Cough is one of the most common symptoms of colds, causing a lot of inconvenience. There are more than enough cough medicines, most of which are sold without a prescription. It is worth noting that the choice of medicine is determined by a number of nuances, the main of which is what type of cough you have dry or wet. In our recommendation material, you can get acquainted with the TOP-13 of the best and most effective antitussives in 2022, their pharmacological properties, pros and cons.

Dry cough (unproductive in the medical language) is accompanied by systematic painful attacks and sore throat, and it is treated with antitussive drugs.

Wet cough (productive in medical language) during which sputum is discharged. In the event that sputum is poorly discharged, it is recommended to use expectorant drugs that increase its production or mucolytics, which accompany less viscous sputum, diluting it.

The Best Cough Remedies

10. Ambroxol


From a number of mucolytic agents widely used during productive coughs and colds of the respiratory tract. Ambroxol promotes sputum discharge, treats chronic and acute bronchitis. This medicine is combined with a number of other drugs, increasing the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial therapy. The drug is very safe, so it is also prescribed for children.


  • No narcotic effect;
  • Availability;
  • Fast reaction.


  • Allergic reactions.


9. Bromhexine


An effective drug in the treatment of wet, productive cough. The drug is produced in the form of a mixture and in tablets and causes an expectorant and mucolytic process. The drug reduces the viscosity of sputum, and also increases its volume and softens its discharge.

The medicinal effect, as a rule, is shown from two to five days from the beginning of the use. Bromhexine is used during a wet cough, chronic and acute bronchopulmonary diseases, including trachebronchitis, emphysema. The drug is contraindicated in children under 6 years of age and pregnant women during the first trimester. If absolutely necessary, the drug can be used for up to four weeks without interruption.


  • Provides complex treatment;
  • Enhances expectorant effect;
  • Virtually no contraindications.


  • It is strictly contraindicated in people suffering from stomach ulcers.
  • It should not be used simultaneously with medicines containing codeine.


8. Broncholitin syrup


Medicinal syrup that expands the bronchi and has a deep antitussive and anti-inflammatory effect. The combined drug is considered safe and quickly alleviates the condition, it is also used in pediatrics, for the treatment of children from 3 years old, basil oil in the composition of the syrup has an antispasmodic and antimicrobial effect, ephedrine stimulates breathing, expanding the bronchi.

Broncholitin is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.


  • Available with a handy measuring cup;
  • High antitussive effect;
  • Based on medicinal herbs;
  • Availability.


  • Contraindicated for prolonged use;
  • Side effects: insomnia

Cough syrup Broncholitin

7. Mukaltin


A very effective drug, which contains only one active ingredient — an extract of marshmallow with a content of polysaccharides. In the treatment of wet productive cough, one of the most common drugs. Mukaltin enhances bronchial secretion and has an anti-inflammatory effect. On average, the allowed course of treatment is 1-2 weeks.

Side effects: an allergic reaction is possible. Mukaltin tablets can be washed down or dissolved in a small amount of water, which is considered more effective.


  • Availability;
  • Natural preparation;
  • Practicality;
  • Has no contraindications;
  • Has a pleasant taste;
  • Can be used by pregnant women (as directed by a physician)


  • Contraindicated in diabetes;
  • Contraindicated in exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Mukaltin tab.

6. Stodal


The best liquid cough medicine. Combined caramel-flavored syrup for wet and dry cough has a complex effect: it promotes the transition of dry cough to wet, helps to eliminate sputum, reduces inflammation and swelling of the mucosa.

No side effects of this drug have been identified, it can be safely combined with other drugs. Stodal can be used by both adults and children of any age.


  • Security;
  • Pleasant taste;
  • Convenient to dose;
  • Can be used by pregnant women (as directed by a physician)


  • Ethyl alcohol content;
  • High price;
  • There is no selection of homeopathic remedies.


5. Libeksin

Libexin for cough

Therapeutic drug, a productive remedy for dry cough, suitable for adults and children. The drug provides sputum thinning and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The use of Libexin helps to suppress the cough reflex and reduce the sensitivity of the cough receptor. With extreme caution, the drug should be used in young children.


  • Relieves chronic and painful cough;
  • Not addictive;
  • Removes phlegm;
  • Effective for the treatment of respiratory diseases, regardless of their stage.


  • Contains sucrose;
  • Accompanied by allergies and bronchospasm;
  • Contraindicated for prolonged use.


4. Stoptussin


Combined drug that has a mucolytic effect and prevents the cough reflex. A very popular and very effective remedy for an unproductive, dry and irritating cough, however, before choosing this drug as a treatment, you should thoroughly study the contraindications and side effects.

The drug Stoptussin is suitable for intensive treatment, it is contraindicated for pregnant women in the first trimester, and in the second and third trimesters strictly according to the doctor’s prescription, you should make sure that the drug is safe for the fetus. Side effects: diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, drowsiness, skin rash, loss of appetite, dizziness and headache.


  • Significantly facilitates coughing;
  • Relieves dry cough.


  • Contraindicated in prolonged and chronic cough.


3. Falimint


Antiseptic, antitussive remedy eliminates unproductive, reflex cough, dilutes sputum, relieves irritation. Tablets can be sucked up to ten times a day, Falimint is contraindicated in children under 4 years old, nursing mothers and pregnant women.

After using Faliminit, you should refrain from eating and drinking. The antiseptic drug Falimint is not intended for long-term use.


  • Highly effective for non-productive cough;
  • Has a disinfectant effect;
  • Safe drug;


  • It is forbidden to use small children;
  • It is strictly prohibited during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Falimint for cough

2. Doctor Mom (lozenges, syrup, warming ointment)

Doctor Mom (lozenges, syrup, warming ointment)

The line of herbal preparations Doctor Mom has an excellent expectorant effect and sputum removal. The composition of this medicine contains: basil, ginger, aloe, elecampane, licorice, etc.

  • Herbal lozenges Dr. Mom are productive during cough and perspiration. A unique combination of medicinal herbs helps to relieve inflammation and pain when coughing. The composition of herbal lozenges includes: ginger extract, licorice and emblic extract. Lozenges are recommended to dissolve 1 piece every 2 hours, so the daily dose is a maximum of 10 lozenges. They can be used from the age of 14.
  • Doctor Mom vegetable syrup has a complex effect: it removes phlegm, cleanses the bronchi, and is also a preventive drug. The syrup contains 10 medicinal herbs and is suitable for the treatment of young children from 3 years old.
  • Warming ointment Doctor Mom is recommended to be applied on the back or chest. The warming effect that the ointment has helps in the fight against both dry and wet coughs. The main active ingredients of the drug are eucalyptus oil, as well as menthol. Due to the composition, the ointment is absolutely safe for children. Ointment Doctor Mom is strictly contraindicated at high temperatures.


  • Softens cough;
  • Pleasant tasting;
  • Is a prophylactic drug;
  • Possible long-term use;
  • Accessible.


  • Possible allergic reaction;
  • Not very effective for severe coughs.

Doctor Mom (lozenges, syrup, warming ointment)

1. ACC

ACC for cough

The abundantly pronounced mucolytic effect that this drug has on the body allows it to be considered one of the best remedies in the fight against wet cough. ACC is effective and safe in the treatment of diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, oral cavity, and nasopharynx. It also has antitussive and anti-inflammatory effects. The drug, which helps to thin sputum, mucopurulent and purulent sputum, is granular (100/200 mg) with an orange flavor for making syrup and is available in ACC long effervescent tablets.

ACC is contraindicated in pregnant women, especially in early pregnancy, with caution should be used by nursing mothers. To avoid congestion of the respiratory tract, ACC is not combined with paracetamol, as well as with other antitussive drugs.


  • Effectively removes mucus;
  • Pleasant taste;
  • Relieves cough;
  • Practical packaging;
  • Helps with a huge number of diseases of the respiratory system.


  • Perhaps the development of allergies;
  • Many contraindications;
  • Contraindicated in breastfeeding and pregnancy.

ACC tab. thorn.

Folk remedies for the treatment of cough

Do not forget about the folk remedies used by our great-grandmothers to combat cough. The most common natural remedy is black radish with honey. Black radish juice has a positive effect on coughing, and sweet and healthy honey in combination with black radish juice is an ideal remedy for colds. These components are natural antibiotics, have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antitussive effects.


  • Natural antibiotic;
  • Natural;
  • Pleasant tasting;
  • Accessible;
  • No side effects.


  • Contraindicated in people allergic to honey;
  • Not recommended for ulcers and diabetes.

The Best Cough Medicines for Kids

The best cough medicines for children are:

Prospan and Gedelix

Made on the basis of thermopsis, marshmallow, essential oils and licorice. These substances contribute to the rapid contraction of the bronchi and make the mucus of the bronchi the most liquid, and also increase the amount of mucus.


The best dry cough remedy for children is inhalation, steam and moisturizing aerosols. Steam inhalations with essential oils or herbal decoctions provide antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. This range is also complemented by alkaline mineral water and natural milk.

Prospan or Gedelix


Cough treatment should be comprehensive, for this it is recommended to act on the problem from different angles: do inhalations, gargle, etc. For an effective effect, the choice of cough medicine should be taken responsibly, strictly following the dosage and instructions for use, understanding which drug which age category is preferable, and also take care of the proper storage of medicines. And do not forget to consult a doctor, because self-medication does not always promise a positive result. Take care of your health!!!


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