Many people dream of a snow-white smile, spend a lot of money on dental services in order to achieve the desired result. However, you can whiten your teeth at home — the main thing here is to choose the right toothpaste. As a rule, teeth begin to turn yellow due to insufficient oral hygiene. In addition, a similar effect occurs in smokers, as well as in those who consume a lot of coffee, tea, chocolate.

In household chemical stores and pharmacies today you can find a fairly large selection of such products. In this range, even a professional dentist will get confused, who almost daily has to select the most effective dental care for his patients. To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to develop a rating of the best whitening pastes of the year. This rating will analyze in detail the characteristics of the most effective formulations, in addition, we would like to give our readers some useful tips that will surely help you buy the most suitable paste.

How to choose the right whitening paste in 2022?

In principle, such compositions are practically no different from products with a different effect — they only add special compounds, for example, carbamide peroxide or sodium tripolyphosphate. It is these substances that have a positive effect on tooth enamel and make it whiter. However, their concentration, as a rule, is insignificant, therefore, for a positive effect, you have to use such a paste for more than one month. In order for the result to appear much faster, various kinds of abrasives are added — as a result, the paste will be a scrub for the teeth.

It is best if silicon oxide acts as this abrasive. It is able to effectively cope with plaque and stains, while not damaging the enamel. On sale you can also find pastes, where the function of abrasives is performed by chemically active compounds, in particular, hydrogen peroxide. It reacts with plaque and simply dissolves it.

In pharmacies, you can find professional polishing pastes. They have a very high concentration of abrasives — up to 40%. With their help, it is possible to qualitatively clean the oral cavity from the smallest food debris and make the teeth much whiter. However, it should be remembered that abrasives are rather aggressive compounds, so such pastes are not suitable for sensitive teeth. For them, soft abrasive particles, such as papain, will be optimal. It breaks down plaque without damaging tooth enamel.

When we selected products to include in our ranking of the best whitening pastes, we took into account all of the above factors. In addition to them, we studied a lot of user reviews — this helped us weed out low-quality compositions. Moreover, the review did not include very expensive compositions — we tried to select products in such a way that each of our readers could afford it.

The cheapest products

3. SILCA ArcticWhite

SILCA ArcticWhite photo

This composition was developed by German pharmacists and dentists. The manufacturer took the product as seriously as possible. The paste just does an excellent job with any kind of pollution, returns the teeth to their natural whiteness. Initially, it was developed for coffee and cigarette lovers. The composition is able to effectively fight even with very persistent plaque. A high concentration of peppermint extract has been added to the formula, so the person will have fresh breath for a long time. The paste still contains active microscopic granules and special polishing components that will prevent darkening of the enamel in the future.

Whitening occurs gradually, so the structure of the teeth will be preserved. If you use the composition regularly, then a positive effect can be noticed in about three to four weeks. Consumers in the reviews note the high quality of the composition.


  • Low consumption — one tube is enough for four to five months;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Added highly concentrated peppermint extract;
  • Whitens very gently.


  • The effect does not appear immediately;
  • Not suitable for people whose teeth react to hot or cold.

Whitening paste SILCA ArcticWhite

2. Parodontax with fluoride

Parodontax with fluoride photo

One of the main characteristics of this toothpaste is the possibility of its use for a long time. It is suitable even for teenagers over the age of 14. The composition includes a large number of natural substances, salts, minerals, there are still vegetable components. This product can not only whiten your teeth, but also minimize bleeding gums. After cleaning, the breath becomes very fresh, and the enamel is perfectly smooth.

The consumption of the paste is also small — for one use it is enough to squeeze out just one small pea from the tube. The paste foams well, but there are a number of contraindications to its use. If the patient is taking preparations containing fluoride, it is necessary to consult a dentist before use.


  • Very high quality cleans tooth enamel;
  • Reduces bleeding gums;
  • The composition contains a large number of natural ingredients;
  • Even after a single application, the natural shine returns to the teeth, which lasts throughout the day.


  • There are certain contraindications.

Whitening paste Parodontax with fluoride

1. SPLAT Professional Biocalcium

SPLAT Professional Biocalcium photo

The effectiveness of these domestically produced products has been proven by clinical trials, as well as confirmed by users. The main active substance here is bioactive calcium, which is extracted from eggshells. With the help of this compound, it is possible to plug microscopic cracks in the enamel, which reduces the sensitivity of the teeth — a person can safely drink hot tea or coffee, eat ice cream.

The effectiveness of whitening is achieved using the innovative technology of Sp. white system. You will notice a positive result just a couple of weeks after the start of use. The teeth themselves become whiter, the breath becomes fresher. In the paste, you can still find hydroxyapatite — a special substance that makes up the hard tissues of the teeth. Hard abrasives are not provided in the formula.


  • Quickly and efficiently restores enamel;
  • Teeth are whitened as gently as possible;
  • The composition contains bioactive calcium;
  • The positive effect is noticeable almost immediately;
  • Quite reasonable cost.


  • The feeling of fresh breath disappears after three to four hours.

Whitening paste SPLAT Professional Biocalcium

Average price category

4. ROCS Magic whitening

ROCS Magic whitening photo

The Swiss company has been manufacturing oral care products for many years. The composition of the paste is really unique — with its help you can keep your teeth healthy, restore their snow-white color. This paste is often advised to their patients by experienced dentists. With regular use, it is possible to effectively deal with pigmentation, yellow plaque. The composition contains soft polishing granules that gently remove even plaque that has hardened into the teeth and at the same time does not damage the enamel.

The paste helps to reliably protect the enamel from damage, as well as from diseases such as caries. The function of the main bleaching agent here is performed by a probiotic enzyme of plant origin. It goes deep into the structure of the teeth and actively fights various microorganisms, positively affecting the gums as well, protecting them from various injuries.


  • High efficiency;
  • Carefully fights plaque;
  • An excellent prophylactic — does not allow the occurrence of caries.


  • At first, the sensitivity of the teeth may increase.

Whitening paste ROCS Magic whitening

3 Lacalut White

Lacalut White photo

The products of German specialists allow you to cope with the consequences of drinking coffee, tea and cigarettes in the shortest possible time. Enamel cleaning is very effective, regardless of the nature of plaque. By itself, the paste is very tasty, it does not irritate the mouth, does not have an overly pronounced mint flavor. Enamel polishing is gentle, the teeth become smooth, acquire a natural natural shine.

However, some users note that after applying the paste, there is a strong reddening of the gums. This is due to the need for breaks — you need to work with such a product for a maximum of one and a half months, after which you will have to switch to other formulations. The consumption of the paste is minimal, it foams excellently, after three to four weeks the teeth become whiter by one or two tones.


  • Does not irritate the oral cavity;
  • Polishes enamel effectively, but does not scratch it;
  • Minor expense;
  • Quickly copes with any plaque, regardless of its nature.


  • There is reddening of the gums.

Whitening paste Lacalut White

2 President White

President White photo

The best products from Italian pharmacists and dentists. They managed to develop a formula that is ideal for daily use. With the help of such a paste, it is possible to completely get rid of plaque and provide effective oral care in general. In just a week of use, the teeth become very bright, smooth and shiny. The composition does not contain aggressive or harsh elements, so the paste provides gentle cleaning of the enamel without damaging it.

The main active substances here are phosphates, calcium, sodium monofluorophosphate and cetraria extract. The paste will not allow the appearance of a dark plaque, it also remineralizes the enamel additionally. The composition also contains the Syloblanc component, which effectively fights tartar.


  • Provides high-quality whitening without damaging the enamel;
  • Creates fresh breath without burning the oral cavity;
  • The composition contains a huge number of active components;
  • Fights tartar.


  • At first, the teeth may become more sensitive.

Whitening paste PresiDENT White

1 Marvis Jasmin Mint

Marvis Jasmin Mint photo

A very popular composition — this toothpaste not only actively fights against any manifestations of plaque, but also actively whitens the enamel itself. The composition contains original cleaning components that will not allow further darkening of the teeth. The paste is absolutely safe to use. Its formula contains many active substances that will help to cope not only with plaque, but also rid the oral cavity of various pathogens. The latter often cause caries, tartar, gum disease.

The paste contains jasmine and mint extracts that can freshen breath and make the cleaning process as pleasant as possible. Many users also note the packaging of the paste. The tube has a matte coating, so it does not slip even from wet hands. The consistency of the paste is more like a gel, it foams well, therefore it penetrates even into the most inaccessible places.


  • Actively, but very gently fights plaque;
  • Does not allow darkening of the enamel;
  • Kills all pathogens;
  • Good tasting;
  • Very convenient packaging;
  • The consistency is more like a gel.


  • The gel is quite thick, so squeezing it out of the tube is not too easy.

Whitening paste Marvis Jasmin Mint

Expensive Options

3. ClearaSept 3D White

ClearaSept 3D White photo

Provides comprehensive oral care, the paste has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. It not only whitens teeth, but also effectively fights the causes of gum disease. Largely due to the 3D effect, the enamel becomes whiter in just a few days. The paste has an excellent penetrating ability — it even passes into the interdental space, neutralizes harmful and dangerous acids, and makes the gums stronger. With regular use, it is a good prophylactic in terms of the occurrence of caries, provides persistent fresh breath.

Pasta copes well with plaque from cigarettes or coffee. The composition does not contain aluminum and triclosan, which makes the products absolutely safe. Despite the fact that the intensity of whitening is very high, the teeth do not become more sensitive.


  • Actively whitens enamel — teeth become whiter in just a few days;
  • The composition does not contain aluminum and triclosan;
  • Does not allow caries, tartar and gum disease;
  • Fresh breath is maintained for a long time.


  • Rarely found on sale — you have to order pasta via the Internet.

Whitening paste ClearaSept 3D White

2. Perioe Pumping Citrus

Perioe Pumping Citrus photo

The products of this South Korean brand have been on the market for almost 40 years. During this time, the company’s specialists have been able to develop and release a significant number of oral care products into the general market. This paste provides effective, but at the same time very gentle whitening. Its consistency is gel-like, it contains extracts of citrus fruits. They are able to keep fresh breath much longer compared to classic mint. The composition also contains sodium fluoride, which helps not only whiten teeth, but also protect them from caries and prevent harmful acids from affecting the enamel. Another active ingredient here is silicon dioxide.

The toothpaste has undergone many clinical studies that have proven its effectiveness and safety. Products are produced in the form of a bottle with a dispenser, which makes it more convenient to use and reduces consumption. One package is enough for 6-7 months.


  • original form of packaging;
  • Available in the form of a gel;
  • Economic consumption of the composition;
  • It fights well against gum disease, caries, effectively whitens teeth.


  • If you have sensitive teeth, then you need to use carefully.

Whitening paste Perioe Pumping Citrus

1. REMBRANDT Anti-tobacco and coffee

REMBRANDT Anti-tobacco and coffee photo

A very well-known American manufacturer of various tooth and gum care formulations. The quality of this paste is very high. If you use it regularly, then even inveterate smokers smile will become dazzlingly white. Surface yellow deposits from coffee or cigarettes can be easily removed with normal cleaning, there is also a polishing effect. The composition contains a high concentration of active ingredients — the enamel will not be damaged during use.

Papin, together with sodium citrate, is able to perfectly cope with hard dental deposits. The consistency is pleasant, the smell is not too sharp, the paste refreshes the oral cavity for a long time. A stable result is ensured only with regular use, since the positive effect lasts only for a day.


  • The highest quality whitening;
  • Additional protection against caries;
  • Strengthens gums;
  • Acts as a prophylactic in relation to the occurrence of tartar;
  • Freshens breath for a long time.


  • Expensive for toothpaste;
  • The effect persists for a short time.

Whitening paste REMBRANDT Anti-tobacco and coffee

In conclusion, a useful video

This is the end of our ranking of the best whitening toothpastes in 2022. We have tried to collect as much information as possible. If some points seemed incomprehensible to you, then you can always write about it in the comments to this article.


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