Winter sports for many people cannot be imagined without skates. If you take a quick look at the entire assortment presented in sports stores, it may seem that all skates are the same — the only difference can be found in the shape of the blades of figured and hockey products. However, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that such a first judgment is erroneous.

Hockey skates designed for regular use are quite expensive compared to amateur models. In addition, they have a number of important differences that you will definitely have to take into account when choosing. This issue is the focus of our review. So, let’s start with the main characteristics of the models: we will not only list them, but also try to reveal them in as much detail as possible.

Key Features of Ice Hockey Skates

Choosing the best hockey skates
Blades are the main element of any skates. In hockey models, they are fixed in a special holder, it is usually made of hard plastic, attached to the sole with rivets or screws. It is best to purchase products with removable blades so that they can be replaced if necessary.

The plastic from which the holder is made must be quite durable, withstand the blows of pucks, sticks and other skates. The main property of skate blades is their hardness — this indicator largely affects how often you have to sharpen. If the skates are inexpensive, then the blades are made of a fairly soft stainless steel alloy: their sharpness is only enough for a couple of days of vigorous use. Recently, this material has been replaced by carbon steel, which is harder. However, it requires careful care — after each use, the skates must be wiped from moisture, lubricated with special compounds.

The skate boot itself also needs close attention. It is best to purchase a construction made using thermoforming technology, which ensures a snug fit of the boot to the foot. This will protect the leg from tucking, relieve chafing and other inconveniences. They also look at the lacing, because it is also responsible for the rigidity of the fit of the boot.

When writing our review, we took into account all these factors, in addition to feedback from users and professional hockey players. Much attention was paid to the price-quality ratio of the models. We hope that our ranking of the best hockey skates in 2022 will be quite useful for you and will help you choose the most suitable model that will bring only pleasure on the ice, without any discomfort.

The best models of hockey skates

10. GRAF Super 105 Sakurai

GRAF Super 105 Sakurai photo

This semi-professional male model opens our rating. It is designed for beginner athletes who are just discovering the world of hockey. The entire size range is on sale. The blade is made of high carbon steel, which is able to withstand even fairly low temperatures well. It has an ideal ratio of rigidity and brittleness, so it can withstand even strong impacts well. The lacing base is wide enough, so the foot will be fixed in the boot quite rigidly, it will not hang out in it. This allows you to prevent injury to the ankle, increases stability on ice.

The outer surface of the boot is made of high-quality artificial leather, which not only withstands any physical activity well, but also does not require additional care. The inside of the boot is made of breathable materials that prevent sweating of the feet. The tongue is felt, softly fits the foot and does not allow the laces to rub it.


  • Comfortably sit on the leg;
  • Blades do not require frequent sharpening;
  • High quality materials;
  • Perfectly behave even on uneven ice.


  • The blades will need constant care to prolong their life.

GRAF Super 105 Sakurai

9 Action PW-216AE

Action PW-216AE photo

Outside finished with nylon and PVC materials, thanks to which they will not get wet even during long continuous use. They do not weigh too much, besides, the outer upholstery is able to maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time. The toe box is also reinforced with tough polypropylene, which will withstand significant impacts, in particular, blows from sticks or other skates (even run over by a blade). The boot has a reliable lacing, carefully fixing the foot in one position. It is additionally equipped with a high rigid back.

The ankle is supported by flexible elements that keep it in the correct anatomical position, but allow it to move. The inner upholstery is fabric, made of breathable materials, in addition, it will also provide support for the foot. All seams are high quality, carefully stitched. The blades are made of carbon steel, which performs well both during sliding and when performing even serious maneuvers. They are attached to the sole with rivets, so it will not be possible to replace them if necessary.


  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Perfectly supports the leg, excluding injury;
  • Quality blades made of carbon steel;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Blade covers are flimsy — not even enough for one season.

Action PW-216AE

8. Profi Lux 3000

Profy Lux 3000 photo

The model is characterized by medium rigidity, it comfortably supports the leg, blade covers are not included in the kit. This model belongs to the professional field, its sole is anatomical. The sock withstands even very strong impacts well, the rest of the boot is made of artificial leather. The boot has reliable ankle protection, presented in the form of a hard heel counter of increased length. The factory sharpening of some models is not very uniform, so it is better to sharpen them again immediately after purchase. The blade is not high, which affects maneuverability, however, if you adapt to such skates, you can write out quite complex pirouettes.

The tongue is made of two-layer felt, which will protect the foot well from rubbing with laces. The blades here are made of high-strength stainless steel, do not need frequent sharpening.


  • Quality blade;
  • The foot feels very comfortable in the boot;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Rigid body.


  • The kit comes with fairly short laces, so it’s better to immediately buy longer ones;
  • The low blade initially creates some inconvenience.

Profi Lux 3000

7 Larsen Light

Larsen Light photo

It has an outer skin made of nylon and PVC, materials that can easily withstand low temperatures. The toe is made of mesh nylon, which protects the feet from moisture, on the outside it is covered with durable leatherette. The tongue, like most models of the best hockey skates presented in our review, is made of durable and wear-resistant felt. The insole also absorbs moisture. The stand is polypropylene, of moderate rigidity — it supports the leg in the correct position and at the same time bends somewhat, repeating the movements of the joints.

This model is perfect for both beginners in hockey, and for more experienced and even for professionals. The blade is made of stainless steel and will need regular sharpening, but this is where maintenance ends. The entire size range is on sale.


  • High level of strength;
  • Comfortably sit on the leg;
  • Made from quality materials;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • After each skating, the outer surface should be thoroughly wiped and lubricated, otherwise the skates will quickly lose their original beautiful appearance.

Larsen Light

6. CCM Tacks 2092

CCM Tacks 2092 photo

This model has a bright, stylish and modern look: in sunlight or artificial light, the surface shimmers beautifully, due to which it seems that this thing is quite expensive, although the price is quite acceptable. It is worth noting that such skates will retain a beautiful appearance for a long time, although usually such glossy surfaces are quickly erased and cease to shine. The boot is made using a fairly modern Monoframe 360 ​​technology, due to which its design turned out to be monolithic. Its outer surface is cast, made of carbon, thanks to this technology, it was possible to bypass such a classic skate element as a separate sole.

The weight of the boot is small, it has a high heel counter, which is responsible for supporting the ankle. Compression resistance is quite high. The toe has an overlay made of hard and plastic plastic. The lacing is tight, but at the same time, quite soft, pleasantly fits the foot and supports it while riding. The blades are made of stainless steel that has undergone additional hardening, so they will not have to be sharpened too often — about once a month, depending on the intensity of use.


  • Securely fixes the leg;
  • Made from quality materials;
  • The blade is not wide, due to which it is possible to keep balance well.


  • Laces wear and tear quickly.

CCM Tacks 2092

5. Profi Next Z

Profy Next Z photo

This model is classified as semi-professional. The outer surface of the boot is sheathed with a layer of artificial leather, which perfectly resists moisture and low temperatures. The tongue is also made of artificial materials. The boot has a reinforced last, protection of the toe and back of the foot. The insole is anatomical, exactly repeats all the bends of the foot, making the skating process more comfortable. The laces are long and wide enough, resistant to abrasion, the leg does not rub at all.

The blades are made of stainless steel, which needs regular sharpening. In addition, they require constant personal care: immediately after use, they must be wiped to a dry state, it is very important to clean off the frost. The blade covers are made of reliable plastic, able to last more than one season.


  • Well fix the leg;
  • There is an anatomical insole;
  • They don’t rub their feet.


  • The only negative is the blades, which need careful maintenance, otherwise they quickly fail.

Profiy NextZ


NORDWAY NDW500 photo

This model has an optimum ratio of the price and quality, allows to provide excellent maneuverability. They support any leg well, even a person with wide ankles will feel comfortable in them. It is worth noting that the model is presented in two versions — narrow or wide molding, so they must be measured before purchase. The protection of the toe is at the level of semi-professional skates, so they are not suitable for a fairly active game of hockey, since the blows of the puck or stick will be very sensitive. The tongue is reinforced, comfortably fits the leg, additionally protecting it from damage. The back is very high and durable, which also protects against injury.

The blades are steel, made of hardened metal, processed using the latest Solid Blade technology, due to which the sharpness of the skates remains much longer. The factory sharpening is not very good, so it is better to sharpen them before the first ride. You need to be careful with the laces — they stretch a lot, because of which the fixation of the leg will not be too tight: it is advisable to replace them immediately.


  • Insulated model made of breathable materials;
  • Look attractive;
  • Good leg protection.


  • Not suitable for professional hockey;
  • Stretchy laces.


3. Bauer Vapor X800 S17

Bauer Vapor X800 S17 photo

This is one of the best models of hockey skates, which ended up in third place in our review only due to its high cost — otherwise it is head and shoulders above all the other models presented here. The boot is made of composite materials, which are quite rigid, but at the same time do not constrain the foot at all. It will securely fix it, both the foot and the heel, without depriving them of mobility. Due to this, you can quickly pick up speed, even perform very complex maneuvers.

The model perfectly protected all areas through which one could get injured. The back is reinforced, on the outside there is a rubberized insert. The tongue is made from durable felt and has a nylon overlay on top. The sole is made of molded plastic, respectively, the blade is not removable. On the one hand, this does not allow you to replace them if necessary, and on the other hand, stainless steel blades, with proper care, will last for quite a long time.


  • good quality;
  • Good level of protection;
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced hockey players.


Bauer Vapor X800 S17

2. CCM CCM 92

CCM CCM 92 photos

Great for beginner players. They will not freeze your feet even at a fairly low temperature, largely due to the presence of a Cambrelle insulated lining in the model, in addition, the outer case is made of high-quality plastic that can withstand even severe frosts. It is additionally lined with synthetic fabric, which resists abrasion and other physical influences well. The design is stylish, practically no different from professional skates. Under the ankle are special anatomical inserts. They are designed to additionally fix the ankle joint and reduce the likelihood of sprains.

The insole is anatomical, made of foamed plastic, the block is comfortable, moderately mobile. In many ways, thanks to it, you can perform quite complex maneuvers. The blades are made of high carbon steel with a special coating that protects them from the need for regular sharpening.


  • High level of strength;
  • The leg is securely fixed;
  • Additional warming layer;
  • The boot withstands even strong blows well;
  • Beautiful appearance.


  • The blades require careful maintenance, otherwise they quickly begin to rust.


1. Bauer Supreme One.4

Bauer Supreme One.4 photo

This model has been on the Russian market for almost three years, but until today it has not lost its relevance and popularity among fans of such a winter game as hockey. These skates are made on the basis of the most modern materials and the latest technical developments. The appearance is very interesting, it can be attributed to the classic design style. The body is made of durable composite materials that reliably protect the foot even from strong blows from the skate blades. These skates have an ergonomic shape, due to which you can pick up speed much faster and brake almost instantly. When performing maneuvers, the legs will have a minimum load, as they will be well fixed.

The design of the skates is notable for their low weight, they have a long service life, the appearance is maintained for a long time due to the nylon sheathing. The upper edge has a special Total Edge Comfort overlay that prevents chafing of the legs. The heel counter is one of the tallest in our entire review of the best hockey skates. It has medium rigidity due to the presence of two inserts — one is made of dense rubber, the second is plastic. The lacing is monolithic, which allows you to additionally fix the boot on the leg.


  • Insignificant mass — the skates are almost not felt on the feet;
  • Sits tightly on the leg;
  • Maximum comfort while riding;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • High level of thermal insulation4
  • The skates are made of breathable materials and have ventilation holes.


  • Not detected.

Bauer Supreme One.4

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Here is our review and came to its logical conclusion. We have tried to answer all possible questions regarding the choice of skates in 2022. If there are still some difficulties in this regard, or if you want to share your impression about a particular model, comments on this article are at your disposal.


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