergonomic handles and a system of protection against accidental start, so it will be absolutely safe to use such a saw.


  • Good performance in terms of performance;
  • Reliable engine with equipped cooling system;
  • The cutting area is clearly visible.


  • The platform is stamped;
  • With such power, the soft start system is very much lacking.


3. Metabo KS 55FS

Metabo KS 55 FS photo

A very comfortable product that combines a high level of performance with excellent ergonomics. Despite the rather large overall dimensions, this saw fits perfectly in the hand, does not slip during operation. The maximum disc diameter is 160 mm — a little less than other manufacturers, but also quite decent. A very original system for controlling the direction of the cut, and this can be done not only at a right angle, but also at an angle. The design feature of this tool allows you to cut at an angle of up to 47 degrees, however, in this case, the cutting depth is reduced from 55 to 39 mm. It is possible to work on the bus.

All cast structural elements are processed with sufficient quality. In addition, the setting of the exact zero of the angular scale is provided — this moment will be very useful if the parts are cut for joining. The vibration of this tool is not too strong, it was possible to reduce it largely due to the installation of special vibration-isolating pads.


  • Very ergonomic body, the saw is very comfortable to hold in your hands;
  • High performance level for a household tool;
  • If necessary, you can adjust the exact angle;
  • Ideally combined with tires of various manufacturers.


  • The chips scatter in all directions, therefore, it becomes very inconvenient to work without the involvement of a vacuum cleaner, especially in a small room.

Metabo KS 55FS

2. Bosch GKS 190

Bosch GKS 190 photo

This design is one of the leaders in our review of the best circular saws of the year in terms of cutting depth: with a right angle set, it can be 70 mm, with a maximum inclination of 45 degrees, this figure drops to 50 mm. The mass of the equipment is not too large — if necessary, you can even work with one hand. The ergonomics are good, all the handles are in place, they are rubberized, the saw itself is perfectly balanced, it does not fall on its side, it does not move away during the making of a cut. The outsole is quite thick and hard. In order to change the angle of inclination, two screws are provided — one each in front and behind. They are fixed very securely. The depth of cut is also adjustable — a special lever made of reliable plastic is provided for this.

There are two slots in the front of the base, thanks to which the cutting line will be perfectly visible, regardless of the angle of the platform. This saw comes with a blade with a diameter of 190 mm. It goes through wood very easily. The sawdust along the device forms a neat path, and does not scatter in all directions, so it is not necessary to connect the vacuum cleaner at all. The button does not have a fixation, so it may not work to make a sawmill out of the device, moreover, the manufacturer himself does not recommend doing this.


  • This tool has very high performance;
  • Large cutting depth;
  • Good range of cutting angle adjustment.


  • Too powerful fan installed.

Bosch GKS 190

1. Makita HS7601

Makita HS7601 photo

An English-made model, the design provides for a sole made of high-quality and fairly thick aluminum. The complete set of the device is quite rich: a saw blade is supplied with the tool, the diameter of which is 190 mm, the size of the mounting hole is 30 mm. In addition to it, there is a disk with hard-alloy plates, a hex wrench for replacing disks if necessary, a parallel stop and a pipe for connecting to a vacuum cleaner. The mass of the equipment is 4 kg — it is unlikely that it will be possible to hold it in one hand, however, the motor power of 1.2 kW speaks for itself. The maximum cutting height in this case is 66 mm, the highest disc rotation speed is 5200 rpm. This saw is also well suited for working with soft non-ferrous metals.

All mounting systems allow you to change the reach of the disk, as well as its inclination at an angle of 45 degrees. In this position, the cutting height is reduced to 46 mm. The length of the power cable is 2.5 meters, and it is quite thick and soft — the tool can be used even outdoors in severe frosts. The power button has a special protection against accidental activation of the tool. To turn on the device, you must first hold down the unlock button, only then the main button. The tool gains the maximum number of revolutions very quickly — within one and a half seconds. The saw makes almost no noise during operation, which cannot be said about other models included in our review. During work, it goes along the material very evenly, it does not go to the side.


  • The highest build quality, reliable case;
  • Despite the decent mass of equipment, it is easy and convenient to work with them;
  • The handles have not only anti-slip pads, but also vibration dampeners.


  • Not detected.

Makita HS7601

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, our review of the best circular saws in 2022 has come to an end. We hope it turned out to be informative for you, and now you know exactly what kind of tool you are going to buy for your workshop. If you still have certain questions, or if you want to share your experience with a similar unit with us and our readers, then welcome to the comments. Your feedback is very important to us.


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