Solid fuel boilers designed for the heating system of a private house are a very effective solution in certain conditions. Electric heating is associated with high costs if it is necessary to heat a large area, gas devices are more economical in this regard, but it is far from always possible to provide the house with the appropriate fuel. Wood, coal and other similar materials are used as fuel for solid fuel boilers.

Solid fuel for solid fuel boiler

On the market today there is a wide selection of models of such units of various kinds: long-burning, pellet, traditional, pyrolysis, and so on. Making the right choice in such conditions is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. We tried to make this task as easy as possible for you and made a rating of the top 10 best boilers. When compiling it, a large number of similar devices were analyzed, we based on feedback from users and specialists, compared the price-quality ratio.

How a solid fuel boiler works

Top Ten Solid Fuel Boiler Models in 2022

10. ZOTA Pellet 100A

ZOTA Pellet 100A photo

This is a pellet-type boiler, which is characterized by a high level of process automation, when the device is able to function for several days without additional refueling with combustible materials. The design provides auger fuel supply and the presence of an inflatable fan, it is perfect for the harsh Russian climatic conditions. The maximum power of the equipment is 100 kW, the volume of the fuel tank is 606 liters. Due to the screw feed, absolute protection against overheating is provided, it also does not allow the penetration of flame into the fuel storage bunker.

The built-in thermostat sends the device into standby mode when the required temperature is reached. The boiler is connected to the electrical network, from which all automation functions, it has automatic ignition. Adjustment of the main parameters is carried out using the buttons located on the body of the device. Automation allows you to keep the daily fuel consumption under full control, making the boiler more efficient and economical. Additionally, you can install a GSM module that allows you to remotely control the temperature in the system. The unit is able to heat a building up to 800 square meters.


  • Screw supply of fuel;
  • The presence of an electronic control system for all elements;
  • High power;
  • High efficiency — about 90%.


  • The need to connect to the mains;
  • Considerable mass of the device.

Pellet boiler Zota ZOTA Pellet 100A

9. ZOTA Box 8 kW

ZOTA Box 8 kW photo

One of the most compact devices on the Russian market, it takes up a minimum of free space, so it is well suited for small boiler rooms. The design is considered universal, as it can work on coal, wood, and also on electricity. Initially, this model was made to provide heat to small houses or premises. It can function in systems where the pressure does not exceed three atmospheres. If necessary, the device can be equipped with an additional electric heating element, the power of which should be in the range from 3 to 6 kW. This will allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature if there is no combustion process in the combustion chamber.

The casing of the boiler is designed in a special way, due to which convective flows of warm air arise. This is enough to heat about 15 square meters in the immediate vicinity of the device. m area. It has a cast-iron burner, a functional ash drawer. At the back of the structure is a blower door, with which you can adjust the traction force. It is possible to connect to the chimney both horizontally and vertically.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Various types of fuel are suitable for work;
  • You can install various additional equipment;
  • It is allowed to use without connecting to the heating system, as an ordinary stove;
  • There is a cast iron stove.


  • No circulation pump provided;
  • The expansion tank is missing.

boiler ZOTA Box 8 kW

8. ZOTA Poplar M 20

ZOTA Poplar M 20 photo

The boiler is distinguished by high reliability and a very attractive design solution. The fuel is loaded vertically, an automatic draft regulator is provided, there is a gas burner connected directly to the household gas pipeline or to a cylinder, there is a reliable heating element.

The maximum heated area is 150 square meters with a ceiling height of 3 meters. In the heating system, the highest pressure is 3 atmospheres, its volume is designed for 54 liters. The case has good thermal insulation. Under the decorative casing there is a water jacket that prevents the boiler from overheating; it is additionally covered with basalt cardboard, due to which heat losses become minimal. The furnace door is equipped with a lock, one load of fuel burns out for about 12 hours. The boiler must be connected to a natural chimney, as its design does not provide for a fan.


  • The burner is economical, due to which the fuel consumption is reduced, and the thermal power increases;
  • Autonomous management;
  • The ability to use several varieties of solid fuel;
  • Significant performance indicators — over 90%;
  • Reliable assembly;


ZOTA Poplar M 20

7. Teplodar Kupper Practice 8

Teplodar Kupper Praktik 8 photo

The device is intended for placement in residential buildings and other premises, the area of ​​​​which should be in the range from 40 to 80 square meters. m. Products are universal, respectively, it is allowed to use both in closed and open heating systems. The method of circulation of the coolant does not play a special role — the device works stably with both artificial and natural methods. The boiler can be used as an independent source of thermal energy, but it is often installed as an addition to existing gas, electricity or liquid fuel systems. Complete with a copper there are a poker, the thermometer, a rotary gate and shovka. The device is characterized by small overall dimensions — it occupies a minimum amount of space in the room.

If necessary, the design can be improved with an automatic draft regulator. This device allows you to control the intensity of combustion, which saves fuel to a large extent. The product is suitable for any heating systems made even from polymer pipes of small volume, however, in this case, they must be connected through a special capacitive-type hydraulic separator. The convector casing here is of a perforated type, due to which the room where the boiler is located is additionally heated. The supply pipe is located on the upper surface of the structure, it is able to provide universal connection and protect the system from air ingress. The firebox is inclined, in it the fuel is evenly distributed. The damper-chipper is made of cast iron, with its help you can protect the room from spilling smoldering slag and coals.


  • Universal products capable of operating on any solid fuel;
  • Absolutely safe and well thought out design;
  • High efficiency and efficiency.


  • Required to be placed in a separate room;
  • Installation is quite complicated — it’s problematic to do it yourself.

Teplodar Kupper Practice 8

6. ZOTA Enisey 12

ZOTA Enisey 12 photo

It has a very deep firebox, so it will be possible to load firewood up to 60 cm long into it. The firebox door is made at an angle, so it will be much more convenient to fill the combustion chamber with bulk fuel. The loading and ash doors fit snugly enough to the main body of the boiler, do not allow combustion products to enter the room, and air will not enter the combustion chamber through them. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on traction. The combustion process can be controlled by a special air supply damper. A thermometer is located on the side wall of the apparatus, which shows the temperature of the water at the outlet of the boiler. If necessary, you can install a mechanical draft regulator, but you will have to purchase it separately — it is not supplied with the boiler.

Electricity can be used here as an auxiliary heat source. For this purpose, special stainless steel heaters are provided in the boiler. The water jacket is located along the entire contour of the boiler, including under the ash pan. Due to this feature of the device, the amount of heat transferred to the coolant increases, and there is no deformation of the ash box.

  • A decent indicator of efficiency;
  • Can work with any solid fuel;
  • It is possible to install additional parts;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • The doors fit snugly into the body.


  • Servicing the device is somewhat problematic.

ZOTA Enisey 12



This boiler can be used not only for residential, but also for industrial or agricultural premises. It can be used as the main or additional heating equipment. The main rule is that it should be in a room equipped with a natural ventilation system. For higher efficiency, the device is equipped with a flue gas combustion system.

The design has a heating element and a reliable traction control system. The main function of the heating element is to maintain the water temperature to prevent defrosting of the heating system. The unit operates on the basis of natural water circulation due to the temperature difference, however, the pipes will need to be positioned so that the coolant can pass through the system on its own. If it is not possible to provide it, then you will have to additionally install a circulation pump and an expansion tank that has direct contact with atmospheric air. The maximum pressure at which this boiler can operate is 5 bar. The unit is designed for an area of ​​up to 120 square meters.


  • Easy to install;
  • Reliable build quality;
  • Possibility of using any solid fuel.


  • The damper position must be adjusted manually to prevent excessive fuel consumption;
  • Fast burning of fuel.


4. Lemax Forward-16

Lemax Forward-16 photo

It is a fairly simple device, where nothing extra is provided. The design is very reliable, does not require maintenance, and is distinguished by an acceptable price. The body is made of decorative metal panels. Behind it lies a layer of thermal insulation, under which there is a body made of low-carbon steel 4 mm thick. The fuel chamber is large, it is protected from overheating by a water jacket.

In order to increase the strength of the equipment, the heat exchanger is reinforced with a channel, so that the probability of rupture is low. At the bottom of the device is a heat-resistant grate, under it there is a box for slag and ash. You can remove it through the door on the front panel, it also acts as a damper that regulates the amount of air entering the combustion chamber from the room. Branch pipes through which the supply and return lines of the heating system are connected are located on the rear panel. There is also a chimney pipe with a damper that regulates draft. The boiler can run on wood or brown coal; for convenience, there is a top fuel loading system.


  • The ability to use any type of solid fuel — coal, coke, firewood and so on;
  • Small overall dimensions, no need for constant maintenance;
  • Convenient top or end loading;
  • Low cost.


  • Little efficiency;
  • The need to regularly load fuel, as it burns out quickly enough.

Solid fuel boiler Lemax Forward-16

3. Kupper Practice 20

Kupper Praktik 20 photos

Another very compact model with a fairly high efficiency. It was developed specifically for heating buildings, the area of ​​u200bu200bwhich does not exceed 200 square meters. m. It is perfect for residential buildings, industrial, household and commercial buildings. The heat exchanger of the device is made of steel, which is resistant to corrosion processes. Additional efficiency of the boiler is provided by a water-filled flame deflector. The boiler is considered universal, as it is suitable for open or closed heating systems, circulation can be both natural and forced. The boiler can even work with plastic pipes, but you will have to install a capacitive hydraulic separator.

The design is able to work with any kind of solid fuel — firewood, peat briquettes, coal. The greatest length of the logs is 50 cm. The firebox has a decent size, so one bookmark of firewood is enough for quite a long time. The firebox has an inclined surface — it is easy to load fuel, it will burn evenly and be well distributed. The design has a built-in heating element with a power of 6 kW, it will maintain the temperature of the coolant for some time after the completion of the combustion process. The boiler is suitable for use as a main or auxiliary heat source.


  • A fairly high-quality heat exchanger made of durable materials;
  • There is a built-in convector for heating the boiler room;
  • The furnace is inclined — it is convenient to lay firewood;
  • Universal device — suitable for heating systems of any type;
  • You can install a draft regulator.


  • All additional items must be purchased separately.

Kupper Practice 20

2. Teplodar Kupper OK 15

Kupper OK 15 photos

In the top of solid fuel boilers, this unit is in a place of honor, largely due to the long burning of the fuel. So, on one tab of firewood, the equipment can work for about 30 hours, briquettes burn out in two days, coal for about 5 days. Perfect for residential, warehouse and even industrial premises, the area of ​​​​which does not exceed 150 square meters.

Both water and antifreeze can be used as a heat carrier, any solid fuel acts as a fuel — briquettes, firewood, coal. When installing additional elements, the boiler will operate on electricity or gas. The heat exchanger is made of 12 tubes, which ensures high efficiency of the device. The door is sealed, due to which smoke will not pass into the room, and the fuel will burn out much longer due to poor oxygen access to the furnace — it is made on the basis of the state standard GOST 9817-95.


  • High build quality of the device;
  • Profitability of work with significant efficiency;
  • Excellent value for money.


  • A significant mass, which makes it difficult to move the boiler from one place to another.

Teplodar Kupper OK 15

1. Stropuva Mini S8

Stropuva Mini S8 photo

One of the leaders in our review of the best solid fuel boilers is capable of high-quality heating of a room with an area of ​​up to 80 square meters. m. Coal, firewood, wood briquettes and so on can be used as fuel. The duration of burning on one bookmark of fuel is significant: ordinary firewood burns out in about 30 hours, briquettes — in 48 hours. These are the maximum parameters that can be affected by the heat loss of the building, the temperature of the outside air, and the quality of the fuel. Overall dimensions are not too large, the boiler occupies a minimum of free space. The design is not too complicated — the apparatus consists of two cylinders placed one inside the other and made of steel. There is a layer of external thermal insulation, so it will not be possible to burn yourself on the walls of the boiler. The coolant passes through the space between these cylinders. Inside the smaller of them there is a combustion chamber, which is serviced through the doors on the body of the apparatus.

The combustion process itself occurs only in the upper layer of fuel. Heated air from a special chamber is directed here through a telescopic tube. When the top layer of fuel burns out, the tube moves to the bottom layer, and so on. such a constructive solution allows to increase the efficiency of the device, as well as to adjust the temperature of the coolant depending on the needs of the user. Before entering the chimney, the combustion products first flow around the air heating chamber, transferring their heat to it.


  • Absolute energy independence of the product;
  • Reliable and safe design;
  • Can heat a large area;
  • Uses fuel economically.


  • Except for the rather high cost found.

solid fuel boiler Stropuva Mini S8

At the end of the video, how to choose a solid fuel boiler for a private house in 2022?

As you can see, in the rating we have considered both expensive and rather cheap designs of solid fuel boilers, which is called for any wallet. We hope that the top 10 of these devices will help you decide on the choice of a suitable unit. You can share your impressions of the review as a whole or of specific models presented in it in the comments.


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