Every girl strives to look as attractive as possible throughout her life. Unfortunately, not everyone is satisfied with their appearance, so they resort to all sorts of tricks: those who do not like their figure go to gyms or fitness centers, go on diets, start to lead an active lifestyle or change their wardrobe. If the girl is not satisfied with the way her face looks, then she begins to use makeup or resorts to cosmetic products, in especially extreme cases — to the intervention of plastic surgeons.

Recently, more and more girls prefer the so-called face fillers. They are special fillers with a gel consistency and a stable structure. They are injected under the skin. With the help of these compositions, even quite serious aesthetic defects can be corrected or various kinds of imperfections can be eliminated. However, not all representatives of the fair sex know how to choose the right products. The specialists of our editorial office decided to contribute to the resolution of such a problem and made a rating of the best fillers. As part of this review, we will not only talk about the key performance characteristics of the products included in the article, but also provide information on the indications, contraindications and possible side effects of these compounds, give a number of useful tips on choosing such cosmetics.

How to choose the right fillers in 2022?

With the help of fillers, you can effectively smooth out wrinkles, cope with creases, almost instantly enlarge the lip, correct the oval of the face, and even smooth out very noticeable scars. The vast majority of such products are biodegradable formulations, which over time are completely absorbed and excreted from the body naturally. The duration of the cosmetic effect directly depends on the rate of resorption.

All fillers are biosynthesized products, that is, they are obtained only artificially, respectively, no allergic reactions occur during their use. It should be said right away that the use of this product is allowed only after consulting a specialist. First of all, it will help you choose the most suitable drug, taking into account the characteristics of the body. It is necessary to carry out this procedure only in the clinic by the hands of an experienced specialist. It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that in some areas of the skin there will be very painful sensations, and therefore often resort to the use of local anesthesia.

Before injections of the drug, it is mandatory to thoroughly clean the surface of the skin with a mild antiseptic. It relieves the surface of dust and developed sebum — this is necessary in order for the procedure to be absolutely safe. Then go directly to the procedure itself. The number of injections is calculated by the specialist depending on the desired effect, in this case he will start from the dosage of the drug. After applying the product under the skin, the beautician should gently massage the surface of the epidermis so that the drug is distributed there as evenly as possible. When all procedures are completed, slight swelling will be visible, which should disappear in about a couple of days. A stable result will be formed within two to three weeks.

When we chose products to be included in the ranking of the best fillers, we took into account all the points that we told you about earlier. However, a number of other points were taken into account — the ratio of price and quality of products, as well as feedback from the users themselves, who felt the effect of the drug on themselves, and the impressions of cosmetologists who had a chance to work with the presented products. I would like to remind you once again that the procedure should be carried out only by an experienced specialist, and you must first consult with your doctor in order to timely identify all possible contraindications.

Preparations intended for nasolabial folds

4.Princess Volume

Princess Volume

The composition is a high-quality product, the formula of which was developed by the most experienced Austrian cosmetologists. Today it is one of the most popular preparations for shaping the nasolabial area of ​​the face. The company that launched these products on the market has existed for more than 30 years. The result becomes noticeable almost instantly. The products are characterized by a unique technology for the manufacture of hyaluronic acid, which is the basis of this drug — its concentration is 23 mg per 1 ml. This composition allows you to ensure the safety of the use of products and the longest possible effect.

This formula is intended for people of any age, it does not cause any complications. The products are great for use on oily skin, with its help you can get rid of post-acne, restore a healthy look to your face, and also provide additional nutrition to the epidermis.


  • Excellent quality;
  • Additionally nourishes the skin;
  • Great for oily skin;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Lidocoin is not included in the composition, as a result of which the sensations during the procedure can be very unpleasant.

Filler Princess Volume

3. Belotero SOFT

Belotero SOFT

The composition was developed by specialists of the German company Merz Pharma. Its formula was originally created to increase volume, reshape the face, smooth the skin and remove expression lines. The drug almost instantly penetrates quite deep into the nasolabial folds, allowing you to very effectively cope with unwanted wrinkles. It is used in most cases for medium and deep layers of the skin. In addition to the usual hyaluronic acid, the formula provides a phosphate buffer. It helps maintain an optimal pH balance. The drug smoothes the reliefs of the skin, restoring its original elasticity.

The tool has a positive effect on metabolic processes, helps to cleanse the epidermis of toxins, which also has a good effect on the healing of the skin. The uniqueness of the formula also lies in the special arrangement of hyaluronic acid molecules, due to which the positive effect is noticeable for a long time — up to 12 months.


  • Effectively copes with skin defects;
  • Helps provide additional nourishment to the skin;
  • Unique formula.


  • In some cases, it causes severe swelling.

Filler Belotero SOFT

2. Hyalax Base

Hyalax Base

A monophasic product that is great for fighting wrinkles located in the nasolabial folds, but this product is universal. It can be used to align all facial contours. The products are characterized by a very dense texture, the formula contains hyaluronic acid synthesized in the laboratory. The effect of use persists for a year, the concentration of the active active ingredient is 2.4%.

The key positive quality of this composition is a high degree of purification during the manufacturing process. The filler is completely free from residues of essential molecules and proteins, which makes it absolutely safe to use. The gel is designed to combat wrinkles of various depths. A positive effect is noticeable immediately after using the drug, however, within one or two days, small hematomas may appear in the areas where the composition was applied.


  • A high degree of purification makes the drug completely harmless;
  • Can be used even for very deep wrinkles;
  • Able to smooth the contour of the face.


  • The drug is more expensive compared to the rest.

Filler Hyalax Base

1. Restylane Perlane

Restylane Perlane

The anti-wrinkle product is produced by Swedish specialists. The composition contains two main active components at once — hyaluronic acid, synthesized in the laboratory, as well as sodium chloride, with the help of which it spreads as quickly and evenly as possible in the skin. The consistency of medium density is introduced into the epidermis almost painlessly, and the positive effect persists for a whole year, after which the composition is independently and fully removed from the human body. Perfect for nasolabial folds, restoring beauty and youth to the face.

Provides additional hydration of the skin, aggressive components in this preparation are not observed. Products have a positive effect on skin color, wrinkles disappear almost instantly. The product is absolutely sterile.


  • Additionally saturates the skin with moisture;
  • The positive effect is noticeable almost instantly;
  • The composition does not contain aggressive components.


  • Except for the high cost has not been identified.

Filler Restylane Perlane

Best lip fillers in 2022

4 Sardenya Deep

Sardenya Deep

One of the cheapest positions in our ranking of the best fillers designed to correct lip volume. The composition is able to cope with even the most problematic cases. It makes the skin moisturized and even, can fight even serious age-related changes. The formula contains a small concentration of lidocaine, due to which the procedure becomes less painful. The function of the active ingredient in this case is performed by hyaluronic acid obtained in the laboratory, the concentration of which is 24 mg / ml of the product. There is also a saline solution with phosphate buffer, providing a pH of 7.0.

With the help of this filler, you can get plump lips that will look as natural as possible. This remedy is easily tolerated, no problems with subsequent healing are observed. The maximum duration of the positive effect is 12 months, but there have been cases when the drug lasted for a year and a half.


  • Safety of use;
  • Rapid healing;
  • Virtually painless insertion;
  • Carefully balanced formula.


  • The work should be trusted only to an experienced cosmetologist, since the gel is prone to migration in the skin.

Filler Sardenya Deep

3. Revolax Deep

Revolax Deep

This tool is very easy to use, it has no contraindications and does not cause complications, it allows you to provide an almost instantaneous effect. Products are used not only for the lip area, it is quite acceptable to use it to correct any areas of the face. The filler is characterized by high viscosity and elasticity, so it can be used absolutely painlessly. The composition contains completely dehydrated hyaluronic acid. The manufacturer did not in vain introduce this particular substance into the formula, since after the end of the session it does not lead to puffiness. No side effects such as inflammation or peeling are observed, however, slightly noticeable hematomas may still appear, but they pass in a matter of days.

The original composition returns the natural volume to the lips, allows you to get rid of even vertical skin creases that are typical for lips at the age of 40-45. The duration of the positive effect reaches 12 months. The formula contains Lidocoin.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Ease of use;
  • Complications and side effects are not observed;
  • The effect is noticeable almost immediately.


  • Small hematomas sometimes still form.

Filler Revolax Deep

2. Juvederm Ultra Smile

Juvederm Ultra Smile

One of the best lip shaping products in the world today. The filler is made on the basis of biosynthesized hyaluronic acid, so you can absolutely not be afraid of allergic reactions. This composition is recommended by almost all experts in the field of cosmetology. It is ideal for lip augmentation or lip shaping. Using it is quite simple, besides, the duration of the procedure takes no more than half an hour.

The composition contains lidocaine, which reduces the sensitivity of the skin, as well as a special auxiliary component — a phosphate buffer. The products are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic, although if you have to work with rather sensitive skin, small bruises can often occur. Absolutely all unpleasant symptoms disappear a maximum of a week after the procedure.


  • Carefully thought-out composition;
  • High quality components;
  • Long-term positive effect;
  • No allergic reactions.


  • For a filler intended for lip correction, it is quite expensive.

Filler Juvederm Ultra Smile

1. Surgiderm 30XP

Surgiderm 30XP

In the first place in this part of our review of the best fillers for lip shape correction, it was deservedly French-made products, which are made only on the basis of artificially synthesized materials. The consistency is optimal for quick and painless injection into the skin. The composition is distributed there as evenly as possible, the positive effect becomes noticeable in just a couple of hours.

Hyaluronic acid undergoes additional processing using the technology of the so-called three-dimensional matrix. Thanks to this approach, the filler becomes as flexible and effective as possible, it is perfect for increasing the volume of the lips. They will look attractive and natural throughout the whole year, although many users note that in fact the positive effect is noticeable much longer — up to one and a half years.


  • Optimal consistency;
  • Application safety;
  • Long-term effect — up to 18 months;
  • Biocompatible agent.


  • If the skin of the lips is very sensitive, then painful sensations are still possible.

Filler Surgiderm 30XP

Fillers for the eye area

2. Restylane Touch

Restylane Touch

The drug is intended for the point removal of wrinkles, in addition, it can be used to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes and fill the nasolacrimal groove. Products are characterized by increased rates of plasticity, plasticity, due to which the positive effect will persist for a very long time. The filler is not prone to rejection, as it contains hyaluronic acid synthesized in the laboratory. The recovery period after using such a remedy is not required — you only need to refrain from physical exertion and visiting a sauna or bath for the next two weeks.

The filler is universal. It is used to combat fine wrinkles around the eyes, even in areas where there is a branched vascular network. The final result is formed within five days after the end of the procedure. The formula is ideally compatible with any preparations made on the basis of hyaluronic acid.


  • Safety of use;
  • Stable lasting effect;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Not very common for sale.

Filler Restylane Touch

1 Style S

Style S

Products of the world famous French company Laboratorie Vivacy, which is characterized by a unique composition. It contains a small concentration of lidocaine, there is also mannitol, which ensures the maximum duration of the positive effect. A special technology allows you to achieve a special density of this product, so that side effects can be minimized. The concentration of products in tissues for a long time is at a high level.

The positive effect persists for 9 months, the drug is administered almost painlessly. The concentration of hyaluronic acid is 16 mg/ml. The composition easily copes with wrinkles around the eyes, allows you to effectively deal with deep and superficial defects that disappear literally immediately after the introduction of the product.


  • Excellent quality;
  • It is entered painlessly;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • The positive effect is noticeable almost immediately after the administration of the drug.


  • Several treatments are required to achieve optimal results.

Stylage S filler

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best fillers has come to an end. If you still have certain questions regarding any of the goods presented here, then you can always ask them to our specialists in the comments to this article. Before we say goodbye, we want to remind you once again that before using such cosmetics, you must always consult a doctor — only a specialist will be able to determine the possible contraindications and side effects.


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