Today, normal vision is not found in every person. One of the most common eye diseases is astigmatism. It leads to a significant deterioration in vision, in especially advanced cases, it can provoke conjunctivitis, blepharitis, and causes constant headaches.

One of the most popular treatments for astigmatism are toric or cylindrical lenses. The former are considered to be the best, since due to their spherical shape they are able to provide different optical powers in the vertical and horizontal directions. In our ranking of the best toric lenses for astigmatism, we will try to detail the most popular options, as well as provide some useful tips that will definitely help in choosing. It should be borne in mind that before buying it is necessary to consult with an ophthalmologist — he will help you choose the most suitable products.

How to correctly choose toric lenses for astigmatism?

If the products are chosen correctly, then it is possible not only to restore the clarity of vision, but even get rid of the disease over time, thereby restoring vision in full. The fact is that with astigmatism, the shape of the lens is distorted, so the resulting distortion of the picture cannot be fully compensated for with standard glasses or lenses.

Toric lenses are either soft or hard. The first type is produced on the basis of special liquid polymers. Such products can correct vision, but they will not have a therapeutic effect. These lenses are comfortable to wear for everyone, they do not cause discomfort. Rigid lenses are denser. With their help, it is possible to correct the image and saturate the cornea with the required amount of oxygen. You need to wear them only during the day, they often cause some discomfort at first. At least you will need to use lenses for six months — only in this case it will be possible to provide any noticeable therapeutic effect.

The selection of toric lenses is strictly individual, it is carried out by a specialist on the basis of a computer analysis of the patient’s vision, so our rating is rather conditional. Nevertheless, we have included in it the most optimal products in terms of price-quality ratio.

10 best toric lenses in 2022

10. Johnson&Johnson astigmatic

Johnson&Johnson Astigmatic Photos

Lenses are able to eliminate image defects that occur with astigmatism. A person has a clear picture on the retina, which maintains its stability regardless of the position of the body and the angle of the head. Lenses are made of silicone hydrogel material, have a small thickness and at the same time are optimally combined with eye tissues. Oxygen passes excellently. Lenses for daily use are presented on domestic shelves, you can find color options.

The lenses are smooth and well hydrated and comfortable to wear. They help to lead an active life without prejudice to anything. They will help if a person has to stay in conditions of low humidity for a long time, work at a computer, which causes eye fatigue syndrome. The lenses will maintain the optimal water balance of the cornea. They are able to maintain their natural position when blinking throughout the day. The product has a good level of protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.


  • Slight thickness;
  • Made from soft polymer materials;
  • High moisture content in products;
  • Easy to put on and take off;
  • Not felt on the eyes;
  • Found in almost every optical store.


  • Very expensive products;
  • It is not recommended to sleep in them.

Johnson&Johnson astigmatic

9. Contact Day 30 Compatic Toric

Contact Day 30 Compatic Toric photo

The optimal solution for people who have never used contact lenses before. German-made products, which already speaks of high quality. It is made from a special material of the biocompatible Vitafilcon A Bolens type, which has an improved formula that prevents the formation of protein deposits on the surface of the lenses themselves. They perfectly pass oxygen through themselves — it is comfortable to wear even in conditions of low humidity.

The lenses are slightly tinted, so they are easy to spot in solution containers. You should not sleep in them: they are designed for daytime wear. The technology of disinfection is double — chemical and peroxide. In the central, thickest part, the thickness does not exceed 0.09 mm, the product is not felt either for centuries or by the eye itself, it does not move out when blinking. The product has a reliable ultraviolet filter, its diameter is 14.4 mm — it completely covers the iris.


  • Perfect for people leading an active lifestyle;
  • Practical to use;
  • Well moisturize the cornea;
  • Quite affordable in terms of cost;
  • Comfortable to wear in conditions of insufficient humidity;
  • Slightly tinted — easy to find in solution;
  • They don’t slip out of the eyes.


  • It is far from always possible to rinse the lenses if something suddenly gets on them.

Contact Day 30 Compatic Toric

8. Contact Four Toric

Contact Four Toric photo

Designed for daily use, they must be changed once a month — otherwise, there is a possibility of causing additional damage to the organs of vision. Lenses are produced from the unique hydrogel polymer material Okufilkon F. The moisture content in it is about 55%. Such a moment will help people suffering from astigmatism or dry eye syndrome to work at a computer for a long time. Lenses breathe, providing the cornea with enough oxygen. An ultraviolet filter will protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the environment. The edges of the lenses are processed using a special technology that makes it easier to put on products.

The lenses are only 0.1mm thick, so you can’t feel them when you blink. Models are made by casting technology, the surfaces are perfectly smooth, proteins contained in the lacrimal fluid will not accumulate on them. Suitable for patients with astigmatism, which is accompanied by myopia up to 6 diopters.


  • Very soft and comfortable to use;
  • Provide perfect vision
  • Small thickness;
  • acceptable cost;
  • Does not dry the cornea;
  • Does not slip from the eye;
  • Calculated for a whole month.


  • Absolutely transparent, so finding it in a container with a solution is not as easy as we would like.

Contact Four Toric

7. Coopervision Clariti 1 day toric

Coopervision Clariti 1 day toric photo

Produced on the basis of WetLoc technology, the essence of which is to increase the moisture content in the lenses by changing the hydrophobic characteristics of the material without any additional surface treatment. The result is a product that can naturally attract moisture molecules from the air and hold them on itself. This ensures maximum comfort for the lens wearer throughout the day. The lenses are disposable, designed specifically to correct astigmatism.

Silicone hydrogel passes a sufficient amount of oxygen to the cornea, so even after prolonged wear, the eyes do not irritate, there is no feeling of dryness, they do not start to turn red. Daily replacement of lenses provides reliable protection against getting into the eyes of various kinds of infections, they do not accumulate deposits of proteins or fats. The lenses are not damaged, they do not form scratches that could cause damage to the organs of vision. The products protect the eyes well from ultraviolet radiation, but ophthalmologists still recommend wearing sunglasses on sunny days.


  • Very thin — they are almost invisible to the eyes;
  • They pass oxygen well through themselves;
  • They take moisture from the air, moisturizing the eyes throughout the day;
  • Absolutely safe to use.


  • You need to change it daily, so the packaging ends pretty quickly.

Coopervision Clariti 1 day toric

6. Dailies (Alcon) AquaComfort PLUS Toric

Dailies (Alcon) AquaComfort PLUS Toric photo

Ideal for people who have never used lenses before. One-day products can be used to correct not only astigmatism, but also myopia and hypermetropia. With their help, you can achieve maximum comfort and hydration. They are produced using triple moisturizing technology, which is called Triple Moisture Action — when blinking, a moisturizing component is constantly supplied to the cornea.

Lenses are distinguished by an unusual aspherical design, which provides the highest image clarity, spherical aberrations were not detected. There are no glare or halos from luminous objects, so it will be very comfortable to drive a car or work at a computer in these lenses.


  • Clarity and clarity of vision are maintained from morning to evening;
  • Do not need disinfection and cleaning;
  • Ideal for beginners;
  • No glare from luminous objects was detected;
  • The eyes receive enough moisture and oxygen.


  • The first few minutes are still felt before our eyes;
  • Difficult to find for sale.

Dailies (Alcon) AquaComfort PLUS Toric

5. Bausch & Lomb SofLens Toric

Bausch & Lomb SofLens Toric photo

The products are characterized by an improved Lo-Torque design, lenses help to provide the sharpest vision, and they are also very easy to fit for a specialist. Prismatic ballast features a carefully thought-out stabilizing geometry — stabilization along the axes is perfect regardless of the position of the head and torso in space. There is a chamfer around the entire perimeter: it reduces the weight of the lens itself, makes it more stable, and it becomes very comfortable to wear it, regardless of the diopter of vision. The vertical thickness is stable — the lenses do not move out when blinking.

The central part is flat, but with a double curvature of the back surface — the products are also suitable for patients with other diseases of the organs of vision. Lenses are made from a non-ionic hydrophilic material that does not accumulate proteins and lipids, so they are comfortable to wear throughout the day.


  • Soft and comfortable;
  • Good oxygen permeability
  • Practically invisible to the eyes;
  • Suitable for astigmatism and other diseases;
  • They do not accumulate various deposits.


  • If you sit at the computer all day, then the feeling of dryness will still arise.

Bausch & Lomb SofLens Toric

4. Bausch & Lomb PureVision 2 HD for Astigmatism

Bausch & Lomb PureVision 2 HD for Astigmatism photo

They were created in order to minimize spherical aberrations, the absence of which can significantly improve the quality of vision. During the development, a new stabilization system Auto Align Design was used, with its help it was possible to achieve a clear and clear vision throughout the day, the lenses themselves are comfortable to wear. The diameter of the optical zone is 8 mm — regardless of the lighting conditions, the patient will see everything very clearly. The diameter of the lens itself is large (14.5 mm), so it is well centered and does not move out.

Products pass through themselves 97% of the oxygen contained in the air — the cornea does not experience oxygen starvation. Lenses are made of balafilcon A (Si-Hy) material, which contains 36% moisture. Additional hydration is achieved through ComfortMost technology. You can even sleep in lenses. The manufacturer claims that they are allowed to be worn continuously for a whole month, users in the reviews confirmed this fact.


  • Pass a large amount of oxygen;
  • Can be worn without taking off for a long time;
  • Easy to put on;
  • They don’t leave;
  • Well saturate the eyes with moisture;
  • Generally not felt on the cornea.


  • A small amount of glare is still present.

Bausch & Lomb PureVision 2 HD for Astigmatism

3. Acuvue 1-Day Moist for Astigmatism

Acuvue 1-Day Moist for Astigmatism photo

Provides optimal contact type correction for eyes with astigmatism. The material from which such lenses are made contains a high percentage of moisture — the eyes will not dry out even if there is a need to spend the whole day at the computer. Universal products — suitable for people of mental and physical labor. Made using the original ASD technique (Accelerated Stabilization Design). The lens is securely fixed on the cornea with the help of the pressure that the eyelid exerts on it when blinking.

Products are one-day, equipped with an ultraviolet filter. A tight fit to the eye allows you to form a single optical system — visual acuity is higher than when using glasses.


  • Thin;
  • High moisture content;
  • There is an ultraviolet filter;
  • They do not leave the cornea.


Acuvue 1-Day Moist for Astigmatism

2. CooperVision Biofinity Toric

CooperVision Biofinity Toric photo

Manufactured from premium silicone hydrogel materials, the lenses are carefully designed to deliver consistent, clear vision. Wearing such lenses is comfortable even for a long time. The use of Aquaform technology guarantees the saturation of the eyes with the right amount of oxygen. Products are soft — easily adapts to the shape of the cornea and fits snugly to it. The lens retains the right amount of liquid even when its life is nearing its end.

The edges are rounded, they will not rub against the eyelid, which also has a positive effect on the level of comfort. The horizontal thickness is the same over the entire area, there are no irregularities here.


  • It needs to be changed once a month;
  • The shape of the lenses is specially thought out for the correction of astigmatism;
  • During the entire service life, it retains its original qualities;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Maintains the required amount of moisture and oxygen.


  • After a whole day at the computer, the eyes may turn slightly red.

CooperVision Biofinity Toric

1. Miru 1month for Astigmatism

Miru 1month for Astigmatism photo

In the first place in the ranking of the best toric lenses for astigmatism is the products of the world famous Japanese company. With its help, it is possible to restore the clarity and contrast of the image. The degree of oxygen permeability in these lenses is 161 Dk / t, moisture is also enough to comfortably wear products throughout the day. The eyes will not dry out, hypoxia will also not occur.

The unique patented Visiostable design double stabilization technology is used in the production — with its help, the lenses will sit tightly on the cornea and will not slide along it. They can engage in active sports, physical labor. The MeniSilk and Nanogloss technologies are also used here. The first is designed to provide high oxygen permeability and thorough moisturizing of the eye, and the second contributes to a perfectly smooth surface, on which all kinds of deposits will not occur.


  • Excellent product quality;
  • It passes oxygen well through itself and saturates the eyes with moisture;
  • The edges are slightly thinner compared to the central part of the lens;
  • Double stabilization ensures perfect correction.


  • The price is above the market average.

Miru 1month for Astigmatism

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The review of the best toric lenses for astigmatism in 2022 is over. If some points in the article seemed not entirely clear to you, then you can always write about them in the comments. We will try to provide you with additional information as soon as possible.


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