Television has long been firmly entrenched in our daily lives — almost every person cannot imagine his evening without watching some kind of program. In the past few years, the quality of the picture has improved significantly — it is practically no different from the natural image that we see with our own eyes. Literally every week, the latest models of such devices appear on sale, which are manufactured using the latest advances in science and technology. Today we would like to tell you about a similar device that came to us for testing — Starwind SW-LED42SB301.

General characteristics and appearance

Characteristics and manufacturer of the TV Starwind SW-LED42SB301

The TV is equipped with an LED-matrix, which allows you to make the picture as realistic as possible, in addition, it has wide viewing angles. The display diagonal is 42 inches or about 90 cm. This solution makes this model suitable for use in a spacious living room. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels, which fully corresponds to the Full HD format. The aspect ratio is quite standard, 16:9 — this parameter is used in most models of this size. The brightness index is 220 cd / sq. m with a contrast ratio of 3000 to 1.

TV Starwind SW-LED42SB301

Bottom of Starwind SW-LED42SB301

The processor provides a pixel response time of 6.5 ms — the picture changes almost instantly. Viewing angles, as we have already mentioned here, are very wide — 176 degrees both vertically and horizontally. The screen refresh rate is 60Hz. Products are characterized by low power consumption — in operating mode, the TV consumes only 75 W per hour, in standby mode, this parameter does not exceed 0.5 W per hour.

TV Starwind SW-LED42SB301

Yandex on TV Starwind SW-LED42SB301

The device works on the basis of the Yandex.TV operating system — such a shell functions quite stably, the response speed is not satisfactory. The bezels framing the display are quite narrow. The power supply is built-in, and such a moment is very convenient. The mass of the device without a stand is only 6.9 kg with overall dimensions of 948x550x77 mm. The product turned out to be quite thin and light — it can be easily hung even on a thin wall. In general, for its price, the device has a very wide functionality. In particular, there are many built-in digital tuners that comply with the standards — DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-C2, DVB-S, DVB-S2.

TV ports Starwind SW-LED42SB301

The acoustic system is represented by two built-in speakers, the power of each of which is 8 watts. For a TV of this size, this is not too much, so it is best to connect speakers or an audio system to the device. The wireless interface includes Wi-Fi, so you can watch movies online, there is also support for HDTV, Pal, SECAM, SMART TV, parental control. There are 2 USB connectors on the back, and it will be possible to record TV broadcasts on a USB flash drive, and three HDMI connectors for connecting various consoles, including game consoles. The warranty period for the device is 12 months.

Bottom ports on Starwind SW-LED42SB301

Impressions from the operation

Ports from the end of the TV Starwind SW-LED42SB301

TV Starwind SW-LED42SB301

The TV was quite pleased with its functional side — the Yandex.TV platform has more features compared to, for example, the more popular and widespread Android. However, there were some points that did not satisfy us. Parental controls in particular are a little tricky to use and took quite a while to figure out. The Wi-Fi module let us down a little, it is quite possible that this is due to the operating system. The fact is that periodically after turning off the TV is disconnected from the network, and you can reconnect to it only by deleting the network and searching for it — naturally, you will have to re-enter your login and password, and this takes time. There is a Bluetooth module, but it took some time to set it up correctly and synchronize it with a smartphone. Communication on this channel is stable, it does not cause any particular complaints.

Manufacturer Starwind SW-LED42SB301

There are no complaints about the quality of the picture — the screen is large, the color reproduction is quite close to natural. The width of the viewing angles pleased: colors are not replaced and are not distorted closer to the edges of the screen, besides, there are a large number of built-in modules for digital television, the TV is light, so it can be hung on the wall even alone.

TV on bracket


The product looks quite attractive, has a decent screen size, which makes this device suitable for spacious living rooms and bedrooms. The quality of the picture is also quite satisfactory, I liked the speed of the operating system and its main features. Given the quite reasonable cost, we definitely recommend this model for purchase.

TV Starwind SW-LED42SB301

Works Starwind SW-LED42SB301 based on Yandex


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