Every pet owner is probably aware of the severe discomfort caused to his pet by various kinds of external parasites such as fleas, ticks, and so on. Recently, the choice of means to combat them has become even greater, but the effectiveness of many of them is very doubtful. In most cases, people prefer collars, but they are not able to remove fleas and other parasites from wool for a long time, which is why they reappear after a while.

Much more effective means are tablets, which not only help to get rid of parasites, but also can significantly increase the animal’s immunity, improve overall health, and make the appearance more attractive. Unfortunately, not all users know how to properly approach the purchase of such a product. We decided to correct this shortcoming and made a rating of the best products for protecting pets from external parasites in 2022. In it, we will take a closer look at the most popular remedies, as well as give some useful tips that will definitely help you choose the best medicine for your pet.

How to choose the right drug for protection against parasites?

Any external parasites cause a lot of inconvenience to the pet — the skin is very itchy, pathogenic bacteria can get into the blood along with saliva when bitten, and so on. In general, fleas, ticks and other insects infest the coat of a pet if there has been contact with an individual that is a carrier, or in places where these parasites are found. Fleas and ticks can sit on the leaves of shrubs, grass stems, the former have a powerful jump, the latter simply cling tightly to the woolen cover.

Skin itching is not the most terrible symptom of infection with such parasites. In some animals, hair begins to fall out, and small sores appear on the skin in those places where the pet constantly combs the skin, and individual clusters of larvae can be observed on individual hairs. This also negatively affects the behavior of the animal — the pet can become irritable, its appetite worsens, sleep is disturbed, eyes may begin to water, and so on. In the most severe cases, extensive bald patches may be observed around the croup or at the withers.

It is most effective to purchase tablets of a universal type that allow you to cope with ticks, fleas, helminths and other parasites. When choosing, it is imperative to take into account the duration of the drug. Usually in the package there is a blister with three tablets, each of which is designed for a month. You can find packages with one tablet — it has an increased dosage, so the effect of taking it will last for three months. You should purchase such products in veterinary shops or pharmacies, but first you should carefully study the description of the drug for contraindications, possible side effects.

When we chose products to include in our ranking of the best products for protecting pets from external parasites, we took into account all the factors discussed earlier. However, a number of other points were taken into account: value for money, we also analyzed many user reviews so that only the most effective and safest drugs for the animal were included in the review.

Top 10 best drugs for external parasites

10. Simparika

Symparika photo

These are liver flavored chewable tablets that are equally loved by both dogs and cats. With their help, you can reliably protect the animal from fleas, most varieties of ixodid ticks, demodicosis and ear mites. One tablet will be enough to keep your pet protected for up to 35 days minimum. The package contains three tablets, which will be a good guarantee of the absence of external parasites throughout the warm season.

The drug is available in several dosage options for animals whose weight ranges from 1.3 to 60 kg. Particular attention should be paid to this — the product must be purchased in strict accordance with the weight of the animal. This is necessary in order to prevent overdose. Pets eat this medicine with pleasure, mistaking it for a treat. In the first days after consumption, there may be slight lethargy, a slight upset of the digestive system, but this is not always the case.


  • Large choice of dosage;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Attractive taste and aroma make it easier to take;
  • The animal can be bathed after taking the medicine;
  • High level of efficiency.


  • A number of side effects are still present, but they appear, fortunately, very rarely.

Symparica for fleas, ticks, helminths

9. Frontline Neckgard

Frontline Neckgard photo

Another chewable tablet developed by veterinarians of a well-known French corporation that has been producing medicines for pets for many years. They also taste very pleasant, they fight parasites just fine. Not the slightest trace of insects that have infected the pet’s hair remains literally two days after taking the remedy. The duration of the drug is one month. In the reviews, users note ease of use and a lasting positive effect.

It is necessary to choose the drug according to the weight of the animal, however, it should be noted that such tablets can be given even to pets, starting from the age of two months. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the dosage or use the drug for a long time. Otherwise, there is a decrease in appetite, diarrhea, lethargy and drowsiness.


  • Very convenient to apply;
  • Active substances circulate through the circulatory system for a long time;
  • There is no need to refrain from bathing your pet;
  • The smell is pleasant for the animal and neutral for humans.


  • Quite high cost compared to other drugs;
  • It is necessary to strictly observe the dosage and the period of administration in order to avoid negative consequences.

Frontline Neksgard from fleas, ticks, helminths

8. Bravecto

Bravecto photo

One of the fastest acting pills, the effect of its use occurs literally three hours after ingestion, and all parasites die completely after 10-12 hours. The manufacturer allows the use of the drug for prophylactic purposes — in this case, the positive effect will last for three months. It is worth noting that re-infection with parasites when using such a drug is completely excluded, since blood-sucking insects will die before they lay their eggs.

It should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. In particular, the packaging states that it is forbidden to break the shell of the tablets or give them to animals that are less than two months old. Dosage options are not provided, it is allowed to give such tablets to pets whose weight is more than two kilograms. In the reviews, pet owners note long-term effectiveness, but a number of possible side effects are still present, but they depend on the characteristics of the pet’s body. In particular, vomiting or intestinal upset may occur.


  • Qualitatively protects against ticks and fleas;
  • Can be given to animals over the age of two months;
  • Long-term positive effect;
  • High level of versatility.


  • Quite expensive;
  • It does not have an attractive taste and smell, so the animal may refuse to take the drug voluntarily;
  • Serious side effects.

Bravecto for fleas, ticks, worms

7. Bayer Lawyer

Bayer lawyer photo

The first remedy in our review of the best drugs for protecting animals from external parasites, presented in the form of drops. They are allowed to be used as a medicinal or prophylactic agent. This type of drops is very popular among owners, largely due to high efficiency rates. Fleas and the vast majority of varieties of ticks die almost instantly, without having time to multiply strongly. The medicine is used strictly in one ampoule, depending on the weight of the pet. Apply it to the withers so that the animal cannot reach it with its tongue. The duration of action is 28 days.

An important positive quality is the ability to use the product for pregnant and lactating animals. The composition is practically harmless to the health of the pet.


  • Within a few hours, rids the animal’s hair of parasites;
  • A single application is quite enough;
  • Suitable even for pregnant pets.


  • Quite expensive;
  • In the early days, an unpleasant odor comes from the dog, but in the future it disappears.

Bayer Flea, Tick, Helminth Advocate

6. Frontline (Merial) Combo S

Frontline (Merial) Combo S photo

Another French-made product, it is able to show excellent results in the fight against skin parasites. According to current state standards, the drug belongs to moderately dangerous, so it should be used with a certain degree of caution. Designed for animals of different weight categories, so the manufacturer has put information on the packaging regarding the optimal dosage for a pet, depending on its weight.

The medicine not only protects the animal, but the entire apartment from external parasites, preventing their subsequent reproduction. Completely eliminates ticks and fleas literally on the first day after application. The drug is not absorbed into the circulatory system, respectively, does not harm the health of the animal. The protective effect is observed within a month.


  • Supplied in a fully sealed package;
  • Suitable for large dog breeds
  • It is not absorbed into the skin, does not enter the circulatory system;
  • High degree of efficiency;
  • Eliminates parasites in a short time.


  • The animal must not be bathed for two days before and after applying the product;
  • Not suitable for small and sick animals.

Frontline (Merial) Combo S from fleas, ticks, helminths

5. Bars

Bars photo

A fairly effective remedy that actively and for a long time rids the animal of fleas and ticks. The exposure period reaches one and a half months, which makes this drug one of the most effective in this review. The drug is resistant to moisture. This allows you to provide long-term protection against all kinds of parasites for after repeated bathing of your pet.

Drops are a repellent that has a depressing effect on parasites, protecting them from bites. A similar effect was achieved largely due to the unpleasant smell for insects, which is not felt by animals and people. Suitable for pets over 2 months old. Four convenient pipettes are supplied with the product, there are detailed instructions and a scheme for applying to the animal’s coat. One ampoule of the product is designed for an animal weighing 10 kg.


  • Prolonged exposure;
  • Easy to apply;
  • High degree of efficiency;
  • Quite affordable cost — one of the cheapest drugs on the Russian market.


  • For large animals, several ampoules will have to be used;
  • The formula contains active chemical compounds.

Bars from fleas, ticks, helminths

4. Helminthal

Helminthal photo

Another inexpensive, but at the same time very effective drops of domestic production. They are characterized by a combined formula and a complex effect on the animal’s coat, which provides comprehensive protection against parasites. The composition is based on moxidectin and traziquantel, which helps to fight not only fleas or ticks, but also many varieties of helminths. The drug is available separately for cats and dogs. For cats, there are two dosages: one is for pets weighing up to 4 kg, the second is designed for pets from 4 to 10 kg.

The release format is not limited to drops, you can find a medicine that is made in the form of tablets or syrup. This is quite convenient, as it helps to give the remedy to the animal without any problems. However, users in the reviews note a number of side effects. For example, the animal may become lethargic or experience other kinds of discomfort after taking the medication. The drops come with a pipette, which is not very convenient to use, and they themselves smell quite strong and not very pleasant.


  • Available in several convenient formats, each of which is easy to use;
  • High level of effectiveness of the tool;
  • Long-term positive action;
  • There are options for dogs and cats.


  • Side effects are observed with enviable regularity, although they pass quite quickly.

Helmintal from fleas, ticks, helminths

3. Beaphar Spot On Spray

Beaphar Spot On Spray photo

In third place in the ranking of the best remedies that protect against various external parasites was a Belgian-made spray, characterized by a natural composition. The key active ingredients here are lavender oils, cytonella and ricin oil. They have the most gentle effect on the pet’s coat, not only destroy, but also repel parasites. The spray has a pleasant smell, is absolutely harmless to the health of pets and humans.

The drug does not work for too long — only about two days. However, this makes it very suitable for animals that do not go out too often. The treatment starts from the tail and gradually moves to the pet’s head, and it is necessary to wait until the coat dries from the spray on its own. The drug begins to act actively immediately after application.


  • Consists exclusively of natural and useful components;
  • It is characterized by a pleasant and not very sharp aroma;
  • Absolutely safe for animal and human health;
  • Suitable for pets over 3 months old.


  • Quite expensive;
  • Consumed quickly;
  • The useful life is short.

Beaphar Spot On Spray for fleas, ticks, worms

2. Stronghold

Stronghold photo

It is made in the form of drops that must be applied to the withers of the animal. The drug has a universal action, so it protects not only from fleas and ticks, but also reliably protects the pet’s body from helminths. The main active substance here is selamectin, which has a very wide spectrum of action. This tool is almost completely safe for both humans and animals. The manufacturer has developed drops designed either for cats only or for cats and dogs.

The kit comes with everything you need to provide long-term protection of wool from parasites. The reviews say that the drug is easy to apply, it does not smell at all. It is absorbed into the animal’s coat within a few minutes, and there are no greasy marks left on the hairs. If you strictly follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer, then any negative consequences can be avoided.


  • Very quickly rids the animal’s hair of any external parasites;
  • The pet does not experience the slightest discomfort;
  • There is no foreign smell;
  • Absorbed very quickly;
  • Easy to use.


  • It is quite expensive considering that this is a means of domestic production.

Stronghold against fleas, ticks, helminths

1. Inspector Quadro Tabs

Inspector Quadro Tabs photo

One of the newest means in the field of combating various kinds of parasites that live in the fur of animals or in their intestines. With the help of these tablets, it is possible to cope with 20 varieties of external and internal parasites, among which there are ticks, fleas, other insects, tapeworms and roundworms. The drug gets rid of parasites, regardless of the stage of their development — eggs, larvae or already adult sexually mature individuals. Lufenuron, moxidectin, and praziquantel are used here as the main active substances. In total, there are four varieties on the market — for cats weighing from 0.5 to 2 kg, for cats and dogs weighing from 2 to 8 kg, for cats and dogs that weigh from 8 to 16 kg, as well as for dogs weighing over 16 kg .

The drug is allowed to be given to animals from the age of six weeks. To ensure comprehensive protection of the pet’s body, the remedy is given once every five weeks. The parasites die within 12 hours of taking this medicine. It is distributed evenly throughout the body of the animal, without remaining on the coat or skin.


  • Several active substances in the composition at once;
  • Suitable for both dogs and cats;
  • Quickly copes with external and internal parasites;
  • It is evenly distributed throughout the body of the animal;
  • Long term exposure;
  • It is easy to choose a dosage depending on the weight of the animal.
  • It is possible for animals with a body weight of 500 grams;
  • Beef flavored tablets for easy feeding.


  • It was not revealed.

Inspector Quadro Tabs for fleas, ticks, worms

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, our rating of drugs that protect animals from external parasites has come to its logical end. I would like to believe that now you have become better versed in this issue and will be able to choose a drug for your family pet that will protect its fur from various pests for a long time, and the animal will continue to be active and cheerful. However, in the end, I would like to advise you to consult a veterinarian for possible contraindications before use.


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