A meter that takes into account the amount of water used can significantly save on utility bills. Largely due to this, more and more people are striving to install such a device at home. However, on the market today there are a large number of similar products, choosing the most suitable of which can be quite difficult.

To make up for the lack of information, we decided to devote our today’s review to the best water meters of the year. It is possible that you decide to purchase for yourself some other product that is not included in our rating. To do this, before considering the direct models, we have given the key rules that you need to rely on when buying this device.

What do you pay attention to when choosing a water meter?

How to choose the right water meter?

There are quite a lot of devices designed to measure water consumption on the market today, and they can operate according to various principles. The simplest in terms of operation are the so-called tachometric counters. They operate as follows: the flow of water passing through the pipe and, accordingly, going through the meter, rotates the turbine or the impeller. It is transmitted to the counting device itself, thanks to which the total volume of water spent, expressed in cubic meters, is displayed.

In domestic water meters, a standard impeller is used, which has some features. In particular, it has a certain inertia, and experts also note the dependence on the turbulence of the flow, however, with small volumes of water passing through such a meter (as a rule, they do not exceed 10-15 cubic meters per month), such data can be neglected. The fact is that they will not seriously affect the overall picture — the difference between the volume actually consumed and displayed on the counter is unlikely to be higher than 5-7 liters.

Counters of a tachometric type will also cost a little more, however, instead of an impeller, a turbine will be used in their design, which reduces the inertia to almost zero. Such products are installed on pipes with a diameter of 25 mm or more. The error in these structures is minimal.

In addition, combined models are available for sale. They have in their design a system of valves, which, if necessary, will switch the water flow going through them from turbine to vane metering and vice versa. It is also worth noting that the counter mechanism can be dry or wet type. In the latest design, the water volume meter is in wet conditions, which affects durability. Tap water often contains large contaminants that can clog the meter, which will also affect the period of operation.

Dry meters have a mechanism that will not come into contact with water — it is separated from it using a special partition, and the torque that transmits information to the digital display is provided using two magnets. Such meters are more accurate and durable, but they are very sensitive to the magnetic field.

When compiling our ranking of the best water meters, we took into account all these points. For this reason, as you will see later, the review is divided into three parts. We also took into account the feedback from users and professionals, the ratio of price and quality of devices. We hope that after reading this article you will be able to choose the most suitable product for yourself. Now let’s move on to analyzing the performance of specific models.

The best budget water meters

3. Decast Metronic VSKM 90-15 DG

Decast Metronic VSKM 90-15 DG photo

This is one of the cheapest models among all included in our review today, but the efficiency and durability are quite comparable to the most expensive designs. This water meter fully complies with the regulatory documentation — SNiP 2.04.07 and GOST R 51232, which allows it to be used in household networks intended for drinking water. According to the instructions, it is allowed to be installed on both supply and return pipelines, cold and hot water supply systems. The temperature of the water in the pipe should be in the range from 5 to 90 degrees at a pressure not higher than 1 MPa.

This is a winged design, which is characterized by fairly high accuracy rates. This product has a housing equipped with a coarse filter, which greatly extends the life of the impeller itself. The case is made of non-magnetic materials — this eliminates even the slightest possibility of forced slowdown of the rotation of the counting mechanism. The product belongs to the multi-jet type of devices. It is allowed to be installed on a horizontal section of the supply or return pipeline, the length of which must be 5 Du before the meter and at least 2 Du after it (Du means the nominal diameter).


  • Simple construction;
  • Low cost;
  • Domestic product;
  • Long period of operation;
  • The case is made of non-magnetic materials.


  • Heavy — weight is about 0.5 kg;
  • May only be installed on horizontal pipe sections.

Decast Metronic VSKM 90-15 DG

2. Betar SGV-15

Betar SGV-15

This product can be installed on both hot and cold water supply. The model differs in excellent quality of production, the long period of operation. These products work absolutely flawlessly, regardless of how they are installed — in a vertical or horizontal plane. The design is very practical, besides it is not too expensive. If such a meter is properly maintained, it will last up to 10 years, in principle, it can work longer. The product perfectly tolerates high temperatures and other physical exertion. The meter is able to withstand pressure up to 10 bar.

The design is placed in a brass case, which does not respond to a magnet, respectively, it will not be possible to correct the readings. Some users claim that after about 5 years of operation, the meter may stop, but this problem is extremely rare. Products are found literally in every hardware store, so everyone can buy it. The case has everything you need to install the seal. The meter is manufactured in strict accordance with the current regulatory documentation. The model is winged, due to which it is characterized by a very high accuracy of readings.


  • Fairly simple design;
  • Model of domestic production;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • A very long period of operation;
  • The case is made from non-magnetic materials.


  • There is a possibility that after a few years of use, the counter will simply stop.

Water meter Betar SGV-15

1. ITELMA WFW20 D080

ITELMA WFW20 D080 photo

This water meter is perfect for installation in private houses, apartments, offices, administrative buildings and so on. The account is a single-jet design, it can be installed on pipes with both hot and cold water. The product is manufactured under a German license, and all components are manufactured in Western Europe. The counter characterizes a rather long period of warranty service, which is as much as 6 years. It perfectly withstands serious pressure drops: it is able to cope with a pressure of 25 atmospheres as much as possible, it can also feel good at high temperatures — up to 110 degrees.

The sensitivity of the device is excellent. The parameters regarding anti-magnetic protection are also quite good — all relevant tests were carried out in qualified European laboratories. The design and appearance are attractive and beautiful. All indications will be clearly visible even to a person with poor eyesight. In the manufacture of the counter, no nickel coating is used, which ensures high environmental performance of the device. This model can be installed on both horizontal and vertical pipe sections.


  • The volumes of hot and cold water are measured in the same way;
  • Keeps working capacity in the big temperature range;
  • Excellent assembly of the product;
  • There is a good anti-magnetic protection, and the device is also reliably protected from leakage.


  • Not detected.


Best Impulse Designs

3. ECO NOM SV-15-80I


The product is a universal design that is optimally suited for both hot and cold water supply. This model can withstand temperatures from 5 to 90 degrees. The device was developed by domestic specialists and is also manufactured at Russian factories. The assembly is high-quality, accurate and reliable. The dial of the counter is rotary, which is very convenient when working with the device — it can be rotated to the required angle so that the readings can be better seen. From the start-up side there is a special filter mesh made of metal. It will not allow clogging of this equipment during operation. Initially, this meter is designed for installation on a pipe with a diameter of half an inch, however, several convenient adapters can be found in the kit. With their help, it will be possible to install this model on other diameters, for example, on a three-quarter pipe. In addition, a non-return valve comes with the meter.

All elements are tightly fitted to each other, so you don’t have to worry about leaks at all. Such a high quality allows you to install these products even in the most inaccessible places, it does not have to be checked daily. The operation process is very long, but from time to time you still have to check this device. The period of inter-calibration work is 6 years if the meter is placed on cold water supply, and 4 years if it is used to account for hot water consumption. The products have a very long warranty period — as much as 6 years.


  • Quite affordable price — this product will be affordable for almost all users;
  • Rich equipment allows you to install the counter on most diameters;
  • Long service life and long warranty period.


  • Not very convenient holes for fillings.

Water meter ECO NOM SV-15-80I

2. ITELMA WFW24 D080

ITELMA WFW24 D080 photo

The installation kit of this product is made on the basis of a high-quality brass alloy, which is capable of excellently resisting various kinds of corrosion processes that may occur during the operation of this equipment. Together with the meter itself, threaded fittings, nuts, gaskets are supplied — all these elements are very reliable, which eliminates even the slightest possibility of leakage. It is produced on the basis of foreign-made components, which ensures a long service life of the product. On the inside, parts in direct contact with water are covered with a special nylon plastic, which increases wear resistance and extends the life of this product. The case contains a minimum amount of tin, nickel and aluminum.

According to the manufacturer, trouble-free operation can reach 10 years, and during all this time the accuracy of the readings of this device will be maintained. These meters are able to withstand pressures up to 2 MPa, thanks to which they perfectly withstand even very strong water hammers. If the water supply contains contaminated water, then these products can be installed even without a coarse filter, and this will not affect the accuracy of the equipment in any way. Such devices operate absolutely silently, they can be installed both in the vertical and in the horizontal plane.


  • There is no need to install additional equipment — filters, fittings, and so on;
  • Service life without breakdowns, subject to operating conditions, is 10 years;
  • Resists well even strong water hammer;
  • Excellent build quality.


  • Not detected.


1. Decast BKM-20

Decast BKM-20

It is a single-jet design designed to account for the consumption of cold water only. Designed for installation in an apartment, private house or cottage. The function of the indicator is performed here by a counter of a mechanical type. For remote reading of the device readings, a special reed relay is provided in the design. One pulse corresponds to 10 liters of consumed resource. The kit additionally comes with two gaskets, two plugs and a wire for fixing the seal. To carry out a full-fledged installation, you will have to purchase several additional items — two fittings made of brass, two nuts, two gaskets, as well as a coarse filter, some also install a check valve before entering the meter.

The design of the meter has reliable protection against the negative effects of a magnetic field, so using strong, say, neodymium magnets to slow down or stop the device will not work. The measurement process is carried out using a special impeller, which is driven by the flow of water passing through the meter. The measurement result is displayed on the indicator.


  • The optimal ratio of price and quality of the device;
  • Pretty easy to install yourself if you have all the necessary tools and materials at hand;
  • It is possible to connect the device to a centralized accounting system.


  • Mounting kit is not provided — much has to be purchased additionally;
  • Often, the manufacturer without notifying the buyer changes the configuration of the device;
  • You will have to install another filter.

Water meter Decast BKM-20

Best Premium Water Meters of the Year

3. ITELMA WFW20.D110


The model is made of brass, all connections are threaded type, they were originally designed for a three-quarter pipe. The calibration period for this model is 4 years if the device is connected to a hot water supply system, and 6 years when it is connected to a cold water riser. The average life of this device is 12 years. The model is universal, respectively, it can be connected to both cold and hot water. On the side of the inlet there is a special mesh, which is able to trap large contaminants — you do not have to buy it additionally. The design is made according to German technology, all components are made in Western European countries. The counter easily withstands even very high pressure — up to 25 atmospheres.

Unfortunately, sealing gaskets are not included with this device, respectively, they will have to be purchased separately. The installation process takes a minimum amount of free time, and besides, it is quite simple — all operations can be done on your own. The counter is able to withstand very high temperatures — up to 150 degrees. This is the highest figure among the models included in our review. In addition, the device easily resists water hammer, is not sensitive to magnetic fields, and the like.


  • The highest level of equipment reliability;
  • The optimal ratio of cost and product quality;
  • Excellent assembly of the counter, which initially eliminates the occurrence of even the slightest leaks;
  • Able to withstand high pressure, temperatures up to 150 degrees, as well as water hammer;
  • Excellent resistance to magnetic fields.


  • For installation, you will have to buy a couple of rubber seals.

ITELMA WFW20.D110 water meter



The design is a single-jet, dry-running vane model that is able to withstand water pressures up to 16 bar. It is characterized by a truly impeccable quality of production. The kit comes with not only a sealing wire, but also the seal itself. The device is quite suitable for both cold and hot water supply. Together with the meter, half-grip made of brass are also supplied, as well as rubber gaskets, with which you can prevent leakage during the operation of the device. The device is truly ideal for domestic use. The meter is designed specifically for pipelines used in apartment buildings.

The device itself has a body made of brass, which is covered with a layer of chrome on the outside. On the upper part there is a mechanical board, on which the total water consumption will be displayed. It, if necessary, can rotate around its axis, so it can be set to the most convenient position for taking all the readings. On the side faces of the apparatus there are arrows that will indicate in which direction the water flow should pass. Internal elements are made of high-quality plastic of the increased durability. It is not sensitive to the effects of magnetic fields, various kinds of pollution. On the body and on the nuts there are holes for installing seals. The period of operation is in the range from 12 to 14 years.


  • Simple design ensures long service life;
  • Quite affordable price;
  • High accuracy of accounting for resource consumption.


Water meter VALTEC VLF-15U

1. Norm SVK-25

Norma SVK-25 photo

This equipment is truly ideal for domestic use. This meter is designed for installation in pipelines with a diameter of 25 mm — standard systems laid in apartment buildings. The unit has a brass body, it is chrome-plated on top. On its upper part there is a mechanical board, on which the water consumption will be displayed. It, if necessary, easily rotates around its own axis, so it can be set to the most convenient position for taking readings. There are arrows on the sides indicating in which direction water should flow through this meter.

The internal elements are made of high-quality plastic, which is not sensitive to magnetic fields, to various kinds of pollution. On the nuts, as well as on the body of the device, there are special holes for attaching the seal. The average service life of this equipment is about 12-14 years.


  • The simplicity of the device allows for a sufficiently long period of operation of the product;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Good product accuracy.


  • Not detected.

SVK-25 norm

In conclusion, a short useful video

Well, our review of the best water meters of the year has come to its logical conclusion. We hope that after studying it, you were able to decide which design would be most suitable for you. If you have certain questions, then you can ask them in the comments to this article — we will respond to each of them as quickly as possible and try to give an exhaustive answer.


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