The expressive look of girlish eyes can drive many men crazy, but achieving the desired effect is not as easy as it might seem from the outside. There are no trifles here, it is very important to take into account absolutely all the moments: this is makeup, and languor, and eyelashes. To the great regret of many charmers, it is with the last point that the biggest problem is often associated — not every girl has been awarded by nature with thick and long eyelashes. However, the solution has long been known — these are false eyelashes. They were invented many years ago, but only recently people have learned to make them in such a way that it has become almost impossible to distinguish them from the real ones.

Cosmetics stores offer a huge range of similar products. Choosing the right one for you is not as easy as you would like. We decided to help lovely ladies and made a rating of the best false eyelashes. In it, we will tell you in detail and in an interesting way about the ten most popular models, as well as give some useful tips on choosing these products.

What do you pay attention to when choosing false eyelashes?

In general, all false eyelashes that are present on the market of cosmetic products today can be divided into three large groups — single, beam and tape. They come in a variety of colors, thicknesses and lengths. Single ones are attached to the eyelids one at a time in addition to natural ones. As a result, it is possible to achieve the most natural result, but it requires painstaking work — if there are no skills, then it is better to turn to a professional. With beams it is much easier: they need to be glued separately to the corners of the eyes and along the entire length of the upper eyelid. The result is a more expressive look, and the artificial eyelashes themselves will be completely invisible. Tape false eyelashes are the simplest option, and they are often treated with an adhesive, so you do not have to purchase special glue.

For beginners, it is tape eyelashes that are best suited — they are much easier to use, they are inexpensive, so in which case it will not be so offensive. In order for the eye to attract everyone’s attention, it is better to use tuft eyelashes of medium or short length. For everyday makeup, preference should be given to natural shades. At the party, in turn, long thick eyelashes will look organic, they will make the look more spectacular and bewitching.

What are false eyelashes

While compiling the review, of course, all these factors were taken into account, however, we took into account the value for money, as well as user reviews. We have tried to collect as much useful information as possible for each rating position so that you can determine for yourself whether this product is right for you.

10 best false eyelashes in 2022

10. Natural Fashion Lash 120

Natural Fashion Lash 120 photos

Products of a well-known American company that has been manufacturing false eyelashes, eye and eyebrow make-up products for over 40 years. Products look as natural and natural as possible. Literally in one minute, the look is transformed beyond recognition, and the eyelashes acquire density and volume. They are not capable of causing an allergic reaction, as they are made exclusively from human hair, which undergoes a special antiseptic treatment before direct use.

It is very comfortable to wear, while eyelashes are reusable — they can be worn up to 30 times, which allows you to save a lot on the purchase of similar products. They do not affect the bulbs of their own eyelashes at all, do not disturb their natural growth and do not discolor. Gluing them is very simple — a layer of special glue is applied to the base strip, waiting for a while until it starts to set. Then the strip is pressed against the eyelids as close as possible to the roots of their eyelashes.


  • One set can be used up to 30 times;
  • Absolutely safe and hypoallergenic;
  • Made exclusively from natural materials;
  • Look as natural as possible.


  • There is no tamper evident seal on the packaging.

Natural Fashion Lash 120

9. False eyelashes Soft Touch 153

Soft Touch 153 photos

Developed by cosmetologists specifically to create an individual and expressive look. These artificial eyelashes are slightly curled, waterproof. They are quite easy to stick on, you can wear them for a long time without taking them off. The fact is that they are made exclusively from natural materials that have undergone special processing, therefore they do not cause a feeling of heaviness on the eyelids, do not inhibit natural eyelashes, and also do not cause allergic reactions. Many women of fashion note that they wore these eyelashes without taking them off for several weeks in a row.

You can even get caught in the rain in them — still nothing will be noticeable. If necessary, the shape of the eyelashes can be adjusted in length: the strip should start from the inner corner of the eye and go a little beyond the outer one. If the standard length is longer, then the eyelashes can be trimmed a little. Products are reusable — it can be removed and pasted up to 40-50 times.


  • Very high quality natural products;
  • Helps to get the effect of extended eyelashes;
  • Very light — even with prolonged wear, there is no feeling of heaviness on the eyelids;
  • Can be worn for a long time without taking off.


  • There is no glue in the kit — it will have to be purchased separately;
  • After wearing for a long time, the removal process can be unpleasant.

False eyelashes Soft Touch 153

8. Studio Effects 110 False Eyelashes

Studio Effects 110 photos

Even in packaging, such products look very neat, although they are made of synthetic materials. On the base tape, you can find a large number of hairs of various lengths. The kit comes with glue in a miniature package, which you can carry with you all the time, so that, if necessary, you can correct your makeup in a timely manner after a long day at work. Different lengths of artificial lashes help to create the most natural and natural look, especially if you try to stick these products as close to your lash line as possible.

The packaging is attractive — eyelashes are packed in a beautiful plastic box with a lace pattern. The manufacturer advises changing the length of the eyelash tape depending on the length of the eyelid. In this case, it will be possible to achieve the most natural look. Eyelashes hold well, do not cause a feeling of heaviness, they can be used and reused.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • If necessary, you can gently wash under running warm water;
  • Look as natural as possible;
  • The kit comes with a special adhesive.
  • The base tape is made of transparent materials, quite soft.


  • You won’t be able to wear it for many days — you have to take it off every evening.

False eyelashes Studio Effects 110

7.Looks so Natural Pretty

Looks so Natural Pretty photo

Another very elegant model designed for daily use, with which you can get a natural, but very expressive look. Eyelashes are made from high-quality artificial materials that do not cause irritation or allergic reactions, but at the same time they are absolutely not felt on the eyes. These eyelashes have pointed tips, in their shape they are as close as possible to natural hairs, so after gluing it becomes completely invisible that there is another row of cilia on the eyelids.

The products are perfect for people who constantly wear contact lenses. Eyelashes have been tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, they are intended for reusable use. It is very easy to remove them from the eyelids — just apply a cotton pad with warm water and wait a bit until the water dissolves the glue layer.


  • Very soft and high quality;
  • Do not crumble over time;
  • When removed, they do not cause the slightest discomfort;
  • If necessary, you can paint with any ink;
  • Comfortable and not at all heavy to wear;
  • Easily take the form of native eyelashes.


  • Only certain brands of eyelash glue are suitable for them.

Looks so Natural Pretty

6. Eyelash Clear Line 3

Eyelash Clear Line 3 photo

These false eyelashes will be truly indispensable for you in creating the perfect and simply flawless makeup. If you use them, you will be able to get a much more expressive look. Natural eyelashes will acquire additional length, volume and density, they will also receive a sophisticated bend. The manufacturer recommends using glue for gluing eyelashes, which is produced by the same company, since these materials are made on the basis of natural compounds that do not cause allergic reactions, irritation, itching, and so on.

Artificial eyelashes look as natural as possible, so they are suitable for any look. With their help, you can get a light version of daytime makeup, and a very bright evening look. The choice of girls is offered a significant variety of options — each of them will be able to choose the most preferable for themselves. Eyelashes can be comfortably worn all day long.


  • Made from natural materials;
  • A large number of options;
  • Suitable for creating any image;
  • Easy to put on and take off.


  • It is undesirable to use an excessive amount of cosmetics.

Eyelash Clear Line 3

5. Eylure Texture False Eyelashes #117

Eylure Texture 117 photos

One of the most sought-after models is largely due to the fact that its creators have thought through everything to the smallest detail. These eyelashes are characterized by a unique shape — there is some elongation to the outer edge, so the look becomes not only expressive, but also mysterious, gives the image a spectacular and extravagance. Eyelashes are made of artificial materials that do not cause allergies, provide the girl with maximum comfort, preventing the slightest irritation. They are easy to keep on the eyes, removed too quickly.

The products are designed for reusable use, with its help you can look attractive regardless of weather conditions. These lashes can withstand heavy rain, wind, snow.


  • Do not lead to irritation;
  • Well tolerate any adverse weather conditions;
  • They have an original shape — elongated to the outer edge.


  • After each use, they are carefully combed, otherwise the cilia may stick together.

Eylure False eyelashes Texture №117

4. False eyelashes UBU Fancy Flick 5057

UBU Fancy Flick 5057 photo

To embellish your image with the help of such false eyelashes, you will have to spend only one minute, and then half of this time you will have to wait until the glue begins to thicken. It should be glued only on dry and clean eyelids, eyelashes should be completely free of cosmetics. They are applied to the eyelid, starting from the central part, trying to make the tape as close as possible to the growth line of natural cilia. On the tape are hairs of various lengths. It should be noted that glue is not provided in the kit.

You can wear such eyelashes only during the day, the manufacturer categorically does not recommend going to bed with them. The fact is that during sleep they can peel off and get very wrinkled, after which they will need to be thrown away. Therefore, it is better to remove them and put them back in the box, having previously washed off the remaining glue.


  • Easily attached to the eyelids;
  • Reliably hold throughout the day — no need to correct makeup;
  • They are pretty cheap;
  • Hairs of various lengths;
  • Can be painted with ink.


  • Glue has to be purchased separately;
  • They are not made from natural materials.

False eyelashes UBU Fancy Flick 5057

3. Huda Beauty Easy Lash Harmony 17

Huda Beauty Easy Lash Harmony 17 photos

The company that manufactures these eyelashes is very popular in Western countries largely due to these products. Eyelashes are preferred not only by ordinary consumers, but also by various stars on the advice of their makeup artists. It is worth noting that the manufacturer does not make any distinction — eyelashes are produced for everyone the same, regardless of the social and social status of the consumer. The tapes on which the cilia are attached are transparent and quite light. They include different sectors, thanks to which it is possible to create one or another image.

Eyelashes are reusable — one pair can be used up to 12 times. Products are available in two colors: black and brown. The former is used for greater effect and intense highlighting, while the latter is intended more for providing a natural impression. The product is in great demand among young fashionistas, largely due to its highest quality.


  • Very gentle and soft hairs;
  • A malleable base that allows you to shape any look;
  • Stick quickly.


  • The glue does not dissolve as quickly as we would like.

False eyelashes Huda Beauty Easy Lash Harmony 17

2. Eylure Luxe Trinket

Eylure Luxe Trinket photo

This is just a great tool that allows you to get a languid, expressive and long-lasting look. The eyelashes are made in intense black color, which helps to form a unique make-up that the surrounding men will be able to remember for a very long time. They help to greatly enhance the natural shade of the eyes and highlight the eye shadow on the face, drawing attention to the look. For production, only natural hairs are used here, which are located at a slight angle to each other. It is worth noting that each tape is made by hand.

There is no glue in the kit, but fashionistas often do not even pay attention to it. The fact is that the beauty and workmanship overshadows absolutely everything, including a fairly high price.


  • Look very natural;
  • Made on the basis of only natural materials;
  • Make the volume even more;
  • Visually, the eyelashes become much longer.


  • They are expensive;
  • Not easy to find for sale.

Eylure Luxe Trinket

1. Romanovamakeup Silk Lashes

Romanovamakeup Silk Lashes photo

At the top of our rating of the best false eyelashes was domestic elite products, which belong to the premium segment, and were developed specifically for experienced makeup artists. The company itself is quite young, but has already managed to loudly declare itself largely due to the quality of its products. Eyelashes here are made from mink hairs. The model range is quite wide — you can choose very light eyelashes for yourself or give preference to products that provide maximum color intensity.

Such a delicate product is well suited for any type of eye, in addition, the cilia have a unique eyeliner effect. Many women of fashion also note the excellent design of the packaging. The lashes themselves are glued on and removed very easily.


  • Look natural;
  • Create an eyeliner effect
  • Made from natural materials;
  • There is no feeling of heaviness and discomfort.


  • In addition to the high cost, not found.

Romanovamakeup Silk Lashes

In conclusion, a useful video

The conversation about false eyelashes is coming to an end. If you have questions, wishes, or the intention to tell in detail about your experience with similar products, then you can always go to the comments on this article and express your opinion there.



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