Backpacks have long become a very convenient and comfortable accessory not only for children, but also for adults. They are characterized by a decent capacity, so you can take absolutely everything you need with you, and in this case your hands will be free, and the entire load will be evenly distributed over the surface of your back. Such products are quite relevant both in urban environments and on various kinds of trips, for example, to nature or over very long distances.

I would like to pay special attention to school backpacks and knapsacks. The child has to spend a long time almost daily with him behind him, as a result of which these products must be absolutely safe and convenient in terms of use. Unfortunately, not all parents are aware of how to choose a satchel or backpack for their child. Our editorial staff decided to help readers in solving this issue and developed a rating of the best backpacks. As part of the review, we will try to tell in more detail about the most popular products that will not affect posture, but at the same time the baby will be comfortable using it.

How to choose the right children’s satchel in 2022?

The first thing you should pay attention to when purchasing a school bag is its weight. There is a main and key rule here: the easier, the better. However, an orthopedic backpack for an elementary school student is unlikely to weigh less than one kilogram. It is equipped with a fairly rigid frame, an anatomical back, and special inserts are provided to ensure the safety of the spine and shoulders. All this affects its final weight. In this case, the mass of an empty product should be no more than one and a half kilograms. Specialists in the field of orthopedics recommend looking at the total weight of the product along with the contents — this figure should not exceed 10% of the weight of the child, which ultimately allows you to take into account the individual characteristics of each baby.

It is also necessary to look at the size of the satchel — the easiest way to calculate its optimal size is by trying on a schoolboy. The upper part should not rest against the back of the head, and the lower part against the lower back. It is very important to pay attention to both of these factors. A backpack that is too large will be uncomfortable for the student to wear. You also need to remember about capacity. If it is understood that the baby will carry A4 folders in a backpack, then the height of the product should be about 35-38 cm with a depth of 18 cm.
Boys' satchels
The back of the product is usually dense, equipped with special inserts that will follow the contours and all the anatomical curves of the back. The orthopedic back allows you to evenly distribute the entire load and not damage the posture of the child.

For the manufacture of backpacks, in most cases, various kinds of synthetic materials are used. The most suitable in this case is modern nylon. It does not wrinkle, has a small mass, practically does not wear out during operation, it can be washed in a typewriter. Nylon does not hold dirt, and it dries very quickly. If the material and seams are treated with special substances, then the contents of the backpack will be completely protected from moisture penetration, and all dirt can be quickly removed with an ordinary damp sponge. Be sure to look at the bottom of the product. Ideally, it should be made of various waterproof materials, such as elastic rubber. Such products are not afraid of any puddles and even heavy rain. It is necessary that there are reflective elements on the outer surface.

A school backpack should be equipped with wide, adjustable straps — their optimal width is about 4-5 cm. They should be tight, but with soft pads, in which case the straps will not put pressure on the student’s shoulders and will not rub the skin. The ability to adjust the length contributes to the most convenient location of products behind the back. The backpack should fit snugly against the back and not fall off the shoulders.

Of course, it will not be possible to do without all sorts of pockets and additional compartments. Ideally, the interior space should be divided into several compartments — for notebooks, textbooks, stationery. In this case, it will be much easier to find them. When we chose products to include in our ranking of the best children’s backpacks, we relied mainly on all of the above points. However, some additional factors were taken into account: value for money, as well as user reviews. We are well aware of how expensive it is in today’s realities to get a child to school, regardless of what grade he goes to, so we tried to include in the review not too expensive, but at the same time durable things. They will be able to serve the student for more than one year.

Five of the best Grizzly kids’ backpacks in 2022!

5. GRIZZLY Rap-291-3

Top 5 best backpacks for schoolchildren

One of the latest models that appeared on the market just a couple of months ago. This is a product released by GRIZZLY, it belongs to the Rap series, which includes products designed for schoolchildren, however, the backpack is quite suitable for students, although the manufacturer claims that the main target audience is children whose height is in the range from 125 to 135 see. The product has a molded front part, it has a rigid molded back. All her curves were developed with the involvement of children’s orthopedists, so that she exactly repeats the back of the child, without causing a curvature of the posture. The bottom is hard, equipped with low legs, which is quite convenient.

The front side, including the seams, is well impregnated with special water-repellent agents, which provides additional protection for the contents during rain. The design allows you to distribute the load as evenly as possible on the back. To ensure that the shoulders and arms do not get tired, the model is equipped with wide shoulder straps and a comfortable chest strap. Even with a significant load, the design of the product does not begin to deform, so the contents in it will not be wrinkled. The model has two isolated compartments. Basically there are two partitions dividing it into three compartments — for books, notebooks and A4 folders, there is also a zippered pocket where you can store pens, pencils or house keys. The side pocket also has a zipper. It has reflective inserts on three sides. The product retains its original appearance for a long time.


  • Decent product capacity;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • Not too big;
  • Empty weight is only 0.99 kg.


  • The design is for boys.

satchel Grizzly Rap-291-3

4. GRIZZLY RAz-286-2

GRIZZLY RAz-286-2 photo series

Starting from elementary school classes, students have to carry in their backpack a very large number of necessary and useful things — textbooks, notebooks, pens, change of shoes. The packs from the RAz collection solve this problem with ease, thanks in large part to carefully thought-out internal ergonomics. This model is designed for children from 125 to 135 cm tall. Absolutely all school supplies can easily fit inside, and, despite the rather compact arrangement, nothing will be wrinkled. The main division has three compartments — for textbooks, notebooks and A4 folders. In addition, you can put interchangeable shoes, it also has three pockets for small things, one closes with Velcro, the other two with a zipper.

The side pockets are also fastened. You can put snacks or water in them. As a result, each item will have its own place. The backpack is equipped with a molded front part, it has a rigid anatomical back, the bottom also has legs. All contents are qualitatively protected from moisture penetration from the outside. The design of the backpack will evenly distribute the entire load on the back. The straps are wide, there is a chest tie with a scroll in front. This allows you to protect your shoulders and arms from fatigue. To provide additional safety at night, the backpack has reflective elements on all sides. The outer material is impregnated with special substances that repel dirt and moisture. The knapsack will look like new during its entire service life. Its internal volume is 12 liters with overall dimensions of 28x36x20 cm and a weight of only 990 grams. All seams are additionally reinforced, so even a large load can be carried in a backpack.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Well-thought-out internal ergonomics;
  • Small weight and compact dimensions;
  • Made from 100% polyester.


  • The design of the model is designed only for girls.

satchel Grizzly RAz-286-2

3. GRIZZLY RAf-292-4

GRIZZLY RAf-292-4 series

In third place in our review of the best children’s backpacks is a very practical, stylish and very fashionable model. It is a molded product and is designed for children aged 125 to 135 cm. All models belonging to the RAf series are characterized by a molded front, an anatomical back with increased rigidity, and a hard bottom with legs that will not sag even when the presence of heavy items in the backpack. The backpack contributes to the most even distribution of the load on the surface of the back, so you can walk with it for quite a long time and not get tired at the same time. So that the arms and shoulders do not get tired, the manufacturer has equipped its model with very wide straps that can be connected to each other using a tie with a scroll.

The design will not deform even under very heavy loads. The backpack withstands it well due to the presence of additionally reinforced seams. All contents are reliably protected from any external physical influences, including moisture penetration. The model has two compartments completely isolated from each other — one is larger, the second is smaller. The first is divided into three compartments: for books, notebooks, A4 folders, there is also a pocket made of mesh and closed with a zipper. An additional rigid compartment is great to protect valuables from creasing. To ensure the safety of the child in the dark, there are several reflective elements on the outside. The outer surface is impregnated with dirt and water-repellent materials, thanks to which the satchel will remain like new for a very long time. If it does get dirty, the manufacturer recommends washing it in water at room temperature. The total capacity of the internal compartments is 13 liters. The backpack is made of high quality 100% polyester, has overall dimensions of 29x36x18 cm and weighs only 940 grams.


  • Reflective elements are visible from a distance;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Considerable capacity;
  • High-quality dirt and water-repellent impregnation;
  • Reinforced seams allow you to withstand significant weight.


  • Not all girls like the design of this model.

satchel Grizzly RAf-292-4

2. GRIZZLY RAM-284-12

GRIZZLY RAM-284-12 photo series

A great option for a student who is just going to cross the school threshold for the first time in his life. This is a really great choice of ultra-light products that will suit schoolchildren from 120 to 130 cm tall. The RAM collection consists entirely of similar versions that differ from each other only in appearance. The design is characterized by increased rigidity, it has an excellent anatomical back with increased rigidity. The straps of the backpack are wide and ventilated, and the chest strap connecting them will not allow them to slip off the shoulders. The mass of the contents of the backpack will be evenly distributed over the surface of the student’s back. The sides and bottom are very rigid, even with a serious load they will not begin to deform, but at the same time they provide excellent protection for all contents from any external influences.

Inside you will find a single large capacity compartment with a divider for A4 study guides, while everything will be in its place. The satchel opens quite wide, thanks to which it is possible to provide convenient and easy access to all contents. The model is equipped with a front pocket with a zipper for various little things, there is also a convenient handle and two roomy side pockets that close with a zipper. Comes with a handy pouch for changing shoes. In the dark, the child will be perfectly visible to car drivers due to the presence of reflective elements on the surface. The knapsack will retain its original appearance throughout the entire service life, largely due to the special dirt and water-repellent impregnation.


  • One of the lightest models on the market today — its weight is only 660 grams;
  • An excellent option for a first grader;
  • Roomy office;
  • Plenty of extra pockets.


  • A child will have to carry replacement shoes in his hands, which greatly increases the likelihood of losing them.

satchel Grizzly RAM-284-12

1. GRIZZLY RAL-295-9

GRIZZLY RAl-295-9 photo series

The leaders in the ranking of the best children’s backpacks turned out to be another model released by GRIZZLY and belonging to the RAL series. It features a well thought out back ergonomics. Its anatomy was developed taking into account the opinions of reputable orthopedists, so even the constant use of such a backpack will keep your posture straight, and your spine and lower back healthy. The design is quite rigid, the straps here are wide and soft. The backpack was designed for children whose height is in the range from 120 to 130 cm. The straps here also have an anatomical shape, they can be connected to each other due to the chest strap, which also ensures uniform distribution of the load on the back. The satchel is fully unfolded if necessary. The rigid construction does not deform at all even with a significant mass, while the contents are qualitatively protected and will not wrinkle.

Inside, the satchel has one roomy compartment, where a divider is provided, used for various kinds of teaching aids, including quite large ones, for example, A4 format. The front pocket, designed for pens and other small items, fastens with a zipper. The bottom is solid, has rubber feet, there are also two side pockets, which also close with a zipper. Reflectors are provided on all sides of this product, you can not be afraid that drivers will not notice the child in the dark. The backpack is made of high quality polyester with a special dirt and water repellent impregnation, thanks to which it will remain like new for a long time. If the student nevertheless stains it with something, then the satchel can always be washed in cold water. The capacity of the main compartment is 11 liters with overall dimensions of only 26x35x16 cm, its weight does not exceed 800 grams.


  • Excellent capacity for such a compact model;
  • Made from the highest quality materials;
  • Even with a serious load, it does not begin to deform;
  • All external pockets close with a zipper.


  • Not detected.

satchel Grizzly RAL-295-9

In conclusion, a useful video

So our rating of the best children’s backpacks for school has come to an end. We hope that after carefully studying it, you were able to choose the most suitable product for your child. If you have any questions, you can always ask us in the comments to this article.


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