Robot vacuum cleaner is a household appliance with artificial intelligence and designed to clean various surfaces from dirt. Such devices have not been on sale for too long.

Outwardly, the best, according to buyers, vacuum cleaners look like a disc, which is approximately 10 cm thick and about 30 cm in diameter. However, square-shaped equipment can be found on sale. Due to their small dimensions, they easily penetrate under cabinets, sofas and other places where cleaning is not done as often as desired.

The robot moves thanks to an electric motor and several wheels, it can be controlled using a series of buttons located on its upper surface. The design provides for a battery, depending on the power of which the device will be able to function autonomously. Today, choosing the most suitable robot vacuum cleaner is not so easy, as there is very little information about them. In our top 9 rating, you can get information on the most popular models that have a good price-quality ratio.

Top Ten Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2022

10. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential

Despite the fact that this model has been on the market for smart digital home appliances for almost two years, it still enjoys wide popularity among consumers. This is due to several points, one of the key ones is the quite reasonable cost of equipment and the high quality of cleaning. The design is practically no different from the previous generation model. The device is placed in a round case with a diameter of 350 mm and a height of 81.5 mm, which allows the device to easily penetrate under sofas and other pieces of furniture, where a person simply cannot physically reach during cleaning. A double button can be found on the front panel, with its help they start the cleaning process or return the vacuum cleaner back to the base.

The dust collector is located directly under a hinged cover. This is a container with two compartments — the lower chamber is designed to collect debris and dust. Its volume is 600 ml, on top is a water tank with a capacity of 200 ml. For additional air purification, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a filtration system of three elements: cotton, mesh and HEPA filters. So that when removing the container, the litter does not get into the air duct, the suction hole is covered with a special curtain. On the front of the case there is a rubberized bumper with a system of infrared sensors that will not allow the device to collide with various kinds of obstacles. Below are all the main working elements of the model: three-beam end brushes, a turbo brush, grooves for attaching a mop. There are also four sensors at once that determine the type of surface, the diameter of the wheels is 70 mm, and they are all equipped with soft rubber tires, so the vacuum cleaner will not damage even the most delicate floor coverings.


  • Acceptable price;
  • Decent suction power does not leave dust the slightest chance;
  • Wet cleaning function with control of liquid supply is provided;
  • Can be controlled via a dedicated smartphone app;
  • Turbo brush with floating frame.


  • There are certain problems with the recognition of black obstacles;
  • The magnetic tape that comes with the kit, which acts as a virtual wall, does not always work.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential

9. Roborock Sweep One global version

Roborock Sweep One

The product is made of ABS plastic, so it looks quite elegant and sophisticated. The body is round and small in size. There are three buttons in the upper part — the first is used to start local cleaning of the premises, the second is intended to switch operating modes or restart the device, and the third returns the device back to the base. In the central part there is a small ledge with a laser rangefinder, which is a key navigational element of the system. The model has a movable bumper that protects the main body from damage in the event of a collision with obstacles. The side wheels are made of soft rubber, which provide reliable grip on absolutely any type of surface. Suspension height is adjustable both in manual and automatic mode in the range from 1.5 to 2 cm, which allows for high throughput.

The swivel caster ensures even sharp maneuvers. The central electric brush is equipped with silicone petals that are not electrified and well collect any dust from surfaces of any roughness. The side brush has hard bristles at the ends, there are hooks for installing a block designed for wet cleaning. The robot has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh, which ensures autonomous operation of the gadget for 2.5 hours — this is enough to clean a spacious apartment up to 250 square meters. m. The battery is charged for about 3 hours. The dust collector has a cyclone filter that collects even small dust particles.


  • High power lithium-ion battery;
  • original appearance;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Suspension height is adjustable if necessary;
  • A large number of different sensors;
  • The order and time of cleaning the premises can be programmed;
  • There is a special application for a smartphone;
  • Soft bumper to protect against damage.


  • High price;
  • Works quite slowly on carpets with high pile;
  • Wet cleaning mode reduces the battery life of the vacuum cleaner.

Roborock Sweep One global version

8. Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite C102-00

Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite C102-00 photo

The developers of this Chinese company engaged in the creation and production of high-tech equipment are constantly working to improve their products. They managed to release a rather low model, and there is no protruding above the upper edge of the rangefinder. The standard shape of the product is in the form of a washer. There is a rather original underside here, since the vacuum cleaner is equipped with only one petal-bristle side brush. There are a huge number of sensors: approaching obstacles, height differences. The robot’s obstacle proximity sensors are not laser, but infrared, they work a little slower, but still this is quite enough for the device to stop in time and prevent a collision.

The robot can be controlled both with the help of physical buttons on the body, and through a special application. In addition to choosing a specific mode and cleaning schedule, you can track the status of the device — the degree of filling of the filter, the level of contamination of the brush, and so on. The suction motor is not the most powerful, only 1600 Pa, but during testing its capabilities were enough to collect even very fine dust and debris from both smooth floors and low pile carpets. Thanks to the navigation system, the device can cross obstacles up to 2 cm high, so it can easily overcome a wire lying on the floor.


  • Quite reasonable cost for this device;
  • High level of maneuverability;
  • Decent volume of dust collector;
  • Good suction performance;
  • Programming of operating modes;
  • Can overcome even fairly high obstacles.


  • The kit does not include a remote control;
  • There is no movement limiter.

Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite C102-00



Another quite budget model with the function of dry and wet cleaning. The design is made in a completely familiar round design. The case is made of durable plastic with a special coating on which dust will not be noticeable, fingerprints and other contaminants will not remain. The body is white on top and black on the bottom. On the top panel there is a start button, as well as a cover under which the dust collector is hidden. It is very easy to get it, almost no effort will be required. Here, in a special compartment, there is a compact brush that allows you to get rid of dirt on the internal and external surfaces of the device. The front of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dynamic bumper, with which it is possible to soften potential impacts on furniture. Under the tinted glass is a system of infrared sensors. The outlets are on the back of the case. On the side there is a power switch made in the form of a key and a plug-in connector for connecting a charger.

Below are the drive wheels and a swivel roller, there is a suction port with a turbo brush, there are contacts for charging the battery from the station, fall sensors and mounts for a nozzle that allows wet cleaning. The model determines the direction of movement solely by scanning the entire room, with the recognition of objects with a chrome or black surface, certain problems often arise. The virtual wall kit is not provided, therefore, it will not work to limit the cleaning area in this way, for this you will have to use the remote control. It has several trajectories of movement — in a spiral, in a zigzag, along the perimeter of the room, or in automatic mode. Using the mode of moving along the perimeter of the room allows you to effectively deal with dirt in the corners. The suction power for such a device is very decent — 18 watts.


  • The capacity of the built-in battery is 2600 mAh — this parameter is quite enough to clean a decent area;
  • Four operating modes;
  • Wet cleaning function is provided;
  • The kit includes a turbo brush;
  • Decent build quality;
  • Attractive design.


  • No mobile app;
  • The kit does not include a virtual wall.


6. Weissgauff Robowash Vision

Weissgauff Robowash Vision photo

This robot is manufactured by a not very well-known company, however, in terms of its performance characteristics, it is significantly superior to many advanced models. The body of the model is made of plastic with a matte coating, the device is characterized by insignificant dimensions of 340x340x90 mm and a weight of 3.5 kg. The edges of the top face are slightly beveled towards the bottom, so it can easily penetrate even the most difficult places. The robot has a protruding camera with a 360-degree field of view. On the upper side there is one physical button that starts the device and several indicators, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Wi-Fi module that allows you to synchronize it with a smartphone or tablet.

The device has a soft bumper and a liquid reservoir so that wet cleaning can be done. Infrared obstacle sensors. The kit comes with a remote control that allows you to configure all the main functions of the vacuum cleaner. The battery capacity here is 3400 mAh, thanks to which the battery life is almost 2.5 hours, charging the battery takes about 4 hours, suction at peak loads reaches 4000 Pa. The dust collector is equipped with a cyclone filter. There is a fairly capacious water tank — its volume is 450 ml. The device makes a little more noise than many other models from our review — up to 60 dB.


  • Modern and original appearance;
  • The presence of an active video camera;
  • Ability to control by voice or from a smartphone;
  • Adjustable suction power;
  • Russified voice acting is provided.


  • No motion limiter included
  • Maximum suction power is achieved in the most exceptional cases.

Weissgauff Robowash Vision


REDMOND RV-R350 photo

It has a completely standard appearance, which allows it to optimally fit into any interior. There is only one button on the top panel, which is responsible for starting the device. It is equipped with an LED indicator, there is no display and control panel here. Along the perimeter there is a bumper with a slight stroke, and it is equipped with sensors. Even with a slight contact with an obstacle, the device moves back to prevent damage to the body. An important difference from most models included in our rating is a nickel-magnesium battery with a capacity of 850 mAh. Although it provides continuous operation of the vacuum cleaner for a maximum of one and a half hours, it is much more reliable and durable than traditional lithium-ion batteries. During one cleaning cycle, the device is able to pick up about 200 ml of debris. The device is not very noisy during operation — around 65 dB.

You need to charge the device in manual mode, through a special adapter, since the docking station is not provided here. The side brushes have stiff bristles that perform well on both smooth and rough surfaces. They collect dust and dirt and direct them to the suction port, after which they enter a special reservoir through a cyclone filter. Caring for the device is very simple: just wipe it regularly with a damp soft cloth and rinse the brushes under running water, if desired, you can use a gentle detergent.


  • Can work with various floor coverings;
  • Strict appearance;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • A battery charge indicator is provided;
  • Easy to enjoy;
  • Easy to manage.


  • There is no charging base;
  • Not very large dust collector capacity;
  • There is no remote control.


4. iRobot Roomba 676

iRobot Roomba 676 photo

This device is far from the smallest in size compared to other devices presented in our review, but even this moment does not in the least prevent it from performing a thorough cleaning of the premises, including hard-to-reach places. On the top panel there are only device control buttons and a cover under which the dust collector compartment is hidden, no display is provided. The bottom is standard. The battery capacity is not very high — only 1800 mAh, because of this, it will work offline for no more than an hour. During this time, he can clean an area of ​​u200bu200baround 70 square meters. m. The suction power is good — 33 watts. The dust container is equipped with a cyclone filter, which does not fill up too quickly, since its volume is 600 ml.

The product is equipped with the original iAdapt Navigation navigation system, which includes a whole set of advanced technologies that together help the robot perform its duties faster and better. In the lower part, along the perimeter, there are infrared sensors that ensure the confident movement of the vacuum cleaner around the perimeter of the room. In addition to them, there are optical and acoustic sensors that allow you to find out the location of the most contaminated areas of the surface, respectively, this area will be cleaned most thoroughly.


  • The presence of a three-level cleaning system for both the surface and the intake air;
  • Decent volume of dust collector;
  • Carefully thought-out system of navigation of the device;
  • A technology is provided for determining the most polluted places;
  • Noise during operation is not too much;
  • Neat and stylish appearance.


  • Relatively expensive;
  • The kit does not include a remote control and a motion limiter;
  • Just one side brush.

iRobot Roomba 676

3. Roborock S5 MAXRU

Roborock S5 MAXRU

This model has been on the market for more than two years, but not all modern models, including those from the premium price segment, are able to catch up with this device in terms of its functionality and workmanship. This robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special silicone brush, it also has a floating turbo brush for carpets. Dry and wet cleaning processes are carried out simultaneously. Along with this gadget comes a special application through which you can fine-tune the capabilities of the device. The battery capacity will be enough for three hours of continuous operation. The design is quite modern. The body of the model is monophonic, in the middle there is a lidar puck. The dust collector is located under the cover, and the water tank, necessary for wet cleaning, is attached at the back. The volume of the dust collector is not very large — no more than 460 ml of garbage will fit in it, no more than 280 ml of water can be poured into the liquid tank. Containers are completely independent of each other, so they can be used at the same time.

The device has a diameter of 350 mm and a height of 97 mm. The silicone bumper has special slots for side and front sensors. The air outlets are on the back of the case. The model is able to draw an accurate map of the room. The gadget cleans each room in turn. First, it passes along its perimeter, then clears the rest of the area along a zigzag path. The presence of a side sensor allows you to quickly move along the walls, there is also a front sensor that promptly notifies the device about approaching various obstacles. The vacuum cleaner will not get entangled in curtains and curtains, as the automation will detect them as insurmountable obstacles. He touches furniture and other things very gently — even pet bowls will remain in their places. The device easily locates black and chrome objects. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery is 5200 mAh, even at maximum suction power, this allows the vacuum cleaner to work for 120 minutes. This is enough to remove about 150 sq. m area.


  • The case is made of fairly durable plastic;
  • The end brush works effectively;
  • Route planning is as rational as possible;
  • The quality of both dry and wet cleaning is at a very high level;
  • Stylish design;
  • Great performance.


  • Pretty modest equipment.

Roborock S5 MAXRU

2. Iclebo Arte

Iclebo Arte photo

This is one of the most famous models of this year. It has a reliable battery that will charge in just an hour and a half. Produces minimal noise. This device comes with a wide range of useful attachments. It weighs less than 3 kg, while the rest of the products weigh 4 kg and even more.


  • Moves in different directions;
  • Automatically calculates cleaning time;
  • A timer is provided;
  • There is a display and a remote control;
  • The filter is cleaned very quickly and easily;
  • Reliably vacuums everywhere where it is far from always possible to reach by hand.


  • It was not revealed.

Iclebo Arte

1. Robot vacuum cleaner iCLEBO O5 WiFi

iCLEBO O5 WiFi photo

The device has an original appearance, which distinguishes it from most of the models included in our review of the best robot vacuum cleaners. The shape is a semi-ellipse, the vacuum cleaner is much lower in height than its counterparts, so it is able to penetrate under furniture, clean dirt in the corners and around baseboards. The device looks elegant, on the top panel there is a touch-type control panel, as well as a camera for the most efficient navigation. It is quite natural that there is a lid that hides the dust collector compartment underneath. There is a protective bumper around the entire perimeter, the lower part is standard, if necessary, you can install a compartment with water here and fix a microfiber cloth on it, which is supplied with the device.

The unit has a very powerful and capacious battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh, which ensures its continuous operation for two hours, it charges quite quickly — about 4 hours. The area that he is able to clean is 220 square meters. m. The greatest height of obstacles to be overcome is 15 mm. The dust collector has a cyclone filter. It should be noted that the noise of the device during operation is not very strong — this parameter is in the range from 44 to 70 dB.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Decent equipment;
  • High cleaning efficiency regardless of the type of flooring;
  • Good suction power, and this parameter can be adjusted depending on the needs;
  • Can be controlled through the application;
  • Considerable battery capacity.


  • Adjusting the liquid supply during wet cleaning is not very well thought out, so leakage from the napkin is not ruled out.

iCLEBO O5 WiFi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The robot vacuum cleaner saves a lot of cleaning time. Today they are not widely distributed among us. To help people choose the most suitable product in 2022, you can share your opinion on this or that vacuum cleaner in the comments on this article.


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