The steamer is a special kitchen appliance designed to prepare healthy dishes from fish, meat, vegetables and other products. Its main advantage is cooking without adding fat. Experts note another important fact — food in a double boiler never burns. Products are processed with steam, thanks to which all useful minerals, vitamins and other elements are preserved in them, and the percentage of animal fats and cholesterol is also significantly reduced.

How to choose a good steamer?

When choosing a quality double boiler, you need to take into account a number of points, if they are not taken into account, then it will not be entirely suitable or not at all suitable for a particular hostess.

What is better multicooker or double boiler - choose

Chief among these factors are the following:

  • Control method: mechanical or electronic. In the first case, the model will cost much less, but the cooking temperature will need to be set manually. Electronic control makes the steamer more expensive, but it has much wider functionality. Usually there is a small display on the body, where the main cooking parameters are indicated;
  • Power — mainly ranges from 800 to 2000 watts. This parameter does not affect the quality of cooking, only the speed;
  • The volume of the bowl is selected depending on the number of family members — for 3-4 people, a 5-6 liter bowl will be enough;
  • What the device is made of — the body and the bowl itself. In most cases, the case is plastic, however, stainless steel models can also be found. It is best if the lid is transparent — it will be much easier to follow the cooking process. The bowl is made from materials that can withstand high temperatures well;
  • Design features — it is advisable to give preference to models that have a special funnel that allows you to add water directly during cooking;
  • Device kit — the more items it includes, the more expensive the steamer will cost. In the most expensive models, you can find recesses for boiling eggs, jars for storing spices, and so on;
  • The presence of additional useful options — fast steam, the possibility of delayed start, additional heating after cooking, a timer;
  • The company that made the product. It is best to give preference to well-known brands — they will break less often.

In our ranking of the best steamers in 2022, we have collected only the most reliable products that are perfect for most housewives. When compiling this top 10, we additionally took into account user and professional reviews, value for money. We hope that after reading the review, it will be much easier for you to choose the model that is ideal for your requirements.

List of the best steamer models

10. Tefal VC1451

Tefal VC1451 photo

Our rating opens with a rather original and very durable model. It has two bowls, the volume of each is about 3 liters. They are made from stainless steel that is safe for human health. The lid is made of special tempered glass. In addition, the set also includes a plastic container used for cooking rice. The device is turned on by a rotary switch, which also performs the function of a timer. There is a compartment for topping up water, so the work of the steamer can not be interrupted. The device switches itself off after the cooking time has elapsed. It notifies the user about this with a special sound signal.

You can monitor the water level through a special window. The case of the device is made of plastic with a matte finish. Dust is not visible on it, and all other contaminants can be easily removed with a soft cloth or paper towel. The engine is hidden, which makes the product absolutely safe to use. All removable parts are dishwasher safe. The warranty period for servicing the product is 2 years, when folded it takes up a minimum of free space, so this steamer is quite suitable even for a small kitchen. A descaling system is provided, thanks to which the service life of the device is greatly increased.


  • The bowls are made of high quality metal;
  • Through the glass lid you can always see the degree of readiness of the dish;
  • Durable body that will not crack even if the steamer falls off the table;
  • The wire has a soft sheath.


  • Quite large diameter holes in the bowls;
  • Insufficient volume of the container for cereals;
  • There is no mode for maintaining the temperature of food after cooking is completed.

steamer Tefal VC1451

9 Braun FS 3000

Braun FS 3000

This is a fairly modern design, complete with two bowls for cooking various products, a condensate tray, a special container for rice, buckwheat and other cereals, as well as a container for coloring products such as beets. The model has two tiers, where direct cooking takes place, and their total volume is 6.2 liters, the cereal container holds about 2 liters.

The device has a timer for one hour with subsequent automatic shutdown, a «quick steam» mode and an operation indicator are provided. There is a special sensor that turns off the device in case of lack of water. The body is made of plastic, the food containers are also plastic. When stored, the device occupies a minimum amount of free space. The bowls can be placed in the dishwasher, there is a niche for storing the power cable.


  • Reliability of the assembly, which ensures the durability of the device;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • In the event of an emergency or at the end of cooking, the device emits a special sound signal;
  • Bulk bowl for cereals;
  • Ease of management;
  • Significant power.


  • There are no recesses for boiling eggs;
  • During cooking, it will not be possible to add water;
  • There is no delayed start function.

Steamer Braun FS 3000

8. ENDEVER Vita 160/161

ENDEVER Vita 160/161 photo

The product includes a base containing a water tank with a volume of 1.3 liters, a control panel and a heating element. Pallets are built on it — special containers where the juice of cooked products and baskets for dishes are collected. The principle of operation is standard: the heating element brings the water in the tank to a boil, it begins to evaporate and rises to the upper sections, where the products should already be. The steam temperature is high, so the food is cooked very quickly and without a gram of fat. The case is quite durable, although it is made of plastic, inside there is a reliable protection against scale, which prevents lime deposits from forming on the heating element. The plastic is heat-resistant, does not begin to melt even when exposed to high temperatures.

Ventilation openings are located on the bottom side of the base, providing access to fresh air and preventing the elements of the device from overheating. Rubber feet ensure the stability of the device on almost any surface. Products are equipped with two baskets for products, the total volume of which is 4 liters. Due to this constructive solution, you can cook two dishes at the same time. Using a double boiler is much simpler and easier compared to a hob, you will have to spend much less time on cooking. The power of the device is 800 watts. The device has a mechanical timer, designed for a maximum of 60 minutes — this time is enough to cook absolutely any dish.


  • Very convenient to use;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • High level of reliability;
  • Strength of plastic elements;
  • Possibility of simultaneous preparation of two dishes at once.


  • The control handle is tight;
  • There is no window in the water tank.

Steamer ENDEVER Vita 160/161

7. Tefal VC 3008 Steam’n’light

Tefal VC 3008 Steam'n'light

This is a fairly compact, but at the same time, roomy model, which has three levels for the simultaneous preparation of various dishes. For cooking, there are mesh bowls or trays where you can put your favorite sauce or marinade, which will make the food even tastier. The model is produced on the basis of the latest patented compact storage technology.

The control here is of a digital type, the equipment has a timer for one hour, after the end of cooking, the device will automatically turn off, but if necessary, it will maintain a high temperature of the food. The assembly is very high quality, all bowls, grates and other removable elements can be washed in the dishwasher. The water capacity has a volume of one and a half liters, which is quite enough for cooking three dishes at the same time. If there is not enough water, the device will automatically turn off, emitting an audible signal.


  • Works absolutely silently;
  • Spacious pallets;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Occupies a minimum of free space;
  • Prepares even complex dishes quickly.


  • Heats water for a long time
  • The inner bowls are sometimes covered with a network of cracks;
  • Unreliable plastic parts that quickly fail;
  • Despite the electronic control, there is no display.

Tefal VC 3008 Steam’n’light

6 Philips AVENT SCF870

Philips AVENT SCF870 photo

A multifunctional device that combines the capabilities of not only a double boiler, but also a blender. First of all, the products were developed for the preparation of baby food, but adults may well use it for their own needs. The power of the device is not too high — only 400 W, the control is mechanical, the rotary knob rotates easily and smoothly, so you can set the required parameters very accurately. The volume of the water tank is 200 ml, up to 0.45 ml of liquid or about 800 grams of bulk products is placed in a blender glass. The mass of the product is only 2 kg. The power cord is short — only 70 cm, so you need to place the steamer in close proximity to the outlet or use extension cords, which is not always convenient. When using the machine as a blender, sensitive vibration must be taken into account.

At the top of the evaporator there is a hole for the passage of steam. A measuring cup and a spatula for removing cooked food are supplied with the device. The instruction is completely Russified, there is a book of recipes for children’s dishes, recommended by 12 pediatricians. The device belongs to the first class of electrical safety. In particular, after the evaporation of all the water from the tank, it will automatically turn off. The installation of the lid and bowl is also made taking into account all safety requirements. However, care must be taken to ensure that water does not get to the engine.


  • Extended functionality;
  • With its help, you can cook food for both young children and adults;
  • Cooks quickly;
  • Safe to use;
  • All useful substances are preserved in dishes;
  • Minor power consumption.


  • Small volume of the water tank;
  • High price.

Philips AVENT SCF870

5. Kitfort KT-2305

Kitfort KT-2305 photo

The device is equipped with an elementary mechanical control system, it, like the previous rating model, combines the functionality of a blender and a double boiler. The products are optimally suited for the preparation of baby food, since at first it steams the products, and at the next stage it crushes, grinds and mixes. The result is a very tender puree, which is very fond of children. An audible signal will inform the user about the end of cooking, so you don’t have to worry that the food will be cooked for too long. The power consumption of the device is 400 W, the volume of the jug is 400 ml, it is made of high-strength food-grade plastic. It does not form scratches, and it is also not afraid of falling.

The knife block, if necessary, can be completely disassembled and thoroughly washed. The product comes with a 500 ml removable jug. There are rubber feet on the bottom. Due to them, even during strong vibration, the device will remain in place. The design works relatively quietly — the maximum noise level is 74 dB. If necessary, all removable elements can be washed in a dishwasher.


  • Easy to use;
  • Does not need a lot of free space;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • There are measuring scales;
  • Cooks fast enough
  • Parts can be placed in the dishwasher;
  • The functionality of a blender and steamer.


  • The power cord is only 80 cm long.

Steamer Kitfort KT-2305



This model is characterized by simple design and ease of use. With the help of this technique, it will be possible to prepare a huge number of tasty and healthy dishes, which will contain many vitamins, minerals and other useful substances. The user has three bowls, the total volume of which is as much as 9 liters. They are autonomous, so you can cook dissimilar products at the same time, without fear of a relatively foreign smell. The type of control is electronic, it will be possible to figure it out in a matter of minutes. The memory of the steamer initially included six automatic programs — for cooking vegetables, rice, chicken, various seafood, including fish, as well as for eggs. At the same time, the user always has a choice — to trust the automatic mode or make their own adjustments to the operation of the device.

There is a timer for the steamer, it is designed for 60 minutes. All operating parameters of the device are displayed on the built-in liquid crystal display. In addition, on the case you can find understandable icons that will help you understand the settings. After the end of the cooking process, the steamer will notify the owner with an appropriate sound signal, and will also switch to the keep warm mode. It is absolutely not necessary to use three containers at the same time — it is quite acceptable to install two or even one. Comes with a container for cooking rice. The bowls themselves are made of high-quality transparent plastic of increased strength, so you can observe the process of cooking. The water tank is designed for one and a half liters of liquid, if necessary, it will be possible to add it without interrupting the cooking cycle. Water consumption is monitored by a corresponding LED type indicator.


  • During cooking, you can add water to the tank;
  • There are three bowls in the kit at once, and you can use them both separately and simultaneously;
  • There is a very informative display;
  • Even in automatic programs, you can make your own adjustments.


  • The body of the main unit is easily soiled — you will have to regularly clean it from various contaminants.


3. CENTEK CT-1457


In third place in the ranking of the best double boilers is equipment, the useful volume of which reaches 9 liters. It will be a great helper in preparing healthy meals that provide a healthy diet for the family table. Often it is used by employees of various specialized organizations — dispensaries, sanatoriums, and so on. Additional comfort is created by the automatic switch-off timer. If necessary, during the cooking process, you can add water to the container. The steamer is perfect for working with products of various kinds — fish, chicken, meat, vegetables and so on.

Three bowls are supplied with the device, the volume of each of which is 3 liters. They are made from durable food-grade plastic that can withstand high temperatures, insensitive to temperature changes. The material will not deform even under conditions of intensive use; cracks and other kinds of defects do not appear on it. All these factors greatly extend the life of the device. A special rotary knob is responsible for adjusting the temperature. The body of the steamer is made of food-grade stainless steel, it is not sensitive to physical influences, various contaminants will not stick to it.


  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • It is possible to prepare products of the most different nature;
  • The flowing fat or juice accumulates in a special pan, so nothing gets into the water tank;
  • When stored, it takes up a minimum amount of free space;
  • The operating time and degree of temperature influence can be changed.


  • At first there is a strong smell of plastic, but over time it disappears — it is advisable to start the device without food for the first one or two times.

Steamer CENTEK CT-1457

2.Lumme LU-1405

Lumme LU-1405 photo

The second place in the review was taken by a two-level steamer from a brand that is not very well known to the Russian consumer. However, in terms of its capabilities, workmanship and service life, this model is much superior to analogues of popular firms. The device is equipped with a water tank, the volume of which is 0.5 liters, there are also two plastic bowls for cooking products — they can hold up to 2.5 liters. Each of them has handles for easy carrying. The design of the steamer is well thought out, the chambers are completely isolated from each other, so the dish will not be saturated with the aroma of other food. The double boiler allows you to provide the most delicate temperature treatment of any products — meat, fish, vegetables, poultry, and so on. The control of the device is mechanical, but it is very easy to set all the necessary parameters. There is a delayed start function, calculated for a maximum of one hour. You can not follow the cooking process — the device will do everything on its own.

The protection system of the device is also carefully thought out, which increases the safety of its operation. Water can be added to the tank if necessary, even during operation. If there is not enough water left, the steamer will inform the user about it with a sound signal. When water is not added for some reason, the product automatically disconnects from the network. The case here is plastic, but the material withstands high temperatures and other physical influences well. It consumes not very much electricity — its power is only 400 watts.


  • Very convenient to use;
  • Excellent ergonomics of the device;
  • Long service life;
  • Reliable mechanical control;
  • Reasonably priced;
  • Completely isolated from each other bowls;
  • Takes up little free space.


  • Short cord.

steamer Lumme LU-1405

1. Panasonic NU-SC101

Panasonic NU-SC101

This is one of the newest models of double boilers, which appeared on the Russian market of household appliances relatively recently. For all its main characteristics, such a double boiler is one of the best among all presented in the review. It has only one tier, so you can cook only one dish in it. The type of control here is electronic, there is a power indicator, a large touch display. The capacity is as much as 15 liters, although the external dimensions are not that big.

The device has a convection function, due to which you can cook up to 15 different types of dishes. This feature will preserve the juiciness of meat, fish and other products due to the fact that heating is carried out as evenly as possible. The temperature is brought to one hundred degrees in just three minutes after starting, if necessary, in a double boiler, you can even sterilize various items — baby bottles, dishes and so on.


  • High build quality;
  • Superior capacity;
  • Long service life;
  • convection function;
  • Large capacity.


  • In addition to the high price was not found.

Panasonic NU-SC101

In conclusion, an interesting video

We have tried to ensure that only the most popular models among users are reflected in our ranking of the best steamers, which are also distinguished by excellent quality and long service life. We hope that this top 10 will allow you to quickly decide on the choice of a suitable device. You can share your opinion on the rating, as well as on the models presented in it, in the comments below the article.



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