Table hockey is known to almost all people who grew up in Soviet times. This game has not lost popularity to this day, largely due to its simplicity. Its goal is very simple — for a certain time it is necessary to score as many goals as possible into the opponent’s goal. Such a game allows you to develop motor skills and attentiveness, and, since 1989, even competitions have been held at the international level.

Modern models are much more complicated than Soviet versions, but the sporting principle remains the same. Largely because of this, most modern parents do not know what exactly to look for when buying such a toy for their children. We decided to give our readers a little hint and made a rating of the best table hockey players. In this article, we will talk in as much detail as possible about the most popular modern options, as well as give some useful tips that will surely come in handy when choosing the most suitable model for a child.

How to choose the right table hockey in 2022?

Today, the range of these products is quite wide, but all similar games on the market can be divided into four main types: classic game or play off. It is made from the highest quality materials, characterized by excellent assembly. You can also find a simpler version of Red Line — a similar model is intended for children who are taking their first steps in table hockey. Here it is unlikely that you will be able to meet transparent sides and a counter of goals scored. The next option is High Speed, it is designed for players who have fully mastered the basic level and are striving to overcome the next bar, complicate the gameplay. Such games are equipped with fields of higher quality, on which the puck moves at high speed. The Stanley Cup (the last variety) was even able to get a license from the NHL. It will suit absolutely everyone, however, there is still a slight difference from the classic version — the forwards’ clubs are mirrored.

Before buying, you should carefully inspect the game for possible physical defects, as well as check its packaging. The box should contain the following items: a bag with goals, pucks, players, puck counters (if any), a playing field, legs, sides, instructions with the rules of the game and a structure assembly diagram.

The field is usually made of plastic. It should be perfectly smooth — without bumps, scratches, dents. If the game is of high quality, then the slots will not have steps. The puck must pass through these slots without loss of speed, not get stuck in them. The quality of the pins will also have to be checked by slightly pressing on them — they should not fall under the surface of the field. All movable elements move smoothly, do not jam, and the frame should not move when they are moved.

The overall dimensions of the game also play an important role — the size of the field can be very different, so you should first consider where exactly it will be located at home, since there should be some space around it for the players themselves. When we chose models to be included in the review of the best table hockey players, we first of all took into account all the factors mentioned above. We also studied more than one hundred user reviews so that the rating was compiled from the most popular models among buyers.

Inexpensive Options

3. Company of Friends Mini Hockey (JB1000085)

Company of Friends Mini Hockey (JB1000085) photo

The most compact table hockey among all presented on the Russian market. Despite the fact that it is made in a mini-format, the workmanship is quite decent, the equipment is complete, and the cost is quite acceptable. The kit comes with a spare washer and a rather primitive mechanical counter of hammered washers. This version is highly simplified. Each of the teams here is represented by only one single player, the control handle is also only one, but this will be quite enough to teach a child aged 3-6 years this exciting game.

The mass of the structure is only 460 g, the overall dimensions of the field are 32×21 cm, so if necessary, you can take it with you on a trip or to visit. The game is assembled in just a couple of minutes. There are no gaps on the field, the figures are slightly magnetized, which ensures absolute freedom of maneuver.


  • A very simple design;
  • Low price;
  • The original principle of work;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • Decent build quality.


  • Over time, player figures may become demagnetized.

Table Hockey Company of Friends Mini Hockey (JB1000085)

2. OGONYOK Hockey (S-200)

OGONYOK Hockey (S-200) photo

One of the few models of domestic production, which is characterized by a significant margin of safety. Unlike other similar games, it is made not only of plastic, but mechanisms made of metal are provided here, which provides good resistance to wear and increased strength. The size of the playing field is 56×29 cm with a mass of 1.2 kg. Manufacturers have managed to strike a delicate balance between compact size and ease of use.

Such hockey can be placed even on a small table, but all the elements are quite large and durable. The child will definitely like the game in many respects due to the bright design. The markings are clear, not erased over time, there is an original scoreboard, the score on which changes by scrolling the wheel. The gate is equipped with a slight recess, where the clogged puck will fall.


  • Spacious for beginners field;
  • original appearance;
  • Easy-to-use scoreboard;
  • There is a recess for a puck hammered into the goal.


  • Figures of hockey players are not fixed too firmly.

Table hockey OGONYOK Hockey (S-200)

1. Let’s Play Hockey Together (B1535129-R1)

Let's Play Hockey Together (B1535129-R1) photo

Despite the fact that this model has a very reasonable cost, it is a real hockey box in miniature — there are 12 hockey players (5 field players and one goalkeeper on each side), there are levers, a goal counter, a full-fledged field with markings, although the latter is not too large. The dimensions of the field are 18×32 cm, the game weighs only 510 grams, it is made only of plastic.

It is purchased both for home use and for travel. The base is stable, so the field can be placed not only on the table, but also on the sofa. The game will appeal to both young children and schoolchildren. Here you can perform basic maneuvers, with its help the guys will quickly master the basics of this sport.


  • Compact dimensions;
  • Classic field design;
  • Very stable model;
  • Comes with a spare washer.


  • The plastic the game is made of is quite brittle.

Table Hockey Let’s Play Hockey Together (B1535129-R1)

Average price category

4. ABtoys Hockey KHL (68200)

ABtoys Hockey KHL (68200) photo

Users in the reviews note the bright and, at the same time, professional design of this game. The manufacturer paid special attention to details. It’s nice to play hockey like this. The model is a full-fledged gaming table, although not too large. Its height is 15 cm, so it is most convenient to play it on the floor. The legs are removable, so the field can be placed on the table. Products are made of metal and plastic, the field area is 55×38 cm, the game weighs 1.77 kg.

Hockey is made of reliable plastic, which withstands wear and tear well. The figurines are durable, as are the gates with sides. No foreign smells were found in the new game. The handles are comfortable, the game itself is very stable on the surface. The control is a little tight, it is advisable to immediately lubricate all the gears so that it is easier to respond to the movement of the puck.


  • Decent level of strength;
  • Ergonomic handles;
  • Does not slip on the table;
  • The plastic is good quality and has no odor.


  • The mechanisms are a little tight — it is better to lubricate them immediately.

Table hockey ABtoys Hockey KHL (68200)

3. Step puzzle Hockey new season (76195)

Step puzzle Hockey new season (76195) photo

Ideal for children aged 3 years and older, the game is made of durable plastic and safe metal. The area of ​​the playing field here is 83×45 cm, the model itself has a decent weight — 3.9 kg. Despite this, the product is notable for its compact overall dimensions, not too catchy and bright, but well-understood design of the field, the markings are correct. There is a very curious trick here — a hockey player can drive outside the gate, which only increases the dynamics of the game, making it as close as possible to real competitions.

The kit has everything you need, but some users complain about the design of the gate. In particular, they claim that they are not very deep, the puck often flies out of them when hit very hard, and this can lead to unnecessary arguments.


  • High dynamics of the game;
  • A large number of additional features;
  • Quite affordable cost;
  • Precise markings and sleek design.


  • Poorly designed gate.

Table hockey Step puzzle Hockey new season (76195)

2. OMZET Hockey (OM-48200E)

OmZET Hockey (OM-48200E) photo

In terms of its appearance and operational capabilities, the game almost completely copies the Soviet version of table hockey, but some modern achievements are also reflected here. In particular, the model has an electronic scoreboard, where not only the score is indicated, but also the time is counted, and the user has the opportunity to stop the timer. The scored washers are also counted by the electronics. The game also has sound accompaniment — there is a referee’s whistle, a siren, support from fans — all this is aimed at ensuring that the player can feel like a full-fledged hockey player. In this case, the volume of sounds can be adjusted.

The game is suitable for children aged 6 years and over, it is made of plastic and metal parts, the size of the field is 74×46 cm, the whole structure weighs 2.75 kg. To date, products are deservedly considered one of the most durable among the models of the middle price category. The table is stable and strong, quite thick. All mechanisms are reliable, set in motion with ease, the figures of hockey players are of high quality. The field and the placement of players are organized so that the puck can be reached in any corner of the table. In general, the game turned out to be very dynamic, even adults play it with pleasure.


  • Excellent build quality;
  • Manufactured from materials resistant to wear;
  • The field is devoid of dead zones;
  • The game looks very solid.


  • There are no batteries included;
  • The electronics don’t always work.

Table hockey OmZET Hockey (OM-48200E)

1. OmZET Hockey Soviet 71 cm

OmZET Hockey Soviet 71 cm photo

This game, like the previous one, is distinguished by its durability and very convenient controls, it also looks like a standard Soviet hockey. In addition to metal and plastic, fiberboard is also used to make this game, the model is suitable for children aged 5 years and over, the field size is 64×44 cm and weighs 2.7 kg.

The scorer is mechanical, each team is represented by six players, they are controlled by rotary mechanisms. The fasteners are reliable, the figures of hockey players are durable — they can easily withstand the puck at high speed, they can deliver strong blows to it (you can not be afraid to break the stick).


  • Classic design;
  • Reliable swivel mechanisms;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • High level of strength and wear resistance.


  • Pretty complex assembly.

Table hockey OmZET Hockey Soviet 71 cm

Premium table hockey in 2022


DFC FESTIVAL2 48 photos

This is not just hockey, but a real complex of various games — it includes 12 types of entertainment at once, which include table hockey, air hockey, football and so on. For a child who is fond of active and mobile sports, this model will be an excellent gift. The game is made in the form of a real gaming table, which provides excellent freedom of maneuver, the figures of the players are large. The construction is made of plastic, MDF and PVC, the size of the playing field is 104×55.2 cm, weight — 23 kg.

The model does not need to be connected to the mains. The equipment is very wide — there are two pucks for hockey, rackets for table tennis, two balls for football. You can switch from one game to another in just a couple of minutes — you just need to put the required field on the table with the appropriate markings.


  • Made in the form of a full-fledged table;
  • Not too large overall dimensions;
  • The case is quite durable;
  • Very rich equipment;
  • Going from one game to another is easy.


  • Collecting the first time is difficult and long.

Table hockey DFC FESTIVAL2 48

2. STIGA Hockey Stanley Cup

STIGA Hockey Stanley Cup photo

This game is very popular with fans of table hockey for a number of parameters. First of all, it is characterized by a very solid appearance, the figures of the players are painted in bright colors, the field is large, the uniform of the hockey players contrasts with the equipment of the opponent.

The product is suitable for children aged 3 years and older, it is made of polystyrene and steel, thanks to which it was possible to achieve its low weight — only 3.3 kg, the size of the field is 82×44 cm. All mechanisms are reliable, move smoothly, which provides convenient control. The marking is accurate, withstands various loads well, and resists wear.


  • Suitable for even the smallest hockey fans;
  • The figures of the players are fixed very securely;
  • All elements are durable;
  • The course of all mechanisms is smooth, does not stick even with active use.


  • With regular use, the stickers on the board may come off.

Table Hockey STIGA Ice Hockey Stanley Cup

1. STIGA Hockey Play Off

STIGA Hockey Play Off photo

It is quite natural that this table hockey model was in first place in this section of our review. First of all, this is due to the very high fidelity of a real hockey box, in addition, the players have full freedom of maneuver. There are simply no blind and dead zones here. In several positions, the players of the opposing teams play quite close to each other, so they can enter into a real fight for the puck. The model is made of plastic and metal, its dimensions are 82×44 cm and weighs 3.2 kg.

Details can be replaced if necessary, there are several options for developing an attack. Players move around the field very dynamically, largely due to the installed smooth guides made of steel, nylon gears. Figures of players are made in 3D format, painted with special coloring compositions by hand. It is on this field that professional table hockey tournaments, as well as international competitions, are held.


  • Decent field sizes;
  • Dead zones are not observed;
  • If necessary, can be easily repaired;
  • Belongs to professional products;
  • The manufacturer paid special attention to details.


  • Buyers often note that the price of products is a bit high.

Table Hockey STIGA Ice Hockey Play Off

In conclusion, a useful video

Our ranking of the best table hockey games has come to an end. If you have managed to choose the optimal model for yourself or your child, then this means that we have not worked in vain, collecting all the information for you. If you already have experience in using such products, then it will be very interesting for us and our readers to get acquainted with it — tell us about it in the comments to the article.


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