The kitchen has a very special place in any home and you want it to look functional, stylish and ergonomic. The choice of built-in appliances for the kitchen, of course, will add a fair amount of attractiveness to the overall look. The hob is an essential piece of equipment in any kitchen. We could live without an oven, but without a stove it would be difficult to cook even the simplest of meals.

Everyone has different nutritional needs and different budgets, but today there are kitchen appliances that can satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.

In the home appliance market, there is a huge selection of built-in hobs that are able to enrich any kitchen decor. To date, there are four types of hobs, namely gas, electric, combined and induction.

Gas hobs in 2022

Gas hobs come in a variety of sizes, with sides ranging from 60cm to 110cm. Gas cooking produces controlled and fast heat. Gas burners come in small, medium and large sizes, and are usually 4 or 5 pieces. Gas power output can vary from 0.85kW to an impressive 4kW. Most of these panels are available with stainless steel surfaces, enameled plates, and a solid black and white piece of glass-ceramic.

Gas hobs

Enamelled panels in 2022

Enamelled gas hobThe enameled panel is the most inexpensive, and is made by applying an enamel coating to steel surfaces. Unfortunately, it cannot be called resistant, since the coating can crack on impact, and stains remain on it from acids. In fairness, it is worth noting here that this particular hob is available in a large range of colors. Built-in stainless steel hobs are more durable than enameled ones, but they also have a number of disadvantages: they are more difficult to keep clean, since fingerprints and water smudges easily remain on this surface; stainless steel panels require special care in the care of stainless steel panels. detergents.

Enamelled hobs

Glass ceramic panels

Glass-ceramic gas hobGlass-ceramic surfaces are by far the most popular and aesthetically attractive. In addition to the main color, various patterns and designations are applied to the surface, which facilitates the use of the stove and enriches its design. Such a surface is easy to clean, but you need to take into account its negative reaction to sugar. Therefore, it is recommended to additionally cover the plate with protective materials. The glass-ceramic surface is quite hard and strong, but under the influence of a large physical load it can crack. For this type of stove, special dishes with a flat or concave bottom are used.

Glass ceramic hobs

Ceramic panels

Ceramic gas hobIn ceramic hobs, various types of burners are used: rapid — a spiral serves as a heating element. Its heating rate is very high, about 10-15 seconds, and when turned off, it cools down just as quickly. Halogen — in addition to spirals, there is a halogen lamp as a heating element. Heats up almost instantly. Hi-Light burners, with their help you can very accurately set the heating temperature. Here, special tape heating elements are used as a heat source. The heating rate of such a surface is also very high.

Ceramic hobs

Electric hobs in 2022

Electric hobElectric hobs are made of glass-ceramic, stainless steel and aluminium. In this version of the panels, ceramic is the most common, and is usually supplied in black, also available in white, gray and other discreet colors. The heating element is a conductive coil. Such a stove heats up for a long time and also cools down. The smooth surface of the panel makes it easy to clean. In case of contamination, all that is needed is a quick wipe of the stained area. The control elements of the plate can be rotary, or carried out using touch control.

Electric hobs

Combined hobs

Combined hobCombined hobs have both electric and gas burners. This variant of stoves will be a good choice for those who have gas supplied on an intermittent basis. In case of its absence, you can cook on electric burners. One of the latest technologies in the field of cooking is the induction hob. It is a very low power consumption kitchen appliance with a fast heating surface, and it is also easy to clean and maintain. The induction hob uses the energy of a magnetic field to generate heat, the cooking zone turns on and heats up instantly, and the heating occurs purely at the point where the dishes come into contact with the surface, the rest of the space is not activated. In the case of its acquisition, it must be taken into account that the used dishes must have a magnetic bottom. As you can see, installing a built-in cooktop in the kitchen not only improves the appearance of the kitchen, but also provides the opportunity to use high-quality technology.
induction hob

Combined hobs

Features of the choice of hobs

In addition to the above features of hobs, below are some factors that should not be neglected when choosing this kitchen appliance:

  • In addition to determining the type of hob, you must consider its shape and dimensions. The most common and preferred is rectangular, but on sale you can find a rounded or irregularly shaped slab. You also need to consider the size of the stove, whether it can fit into the space of your kitchen.
  • Consider the placement, size, and number of burners in relation to the size of cookware you intend to use. Also pay attention to the types of handles.
  • If you are buying an electric or induction cooktop, check the energy efficiency rating, this will prove to be beneficial to you as far as reducing energy consumption is concerned.
  • The last is the cost factor, which you can determine based on your own capabilities.

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