Every dog ​​owner knows perfectly well that walking with a pet is not just a pleasure, but also a certain job. A pet must be kept in sight all the time in order to have time to pull it up in a timely manner, without soiling the leash in wet grass or dust. The so-called roulette leashes are very popular with dog breeders. Depending on the design, they are suitable for a variety of dog breeds — different sizes and activities.

If this is your first time getting a dog, then our article on the best tape measures for dogs will be very helpful. The fact is that here we will analyze in detail the useful qualities of the most popular models, talk about their capabilities, and also give some very useful tips. They will certainly help you choose the best model that will delight both you and your four-legged pet for many years.

How to choose the right leash-roulette in 2022?

Such products allow the dog to feel absolutely free, but the owner will still control its every movement, despite the fact that the animal can run away from him for a considerable distance. Regardless of the design, a special button is provided here that limits the maximum length of the leash — this also has a positive effect on the level of control. The tape itself is pulled up on its own, using a special mechanism, so you don’t have to worry that it will get dirty in dirt or dust.

The handle is mostly made of plastic, so it will not rub or cut your hand. In the coiled state, the tape measure will never get tangled, besides, it takes up a minimum amount of free space — it is convenient to store it at home.

When choosing, be sure to take into account the length of the leash — it can be 3, 5, 8 and 10 m, it is desirable that the products have a certain margin of safety. If the weight of the animal is 20 kg, then it is best to give preference to a product designed for a 30 kg animal. The most reliable are models placed in a metal case. It is very convenient if the handle is covered with a layer of soft rubber — it will not slip in the palms. You will have to adapt to the tape measure for some time, make sure that the tape does not twist, otherwise it will not be able to pass into the case. It is best if the function of the leash is performed by the cable — you do not have to worry about it twisting. Be sure to check how reliable the carabiner is, with which the tape measure is connected to the animal’s collar. It is important that all keys have a smooth ride, be free from backlash, extraneous sounds like rattling or creaking. It is very convenient if the tape measure has a safety loop on the handle.

When we chose products to be included in the ranking of the best roulettes for dogs, we were guided by all the recommendations that we told you about a little higher. In addition, we studied a large number of reviews from users who purchased such products for themselves — this allowed us to weed out low-quality options. Now is the time to move on to the analysis of the useful characteristics of specific models.

The Ten Best Dog Tape Measures in 2022

10. Dude

dude photo

This is a very well-known domestic product, which has been on the market for more than a decade. The company itself is engaged in the manufacture and sale of goods for animals of various types, ranging from toys and bowls to expensive collars made of genuine leather. All models of roulettes have an attractive and original appearance — the case is complemented by color prints with various abstractions, inscriptions, images of dog breeds. There are options with rubberized or reflective inserts, and the latter will cost much more.

These roulettes are perfect for small breed dogs — Spitz, Yorkshire Terriers and so on. The move of the leash is easy, it is easily fixed at a certain length due to a special button. It should be noted that such roulettes are not suitable for large dogs, as they are designed for animals weighing up to 15 kg.


  • Various design options;
  • Reliable and durable housing;
  • Easy running of the tape;
  • Buttons work instantly;
  • There are models with rubberized handles.


  • Roulettes are not suitable for large breed dogs.

Roulette for dog Dude

9. Free go

freego photo

The products of this company are most suitable for dog owners, as they often choose models not so much for their functionality, but for their external design. The manufacturer made an additional bet on this — almost all the models on the market have bright and feminine prints, among which each owner of the animal will choose to her taste. The design of all roulettes is very simple, there is only one button on the case, and it is quite large. It is easy to find by touch. Such roulettes do not provide any additional functions: they only unwind and unwind the leash, fix its length if you hold the button down.

All models are inexpensive and simple in design, but most users talk about the fragility of roulettes. This product is ideal for pugs and other small dog breeds. The tape is often twisted, so for too active animals it is better to choose a different model.


  • They look very original;
  • There is only one button, but it is quite large;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Very convenient to use.


  • Will not last too long;
  • The tape constantly twists, which makes this tape measure unsuitable for very active animals.

Dog tape measure Freego

8. Triol

Triol photo

Another very budget product, although the build quality is at a high level, the products are able to last for a long time. The case is made of durable plastic and printed with Disney cartoon characters, so these models are best suited for children. There are also quite a few roulette formats — you can find versions on sale equipped with cables or ribbons. The cables are metal, unwind over a considerable distance, are easily and securely fixed, you can ignore the twisting.

These devices were developed based on dogs of decorative breeds, so they are not able to withstand significant jerks. Tape versions of roulettes will practically not twist, so even active pets will feel comfortable with such a leash.


  • The cheapest on the Russian market;
  • There are options with cables or tapes;
  • Sufficiently high for its cost build quality and materials.


  • Products are best suited for small animals, for large breeds there are no options.

Dog roulette Triol

7. Dogness

dog photos

The products of the Chinese brand have been on the domestic market for about 20 years, during which time the models have managed to occupy a fairly large niche in the field of pet products. Almost all roulettes are equipped with a comfortable handle, which is made of rubberized materials. It is distinguished by its large size, it is convenient to hold it for both women’s, men’s and children’s hands. The handle does not slip out of the fingers and palm. Absolutely all models are equipped with tapes that are reliable, practically do not twist, and are not capable of causing discomfort or injury to the animal.

Reflective elements are provided on the body, so walking in the dark will be absolutely safe. There are models on sale that support the installation of removable modules. In particular, a small container for dog treats, a flashlight, a speaker with a Bluetooth module can be attached to the tape measure. Despite such ample opportunities, the models belong to the budget or middle price segment.


  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Long service life;
  • Possibility to install additional modules;
  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Rubberized handle;
  • The tape is practically not twisted.


  • Weak carabiner — it is advisable to immediately replace it.

Tape measure for dog Dogness

6. Fida

Fida photo

The products of this Chinese company are very popular with experienced dog breeders. They note the optimal ratio of price and quality of products. The organization produces high quality roulettes that can last for a long time. there are models designed for relatively large dogs — their weight can reach 15 kg. Roulettes easily withstand the jumps and jerks of the animal. Some leashes will be suitable for breeds such as Corgis, English Bulldogs or Beagles.

Although you can find versions for medium breed dogs on sale, most users in the reviews note that these roulettes are the best solution for small breeds. The mechanisms are reliable, the tape is quite thick.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • On sale there are models for small and medium breeds;
  • Reliable mechanism;
  • A very thick tape allows you to withstand significant loads.


  • For active large dogs, such products are not suitable.

Dog tape measure Fida

5. Ferplast

Ferplast photo

All products of this manufacturer are distinguished by carefully thought-out ergonomics of the handle, it fits securely and tightly in the hand, and is distinguished by a smooth and easy move. The company has been on the market for over 50 years, during which time they have learned to take care of the comfort of not only the owner of the animal, but also the pet itself. All tape measures have a streamlined body shape, the handle exactly repeats the shape of the palm. The tape measure has a small mass, so the hand will not get tired even during long walks. An easy move allows the animal to easily enjoy freedom, the mechanism is comfortable and light, no jamming was found.

However, the manufacturing quality of cable leashes leaves much to be desired. The cables are made from fabric, they fray very quickly, pets sometimes gnaw them on purpose. Tape options are considered by users to be more preferable.


  • Sophisticated body shape, excellent handle ergonomics;
  • Lightweight and fairly smooth running of the tape;
  • During the walk, the dog feels truly free.


  • Cable options are frayed for literally a few months. The leash must either be shortened or thrown away.

Roulette for dogs Ferplast

4. Lishinu

Lishinu photo

The shape of such roulettes is often very interesting. In shape, they are more like a wristwatch — they are attached to the wrist with a special strap, so both hands will be absolutely free while walking with a pet, so you can play with it right on the street. It is worth noting that on such roulettes there is no “Stop” button. The cable unwinds on its own while the dog moves smoothly. At the slightest jerk, it stops. This decision makes the product optimal for calm dogs, whose behavior is distinguished by obedience. For too nimble and frisky animals, these roulettes will not be very suitable.

The roulettes produced by this company use a parachute cable that can withstand up to 30 kg. This means that they are only suitable for small to medium sized dogs. In addition, the owner of the animal will need some time to train to pull the dog towards him with a wave of his hand.


  • Fastens on a wrist, freeing up hands;
  • Long service life;
  • High build quality;
  • The cable is able to withstand a decent weight.


  • Some time will have to get used to the management of such models.

Roulette for dog Lishinu

3. Xiaomi

xiaomi photo

This company is widely known all over the world for its powerful, productive and inexpensive smartphones and other smart gadgets for home use. The roulette produced by this enterprise is also classified as a so-called «smart» technique. Unlike products from other manufacturers, this design has a very powerful LED flashlight that will help you find out exactly what the dog is doing in complete darkness. This feature will be very useful for owners whose pets like to pick up all sorts of inedible things on the street.

Roulette, if desired, can be worn on the hand, like an ordinary bracelet. There is also touch control and body lighting. Leashes have three lengths — 2.6; 3 and 5 meters. The tape is quite thin, so the tape measure is best suited for dogs of small breeds.


  • Unique futuristic appearance;
  • You can wear a tape measure on your wrist;
  • A strong LED flashlight is provided;
  • There are touch controls and backlight.


  • There are only three lengths available for sale;
  • The tape is thin, so the tape measure is only suitable for small dogs.

Xiaomi dog tape measure


KONG photo

The range of roulettes from this manufacturer is very wide. The devices differ significantly from each other in design, external design, the presence of a shockproof layer on the surface of the body, as well as in the length of the leash and in its margin of safety. The lightest and cheapest options are best suited for animals whose weight does not exceed 20 kg per jump.

In the assortment there is a decent selection of leashes belonging to the category M, that is, for animals weighing up to 30 kg, there are class L roulettes — they are designed for dolmatians and dogs of similar sizes. On sale there are also the most durable products that are suitable for large pets, for example, shepherd dogs, retrievers, Labradors and other dogs, whose weight in some cases reaches 70 kg.


  • A very large selection of roulettes of various types;
  • High build quality and manufacturing materials;
  • Long service life;
  • Excellent product ergonomics.


  • The price is above the market average.

Dog tape measure KONG

1. Flexi

Flexi photo

It is quite logical that the leader of our review of the best roulettes for dogs was the products of the world-famous German company that manufactures a wide variety of products for animals. The range is very wide — the models differ from each other in a wide variety of colors (you can even find roulettes decorated with Swarovski crystals and reflective elements). The products are very durable. If you choose a model in strict accordance with the weight of the animal, then the tape measure will last for a long time.

The tapes do not twist, do not get stuck in many respects because they are dense and thick enough. The case is very durable, so scratching or breaking it is not so easy. There are leashes of different lengths — 3, 5, 8 and 10 meters, in addition, the manufacturer is able to offer dog owners a variety of options that are suitable for both the smallest animals and real giants.


  • Fine German quality;
  • Large selection of external design products;
  • Long service life, if you correctly approach the selection of the device;
  • Many options for the length of the leash;
  • The tape does not twist or get stuck.


  • Such products are quite expensive.

Dog tape measure Flexi

In conclusion, a useful video

That concludes our roundup of the best dog roulettes in 2022. If some points seemed to you not fully clarified, then say so in the comments to this article. We will try to provide additional information on the model you are interested in as soon as possible.


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