Clogged sewer pipes are a fairly common problem for both apartment residents and owners of private houses. Dealing with it is not as difficult as it is commonly thought, it is absolutely not necessary to resort to the services of a plumber, you can do it on your own. Home appliance stores today offer a significant selection of specialized products that will help eliminate blockages in the shortest possible time.

The range is really very large, and in today’s review of the best tools for cleaning sewer pipes we will try to figure it out. We will look at the key characteristics of the ten most popular formulations among users, as well as give some advice in terms of choosing the best product. In general, all the tools that we will consider today within the framework of this rating can be used not only to get rid of blockages, but also to prevent them.

How to choose the right sewer cleaner in 2022?

These formulations are produced in various formats — liquids, powders, granules, gels, and so on. Gels are the most economical. They are characterized by slow fluidity, unlike liquids, therefore they completely envelop the inner walls of sewer pipes and clear the blockage in the shortest possible time. If the sewer is clogged with fatty foods, then in this case liquid funds come to the rescue. Such a consistency rapidly seeps into the blockage plug and corrodes it in the shortest possible time.

Many formulations contain rather caustic components, so they must be used in compliance with elementary safety requirements. In particular, you need to work in goggles, gloves, protect your hair with a cloth. Such substances can harm ceramic products, stainless steel and even enamel, so they will have to be poured into sewer pipes as carefully as possible.

In terms of safety, granular formulations are much more convenient. They will not splash, differ in flowability, and are distributed as evenly as possible over the surface to be cleaned. Many experts argue that when choosing means for cleaning sewer pipes, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention not to the form of release, but to its useful characteristics and composition, since it is these factors that can effectively get rid of the blockage and prevent its occurrence in the future. .

On sale you can find products used to get rid of fatty plugs. They have shown themselves most well in the process of clearing blockages in the drain of the kitchen sink. There are products designed to dissolve hair — optimal for bath drains and showers. If it is not possible to accurately determine the cause of the blockage, then it is best to give preference to universal remedies. The purpose of the product is studied as carefully as possible, since the efficiency and speed of eliminating the problem will directly depend on the correct choice.

As we said above, all formulations can be used to prevent blockages. To do this, the product is poured into the sewer pipe at least once a month and spilled with a significant amount of water. This will help remove already accumulated contaminants, make the diameter of the duct much larger.

When we chose products to be included in the ranking of the best sewer pipe cleaners, we first of all took into account all of the above. However, many other factors were also taken into account, such as value for money and user reviews. After carefully studying the review, you will surely be able to choose the best tool for yourself.


3. «Cinderella» Mole

Cinderella Mole photo

It is a very popular and quite affordable remedy for dealing with blockages of various types, as well as for preventing their occurrence. The powder is very effective, it can be used for absolutely all types of pipes, however, the agent should be used with the utmost care, fully following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Two rather caustic inorganic chemical compounds act as active substances here — caustic soda or caustic soda and potassium hydroxide. Several activators are added to them, for example, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, which allows you to cope with various kinds of deposits, including those caused by increased water hardness.

There are also non-ionic surfactants, which are often found in ordinary dishwashing detergents. They help to quickly dissolve even the most persistent contaminants, keep dirt particles in the water, preventing them from settling on the pipe walls. The mole is distinguished by a balanced composition, which allows it to effectively cope with a wide variety of deposits, even those located in the most inaccessible areas such as siphons. The powder fully retains its positive characteristics even when mixed with waste liquid. It will actively dissolve deposits, including in very hard water.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • High level of efficiency;
  • It copes well with blockages, regardless of their nature.


  • For the complete disappearance of the blockage, you will have to wait some time;
  • Must be used very carefully.

«Cinderella» Mole

2. Expel Bio Eliminate blockages from hair

Expel Bio Elimination of blockages from hair

Completely eliminates blockages from tangled hair in the home sewer system, both in an apartment and in an individual residential building. Characterized by a unique recipe using the latest formula. It contains a special crystalline active ingredient that will act in conjunction with an activating additive. Such an approach will help in the shortest possible time to destroy the cork from the hair and ensure the free passage of sewage. The composition does not contain chlorine, which makes the products absolutely safe for sewer pipes. The composition contains a small percentage of aluminum shavings, there is still sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide. When using, it is strictly forbidden to allow direct contact with the skin. Shake the powder well before opening the bag.

It is very easy to use the products — the contents of the package are poured into the drain hole of the sink and 50 ml of water is added there. Literally half an hour later, the pipe is washed with a significant volume of liquid. If necessary, the operation is repeated. For prevention, this remedy is recommended to be used at least once a month. If it comes into contact with the skin, the powder can cause irritation and even burns, so when working with it, you must wear rubber gloves, and after use, wash your hands with plenty of water and soap. Cannot be used if sewer pipes are made of copper or aluminum.


  • Excellent effect from the application — breaks through the cork from the hair in the shortest possible time;
  • The instructions are very clear;
  • Affordable price.


  • Quite a pungent smell — the room must be ventilated immediately after application.

Expel Bio Elimination of blockages from hair

1. Chirton «Clean drains» (600 g)


Products are produced in the form of a granular powder with a blue color. Caustic soda is used here as the main active substance, which, when interacting with water and various kinds of pollutants, forms an alkaline environment of increased activity. It completely dissolves grease and lime deposits within a few minutes. In the composition, you can also find soda nitrate and granular aluminum. All substances included in these products, in direct contact with water, can even clean rust from the inner surface of sewer pipes. The complex of components allows you to get rid of an unpleasant odor, ensure the disinfection of pipes: the vast majority of bacteria living there will die within a few minutes after applying this powder.

Using such products is quite simple — anyone can handle it. However, some nuances still exist. First of all, carefully wipe the drain hole before pouring the powder into it. This is necessary to prevent direct contact of the product with water before it enters the aquatic environment. The hole is wiped with a soft cloth or paper towel. When the granules are already in the sewer, about 200-300 ml of water is poured there, but they do it as carefully as possible so that all the water is directly in the pipe itself. After 15 minutes, a significant amount of water is poured.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Neutral smell;
  • Quickly copes with any, even fairly persistent blockages.


  • Not detected.

Chirton «Clean drains» (600 g)


3. Synergetic to remove blockages

Synergetic for clearing photo blockages

A very effective product that allows you to eliminate blockages in the sewer pipe, regardless of its diameter. The liquid is a universal remedy — with its help it will be possible to get rid of the accumulation of hair and wool on the walls of the pipeline, to a large extent increase the patency of the pipes. It is worth noting that blockages are fraught with a significant number of dangers — various bacteria begin to actively develop in the bathtub and in the sink, which can potentially harm the human body. A clogged sink can overflow, even an overflow will not help here, and water will begin to fall on the floor. A clogged sewer is a source of an unpleasant odor, which will quickly spread throughout the room. The liquid not only contains all the necessary compounds for the prevention and control of blockages, but also has a very gentle effect on pipes, rids them of various microbes and bacteria, while not thinning their walls.

The agent contains active substances in a sufficiently high concentration, which ensures an insignificant consumption of the composition. One package is enough for about six months, if you use the product about once a month. With the help of such a liquid, it will be possible to get rid of even blockages with stagnant water. The products are absolutely safe for the environment. It is allowed to be used in a private home, as it does not have a negative effect on the microflora of antiseptics. Fully complies with all applicable requirements. The agent is poured directly into the pipe and left for about 30-40 minutes. Be sure to use gloves and goggles.


  • Easily eliminates unpleasant odors;
  • Clears even large blockages;
  • Suitable for prevention.


  • There is no measuring scale.

Anti-blockage fluid Synergetic

2. Syntilor Tubi pipe cleaner

Syntilor Tubi photo

A universal liquid with a high concentration of active substances, with which you can effectively deal with any blockages in sewer pipes, regardless of their diameter. It is often used even if there is a need to treat industrial wastewater. The products have very powerful disinfecting characteristics, they act very effectively regardless of temperature: they show their qualities well, including in cold water. After defrosting, all properties are preserved. The product is absolutely environmentally friendly — does not harm the environment, quickly decomposes into safe components. In contact with wastewater and air, it also does not emit harmful or toxic compounds.

Due to the fact that we have a concentrated composition, the manufacturer recommends diluting it with water before direct use. In this case, the proportions can vary from 1 to 6 to 1 to 10 — the choice depends on the conditions of use, the severity of the pollution, the depth of the blockage. Products are absolutely non-toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive. The main active substances here are complexing alkalis and surface-active compounds capable of forming a significant amount of foam. From the moment the solution is poured into the drain hole, you need to wait about half an hour, then rinse the pipe thoroughly with plenty of water.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Very convenient packaging;
  • Low consumption — one bottle is enough for a long time;
  • Can be used to clean industrial sewer pipes;
  • Absolutely non-toxic and environmentally friendly composition.


  • The foreign smell of the product is still present;
  • It’s hard to keep the proportion.

Syntilor Tubi Pipe Cleaner

1. YPLON Drain Cleaner

YPLON Drain Cleaner photo

Products of inorganic type, developed by Belgian scientists, are made on the basis of sodium hydroxide. It interacts well with steel and stainless pipes, as well as with cast iron and plastic, but the composition is not suitable for ceramics and aluminum. The time required to get rid of the blockage can vary quite a lot — it is several tens of minutes up to 10-12 hours. This is due to the severity of the blockage itself. However, it should be borne in mind that this liquid does not just eliminate the blockage, ensuring the passage of at least a small amount of water, but completely removes it, leaving behind crystal clear labor. At the same time, the product has absolutely no foreign smell. The composition does not contain too caustic compounds, including chlorine, so this product affects the skin enough: it does not cause irritation — you can work without special gloves.

Can be used for preventive purposes. The manufacturer recommends doing this in the evening, when no one will use the sewer until the morning. This will help dissolve existing deposits and prevent the water from standing. It should be used without using hot water.


  • Convenient packaging with well-thought-out ergonomics;
  • A rather tight lid that is not so easy to unscrew even for an adult — excellent protection against children;
  • Effectively removes any blockages;
  • The product is safe for the skin of the hands and the environment.


  • It does not work too fast compared to other similar formulations — in some cases you have to wait up to 12 hours.

YPLON Drain Cleaner


2. Gel to eliminate blockages TIRET

TIRET photo

On sale you can find two varieties of this product — one is intended for domestic use, the second for industrial production. The composition contains all the necessary substances and components that are able to actively eliminate fatty plugs and organic accumulations. It is worth noting that the substance itself does not evaporate, does not have an unpleasant odor, so there is no need to ventilate the room during or after use, and you will not have to use respirators either. The composition contains chlorine-containing bleach in a percentage of its 5-15%. It uses a solution of sodium hypochlorite, which, during contact with pollutants, oxidizes and dissolves them in water. The volume of anionic surfactants does not exceed 5%. They perfectly fight fatty layers, which also become soluble in water. However, it should be borne in mind that these are very aggressive substances, so you will have to work with gloves.

Non-ionic surfactants are resistant to hard water, break down the blockage into simple components that will be discharged into the central sewer with the help of a stream of water. With the help of this tool, it is possible to get rid of even deaf plugs, when the water does not go down the drain, but simply stands in the sink. The gel is much heavier than water, therefore, under the influence of gravity, it will reach the blockage and dissolve it, and this will not take too much time. After it was possible to get rid of the cork, the pipe is additionally washed with a large volume of hot water. this will help remove any remaining dirt and dissolve grease.


  • Very thick gel, which helps it to envelop the blockage over the entire area;
  • Convenient ergonomic packaging;
  • Insignificant expense;
  • A large number of active active ingredients.


  • It is necessary to work in rubber gloves;
  • If a traffic jam has formed, you will have to wait up to several hours.

Gel to eliminate blockages TIRET

1. Sanfor Pipe Gel

Sanfor photo

It is used to prevent and get rid of even very serious blockages. The gel is quite thick, so it can be poured directly into the water — it will get to the clogged area on its own within a couple of minutes. It should be remembered that it is strictly forbidden to close the drain of the sink or bathtub, since fresh air is required. A positive result is noticeable after some five minutes. The dense structure helps to effectively act on the blockage throughout its area. The gel can quickly cope with hair, food debris, body fat and a number of other contaminants that have fallen into the sewer. With it, you can quickly neutralize and remove unpleasant odors. The gel is absolutely safe for all types of sewer pipes, including plastic. It kills all harmful bacteria almost instantly.

The composition contains chloride compounds, which are a fairly effective disinfectant. The gel is poured into the sewer pipe, after which you need to wait about 5-15 minutes. If the blockage is very strong, then it will be necessary to leave for a longer time. Prevention with such a gel is carried out less often than usual — about once every two months.


  • Excellent efficiency in the fight against even very serious blockages;
  • The smell is not very pleasant, but much better than that of a clogged sewer;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Minor expense;
  • You can carry out preventive measures much less frequently.


  • The composition contains chlorine, which can corrode the skin of the hands.

Sanfor Pipe Gel


2. Unicum Tornado

Unicum tornado photo

This granular preparation helps to obtain an excellent result even if the case is completely hopeless — the water does not go away, and it is impossible to find out the specific cause of the blockage. As the people who used such a tool themselves say: the products are characterized by speed in the bathroom and in the kitchen. The reason for this lies in the active substance used: these granules contain a high concentration of sodium hydroxide. We must not forget that it has a high level of causticity, so when working with it, you will have to follow the instructions for use without fail, use various personal protective equipment for the skin, respiratory organs — thick rubber gloves, goggles, respirators, and so on. By the way, it is strictly forbidden to pre-mix the granules with water. Work must be carried out in a room with good ventilation, natural or forced type.

Products act very quickly — the whole operation, as a rule, takes no more than three to five minutes. During this time, the granules manage to get to the blockage, simultaneously releasing active substances from themselves, which quickly dissolve in water and begin to actively act on the contaminants on the pipe walls. When the product reaches the very blockage, it dissolves fatty deposits, breaks down food residues and grinds hair to a powder state. As a result, it turns out to break through the blockage much faster than when using products manufactured in other formats. Store in a dry place, away from children and foodstuffs.


  • Clears blockage as quickly and efficiently as possible;
  • Completely removes contaminants from pipe walls;
  • One package is enough for a long time.


  • Extreme care is required, as this is a very strong chemical.

Granules to eliminate blockage Unicum Tornado

1. BAGI Pothan (600 g)

BAGI Pothan (600 g) photo

In the first place in this section of the best sewer cleaners is Israeli-made products, which are of excellent quality and efficiency. Works great with pipes made of any materials — cast iron, plastic, aluminum, iron, and so on. This is a combined remedy that includes not only caustic alkali, but also a whole set of inorganic acids, various additives and surfactants. In percentage terms, alkali is the most here — about 30% of the total production. There are much fewer active substances: from 5 to 15%. The formula of the composition is chosen in such a way that it is able to cope not only with fats and food residues, but also with hair, animal hair and even rust. The products are quite expensive, but consumed slowly, after its use it is not necessary to carry out prophylaxis for about 4-5 months.

When working with granules, it is necessary to ensure high-quality ventilation of the room. Tiles, marble, enamel and hands should be protected from contact with this composition. Water dilution is strictly prohibited. You need to work with gloves and a respirator, since when the blockage dissolves, gas is formed that will come out of the sewer pipe. It not only has an unpleasant odor, but also can cause serious harm to human health.


  • Acts very quickly;
  • Eliminates any blockages, regardless of their nature;
  • Does not harm sewer pipes;
  • The packaging is equipped with a child protection system.


  • It is very expensive;
  • When it enters into a chemical reaction with particles of blockage, seething begins, smoke is released, an unpleasant and very dangerous gas for health.

BAGI Pothan (600 g)

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, our ranking of the best sewer cleaners in 2022 has come to an end. We have tried to make it as detailed as possible so that you do not have any questions when you choose the most suitable remedy for yourself. If you have experience of interacting with similar products, you can always share it in the comments to this article.


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