Most people like to watch movies on the big screen, which is why they prefer cinemas. Progress does not stand still: for quite a long time, so-called home theaters have been launched into the wide sale, which allow you to create the appropriate atmosphere. Users often connect these devices to their home TVs. There are no questions: a home theater allows you to achieve excellent image and sound quality, but such products are not capable of increasing the diagonal of the TV, bringing its dimensions closer to the real screen of the cinema.

The solution was found: special projectors designed specifically for such purposes were developed. They appeared on the shelves of digital equipment stores not too long ago, so not all consumers are aware of their capabilities. We decided to fill this gap and tell you about the best home theater projectors in 2022. However, before proceeding to the analysis of the useful characteristics of these devices, let’s deal with a very important question: what should you pay attention to when buying such equipment? Let’s start with this.

What factors are important when choosing a home theater projector?

The first and most important point associated with this device is the possibility of digital or optical zoom. It indicates the maximum distance from the projector to the surface at which the image quality will be sufficiently high. Such a device has a significant advantage over a traditional TV — it practically does not take up free space, as it is suspended from the ceiling, and it will be much cheaper. At the same time, the image can be projected both on a special screen and directly on the wall, if it is white and absolutely smooth.

Be sure to analyze the active cooling system of the device elements. The fact is that the built-in fan in relatively cheap models can make a lot of noise, reducing the comfort of watching movies. In this regard, you should know in advance how loud the cooling works — the lower this figure, the better. In addition, high-quality models are equipped with special filters that trap dust so that it does not accumulate on active elements. From time to time they will have to be cleaned, otherwise the device will start to overheat, which can lead to the operation of special protection (if it is, of course, provided) or even disable the product.

It is advisable to give preference to a wide-format projector, which at the same time must be equipped with an HDMI input — with its help it will be connected directly to the home theater. There are so-called «all-in-one» centers, which include the projector itself, and the player, and the speaker system, and all these elements are located under one common body. Such a pleasure is not too cheap, but it allows you to get rid of unnecessary piling up of equipment, which will be very useful in cramped conditions of a small apartment.

You will also have to look at the resolution of the matrix: due to the fact that the picture format will be very significant, this parameter should correspond to at least HD — 1280×720 pixels minimum, but it is better not to save on this. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality will be. When choosing models to include in our ranking of the best home theater projectors, we were guided by all these principles, as well as paying attention to the ratio of price and quality of products. In addition, we have not bypassed user reviews. Now is the time to analyze the performance of a particular product.

The best home theater projectors

10 Viewsonic PJD7720HD

Viewsonic PJD7720HD photoThe overall dimensions of this model are somewhat larger compared to similar products, although the weight is not too significant — it does not exceed 3 kg. The design of the device is concise and quite strict. If the projector will be suspended from the ceiling, then for these cases a special cover is supplied in the kit, under which all the wires and connectors are hidden: they will be output in a tight bundle from the required side of the product. The front panel is flat, the lens ring protrudes slightly beyond its limits, no cover is provided for it. The projector does not have to be hung from the ceiling, it can be placed on any horizontal surface. In this case, a special front leg will be used to adjust the angle of inclination. The image geometry is corrected either from the remote control or using the panel on the projector itself.

The projector is equipped with a built-in 16W speaker. It is quite loud, is responsible for reproducing the entire frequency range, but in terms of its functionality it cannot be compared with the capabilities of a home theater. If we talk about the quality of the picture, then it is at a very high level, the color reproduction is accurate, the brightness level is quite decent. The maximum image size is 218×126 cm, so you can enjoy watching the movie on the big screen.


  • Insignificant weight;
  • Resolution acceptable for watching movies;
  • Affordable price;
  • Good level of brightness;
  • Functional remote control;
  • Doesn’t make very loud noise.


  • Heats up during operation.

Viewsonic PJD7720HD home theater projector

9. BenQ TH534

BenQ TH534 photoThis is another not too expensive model, which is excellent for daily use. It combines decent image quality, the resolution of which is 1080 pixels, has all the necessary set of interfaces. It can be used to connect multiple devices at the same time. There are several preset modes that allow you to significantly reduce the amount of electricity consumed without compromising the picture. In addition, the energy-saving function helps to extend the life of the lamps by several times. You can connect the model not only to a home theater, but also to other devices, such as a laptop or personal computer. The brightness level is quite sufficient, but the room will still have to be darkened before watching a movie.

The original moment associated with this projector is the presence of the 3D function, but for its full use you will have to purchase special glasses, since they are not included in the kit. In the manufacture of products, DLP technology was used, thanks to which it was possible to completely get rid of the grating effect that occurs on the screen of other models. In addition, over time, the so-called degradation of colors will not be observed. The lens is equipped with lenses made of special optical glass — this made it possible to increase the magnification to 1.2. The projector does not need to replace filters, which simplifies its maintenance during operation.


  • Affordable cost;
  • Decent build quality — no squeaks, backlashes or other manufacturing defects were found;
  • Good image quality;
  • Optimal throw ratio for use in medium or small rooms.


  • If you do not activate the Brilliant Color function, there may be minor problems with the white color image and contrast.

BenQ TH534 home theater projector

8. JmGo J6S

jmgo j6s photoThis is one of the flagship models among DLP LED projectors. Products are manufactured according to the «all-in-one» principle. It provides the ability to adjust the picture horizontally or vertically, so you can install the device in absolutely any conditions. The brightness indicator is quite high, so you can comfortably watch movies even in lit rooms, if the diagonal of the picture is in the range from 100 to 120 inches, with complete dimming or low local lighting, the diagonal can be increased up to 200 inches. Perfectly suited not only for home theaters, but also for use in office environments if the projector is connected to a computer or laptop.

This product works on the basis of the Android 4.4 operating system, which is equipped with the manufacturer’s proprietary interface. It is quite clear, there are no questions in terms of its use. The dimensions of the projector are small, so it can be used as a portable device. It can be installed both on a table and on a tripod, it is mounted upside down to the ceiling.


  • Long lamp life even with regular use;
  • Can be used even in brightly lit rooms;
  • Provides high image quality;
  • Manufactured using «all-in-one» technology;
  • Small dimensions simplify transportation.


  • During operation, it vibrates slightly and makes noise.

JmGo J6S Home Theater Projector

7. Optoma HD144X

Optoma HD144X photoAnother one of the available models in our review. The image quality for the price of the projector is quite decent, and the same applies to the brightness and contrast of the picture. The body is made of plastic with a matte finish, so there will be no noticeable dirt on it, it also does not collect fingerprints. The assembly is reliable, no defects were found in this regard either. The remote control has LED backlit buttons, so it will be very convenient to use the device even in a darkened room. On average, the product consumes about 230 watts of energy per hour — an average figure. Using the projector is easy and convenient.

Products are manufactured using Amazing Color technology, which ensures image quality that is as close to life as possible. Dimensions are not very large, so the unit will be almost invisible in the room. It is well suited not only for films, but also for analogue and digital television broadcasts. You can connect a game console directly to the projector itself. The image output delay is minimal, so even experienced gamers will be very comfortable playing. The built-in speaker is not very powerful compared to a home theater speaker system, so you can simply turn it off if necessary. There are also two HDMI inputs through which absolutely any external equipment is connected. The quality of the optics allows for a resolution of 1080 pixels. 3D content is played in original quality regardless of the source, the picture refresh rate is 144 frames per second — not every TV can boast of such an indicator.


  • Good picture quality when transferring images not only to the screen, but also to the wall;
  • Works almost silently;
  • You can connect any external equipment;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • There is a built-in speaker.


  • It is advisable to watch movies either in complete darkness or in a very darkened room.

Optoma HD144X home theater projector

6. LG PF1000U

LG PF1000U photoThe projector has an unusual appearance, and it is designed to be installed on a horizontal surface rather than suspended from the ceiling. Most owners place the product in some niche or place it on a shelf with a hinged or hinged door — this allows you to reliably hide the model from prying eyes. The body of the projector is made of high-strength plastic, which has a silver finish with a matte finish. It is non-marking, dust, various kinds of scratches are practically not visible on it. For stable operation of the cooling system, metal grills are provided here, located on the side panels of the product. Behind each of them is a small speaker equipped with damping pads.

The projector has a set of standard connectors, but in some cases you will have to use RCA adapters, fortunately they are supplied with the product. The menu is easy to use and easy to navigate. The font is standard, large enough, well readable. There is a function of automatic diagnostics with several possibilities, it is usually used when there are certain problems with the image on the screen. Focusing is done in manual mode, a special wheel is provided for this.


  • The image format corresponds to Full HD;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • original form;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Decent level of brightness.


  • There is no auto focus system.

Home Theater Projector LG PF1000U

5. Optoma GT1070Xe

Optoma GT1070Xe photoAn original and quite functional product — a 100-inch image can be obtained at a distance of only one meter from the screen or wall. The weight is small, the design is compact, the device comes with a special bag made of pleasant to the touch material, in which it is very convenient to store it. The resolution is 1080 pixels — corresponds to Full HD quality. The image output delay is minimal in time, so the projector is perfect even for very dynamic applications, watching movies, TV programs and so on. There is a built-in speaker with a power of 10 W, so this device can be used without a home theater. It will not work to achieve a unique cinema hall atmosphere with such a speaker, but in some cases it is much better than nothing at all.

The projector is equipped with MHL protocol, so it can be used as a smart display for a smartphone or tablet. This is an excellent solution for streaming video, photos or mobile games. There is a Gaming Mode that optimizes the projector settings so that it is very comfortable to play even very fast-paced games. Image clarity and detail are top notch. The transmission can also be carried out in a wireless format: the product can be connected to a player or receiver using a special Optoma WHD200 system, but it is not included in the kit, you will need to purchase it separately.


  • Small overall dimensions and weight;
  • Gives out a decent diagonal of the picture even from a short distance;
  • The setup is elementary, intuitive;
  • Multilingual interface with support for the Russian language.


  • The sound is not too loud.

Optoma GT1070Xe home theater projector

4. Everycom BT96

Everycom BT96 photoOne of the most affordable models among those presented today on the shelves of digital equipment stores. In terms of value for money, too, there were no special questions from users. The only inconvenience that may arise when using this device is the need to use it in a rather darkened room. You can control this projector both with the help of the remote control included in the kit, and with the buttons located on the top panel, if necessary, you can connect a mouse and keyboard. There are a lot of possibilities for connecting external devices — both analog and digital connectors are provided. There is a connector for an Ethernet cable and a wireless Wi-Fi module, which is characterized by fairly stable operation.

The parameters for the location of the projector from the screen are given in the instructions. As the owners of these products note, it is better not to violate these ratios. The projector is based on the operating system Android 4.4.4. There are no special differences from the platforms used on mobile devices. The set of functions is standard, the same can be said about pre-installed applications. All programs work quickly, do not slow down and do not freeze.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • High definition and image contrast;
  • A decent number of inputs;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Virtually no noise during operation;
  • Significant range of different settings.


  • Lack of brightness — it will be possible to use comfortably only in darkened rooms.

Everycom BT96 home theater projector

3. Epson EH-TW6700

Epson EH-TW6700 photoGradually we got to the top three. Opens her projector, which was originally designed for use in conjunction with home theaters. The quality of the picture and the films themselves, and other video content, including those played online, is quite acceptable. Colors are natural and very saturated. Black color is displayed very juicy. There is a 3D mode for which there are two color modes at once. One allows you to get a very high level of brightness, but there is some bias towards the green tint. The other provides more realistic colors, but the brightness suffers a little in this case. When working with this projector, you can use absolutely any 3D glasses, regardless of the manufacturer. The model is quite suitable for various presentations.

The fan is not too loud: if the energy-saving mode is active, then at a distance of only one and a half meters it will not be heard at all. The image output delay is 28 ms if the frame interpolation mode is disabled. When it is active, this indicator increases several times, reaching 105 ms. There is an auto iris function, however, when using it, when moving from one scene to another, slight delays in its work may appear.


  • Works pretty quietly;
  • Decent image quality, especially users note the depth of black;
  • The maximum image diagonal is 135 inches;
  • Supports playback from flash drives and hard drives;
  • There is a 3D mode.


  • It is advisable to install at a considerable distance from the screen.

Epson EH-TW6700 home theater projector

2. Epson EH-TW5400

Epson EH-TW5400 photoWe decided to give the second place to another model from this manufacturer. It represents the latest generation of projectors designed specifically for home cinemas. This is a LCD device that supports Full HD resolution and the ability to work with 3D technology. The brightness level of the lamp reaches 2500 lumens with a contrast ratio of 30,000, thanks to such properties, the products are able to provide the viewer with a very dynamic picture and completely immerse them in the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen. In general, the brightness of the product is significantly superior to other digital designs, due to which it turns out to experience an indescribable feeling when watching movies or playing games on the console. The maximum diagonal of the picture can reach 300 inches, so it turns out detailed, the colors are saturated and realistic, the black color came out very deep, the optical zoom is 1.2x.

The design is elegant, the location and functionality of the switching are thought out quite carefully, so there will be no unnecessary fuss when setting up and connecting the device. The lamp life is about 7500 hours. According to experts, if you watch only one movie a day, then the stock of work will be enough for about 11 years.


  • It is possible to convert video from 2D to 3D;
  • Small overall dimensions and ease of use;
  • Decent lamp brightness and long service life;
  • You can control it from the remote control or buttons on the panel;
  • Frame interpolation function is provided;
  • There are all the necessary connectors for working with external devices.


  • A little noisy;
  • The speaker is very weak — you can hear it only in the immediate vicinity of the device.

Epson EH-TW5400 home theater projector

1. BenQ W1090

BenQ W1090 photoWe are in a hurry to present you the leader of our rating — this model has been on the market for over two years, but its functionality allows it to occupy the highest places in various reviews. The projection system operates on the basis of a 0.65-inch DLP matrix, the light source here is the most ordinary incandescent lamp, the power of which is 210 W, the maximum brightness declared by the manufacturer is 2000 lumens. The lamp life is up to 3000 hours when using the projector in standard mode and 6000 hours when the user activates the power saving mode. The projector has a very long warranty period — 2 years. The working resolution is 1920×1080 pixels — HD format, the matrix supports up to 1.07 billion shades of colors.

The rainbow effect is minimized here — this was achieved thanks to the increased speed of rotation of the disk. Tuning can be done both automatically and manually. There are several modes of operation — Sport (for watching sports programs or playing the corresponding simulators, allows you to achieve optimal dynamics and reduce picture delay), Cinema (provides the most natural color reproduction). The lens features an ED coating that greatly reduces chromatic aberration, and a 100-inch diagonal image can be obtained from a distance of about 2.5 meters.


  • Quite a decent margin of brightness;
  • You can automatically adjust the color and contrast of the image;
  • The projector is almost silent;
  • There is no rainbow effect;
  • It performed well both when watching movies and during games.


  • Except for the high price was not revealed.

BenQ W1090 home theater projector

In conclusion, a useful video

The review of the best home theater projectors is over. We hope that after careful study of it, you were able to choose the most suitable model both in terms of functionality and cost. If you still have some questions, you can always ask us in the comments to this article. We will respond to it as soon as possible and provide all the information you are interested in, presenting it in the most accessible form.


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