In the cold season, the human body is prone to all sorts of colds. They are accompanied by fever, cough, runny nose and other not too pleasant symptoms. To alleviate the patient’s condition, they often resort to a variety of medicines — tablets, syrups, injections, but they are far from always effective. It is much better to use modern devices — nebulizers — to combat respiratory diseases. Today we want to present you the most modern model — B.Well MED-120.

B.Well MED-120 general view

Description of the device

This is an electrical device designed for inhalation for medical reasons, characterized by high efficiency and compact overall dimensions. The device is great for home use, as it does not require special skills to work with it. When used correctly, the treatment is very effective, and you can fully recover within a couple of days. The nebulizer is manufactured in strict accordance with the European standard EN 13544-1.

Reverse side of B.Well MED-120 box

If necessary, the device can be taken with you on business trips or travel. Its weight is only 160 grams with overall dimensions of 100x50x50 mm. It even fits in the palm of your hand. The average particle size is only 2.9 µm. This allows drugs to penetrate deep into the respiratory tract, effectively fighting pathogens. The spray rate is very high.

B.Well MED-120 and ruler - 9.5 cm

Compressor inhaler (nebulizer) B.Well MED-120

Operates via a microUSB port, the corresponding cable and adapter are supplied with the device. A personal computer, laptop, power bank can act as a power source — in the latter case, the device will work autonomously.

usb nebulizer B.Well MED-120

The device is optimally suited for both children and adults: two sizes of masks are supplied with the nebulizer. For adults, a mouthpiece is also provided, there is a nozzle for the nose. The device works very quietly — the noise level is only 44 dB. The design and ergonomics are well thought out by the manufacturer. In particular, the holder for the atomizer is located directly on the body of the structure. Due to this, the nebulizer can be installed vertically — so the medicine will not spill.

B.Well MED-120 general view of the nebulizer itself

Principle of operation

The device itself is characterized by a high degree of reliability. The compressor is quiet but powerful enough. It gives out a stream of air to a special chamber. In it, the air stream will break the drug into very small particles, which will already be fed into the patient’s airways.

Can be placed vertically B.Well MED-120

Both the case and all other elements are made of the highest quality parts, which makes the device meet all key international and Russian quality standards.

B.Well MED-120 complete set

What comes in the kit?

The set of the device is quite rich. Together with the nebulizer in the package, you can find a meter air hose, masks in two sizes — for adults and children. There is a set of filters, a power adapter and a power cable, a nosepiece, a mouthpiece, a sprayer is provided, the volume of which is 5 ml. There is a fabric cover for transportation and storage.

Kit without instructions and warranty card B.Well MED-120

Compressor inhaler (nebulizer) B.Well MED-120

What are the indications for using a nebulizer?

Only a specialist can prescribe treatment with this nebulizer. The device is usually used to effectively combat respiratory diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, asthma, pneumonia, and so on. This device is often used by doctors in clinics and hospitals.

Purpose of B.Well equipment lines

Existing contraindications

It is strictly forbidden to pour solutions containing suspended particles into the nebulizer, for example, decoctions, suspensions, infusions and other non-sterile liquids. This can lead not only to a possible breakdown of the device, but also to harm your health. Particles contained in the liquid, if they enter the lower respiratory tract, can clog them, which can cause the so-called oil pneumonia.

B.Well MED-120 review - model kit view

Test impressions

At first, as soon as we saw this device, it seemed to us that it was unlikely that he would be able to create the promised air stream. However, the first impression turned out to be misleading: the compact apparatus easily made vapor from liquid medicine, and the particles form a very light mist, which is practically not felt. The ergonomics of the case is thought out just fine, but the intensity of the airflow cannot be adjusted — we did not like this moment. Otherwise, the device just perfectly meets all the requirements: it works quietly, the kit has everything you need for effective use by adults and children. It almost does not take up free space, which makes the device very convenient for storage and transportation.

The device is put into the transport bag B.Well MED-120

Compressor inhaler (nebulizer) B.Well MED-120

Pros, cons and main conclusions

I would like to summarize our impressions of this device. Let’s start with the positives:

  • The design is indeed very compact, but at the same time powerful;
  • The complete set is wide — there is everything necessary for convenient work;
  • The cover reliably protects the device itself and all the parts that come with it from dust;
  • If you have a power bank at hand, then you can use the device autonomously, without connecting to a power network device or an outlet;
  • It works almost silently — inhalation can be carried out even during the patient’s sleep.

B.Well MED-120 tips

B.Well MED-120 tips

Unfortunately, it was not possible to do without shortcomings, although there are few of them, but it still somewhat spoiled the positive impression:

  • There is no way to adjust the intensity of the air flow.

As a result, the manufacturer has launched a high-quality and effective device on the market that will suit both adults and children in the fight against a variety of respiratory and lung diseases. We definitely recommend this nebulizer for purchase.

Nebulizer and nozzles B.Well MED-120

Compressor inhaler (nebulizer) B.Well MED-120


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