When a woman is expecting a baby, she should take care of high-quality and long sleep — this will not only help her fully restore her strength and gain vigor, but will be extremely useful for the baby. Due to the growing belly, finding the most suitable position is not too easy.

Special pillows for pregnant women will help to cope with this problem, especially since a wide selection of these products has recently appeared in stores. There are a lot of models presented, so you can easily get confused in them. So that nothing like this happens to you, we decided to rank the best pillows for pregnant women. In the article, we will talk in detail about the most popular models among users, as well as give some advice on choosing the most suitable pillow.

How to choose the right pillow for pregnant women in 2022?

This product is not just some kind of feminine whim. Experienced experts say that a pillow is a vital product — with its help, a woman will be able to choose the most comfortable position for sleeping, just relaxing, reading, and so on. Thanks to her, the load on the body of the expectant mother will be significantly less. This factor is most relevant starting from the second trimester of pregnancy, when the belly begins to grow noticeably.

Due to the pillow, you can reduce the load on the spine and lower back. In addition, it will come in handy after childbirth. With its help, it will be possible to free your hands and reduce the load on your back when feeding a child, which will be very relevant if the baby eats slowly. The pillow will even help to teach the child to sit.

There are quite a few forms of pillows, and each of them has its own distinctive qualities. The product, made in the shape of a horseshoe, comfortably supports the back and stomach, is ideal for women who like to wrap themselves in a blanket at night. She covers on both sides, so you don’t have to shift it. However, for such a pillow you need a spacious bed, as it is characterized by large overall dimensions.

A bagel-shaped pillow usually has overall dimensions of about 140×35 cm. Such products are perfect for sleeping, reading, watching TV. It completely encircles the body, is small in size. There are many more forms of similar products.

Be sure to pay attention to the pillow filler. It should be absolutely hypoallergenic, keep its shape well, be elastic enough to support the stomach well, bending slightly, but not falling through. The fabric from which the cover is made is also an important factor in determining the choice. In this case, it is desirable to give preference to natural materials — cotton or linen.

When we selected products to include in the ranking of the best pregnancy pillows, we took into account all the factors discussed above, but also took into account some other points. Specifically, we looked at value for money, as well as user reviews. We tried to compile a review of not too expensive models so that each of our readers can afford to buy the products they like in 2022.

Budget options

3. Leader Kids

Leader Kids photo

Such a pillow for pregnant women is quite different from the rest in its original appearance and the material from which the cover is made. It is made from very soft and pleasant to the touch velor. Products are produced in several colors, so you can choose the most suitable pillow for the interior. There are original patches in the form of butterflies. In general, the pillow is considered universal, since it can be used after childbirth, in particular, it is suitable for breastfeeding the baby.

The length of the product is 1.6 meters with a width of 30 cm. Such dimensions are perfect for a comfortable position for a pregnant woman during sleep or rest. The pillow is characterized by excellent quality and low cost.


  • Optimal overall dimensions;
  • Comfortable to use;
  • Original and attractive design;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • The cover material is made of synthetic fabric;
  • Slight wear resistance.

Pillow Leader Kids

2. Amama Lightweight

Amama Easy-going photo

These Russian-made products, despite their low cost, provide maximum comfort and excellent sleep quality for a pregnant woman. The filler is light, and the overall dimensions are compact, so the pillow can be easily taken with you even on long trips. On sale, products are found in two overall versions — 150×25 and 170×30 cm. If the height of the pregnant woman is more than 165 cm, then it is advisable to give preference to the second option.

In the assortment you can find 14 options for the design of pillowcases. The latter is fastened with a zipper, so it can always be removed from the pillow and washed in a washing machine. Super down is used as a filler — an original synthetic material that retains its original shape for a long time, does not retain moisture and dries instantly. There are ropes at the ends of the pillow, they can be tied together and get a comfortable nest in which it will be convenient for the newborn baby to rest and eat.


  • Low cost;
  • The pillowcase is made from natural materials;
  • Lightweight filler that retains its shape for a long time.


  • Not very common in stores.

Pillow Amama Lightweight


AmaroBaby photo

With the help of this pillow, you can almost instantly get rid of pain in the back and cervical region. Products are made exclusively from hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials — this applies to both pillowcases, covers and fillers. The function of the latter is performed by a fiber — an artificial material that perfectly passes air through itself, does not absorb moisture and does not absorb foreign odors. The pillowcase is made from coarse calico, the density of which is 125 g/sq. m, it is also equipped with a hidden zipper.

The pillow resists wear well, even after several years of active use it retains the brightness of the pattern and does not rub off. The overall dimensions are as follows: the length is 170 cm, the width is 34 cm. Along the edges of the pillow there are so-called adjusting puffs that can be tied together, thereby making a place for feeding the baby out of the pillow. The choice of design is quite large — over 10 color options, all in rather soft and calm colors.


  • Pretty durable product
  • Good resistance to wear;
  • It is very cheap;
  • Does not cause irritation and allergic reactions;
  • Allows you to deal with pain in the back and cervical region.


  • Not detected.

AmaroBaby maternity pillow

C-shaped pillows

4. Ceba Baby Duo

Ceba Baby Duo photo

Very comfortable products of Polish production, characterized by a very attractive and stylish appearance. First of all, it is worth noting the rather large overall dimensions of this pillow — its length is as much as three meters. Thanks to this, a pregnant woman will be able to take absolutely any position and provide lightness throughout the body. The product is produced in a variety of colors and combinations, there are even beautiful prints.

The cover is made of knitted materials, it is equipped with a convenient and reliable zipper. If necessary, it can be quickly removed. The increased dimensions of these products provide additional comfort.


  • Allows you to provide the most comfortable sensations during sleep and rest;
  • The cover is made in stylish colors, there are prints;
  • If desired, the cover can be easily removed, it is allowed to wash in the machine.


  • Requires a decent amount of free space.

Ceba Baby Duo maternity pillow


Theraline photo

In third place in this section of the ranking of the best pillows for pregnant women is comfortable German-made products. It has a very beautiful design, is available in eight different colors, and each of them will correspond to a specific pattern. The pillow is produced in the shape of the letter C, its length is 170 cm. It is perfect for pregnant girls: it gently supports the back and stomach, thanks to which it is possible to ensure proper rest and sound sleep even at rather late stages of pregnancy. Expanded polystyrene is used here as a filler — a synthetic material with hypoallergenic qualities, it is absolutely environmentally friendly.

The cover is made from cotton and is easy to machine wash. The pillow is optimally suited for feeding a baby or even twins, and the baby will experience exceptionally comfortable sensations.


  • Not too large overall dimensions;
  • Excellent product quality;
  • Wide choice of color options;
  • Long service life;
  • Cover made of natural fabric.


  • The price is a little high;
  • The filler rustles a little — this makes the pillow not quite suitable for pregnant women with very sensitive sleep.

Theraline pregnancy pillow

2. Trelax Banana

Trelax Banana photo

This is a locally produced pillow. According to users in their reviews, it is characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality. In general, this product will be a great helper for expectant mothers. The shape of the pillow allows the pregnant woman to spend time comfortably on the bed. The cover is made from 100% cotton, which does not cause irritation or allergies. Expanded polystyrene balls act as a filler here, which prevent bacteria from forming and developing. Available in blue or pink colors with pleasant prints, which will appeal to any woman.

The length of the pillow is 135 cm. The kit comes with a special bag and a pillowcase, which greatly facilitates the storage and transportation of products. You can even put the baby on the pillow, giving his body the most comfortable position. The product adapts to the contours of the body, so it is really indispensable during pregnancy.


  • Pretty soft product;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Comes with pillow case and carry bag.
  • The cover is made from natural materials.


  • Not a very durable model.

Trelax Banana maternity pillow

1 Red Castle Big Flopsy

Red Castle Big Flopsy photo

The product is characterized by an increased size — its length is 170 cm, which allows it to completely envelop the entire body, gently supporting the stomach, so a pregnant woman will be able to take the most comfortable position for herself. Styrofoam balls are used here as a filler, which are able to provide maximum comfort. It is worth noting that they will not absorb odors, but at the same time retain heat well.

It was developed specifically for sleeping on your side, and some of this pillow can be placed between the knees. The pillow has pleasant gentle shades. After the baby is born, it can be used as a position or movement limiter. The cover is made of cotton and is machine washable.


  • Very beautiful and pleasant appearance;
  • Only safe materials are used for production;
  • Extended length;
  • With its help, you can take the most comfortable position.


  • Except for the high cost is not found.

Pillow for pregnant women Red Castle Big Flopsy

Anatomically shaped pillows

3. Baby Comfort

Malyshastik Comfort photo

The main distinguishing quality of these products is that a woman, even in the last stages of pregnancy, will be able to sleep comfortably on her stomach with the help of such a pillow, without fear of harming an unborn baby. The product securely fixes the position of the body on the bed, holds the back and stomach. With it, you can sleep on your side, without the slightest discomfort, turn around in your sleep. The pillow is characterized by the presence of anatomical curves. After childbirth, especially if they turned out to be very heavy for a woman and with tears, the pillow allows you to significantly speed up the rehabilitation process, greatly reduce the pulling pain.

For the production of the pillow, dense teak with a silvery pattern is used, pillowcases are made of pure cotton — five colors can be found on sale at once. Absolutely hypoallergenic holofiber is used as a filler.


  • A very handy thing to use;
  • All anatomical features of the body of a pregnant woman are taken into account;
  • Long service life;
  • There is an insert in the head area;
  • With the help of a pillow, you can even sleep on your stomach.


  • Some people think that the filler is too hard.

Pillow for pregnant women Malyshastik Comfort

2. Pani Mama

Pani Mama photo

From the name of the product, it is immediately clear that this is a Polish-made pillow. It has become very widespread not only in our country, but also in European countries, as well as on the American continent. This model is made in three sizes: Standard (pillow length is 145 cm), Medium (165 cm) and XXL (180 cm). The width of all pillows is the same — 80 cm. Even with very active use, the products will not sag or change shape. The function of the filler here is performed by a hypoallergenic material, characterized by its elasticity — ecofiber.

The manufacturer offers nine design options at once, so a woman will be able to choose the most suitable color for herself, besides, they are all made in soothing pastel colors. The pillow and pillowcase are made from natural fabrics.


  • High quality;
  • Easy to enjoy;
  • Long service life.


  • It costs more than average.

Pillow for pregnant women Pani Mama

1. Sofuto UAnatomic

Sofuto UAnatomic photo

The presence of original curves in this pillow allows you to immediately support the stomach, back, legs and hips. For the production of the product, high-density holofiber is used, which will easily retain its shape for a long time, moreover, it is characterized by low weight. The last point is very important, especially if we take into account the significant dimensions of the product, since its length is 170 cm.

As a result, the manufacturer turned out to be very comfortable and quite elastic products. The cover is made of natural fabric — poplin. Usually this material is used for sewing premium bed linen. The fabric is highly resistant to wear, the cover is washable, and the products are available in 10 colors.


  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Large selection of colors and shades;
  • The cover is made of expensive fabric;
  • The pillow is very light.


Sofuto UAnatomic pregnancy pillow

In conclusion, a useful video

We’ve come to the end of our roundup of the best pregnancy pillows for 2022. We hope that you have carefully studied it and now you can buy the most suitable model for yourself. If we could not answer all your questions within the rating, then you can always ask them in the comments to this article.


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