Every girl wants to look attractive. Fashionistas pay special attention to the expressive look, which is always noticed by representatives of the opposite sex. Without underlined eyebrows, achieving such an effect will be very problematic. Today, there are many different cosmetic products and procedures aimed at achieving this goal. One of the newest is a special eyebrow pomade.

It appeared on the market not so long ago — just a few years ago, so not everyone has heard of it, but gradually this material is gaining popularity among fashionistas. First of all, it is a multifunctional product that can be used not only as an eyebrow paint, but also as a pencil, sculptor, eye shadow and so on. Unfortunately, not all girls know how to choose and use these products correctly. We decided to help them with this problem and developed a rating of the best eyebrow lipsticks. In this article, we will talk in detail about the most popular products and also give some very useful recommendations that will definitely help you during your visit to the beauty store.

How to choose the right eyebrow lipstick?

With the help of this product, you will be able to get a stylish and completely complete image. Lipstick works real miracles: it will help to add color to the eyebrows, emphasize their shape, make them visually thicker and correctly place accents in makeup. Initially, it was used exclusively by professional makeup artists, but now any girl can purchase it for herself.

This product is produced in the same bottle as the usual lipstick. The consistency is creamy, the composition contains a rich pigment that will not only color the eyebrows, but will also highlight them additionally. Today on sale you can find a huge selection of a variety of shades, so choosing the right one will be very simple.

For light and white hairs, it is best to purchase lipstick in a sandy, creamy, milky or beige shade. These colors can further emphasize the color of the eyes, as well as shade the hair. On light brown eyebrows, a shade called taupe fits perfectly. It harmonizes well with the hairstyle and highlights the entire eye area, drawing attention to them.

For brown hair, brown lipstick is the best option. To make the makeup catchy and as bright as possible, you need to take a shade a tone darker than the hair. If you plan to achieve naturalness, then it is better to give preference to lipstick, which will be a tone lighter. With black hair, everything is quite simple — for this color, the darkest shades are selected. A little more difficult for the owners of red hair: they will have terracotta, earthy and brown colors at their disposal. They will emphasize the color of the hair, make it even richer and brighter.

When we selected products to include in our review today, we were guided by all these factors, but also took into account some other points — user reviews and value for money. We tried to compile a rating of products that are distinguished by an acceptable cost, so that each of our readers can purchase the most liked option for themselves.

Top 10 Best Brow Pomades in 2022

10. Professional Look, Alvin D’or

Professional Look, Alvin D'or photo

The products of the domestic brand allow you to get the most vivid and expressive make-up, which will advantageously distinguish you from the crowd. It looks fresh and as natural as possible. The product has a gel-cream consistency, which allows it to lay on the eyebrows in an even and very dense layer. In this case, the hairs will not stick together, but will acquire the full depth of color and additional volume. The lipstick stays on the brows for at least 24 hours, it doesn’t smudge, it has excellent water resistance, so you can shower and swim in the pool with your brows painted.

The palette is rather poor — it is represented by only two colors, light brown and dark brown. However, you can change the density of the color, getting a variety of shades, from translucent and very light to saturated. The kit comes with an original brush with a beveled edge, which facilitates the application of the composition.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Good production quality;
  • Persistent composition;
  • The set includes a handy brush.


  • Small selection of colors.

Professional Look, Alvin D’or

9. OK! BROW, Estrade

OK!  BROW, Estrade photo

Another inexpensive, but at the same time very high-quality and effective product. It comes in a compact bottle that is very easy to carry around. Despite the fact that the brand that manufactures this lipstick is not very well-known, this product is well-deservedly popular. The bottle contains only 1.6 grams of products, however, even such a small volume will last for quite a long time.

This brand is presented in four shades, the bottle is equipped with a convenient brush. The composition well resists the effects of water, perfectly emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes and adds spectacularity to the hairstyle. It lasts for quite a long time — up to 2 days, so there is practically no need to tint. The reviews note the high quality of such products, however, professional makeup artists advise purchasing a product a shade lighter, otherwise the color may turn out to be overly saturated, and this will affect the naturalness of the makeup.


  • Low price;
  • Compact dimensions of the bottle;
  • Stays on eyebrows for a long time;
  • Resists water well.


  • I would like more shades.

OK! BROW, Estrade

8. Brow Bar, LUX VISAGE

Brow Bar, LUXVISAGE photo

Qualitatively stains and fills the eyebrows, and also gives them the necessary shape. Pigmenting characteristics are on top here, thanks to them it is possible to achieve optimal results at a low cost of this tool. The texture of this lipstick is matte, which helps to ensure the most natural look, even without the slightest hint of makeup. Depending on the density of application of the product, the shade turns out to be different, ranging from moderate to very saturated.

Lipstick is delivered to store shelves in fairly large bottles, where 6 ml of products are placed at once. This allows you to favorably distinguish this tool from competing products. The kit does not include brushes or brushes. The product has excellent durability, but it is better not to be in water with it: lipstick withstands rain or snow well, but it can leak in the shower, in the pool or in the pond.


  • Easily competes with similar products from more famous brands;
  • A decent amount in one bottle;
  • You can change the saturation of the hue;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Moisture transfers much worse compared to other compounds.


7. Brow Pomade, Ardell

Brow Pomade, Ardell photo

This lipstick is very popular among girls, largely due to the optimal ratio of price and quality. The composition well resists the effects of water, is not subject to fading in direct sunlight. The product is characterized by durability — it retains an attractive appearance throughout the day.

The set comes with a convenient double-sided brush, equipped with a brush made of natural bristles. With its help, it is easy to apply lipstick on the eyebrows, evenly distribute it over the hairs, giving the latter the necessary texture and increasing their volume. The hue range is represented by four options at once — for brown-haired women, brunettes and blondes. Products are economical consumption: one bottle is enough for about a year.


  • Not exposed to water and sunlight;
  • Wide shade range;
  • Comfortable brush of medium elasticity;
  • For a long time retains the original appearance;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.


  • Not very convenient to take with you on a trip.

Brow Pomade, Ardell

6. Brow Pomade, Revolution PRO

Brow Pomade, Revolution PRO photo

It is produced immediately in ten different shades, so any fashionista will be able to choose the most suitable product depending on the color of her eyebrows and hairstyles. The texture resembles a light cream, which greatly facilitates application and distribution through the hairs. If necessary, you can get not only a clear outline, but also a translucent tone or even a gradient. In this case, everything depends directly solely on how densely the composition is applied. The lipstick dries pretty quickly, fixed both on the hairs themselves and on the skin. This helps to keep the color and shape of the eyebrows throughout the day.

The brushes are not included in the kit, so it will need to be purchased separately. The products are quite resistant, the girl can not be afraid that the composition will be smeared or leave traces somewhere.


  • The palette is represented by ten shades at once;
  • Light texture;
  • You can arrange a gradient or a translucent tone;
  • It is fixed not only on the hairs themselves, but also on the skin.


  • There is no brush included;
  • It dries quickly — this is not very convenient for girls who are not yet too confident in using such a cosmetic product.

Brow Pomade, Revolution PRO

5Eyebrow Pomade, Eveline Cosmetics

Eyebrow Pomade, Eveline Cosmetics photo

It helps to make the eyebrows perfect — with a clear contour and an expressive look, and the use of this cosmetics will not affect the natural appearance in any way. The lipstick comes with an innovative type of creamy texture. It is easy and convenient to apply. The product formula is carefully thought out: it is able to stay on the eyebrows throughout the day, despite the adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain and high temperatures.

Products are presented on store shelves in just two shades of brown. However, the girls have adapted to use them in such a way that even the owners of blond hair can achieve the desired eyebrow color. Included with the composition is a double-sided brush of moderate elasticity.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Good durability regardless of the weather;
  • There is a brush;
  • Just apply;
  • Does not dry out too quickly;
  • Suitable for all girls, regardless of their hair color.


  • For some, two shades of brown is not enough;
  • Fluid texture.

Eyebrow Pomade, Eveline Cosmetics

4. Tame & Frame, NYX

Tame & Frame, NYX photo

The formula of this lipstick is absolutely waterproof, so with painted eyebrows it will be possible to bathe in the pool, visit a bath or sauna, walk under the scorching sun. The products allow you to get a completely finished and very expressive make-up. After drying, the lipstick will be fixed not only on the hairs of the eyebrows, but also on the skin. It is presented for sale in five color options at once, the girl will be able to maintain an attractive appearance for a long time, without fear that the lipstick will smear or flow. In general, even many makeup artists use this composition, so it is often referred to as professional cosmetics.

Consumers in their reviews note that with the help of this composition it is possible to provide the most natural make-up. Eyebrows look natural and very stylish, there is no feeling that they were painted. Lipstick is washed off in a matter of minutes with ordinary micellar water.


  • Good resistance to moisture and high temperatures;
  • Doesn’t smudge but rinses off easily
  • Five color options at once;
  • Belongs to the group of professional cosmetics;
  • Provides natural make-up.


  • A decent expense — you will have to buy new products quite often.

Tame & Frame, NYX

3. Paradise Pomade Extatic, L’Oreal Paris

Paradise Pomade Extatic, L'Oreal Paris photo

The manufacturer, a world-famous French company engaged in the production of cosmetics for women, positions this lipstick as a nourishing cream-gel with a very persistent and long-lasting effect. There are three shades on sale — for blondes, brown-haired women and brunettes. With this lipstick, you can get a complete look with the most natural, but very expressive make-up. The texture is very light, but the lipstick will remain on the eyebrows for quite a long time — for up to 24 hours. It can be used both for drawing eyebrows and for shading.

The products are supplied in small bottles made of transparent durable plastic, the lid is slightly extended upwards, and a rather rigid brush is attached to it. Such a solution will not allow you to lose the brush, moreover, it will always remain clean.


  • Three color options;
  • Light texture, but lipstick lasts up to 24 hours;
  • Suitable for shading and drawing;
  • The brush is attached to the lid.


  • It will take some time to get used to working with this composition.

Paradise Pomade Extatic L’Oreal Paris

2. Dipbrow Pomade, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Dipbrow Pomade, Anastasia Beverly Hills photo

In second place in our review of the best eyebrow lipsticks is a product created by American cosmetologists and makeup artists. This product belongs to the category of waterproof, the texture is very pleasant, the composition resembles a cream of medium fat content. The composition is perfectly balanced and carefully thought out. With this lipstick, you can get thick and dense eyebrows or draw each hair separately, achieving the effect of lightness. There are as many as 11 color shades in the line of compositions, thanks to which a woman will be able to provide the perfect color and shape of her eyebrows.

Vitamin E can also be found in the composition, which will provide additional hair care, accelerate their growth and improve nutrition. Often, professional makeup artists also resort to this lipstick.


  • Waterproof products;
  • Optimally matched texture;
  • Vitamin E additionally nourishes the eyebrows;
  • Many different shades;
  • You can get both thick eyebrows and light ones, in which each hair will be drawn separately;
  • Belongs to the group of professional cosmetics.


  • Prices can vary greatly from seller to seller.
  • Pretty expensive product.

Dipbrow Pomade Anastasia Beverly Hills

1. Tattoo Brow Pomade, Maybelline New York

Tattoo Brow Pomade, Maybelline New York photo

One of the most durable products on the market today. With this lipstick, you can guarantee a positive result for up to 36 hours, and the product is absolutely waterproof. The line has four most common shades, thanks to which a girl, regardless of hair color and type of appearance, will be able to find the most suitable solution for herself. The texture resembles a light night cream, it is of an ultra-pigmented type, which allows you to create not only a bright, but also a very natural look.

The lipstick comes with a double ended brush. With its help, you can not only apply the composition to the hairs and shade it, but also comb the eyebrows, giving them additional volume. Product consumption is low.


  • Long-lasting result, not affected by water;
  • The brush is very convenient to use;
  • It will be possible to get the most natural image;
  • Suitable for women with any hair color and type of appearance.


  • A bit pricey.

Tattoo Brow Pomade, Maybelline New York

In conclusion, a useful video

So our rating of the best eyebrow pomades has ended. We have tried to collect as much information as possible on each product. We hope that the data received was enough for you to be able to choose the most suitable tool in 2022. If some points remain unclear or you want to get more information on a specific product, then you can always tell us about it in the comments to this article.


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