Most people, one way or another, face diseases of the spine in their lives, among which the most common are sciatica and osteochondrosis. Coping with such ailments is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Today, there are a large number of various simulators on sale that allow you to both cure such diseases and engage in their prevention. One such device is the inversion table.

These units have appeared in our country recently, so most people do not understand at all how to use them and select them for their needs. We decided to help them in this matter and developed a rating of the best inversion tables of the year. Such products help not only to get rid of diseases of cartilage, joints and muscle tissue, but also act as a preventive measure to increase immunity, restore the circulatory system, and so on. As part of this review, we have collected the highest quality devices, presented their key performance characteristics. In addition, here are useful tips that will help our readers understand the design of the tables themselves and choose the most suitable one.

How to choose the right inversion table?

Externally, the inversion table is somewhat reminiscent of a small stepladder. The design is mostly made of metal tubes, between which a tabletop is fixed that can rotate, tilt, and, if necessary, it can be fixed in a certain position. The user, if desired, can set the angle of inclination himself, thereby increasing or decreasing the load on the muscle corset. The vast majority of models are equipped with special braces that will hold the legs and arms in the ankles and wrists, respectively.

With proper use of the simulator, it is possible to significantly reduce or even even out the pain that spreads in the spine or lower back. The inversion table stretches the spinal column, increasing the distance between the discs, which allows you to return the cartilage to its place, restore the natural cartilage lubrication. Often, these products are used for adolescents with serious posture disorders.

The likelihood of varicose veins is significantly reduced, the same can be said about edematous manifestations — when using a table, the lymph leaves the lower extremities, moving into the upper body. Regular use of the product allows you to activate the regenerative and rejuvenating processes of the whole organism, which are triggered by the improvement of the blood circulation process throughout the body.

Devices on sale are very different — mechanical and electrical, folding and stationary. All of them have a number of advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss later. When we chose products to be included in the ranking of the best inversion tables, we took into account all the factors that we told you about a little higher. In addition to them, other points were taken into account: user reviews, as well as value for money. We tried to compile a review of not too expensive products so that most of our customers can choose the best model for themselves.

curvature of the spine

10 best inversion tables in 2022

10. DFC IT5600

DFC IT5600 photo

A fairly compact product that is easy to use and store. In order to choose the optimal training angle here, it is enough to tighten or loosen the belt. The device is foldable, so after direct use it can be folded and removed, moreover, when folded, it takes up a minimum amount of free space.

The device can be adjusted depending on the height of the person involved — in this regard, it is suitable for people with a height of 140 to 196 cm. The design is made of reliable profile steel coated with powder paint, which resists various physical influences and loads well. The device from the domestic manufacturer turned out to be very durable, but the maximum load is not too high — up to 110 kg.


  • The center of gravity can be adjusted in three positions at once;
  • The design is equipped with soft rollers stuffed with dense foam rubber;
  • The warranty period is 12 months.


  • The adjustable straps that fix the human body during training are rather stiff and not very comfortable;
  • The load capacity of the simulator could be more.

Inversion table DFC IT5600

9. Optifit Alba NQ-3300

Optifit Alba NQ-3300 photo

The device was developed by Italian engineers, it is quite comfortable to use and has a foldable design. This inversion table has a reliable limiter, due to which you can change the level of inclination during training. In this case, the user can return to a vertical position without assistance — for this there are special ergonomic handrails located on the sides of the unit. If you regularly use this device, you will be able to normalize the circulatory system, normalize posture and fully relax the muscles of the neck, spine and lower back.

The height of a person who can work on such a simulator ranges from 155 to 201 cm. The device is equipped with a rather powerful frame made of steel tubes, the steel thickness here is 1.5 mm, which ensures maximum stability. The simulator is able to withstand up to 136 kg of live weight.


  • The ability to adjust the unit depending on the height of the user;
  • The device is equipped with four soft rollers for maximum convenience;
  • The handrails have anti-slip pads.


  • The lever with which the ankle is fixed is a bit short.

inversion table Optifit Alba NQ-3300

8. Z-UP 3 Silver

Z-UP 3 Silver photo

The main negative point of this simulator, according to most users, is its high cost. However, the device is of very high quality, it works almost silently — all elements move smoothly. This will be very important not only for beginners, but also for experienced athletes. The design is characterized by low weight: it weighs only 40 kg, but at the same time the product is stable and durable. The frame is made of high-strength steel, which does not need maintenance at all during operation — it is enough to periodically wipe the dust off it with a dry or damp soft cloth.

For the upholstery of the backrest and cushions, a special artificial leather is used, which perfectly resists wear and tear even with very intensive use. All elements are equipped with anti-slip pads, so the likelihood of injury is minimized here.


  • The back has an anatomical shape that exactly repeats all the curves of the spine;
  • The design is stable;
  • Does not require special care.


  • Very high price;
  • The maximum weight of a training person should not exceed 120 kg.

inversion table Z-UP 3 Silver

7. Proxima Arriva MSG-I509A

Proxima Arriva MSG-I509A photo

It belongs to the middle price category, but in terms of functionality it is in no way inferior to models from the premium segment. The frame is made of reliable high-strength alloy steel, so that the device can be used by people whose weight is within 140 kg. The design is well thought out, it is worth noting that even medical specialists, surgeons and orthopedists, were involved in its development. All elements turn smoothly, there are no jerks, which ensures maximum safety of operation.

This inversion table has a padded back and shoulder pads. All these details will be very useful for beginners. The level of body tilt varies from 90 to 180 degrees. This simulator can be used by people with a height of 135 to 198 cm.


  • A protection system for beginners is provided;
  • Easy to enjoy;
  • Wide tilt range;
  • Only high quality materials are used for manufacturing.


  • The degree of inclination of the simulator can only be changed using a special belt.

Inversion table Proxima Arriva MSG-I509A

6. Takasima Inrover

Takasima Inrover photo

The first model in our review of the best inversion tables equipped with an electric motor. If you use such a device for only 10 minutes a day, you will be able to completely get rid of even very severe back pain within a week. For this reason, despite the high cost, this model is widely popular among consumers. Japanese-made products are characterized by a unique design, due to which you can rotate the case to a comfortable position.

The reliable electric motor available here allows you to set the position of the table in the range from 0 to 90 degrees. In order to securely fix, the device has a soft, but fairly durable belt made of artificial leather. The handles are quite large, they have an anti-slip coating. The kit comes with a remote control, it can be mounted directly on the body of the device so that your hands are free during training.


  • Suitable for children over the age of 7;
  • An excellent tool for the prevention of radiculitis or osteochondrosis;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • More expensive than other similar devices.

Inversion table Takasima Inrover

5. Teeter Hang Ups EP-560

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 photo

The instructions for this inversion table go into detail about assembly, as well as a set of the most effective exercises and a number of recommendations that allow you to get the most benefit from exercising at home. The trainer is very easy to assemble. If desired, you can use a full turn, as well as an angle of 20, 40 or 60 degrees. The legs are fixed in special foam cups, where the feet will feel very comfortable.

The back of the device is made using the unique ComfortTrak technology. This approach allows you to ensure not only the comfort of the back, but also with regular exercises to restore the full mobility of the joints. All locks and hinges are equipped with an original anatomical type locking system. An additional positive effect on the body is due to acupuncture points, but they are not included in the kit and will need to be purchased separately.


  • The simulator can be used by people whose height reaches 198 cm;
  • Absolutely safe to use;
  • Stable device.


  • Some elements have to be bought.

inversion table Teeter Hang Ups EP-560

4. Body Sculpture BI 2100e

Body Sculpture BI 2100e photo

The product is equipped with a soft back, with which the pressure on the intervertebral discs is reduced. With the help of such a simulator, it is possible to stabilize the state of the musculoskeletal system in a very short time, reduce psychological stress. The block responsible for fixing the angle of inclination of the simulator is installed on the right handle. Its design is very simple, so it is reliable in operation. The element consists of a threaded pin and holes, with its help you can adjust the angle of inclination in three positions — 20, 40 and 60 degrees.

The shins during training are fixed with the help of rollers with cuffs. They gently wrap around the legs, providing not only comfort, but also the safety of working on the simulator. The set also includes a protective strap.


  • The simulator has a folding mechanism;
  • Differs in attractive appearance;
  • The maximum load capacity is 130 kg;
  • The tilt angle changes quickly and reliably.


  • The angle for fastening the ankle is insignificant, which can cause some discomfort in a person of small stature.

Inversion table Body Sculpture BI 2100e

3. Oxygen Fitness Healthy Spine Deluxe

Oxygen Fitness Healthy Spine Deluxe photo

In third place in the review of the best inversion tables is a German-made device. The exercise machine is made of high-quality steel, there is an additional function of electric massage and heating. This feature allows you to significantly increase the effectiveness of the training. The bases of the legs are equipped with anti-slip pads, so the simulator can be installed on any surface, including linoleum or parquet. The product will not scratch even the most delicate floor coverings.

The massage cushion has a remote control. It is designed for the entire back area, the inversion angle is adjustable in three positions — 25, 55 or 75 degrees. The simulator is able to withstand weight up to 130 kg.


  • Sophisticated anatomical shape of the back;
  • There is a massage function;
  • Anti-slip soft feet;
  • High quality workmanship.


  • Not everyone will like the price.

inversion table Oxygen Fitness Healthy Spine Deluxe

2. DFC XJ-I-11EL

DFC XJ-I-11EL photo

The product of domestic production is distinguished by a decent load capacity — the simulator is able to withstand up to 150 kg. The design is universal, so the device is able to fit into any interior. Made from quality materials that can last a long time. Foamed polyurethane acts as a filler here, which is able to last much longer compared to foam rubber.

On such a simulator, you can perform almost all exercises that improve posture and restore blood circulation in the muscles of the back. You can return to the starting position with simple hand movements.


  • The back is anatomical;
  • High load capacity;
  • Foldable design;
  • The cost is acceptable.


  • The maximum height of the user is only 180 cm.

Inversion table DFC XJ-I-11EL

1.HealthStimul 30MA

HealthStimul 30MA photo

In the manufacture of the simulator, TrueBalance technology was used, with which you can provide a smooth tilt angle ranging from 0 to 100 degrees. As a result, the person involved receives the most comfortable position for himself. The design includes a height adjuster for optimal balance and maximum comfort. The ankles are supported by the Sur-Lock system, due to which the legs are fixed tightly, there is no discomfort during turns and exercises, as well as excessive loads on the spine or lower legs.

The frame is made of high-strength steel, which allows it to withstand a mass of up to 200 kg. It is durable and completely safe. The handles have a soft anti-slip coating. The unit also has a heating system that provides maximum muscle relaxation. The pillow here is removable — it can even be used for sleeping.

Buy the best spine inversion table HealthStimul 30MA at a low price!


  • High quality production;
  • Acceptable cost for such a simulator;
  • The ability to withstand a significant mass of the user;
  • A whole set of unique technologies was used in the manufacture.


  • Not detected.

inversion table HealthStimul 30MA

In conclusion, a useful video

The review of the best inversion tables is over. We hope you have received enough information from it regarding the presented models in order to be able to accurately determine the model that will best suit your requirements and requests in 2022. If certain incomprehensibility is still preserved, then tell us about it in the comments — we will try to help you with this complexity.


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