For people leading an active lifestyle, the onset of cold weather does not mean at all that all activities should be postponed to the spring months. Many athletes, even in severe cold, continue to run and other active sports. It goes without saying that the equipment will be largely different from the summer one.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of shoes that will fit well on the foot, will not scoop up snow and slip on an icy road. In sports stores today there is a very large assortment of such products. However, not all people are fully aware of what shoes are best to buy for running in the winter. We decided to help our readers solve this problem and developed a rating of the best winter running shoes. As part of this review, we will detail the most popular options, as well as give some pretty useful tips that will surely help you when you decide to buy such sports shoes for yourself.

How to choose the right winter running shoes?

First of all, I would like to say that running on snow or icy surfaces will require decent physical fitness — it should be much higher than when running on ordinary asphalt. Therefore, it is desirable that shoes are made from water-repellent materials — in this case, the feet will remain dry and will not freeze. Be sure to pay attention to the tread, as it is he who will help to stay on his feet on uneven snow or on ice.

Most sneakers are equipped with spikes on the sole, it is with their help that it will be possible to provide the most tight grip with the base. The thickness of the sole should be decent, it is desirable to give preference to soft and elastic products. Such a detail will prevent slipping and, as a result, avoid injuries.

It will not be superfluous to have depreciation, which is an original air cushion under the foot. The use of such technology can significantly reduce the load on the spine and joints of the athlete. Before buying, be sure to check the lacing. It should securely hold the sneaker on the leg, fix the ankle, but at the same time not be excessively tight and not interfere with blood circulation in the legs. Tight fixation of the shoe will not allow a possible sprain of the ligaments.

When we chose products to include in our ranking of the best winter running shoes, we took into account all the factors discussed above. However, in addition to them, some other points were taken into account, for example, we considered user reviews for products, as well as the price-quality ratio of the model.

Choosing the right winter running shoes

Male models

5. Hoka Speedgoat

Hoka Speedgoat photo

They are popular with fans of sports running and walking in the winter. The upper part of the shoe is made from high-quality material of the Skyshell membrane type. This fabric does not allow moisture to pass through it, but it provides fresh air access to the legs, which will be very useful if the athlete expects to cover a significant distance. The entire size range is on sale, so finding sneakers exactly on the foot will not be a problem. The shoes have a mid-height cuff. This element allows you to exercise even in heavily snowy areas, without fear that the snow will get inside.

The products are equipped with a rather aggressive tread that can reliably adhere to any kind of grounds, and you can also find spikes 5 mm long on the sole. However, they are multidirectional. They are made from medium hard rubber and are extremely durable. The outsole also has high cushioning qualities.


  • Mid-height sneakers have a cuff;
  • The upper part of the shoe easily passes air through itself, but at the same time retains snow and moisture;
  • Thoughtfully engineered cushioning absorbs even the toughest impacts with ease;
  • The outsole has multi-directional rubber studs.


  • They begin to lose their presentable appearance after overcoming only 200-300 km;
  • Enough only for 3-4 seasons.

Hoka Speedgoat winter sneakers

4. Adidas Terrex

Adidas Terrex photo

They differ in insignificant weight, have a block with high orthopedic characteristics, thanks to which the foot will maintain the correct position while running. The sneakers have a Boa quick lacing system, with which you can literally change the tightness of the shoe on the go. They are produced in Chinese factories, but developed by German engineers who attracted very experienced athletes for this work. In general, there is hardly a person on earth who has not heard about the products of this company. Sneakers themselves allow you to achieve optimal results even on fairly difficult surfaces.

There are no weighting elements here, since they can significantly reduce running speed and negatively affect the pace of movement. The upper part is made on the basis of Gore-Tex membrane material. It qualitatively protects the foot from moisture coming from the external environment, however, it perfectly releases the steam that forms and accumulates inside. The tread is made on the basis of Continental rubber, which will retain its softness and provide perfect grip, regardless of the temperature outside.


  • Very light products — almost not felt on the leg;
  • Sneakers are well protected from moisture penetration inside;
  • Well-designed depreciation system;
  • Quick lacing allows you to adjust the position on the leg literally on the go;
  • The sole will remain perfectly soft and flexible, regardless of the ambient temperature.


  • They are quite expensive.

Adidas Terrex winter sneakers

3 Saucony Peregrine

Saucony Peregrine photo

One of the most affordable options for men. Despite the fact that most people hear about the existence of such a brand for the first time, sneakers perfectly show their positive qualities during operation. The last point is especially true for running on difficult surfaces. This collection is wide — you can choose sneakers of the color that you like best or just fit. The price range is also decent — users can find both the cheapest and most expensive options. However, I would like to clarify that even inexpensive products are of high quality production.

The sneakers have a comfortable cut — it will take into account all the anatomical features of the athlete’s foot. The top is reliable, wears out rather slowly, retains moisture and retains heat for a long time. However, there is no waterproof membrane here, so running in them is still not recommended in heavy snow. The sole is equipped with a high-quality and dense tread that will be able to help both on the ascent and on the descent. Many consumers praise the cushioning system.


  • Very comfortable shoe;
  • Reliably sewn — they are comfortable to wear even for a long time;
  • The tread is made of special rubber brand PWRtrac;
  • Significant variation in prices;
  • Attractive design;
  • Large range of colors.


  • Waterproof membrane not included.

Saucony Peregrine Running Shoes

2.ASICS Gel-FujiSestu

ASICS Gel-FujiSestu photo

One of the best men’s models for running in winter conditions, which can only be found on the domestic market today. When moving on difficult surfaces, products are able to provide excellent comfort. In particular, the manufacturer himself indicates in the instructions that the sneakers are best suited for conditions such as snow, mud, ice, slush. Products do not behave very well on paving slabs, since here the quality of adhesion to the surface is minimal.

Such products are made on the basis of reliable materials of increased strength, here there is a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. It allows you to protect your feet from rain and snow, but at the same time provides reliable air circulation inside the shoe. Reflective details are provided on the surface.


  • The upper is waterproof and handles cold temperatures well;
  • There are reflective elements;
  • There is a pocket for lacing.


  • They are expensive;
  • Not too stable behave on paving slabs.

ASICS Gel-FujiSestu men’s winter sneakers

1 Salomon Snowspike

Salomon Snowspike photo

This line is rightfully considered the best in this section of our review of the best winter running shoes for running in difficult conditions, i.e. on ice, snow, mud, slush and so on. The products are characterized by optimal performance characteristics, thanks to which it is very comfortable to run in such sneakers, regardless of weather conditions. The upper is protected from moisture penetration with a water-repellent membrane. Comfortable and soft gaiters, fastened with a zipper, are supplied with the sneakers.

The outsole is equipped with a reliable tread, it also has 12 spikes. The latter are made of tungsten carbide — a metal alloy with high roughness and a decent level of rigidity. Thanks to this technological solution, the sneakers will grip well on any base, regardless of its type. It is very easy to run in them in cold weather, as the sole remains soft and elastic even at very low temperatures.


  • There are 12 metal spikes on the sole;
  • Features a quick lacing system and a diagonal zip;
  • The sole does not tan in severe frost;
  • Reinforced sock — perfectly protects from impacts.


  • Except for the high cost was not found.

Salomon Snowspike running shoes

Women’s options

5 Nike Zoom Pegasus

Nike Zoom Pegasus photo

Designed specifically for outdoor training in not too favorable weather conditions. The model is equipped with additional protection against the negative effects of moisture and low temperatures — it is represented by fairly high gaiters with Velcro, as well as impregnation made on the basis of water-repellent materials. The tread is low-profile, for this reason it will be very problematic to run on loose and deep snow, as well as on difficult ground. There are no spikes on the sole, and there is no way to install them.

The main scope of such sneakers, according to the manufacturer and consumers, is training at low temperatures, but on cleared paths. The sneakers do not have lacing, the inner part is a sock that will tightly wrap around the ankle and fix the foot with high quality. The outsole easily absorbs shock loads, absorbs well.


  • Velcro fastening is comfortable and fast;
  • The legs are well protected from the weather;
  • The foot is carefully supported;
  • Reliable protection against various impact loads.


  • It will not be possible to run in deep snow;
  • Expensive products.

Nike Zoom Pegasus Winter Running Shoe

4 Mizuno Wave Rider

Mizuno Wave Rider photo

Products of a Japanese company widely known to professional athletes. The model will be an excellent solution for making winter runs in the city. The sole is equipped with a high-quality shock absorber, it is made from materials adapted to extremely low temperatures, so it will remain elastic in any conditions. The tread pattern exactly repeats the pattern on tires from the Michelin brand, so the shoes will reliably grip snow or various icy grounds.

The sneakers are equipped with an excellent membrane that will protect your feet well from moisture and remove condensation. The cuff is low, so experienced athletes do not recommend jogging in deep snow conditions.


  • The protector fully performs the functions assigned to it;
  • The sole remains flexible even at very low temperatures;
  • The leg is well protected from moisture;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • The cuff is low.

Mizuno Wave Rider

3. Inov-8 Arctic

Inov-8 Arctic photo

Another model with a low cuff, however, if you additionally buy special leggings, you can reliably protect your legs from snow getting inside. The gaiters have special hooks that will keep them in place even during active running.

The sneakers are equipped with a multi-directional tread with fourteen spikes, due to which it is possible to achieve perfect traction with the base. The model is equipped with an arch support, which is made using Protec-Shank technology. With it, the foot will always be in the correct position, which minimizes injury while running. The outsole is flexible. It is not made from classic rubber, but from a unique thermoplastic material that can withstand even very low temperatures.


  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • It adheres well to any coatings, including loose snow and slush;
  • Flexible outsole even at very low temperatures.


  • Low cuff;
  • The degree of protection against moisture could be higher.

Inov-8 Arctic winter running shoes



On sale you can find two types of models of these sneakers — one with a moisture-protective membrane, the second with a special impregnation. The most convenient, of course, is the first variety. It is comfortable to overcome significant distances in such products, but the presence of a membrane significantly increases the cost of shoes, and this factor for many consumers plays one of the key roles when buying.

Sneakers allow you to achieve perfect grip on any type of surface. They combine two types of tread: the first is on the outside, and the second on the inside of the sole. Along the perimeter there are a large number of carbide spikes. The semi-automatic lacing technology is also involved here, the foot sits in the sneaker quite softly and firmly.


  • Well suited for long runs on any surface;
  • Excellent grip;
  • Increased number of spikes;
  • Sophisticated cushioning system of the sole;
  • Lacing is semi-automatic.


  • Not every model is equipped with a waterproof membrane;
  • Decently weigh, which negatively affects maneuverability.

winter running shoes ICEBUG DTS4

1. La Sportiva Crossover

La Sportiva Crossover photo

Spikes on the sole of this model are not provided, but they can be screwed in if necessary. Sneakers are equipped with an aggressive tread, are made using fast lacing technology. Included with them are high gaiters, fastened with a zipper. All these factors ensure the comfort of moving on the most inconvenient surfaces — ice, loose snow or slush.

Sneakers are equipped with a membrane that maintains an optimal microclimate for the feet. They were originally designed for use in extreme temperatures.


  • There is a special pocket for laces;
  • Sufficiently high gaiters come with sneakers;
  • If necessary, products can be equipped with spikes.


  • They are very expensive.

winter running shoes La Sportiva Crossover

In conclusion, a useful video

This concludes our review of the best winter running shoes for 2022. We tried to carefully analyze each model included in the rating from all sides. If we missed some points, then tell us about it in the comments to the article — we will promptly provide readers with additional information.


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