During the repair work in the bathroom, it is imperative to close up all sorts of cracks, process the joints between ceramic tiles and various plumbing equipment, for example, between a wall and a bathtub, a shower cabin or a sink. Due to the excessive amount of moisture on the surfaces and in the air of such premises, fungus or mold often occurs, and the finish begins to deteriorate. In order to prevent this from happening, experts recommend using special compounds — sealants, which allow isolating various kinds of materials from the ingress and absorption of water.

However, choosing the best products for specific conditions is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, because there are many different kinds of nuances. We decided to help you understand this issue and get rid of the difficulties and doubts, the result of this was our rating of the best bathroom sealants. Here we will not only consider the most popular products among users, but also talk about the varieties of these materials, the features of their choice and application.

How to choose the right sealant in 2022 for the bathroom?

First of all, it should be said that similar compounds are classified according to the material from which they are made — as a rule, it is silicone or acrylic. Silicone sealants are much more widespread, as they adhere well to most bases, they are great for all types of bathtubs, showers, sinks. They look aesthetically pleasing, so they are also used for exterior decoration. Silicone products perfectly resist moisture, tolerate direct ultraviolet rays, and temperature extremes. The shrinkage of these sealants is no more than 2%, and the service life can reach about 50 years.

Products made on the basis of acrylic will be much cheaper than silicone compounds, however, in terms of useful characteristics, they will practically not be inferior to them. Acrylic sealants have excellent adhesion to all materials, they are easy to apply, and they also resist UV rays well. However, the seam after drying loses its elasticity, so professionals do not advise applying such compounds to joints that will undergo deformation during operation.

When we selected products to include in our ranking of the best bathroom sealants, we relied mainly on the above factors, but also took into account user reviews — both experienced craftsmen and amateur repairmen who prefer to do all the housework exclusively with their own forces. In addition, we took into account the value for money of materials so that they last as long as possible and retain their attractive appearance.

Silicone based products

3. Sealant Ravak Professional (white) X01200

Ravak Professional (white) X01200 photo

Professionals consider this insulating material to be one of the best among all that are available today on the domestic market. They recommend using it when installing bathtubs, trays, washbasins, sinks, shower enclosures and traditional shower enclosures. Ordinary users extremely rarely prefer this sealant for one simple reason — it is very expensive.

According to users, the products are characterized by ideal adhesive qualities, tightly fill the seams, minimizing any chance of leakage. Over time, it does not begin to wash out, while retaining its original color. The composition also contains antifungal additives that prevent the occurrence of mold. This sealant dries in the shortest possible time — it begins to harden after just an hour after application. Nevertheless, experts advise you to wait a full day before using plumbing for the first time. On sale you can find a white or transparent composition.


  • Eliminates even the slightest possibility of leakage;
  • Excellent antifungal characteristics;
  • Over time, does not change color and does not begin to wash out;
  • Designed specifically for the bathroom;
  • Adheres well to materials of any nature;
  • Dries fairly quickly.


Sealant Ravak Professional (white) X01200

2. Dow Corning 7091

Dow Corning 7091 photo

This American-made product among professional plumbers has long gained fame as the best sealant designed for shower enclosures. It is often called adhesive-sealant, because the waterproofing layer is very durable and reliable. The sealant layer is not erased, does not change its color and shape over time. Products easily withstand exposure to moisture, sunlight, often seams in an outdoor shower are treated with a similar sealant, since it is not at all afraid of sudden and significant temperature changes.

Adhesion is excellent regardless of the type of substrate — water will not seep out. Special additives do not allow the formation of mold, which makes this composition even more attractive to most users.


  • Perfectly withstands high humidity, exposure to water, ultraviolet rays, temperature changes;
  • A long period of operation, during which the sealant does not lose its useful qualities;
  • Ideal for waterproofing shower enclosures and boxes.


  • It is very expensive.

Dow Corning 7091

1. Kim Tec Silicon Acetat 101E

Kim Tec Silicon Acetat 101E photo

The composition is distinguished by real German quality and quite reasonable cost. In particular, it is used for various types of work where there is a need to protect the surface from direct contact with the aquatic environment. This sealant is well suited for bathtubs, showers and any other plumbing fixtures. Adhesion is very high — products are able to reliably and tightly contact a wide variety of materials, from wood and plastic to glass and concrete.

According to users, the products are also characterized by pronounced antifungal qualities. It is able to withstand exposure to very high temperatures — up to 400 degrees. For this reason, this sealant is often used in baths or saunas. The product dries completely for quite a long time — it usually takes from 4 to 7 days.


  • Retains elasticity throughout the entire period of operation;
  • The perfect combination of reasonable price and German quality;
  • Long service life;
  • Good antifungal qualities;
  • Versatility — can be used to perform various tasks.


  • When working with it, a persistent smell of vinegar is released, which persists for the next 10 hours.

Kim Tec Silicon Acetat 101E

Acrylic based sealants

3. VGP acrylic white, 310 ml

VGP acrylic white, 310 ml photo

This domestic-made sealant is intended not only for the bathroom or toilet, but for the entire apartment. It is used, as a rule, to make a sealed layer in especially important joints, the width of which does not exceed 2 mm, and they should not be subjected to deformation effects during operation. The composition is able to withstand conditions of high humidity, tolerates significant temperature changes, including very sharp ones, so it is often used not only indoors, but also outside.

It will be very useful when installing sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers. With its help, it is possible to reliably fill the seams in a variety of materials — PVC, metal, glass, ceramics. It has a whole set of strengthening additives that allow it to additionally acquire antibacterial qualities that prevent mold and fungi from appearing.


  • Excellent seam water resistance;
  • The strength of the material after drying is very high;
  • Acceptable price;
  • There are antifungal characteristics;
  • If necessary, the sealant layer can be painted with water-based paint.


  • Dries long enough — complete drying can take up to 12 days depending on conditions.

VGP acrylic white, 310 ml

2. Moment Germent

Moment Germent photo

The formula of such a sealant was originally developed by German chemists and engineers, then it was sold to the well-known Russian company Moment, in whose factories these products are produced today. According to users, the composition is the best option for the widest seams, but it is also quite suitable for a number of other problem areas that are somehow observed in the sanitary areas of the apartment. Experts say that the sealant connects well with any materials, penetrates qualitatively not only into large, but also into small seams, fills them completely, and the layer after drying retains a certain elasticity, which is not very characteristic of acrylic-based sealants.

Experienced plumbers again say that the consistency of the sealant becomes much thicker when the expiration date comes to an end. Nevertheless, the product resists moisture well, perfectly protects against water, and has a long service life. The composition calmly tolerates low temperatures without cracking or falling out of the seams, so the sealant can also be used for outdoor work.


  • Ideal for fairly wide seams;
  • Good resistance to low temperatures;
  • Retains elasticity after drying;
  • Can be dyed with any composition;
  • Adheres to materials regardless of their nature.


  • It gets thicker as it expires.

Moment Germent

1. Ceresit CS 7

Ceresit CS 7 photo

Another product that, after drying, retains increased elasticity, largely due to the plasticizers added to the formula. This sealant is not too expensive, due to which it is widely popular with home craftsmen who seek to save on repairs, as it always takes a lot of money. Similar products are used to seal joints when laying ceramic tiles or during the installation of any kind of plumbing.

The insulation is durable and of high quality. After complete drying, it can be painted in any color, which the masters really like. Products easily tolerate prolonged exposure to water vapor, do not dry out and do not get wet, normally cope with high and low temperatures, so it is also used for outdoor work, as well as for finishing baths and saunas. The sealant is produced by a well-known Turkish brand.


  • The products of this manufacturer are widely distributed in Russian construction and finishing stores;
  • After drying, an elastic seam is formed, providing high-quality insulation;
  • Resistant to moisture and temperature extremes;
  • If necessary, you can paint in any color.


  • It is not recommended to apply an excessively thick layer, as it may crack.

Ceresit CS 7

Universal formulations

4. Blinka Belsil Sanitary Acetate

Blinka Belsil Sanitary Acetate photo

It has a strong antifungal effect. It is produced in a tube, in consistency this composition is very similar to paste, therefore, when applied, it does not flow, but is evenly distributed along the seam, providing a high-quality waterproofing layer.

The sealant does not shrink or wash off during the drying process, although it retains its viscosity. If it needs to be removed, then it is done exclusively mechanically. In their reviews, users note that this product is best suited for ceramic tiles, but can also be used for all other needs. This product is characterized by high adhesion.


  • Adheres best to ceramic materials;
  • It is superimposed on the seam as evenly as possible;
  • Does not shrink when dry
  • Viscous consistency;
  • Excellent antifungal properties.


  • Persistent smell of vinegar;
  • It takes quite a long time to dry.

Blinka Belsil Sanitary Acetate

3. Adhesive sealant Quelyd “007”

Adhesive sealant Quelyd “007” photo

A truly unique composition that can replace several different materials at once — sealants of any kind (silicone, acrylic, sanitary), polyurethane adhesive, carpentry or assembly. It connects well to any surfaces, even if they will be operated under water. The composition both glues and seals at the same time.

There is no solvent in the composition, so there is no pungent smell — the product is allowed to be used even in unventilated rooms. It is characterized by a long service life, does not darken in the sun, tolerates high and low temperatures and other adverse conditions.


  • Universal composition in application;
  • Gives excellent adhesion to any materials;
  • Can stick even under water;
  • There is no strong odor.


  • Quite expensive.

Adhesive sealant Quelyd “007”

2. MASTERTEKS PM universal 290 ml white

MASTERTEKS PM universal 290 ml white photo

This one-component acid-type compound can be used to perform a variety of repairs, especially since it has good adhesion to materials such as glass, ceramics, enamel, wood, plastic. With the help of this product, it is possible to fill tile joints, joints that occur during the installation of plumbing, close up gaps in windows.

The sealant hardens very quickly, pulling out the moisture in the air. The seam gives minimal shrinkage, retains its elasticity for a long time regardless of operating conditions, it is resistant to household chemicals and a number of other aggressive substances.


  • Hardens in minutes;
  • Excellent adhesion regardless of substrate;
  • Retains elasticity for a long time;
  • The seam practically does not shrink;
  • Good resistance to aggressive chemicals.


  • There are no additives that protect against mold and fungus.

MASTERTEKS PM universal 290 ml white

1.IRFix MULTISEAL 310 ml

IRFix MULTISEAL 310 ml photo

The universal composition of the synthetic type is siliconized sealant. Like most of the products that make up our rating, it has good adhesion, regardless of the nature of the building materials. If it has not yet had time to harden, then it is easily washed off the hands with ordinary water, while the skin does not irritate.

For complete drying, about a day is enough, but this directly depends on the degree of air humidity and ambient temperature. During operation, it retains its original color, does not lose elasticity. If there is a need, then completely frozen and hardened sealant can be painted or varnished.


  • Approved for use when performing any housework;
  • Dries very quickly, retains elasticity;
  • Can be dyed;
  • Does not lose its appearance and properties over time.


  • There are no antifungal additives;
  • Expensive.


In conclusion, a useful video

So we got to the very end of our ranking of the best bathroom sealants. We hope that the compiled selection was useful and informative for you in 2022. If, however, we were not able to cover some issues sufficiently, then you can always get additional information on the products you like by asking a question in the comments to this article.



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