An iron is an indispensable household appliance that no good housewife can do without. Choosing the right device to meet all requirements is not too easy: you have to take into account a number of criteria.

How to choose an iron in 2022?

Irons can be divided into several large groups: travel and home, wired and wireless. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which will definitely affect the operation. In addition, when choosing this equipment, you need to consider a number of other factors:

  • The main user qualities are power, weight, ergonomics. If the design in this regard is chosen correctly, then it will be very convenient to use such an iron. Its average power is about one and a half kilowatts, if it is used quite often, then it is best to purchase a more powerful design — 2.5-3 kW;
  • The material from which the sole is made — it can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or ceramic. The latter variety has recently been gaining more and more popularity due to its low weight and quick heating to the required temperature, besides, it is perfect for any type of fabric;
  • The shape of the sole plays a very important role — an iron equipped with a sharp nose will easily smooth out small details of clothing, and a rounded one will prevent unintentional bends;
  • Temperature range — the wider it is, the more types of fabrics can be ironed. On average, this indicator is in the range from 60 to 200 degrees;
  • Operational safety — protection against scale, overheating, electric shock and so on;
  • Number of steam holes and their location.

When developing this rating of the best models of irons in 2022, we took into account all the above characteristics, took into account the point of view of users and specialists, the price-quality ratio. We hope that these top 10 irons will help you quickly decide on the right iron.

The ten best iron models in 2022

10+. Philips GC5039/30 Azur Elite

Philips GC5039/30 Azur Elite

Our rating opens with a unique model that was released to the world market of household appliances just a few months ago. When developing the iron, several proprietary features of the enterprise were used. In particular, the Optimal TEMP technology is involved here, with the help of which it will be possible to work with any type of fabric, without being distracted by adjusting the temperature of the heating of the sole, and there will also be no need to sort things. A heated iron can be placed on the ironing board even with the sole down. There is no traditional and familiar for most housewives rotary temperature controller. In addition, there are several steam supply modes: maximum, classic and Ionic. In the latter case, the vapor goes beyond the model to be enriched in silver ions.

The iron has an incredibly attractive design, as well as a large soleplate. The device turned out to be very overall with graceful curves. At the same time, the handle is open, wide, it is completely translated from special plastic with soft-touch coating. The water tank is transparent, so you can always track its level in the tank. The size of the heel is also unique — it has an area of ​​13×12, and is also equipped with a notch for the cord. At its core, the sole is a plastic stand that runs along the entire body of the structure. The developers took into account literally every little thing when creating this device. The device, even in a vertical position, is as stable as possible.


  • The sole of the iron warms up quickly and as evenly as possible;
  • A very attractive design solution;
  • The developers of the iron have carefully considered ergonomics;
  • An automatic shutdown function is provided;
  • The power cable is long, reliably protected from all possible damage;
  • The sole here is ceramic, so it will not leave marks on clothes;
  • Perfect for working with any fabrics, including delicate ones.


  • Very high cost of technology.

Iron Philips GC5039/30 Azur Elite



The device is a unique representative of smart technology, which is equipped with all the necessary functions for comfortable and safest care of things. It is worth noting that you can also control all the functionality of the iron remotely — for this, a special Ready for Sky application was developed, which greatly increases the safety of the device. If the user suddenly forgot to disconnect the product from the network, then it will always be possible to turn it off through the application. There is also a so-called safe mode, which will not allow you to turn on the equipment manually. This feature is very useful if there are children in the same room with the iron, and adults have gone away for some reason. The device will automatically stop heating up if the smartphone through which the iron is controlled is more than half a meter away from it.

The technique is ideal for any fabric. She has three main modes of operation — Synthetic, Silk / Wool, Cotton / Linen. With their help, it will be possible to choose the optimal heating temperature depending on the type of fabric. Even if the user makes a mistake with the temperature, things will still be perfectly smoothed out and not spoiled. A similar effect can be achieved with the help of steam automatically released from the soleplate of the iron. There is also an original feature called «Drop-stop». It will allow you to smooth things in a dry mode, without draining the water from the tank. Vertical steam and steam boost are provided, which will be very useful when working with things that can be deformed by direct contact with the soleplate.


  • Very convenient device in terms of operation;
  • The narrow nose allows you to smooth out even hard-to-reach areas;
  • Easily steams clothes
  • Warms up within seconds
  • You can steam hanging things;
  • A convenient mobile application is provided;
  • Absolutely safe to use.


  • The power cable is a bit short.


9. Philips GC2998/80 PowerLife

Philips GC2998/80 PowerLife photo

Products of one of the best companies engaged in the manufacture of irons and other household appliances. The case is made of glossy plastic, it is quite easily soiled, so dust and other contaminants like fingerprints are clearly visible on it. The mass of the device is 1.3 kg, which is not too much — even after several hours of intensive ironing, the hands do not get tired, there is no feeling of heaviness in them. The ergonomics of the handle is well thought out: it does not slip in the palms. The cord has a ball mount, so it rotates 360 degrees and does not interfere in the process. Its length of about 2 meters is also quite a good indicator. The device is equipped with a ceramic soleplate made using the original SteamGlide technology. It has special protection against various scratches, even on a very wrinkled fabric, the iron glides just fine.

The power is decent — 2400 watts. There are only three heating modes here: for cotton and linen, for delicate and silk fabrics, as well as for synthetic items. The adjusting wheel rotates with ease. A system of constant steam supply and water spraying is provided. To work with these modes, large buttons are provided. The power of the steam boost is 170 grams of steam. There is a function of vertical ironing and steaming things. The hole for filling the water is wide enough, protected by a special cover, which is very tight to the body. A maximum of 320 ml of water can fit in the tank — enough for continuous operation. The manufacturer recommends using boiled, filtered or distilled water. It also has a cleaning system.


  • Insignificant weight;
  • There are all necessary functions;
  • Long power cord;
  • He copes well with the tasks assigned to him;
  • Attractive and stylish appearance.


  • The kit does not include a measuring cup;
  • It is not very clear how much water is left in the tank.

Philips GC2998/80 PowerLife

8. Braun TexStyle TS785STP

Braun TexStyle TS785STP

Quickly and easily smoothes out the smallest wrinkles on clothes. The buttons are conveniently located — even a person with small hands can easily reach them. Steam is supplied intensively, it penetrates well deep into the fabric. The sole is ceramic, provides fast sliding and good quality of an ironing. The set includes special soft nozzles — Textile Protector (used to protect against damage to delicate fabrics) and Soft Textile Protector (designed specifically for delicate materials, although the iron’s performance is reduced, but ironing is done flawlessly and without damaging fabrics).

The soleplate is ceramic brand Sapphire, it has 120 steam outlets, it does not accumulate pollution, and is resistant to physical influences. The power of the iron is 2.4 kW — this ensures a high level of performance, the device warms up within 40 seconds, there is an automatic descaling system. The length of the power cord is 2.5 meters.


  • A significant number of different functions;
  • Possibility of automatic shutdown is provided;
  • Works well with any kind of fabric;
  • The surface of the sole is not covered with soot;
  • The kit comes with two extra nozzles.


  • The steam jet is weak in terms of intensity;
  • High price.

Braun TexStyle TS785STP

7. Tefal FV5605

Tefal FV5605 photo

The products are made on the basis of the latest Tefal Turbo Boost technology, with the help of which steam penetrates deeper into the structure of the fabric and effectively copes with even the strongest and most stable folds. The power of the heating element here is 2600 W, which allows for very fast heating of the sole. The device is capable of generating a steam boost of up to 200 grams per minute, the constant steam system produces about 50 grams. This helps to efficiently and safely take care of things. The device is equipped with a Dirilium AirGlide soleplate, thanks to which the iron easily glides over absolutely any fabrics and distributes steam as evenly as possible.

Despite the high power of the device, it does not consume too much electricity; in this regard, it is about 20% more economical than other devices. The iron can vertically steam and iron things from any material. There is also a dry ironing mode, which allows you to get a quick effect on dense fabrics — denim, flannel and others.


  • High power level;
  • Excellent quality of the sole;
  • Works great on all types of fabrics
  • Self-cleaning function;
  • Powerful steam boost.


  • The lid of the water tank closes with considerable effort.

Tefal FV5605

6. Braun SI 3054 GY

Braun SI 3054 GY photo

One of the best models on the modern Russian home appliances market. This product is designed to make the ironing process simple and fast. The designers carefully considered the ergonomics of the handle — the palm and fingers do not get tired, and the device itself turned out to be not very heavy. Despite the small mass, it copes excellently even with fairly dense fabrics. A high power steam boost will fix severe creases even on heavy hanging curtains. The self-cleaning system of the product will allow you to keep the sole clean all the time — this is very important when it becomes necessary to work with delicate or synthetic fabrics, to which various kinds of small contaminants such as pellets easily adhere. The water tank capacity is 270 ml – not the largest in our review of the best irons, but it will also be enough for long ironing.

The soleplate of the iron is made of ceramic materials that distribute heat as evenly as possible over the surface. The power of the iron is 2400 W, it warms up within a few seconds. Water consumption when using the steam boost function is 180 grams per minute, but if you use the constant steam supply mode, this parameter does not exceed 45 grams. If necessary, the amount of steam coming out can be changed. There is a special groove for buttons. The length of the supply cable here is 2 meters, it is fixed on a hinge that can rotate around its own axis.


  • Decent ironing quality;
  • Very agile outsole, regardless of the type of fabric;
  • Well smoothes things with steam;
  • original appearance;
  • Long period of operation;
  • System for adjusting the volume of outgoing steam.


  • The kit does not include a measuring cup for water;
  • After a while, the steam button starts to creak.

Braun SI 3054 GY

5. Bosch TDA 3024010

Bosch TDA 3024010 photo

This is a fairly maneuverable design, which, among other things, is equipped with an original system of protection against scale. It was called 3AntiCalc and is additionally equipped with a special cartridge in which lime deposits will accumulate without leaving the surface of the sole and without soiling clothing items. The iron is quite powerful — 2400 W, which allows it to easily cope with even serious folds and creases on fabrics of any kind. The sole is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, covered with a special enamel, resistant to physical impact, high temperatures. The location of the steam outlets and steam channels is carefully thought out, so the product distributes it efficiently during ironing.

In the constant steam supply mode, up to 40 g of water per minute comes out, the steam boost function increases the figure to 150 g. Depending on the type of fabric, you can select the supply mode — a step switch, four-position. The mouth for pouring water into the tank is quite large, which allows you to fill it quickly and accurately. In the vertical position, the iron produces the same amount of steam as in the horizontal position. The body is assembled from high-quality plastic — no backlashes and extraneous squeaks were found, the handle is provided with a soft-touch coating. The iron has sensor-type anti-leak protection, water will not drip even at low soleplate temperatures.


  • Convenient to use;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • The outsole glides easily on any fabric;
  • Pretty solid construction;
  • Many modern technologies were involved in the manufacture.


  • Heats up relatively slowly
  • The power cable is short — often you have to use an extension cord.

Bosch TDA 3024010

4. Braun TexStyle 7 TS735TP

Braun TexStyle 7 TS735TP photo

On the spout of this iron, there is a special area for supplying steam with a triangular shape — it effectively copes with even the most persistent creases located in hard-to-reach places. Steam boost occurs with a mass of steam up to 180 grams per minute, you can use it even in an upright position. The soleplate is equipped with a unique Eloxal coating, which is characterized by increased smoothness, making the ironing process much easier and less time consuming without sacrificing efficiency. The iron comes with a unique Textile Protector attachment that makes it easy to work with delicate fabrics. It will reliably protect things from burning and the appearance of shiny areas. The nozzle simply clips onto the sole and removes excess heat from clothing, lowering the temperature to an acceptable, but effective.

The power of the iron is 2400 W, the manufacturer does not recommend using products with an empty tank (its volume, by the way, is 350 ml). The product is absolutely safe — it has an automatic shut-off function that works after 30 seconds when it is in a horizontal position or after 8 minutes if the iron is standing upright. The power cable is long enough, the handle is rubberized. The device itself weighs a little, so you can comfortably use it for a long time.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Decent workmanship;
  • Looks attractive;
  • Enhanced steam boost;
  • Attached for delicate fabrics.


  • The wire is not hinged, so it can twist when ironing.

Braun TexStyle 7 TS735TP

3. Morphy Richards Turbosteam lIntelliTemp 303131

Morphy Richards Turbosteam lIntelliTemp 303131 photo

The model eliminates the need to set the temperature depending on the type of fabric. The intelligent function IntelliTemp will automatically select the desired settings. The iron has a high power of 3100 W, thanks to which it carefully irons clothes folded in several layers and removes creases even on dense fabrics. Continuous steam output is as much as 55 g/min, and if necessary, you can use the steam boost function with a flow rate of 200 g/min. The ceramic sole has three zones: the pointed tip helps to smooth out wrinkles in difficult places; the middle zone provides a constant supply of steam; the third part with a folded edge prevents the fabric from wrinkling again.

In addition, the iron can be used to vertically steam coats, shirts, dresses and other clothes directly from the hanger. And the long 3-meter power cord will help you freshen up your curtains and upholstery without hindering your movement. The compact iron takes up little space, while it has a capacious water tank — 400 ml. No need to be distracted by its filling.

For safe use, it automatically turns off after 1 minute of inactivity if the iron is in a horizontal position, and after 8 minutes if it is on a heel. The model is equipped with an auto-cleaning function to remove scale and limescale. This feature allows you to protect the device from damage and keep it working at a high level. It is worth noting that the iron is covered by an extended two-year warranty when registering the goods on the site.


  • Auto-adjustment of temperature and steam supply;
  • High steam consumption 55 g/min;
  • Good steam boost 200 g/min;
  • Vertical steam function;
  • Auto descaling, auto shut off;
  • Compact size and light weight of 1.7 kg.


  • There is no water measuring cup included.

Morphy Richards Turbosteam lIntelliTemp 303131

2. Philips GC4542/40 Azur

Philips GC4542/40 Azur photo

Due to the special design and original technology, lime particles contained in tap water are instantly split and automatically collected in a special removable container. When it is full, just rinse it under running water and dry it with a napkin or towel. The steam boost here is even stronger compared to previous models — its power reaches 200 grams of steam per minute. It penetrates very deeply into the structure of the fabric, making even very deep folds on hard materials soft. Continuous steam supply is adjustable from 0 to 45 grams per minute. The power of the device is also higher — 2500 watts. The sole is resistant to scratches and other physical damage. Heats up in seconds.

The iron is suitable for absolutely all types of fabrics. Thanks to the automatic descaling system, ordinary tap water can also be poured into the tank. All operating modes controls are located on the handle. It is made of rubberized materials, does not slip in the palms. The iron itself weighs only 1.5 kg with overall dimensions of 12.8×15.3×31.9 cm. It is not too big, the nose is narrow, so they can carefully iron hard-to-reach areas. The case is made of glossy plastic, quite durable.


  • Glides easily regardless of the type of fabric;
  • Interesting and cute design;
  • Heats up very quickly.


  • The plastic from which the case is made accumulates static electricity, therefore it literally attracts dust;
  • The lid of the water tank does not click when closing — it is not easy to understand whether it has already closed or not;
  • Measuring cup not included.

Philips GC4542/40 Azur

1. Loewe Premium Power Station

Loewe Premium Power Station photo

Loewe Premium Power Station firmly occupies the leading position in our ranking of the best irons of this year due to a number of performance characteristics.

First of all, users note the possibility of smoothing almost all types of fabrics using just one temperature setting. In terms of its functions, this is a compact steam generator, an innovative solution of German engineers. Ergonomics is thought out literally to the last detail — this device is very comfortable to hold in your hands, regardless of the size of the brush. In use, the iron is as simple as possible: its design has a built-in heater and a water tank. With the help of the latter, you can use the function of steam boost or continuous steam supply.

The assembly is German, the case is made of reliable plastic, a special niche for buttons is provided on the sole. The length of the supply cable is 2 meters, and it is fixed on a hinge that can rotate around its axis. The sole is made of ceramics, it has a system of steam channels that allows you to carefully handle even delicate fabrics. The power of this technique is 800 W, the capacity of the water tank is 300 ml. The design takes up a minimum of free space, so it is very convenient during storage.


  • For any type of fabric, only one temperature regime is used;
  • The maximum steam pressure is 7 bar;
  • The design has a built-in steam generator and a reliable scale protection system;
  • There is an anti-drip system.


  • Except for the high cost is not found.

Loewe Premium Power Station

In conclusion, a useful video

We have tried to provide the most detailed information on each model of the ranking of the best irons in 2022 in order to facilitate your choice of an appliance and make it as fast and comfortable as possible. Whether you liked the information provided or not, as well as your impressions about irons, you can share in the comments to the article.


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